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5 Cent Pop Can Plan
The true story of how a homeless father and son, Joseph and Zachary, forged the strength of a bond to stay together and change their own story, by believing in love, and collecting beer and pop cans to survive, then thrive back into Life! Yeah!
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The Promise Intro
The true story as told by Joseph, about The Promise he made to his 3 year old son, while homeless... about helping the dolphins. Inspiring, heart-wrenching, "Never give up on your Dreams" story.
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wombat one earth, not two
Our friend the wombat, jivin' a song of One Earth, not two, nor three... just one Earth.
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Earth Spirit Tribe
Father Joseph and son Zachary at the river, talking about the Earth Spirit Tribe TM and taking care of Nature.
a young boy's journey to swim with the dolphins in hawaii
Young Zach Borkovic after flying in from Earth Spirit Organics TM (which he started with his dad) talks about the anticipation of swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii, and looking after Planet Earth.
Amazing Kids Award
Zach Borkovic receives $1000 Amazing Kids Award from A Channel News in Victoria for being a great eco-kid.
Dolphins, Waters of Earth Are Important
Zach Borkovic talks about how he feels about looking after the water and oceans to help look after our friends, the dolphins. Also in the story is, how Earth Spirit got started with 100 Days of Love and why Organic Trader eco-products; like shampoo, are trying to help keep toxins out of the Earth's water system.
lesson 1 get out there
Lesson #1... Get out there and do what you love!
En Francais - Earth Spirit-TM & Organic Trader - in French
In French, the story of how - a once homeless father and son - made a promise to each other to: stay together as a family, to help the dolphins by making eco-products that did not contain toxins that pollute our one/inter-connected Earth's water system, to never give up on their dreams and have fund doing it! Copyright 2007 Organic Trader-TM
a better life
The true story of how my dad escaped armed border guards and attack dogs to come to Canada, as told by Joseph Borkovic from Organic Trader-TM and what the words 'a better life' mean to us...