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Black Panther Snare Drum - Tuning Tests - (Birds Eye Maple)
This is a Birds Eye Black Panther snare drum made by Mapex. The video shows all! tuning 1 @0:00 tuning 2 @1:07 tuning 3 @1:55 tuning 4 @3:12
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Electronic Studio Drumming
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Gretsch Renown Maple Sound Test (solo)
Id like to thank everyone for keeping interest in my drumming! This is the first video i had made when i bought the kit in September of 07. This was also the year i had moved, and the new studio was being built. If you check out some of the more dated videos, you can see progress on the studio. Soon i will be posting more videos with the new recording gear and setup, Stay Tuned!
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Scott Prian Drum Solo - Masquerade Atlanta
This is footage from my first time performing at the Masquerade with the band NEEDEEP.
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Death Metal Jam
My Music Page www.myspace.com/scottprian My Studios Page www.myspace.com/scottprianrecording Me and this guitarist had never been together before, this was all unscripted as u can probably tell, nothing was planned, we just kinda did whatever haha. Also i edited it cause it was 12 mins long. let me know what u think.
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Scott Prian Drums to Bear Cubs (original)
An original piece produced by Scott Prian.
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Easy way to port a kick drum. (don't use a can)
I'll let you know if my toe turns funny colors tomorrow. If so, I made this video with a broken toe. - Most important fact about this video.
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Scott Prian - "Seeker" Drumming
Full song available at www.scottprian.com.
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Crescent Cymbals - Eon
I wrote the music and produced everything in this video in under 6 hours. This is not my way of bragging, but my excuse for the imperfections. ha! Enjoy. As always, let me know what you think.
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Scott Prian - Tracking Drums Outside
Music by Jared Leach Production by Scott Prian Prian Drums Crescent Cymbals
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MEGAMAN Drum Cover by Scott Prian
This drum cover was a lot of fun to make, editing the music together, and writing drums for the different songs. I'm using Crescent Cymbals, and Oktava MK-220 microphone on snare top.
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Oktava MK-220 - Front Mic Drum Recording Technique
I've received my new Oktava MK-220 multi-pattern condenser. Here's a demo of the mic being used as a room or "front" mic. If you have any questions about the mix, feel free to post them.
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How I Tune My Drums
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2008 Outside Drumming (part2)
Double bass and cool part after 3:00 This video is old and completely irrelevant when it comes to the way I drum today.
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Drum Tension Rods Loosen *Fix
Before purchasing specialized tension rods, which are said to be a bit expensive, you may want to try this technique out.
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Outside Gretsch Renown Drumming
One of my neighbors helped out with this one, I told him i needed to record my drums outside in the neighborhood, and suggested taking video, so he did, and i matched them up and this is what i came up with.
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Junk Drumming
Full song available at www.scottprian.com. This is a rough edit from the early stages of production.
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Pneumatic Frozen Potato Cannon
This is my latest creation. It is a pneumatic launcher, so anything that fits will shoot at a high velocity. The objects that shoot the best, for me, are frozen potatoes. I have also shot small tennis balls, apples, sticks, pine cones, rocks, water, paper... Song available at www.scottprian.com.
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Bosphorus Hi-Hat comparison.
Testing out and comparing different Hi-Hat sets.
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Scott Prian - Crescent Cymbals
Video shoot at Crescent Cymbals HQ.
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Buttons by The Weeks - Drum Cover
This is my first drum cover. I did the production on a whim, and enjoyed doing so as I got going. Opinions are always desired. Thanks for watching! -Scott
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Advisory by Scott Prian
Support the artist, full album available on Bandcamp - https://scottprian.bandcamp.com/ Track Listing: 1. Advisory 2. Gold 3. Gateway 4. In My Wake 5. Broken Wishes 6. Wormhole Drums/Production:Scott Prian Bass: Devon Morrison Guitar: Benjamin Deal
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Snare side mic test (another "secret video" from about 2012)
Just another video from my other channel. Probably shot in 2012.
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Microphone experiment- porting the batter side head.
This is apparently what it sounds like when I switch the heads on my 22 inch kick drum.
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Scott Prian Stick Trick Drumming (2006)
This is one of my first drumming videos from High School in Burnt Hills NY. Shown is footage from their annual talent show.
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Gravity Blast - done slowly for help
My failed attempt to Visually Show how I do a gravity blast, if you cannot see what I am doing, try another search. There are plenty of better videos out there.
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Rock Jam 2011
Hilarious, just after @6:05
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Scott Prian Drums to Rainbow Ride (original)
Original Track by Scott Prian. Personal favorite drum part around 3:18 I have been working on my album, doing some junk drumming here and there until I figured that junk drumming would not fit this song so well without a real drum track. So far this is the first track with an upfront acoustic drum track, the rest is mainly atmospheric and electronic using acoustic percussive beats.
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2008 Outside Drumming (part1)
Just some raw footage.
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Bathroom Gretsch Renown Drumming
I bet you've never seen someone do this before!
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Broken Wishes Drumming - Original Song by Scott Prian
Crescent Cymbals (Primal Ride, Eon Crash and Hats, Classic Chinas) Prian Drums (10 ply Keller maple 14, 10, 15, 20) This is a full Scott Prian production. The song in the video, Box of Broken Wishes, will be included on my next solo album.
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Garage Gretsch Renown Drumming
it was a science of Sound project, Drumming in a garage to see how the reflections sound when the mics are placed farther away
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Hand Crafted Custom Drums
Full song available at www.scottprian.com 18x20 kick (10 ply) 5.5x14 snare (15 ply) 8x10 tom (10 ply) 14x14 tom (10 ply) 2.3 hoops - tube lugs - black hardware with gold rods - ROCK'N
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INDICIA Next time you're in the music store, pick up a Classic Drummer magazine, you can find me there!
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Repairing a Sabian Vault Crash Cymbal..
I tried repairing a Vault once using tin snips. It worked! ..at least for a little while. It definitely killed the sound, but on a budget, it beats having no sound!
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a creepy show
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Shattering a china cymbal during a jam. (2011)
This video was planned after experimenting the properties of cymbals after dropping them back into flames.
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Broken Wishes - Electronic Music Demo
Music by Scott Prian Audio Production by Scott Prian Camera by Sarah Gutierrez Editing by Scott Prian and Sarah Gutierrez
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Junk Drumming 2
This shows part of the early stages of editing/writing and recording another chunk from my album. Full download available at www.scottprian.com.
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Jazzy Jam (2013?)
Part of a 20 minute jam recording.
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Sound Resort Studios with Scott Prian
I had a great time hanging out with the guys from Sound Resort. I brought my custom drum kit in, to see how they work as a studio. Anyone in the Atlanta area, who is seeking quick recording, should check these guys out.
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Scott Prian - Languid Time Machine
Languid Time Machine, accompanied by random shots around the studio. Full production by Scott Prian
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Scott Prian - Custom hand-made Gong
My latest creation.
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Wormhole by Scott Prian
Support the artist, full album available on Bandcamp - https://scottprian.bandcamp.com/ Track Listing: 1. Advisory 2. Gold 3. Gateway 4. In My Wake 5. Broken Wishes 6. Wormhole Drums/Production:Scott Prian Bass: Devon Morrison Guitar: Benjamin Deal
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