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Car Finance Cost Comparison Through Top Ten Banks
This Video presents Cost Analysis Of Car Finance Through Big Ten Banks Of Pakistan. Before Making A Decision Of Car Finance Through A Particular Bank in Pakistan, You Must First Know The Rate Differences Between These Banks and Final Cost Which You Will Have To Pay.
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DiaMir Bhasha And Mohmand Dam Total Cost And How Much Collected
Supreme court of Pakistan initiated the construction of two dams to end the water and electricity crisis in Pakistan. Diamir and Bhasha Dam total cost to build and how much has been deposited by campain by Saqib nisar in Dams account. FInd detail in video
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Earn Upto 75000 With Careem Bike Service
Register Yourselef With Careem Bike Service And Earn As Much As 75000 Per Month. You have guarantteed earning If you accomplish easy targets. You have options to work part time and full time with Careem Bike Service. So be your own boss and get started with Careem Bike Service to move people and parcel at destinations. Know in this video the bike approval conditions, earning slabs and documents requirements.
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SUZUKI WagonR through HBL Total Bank Charges For 5 Years
Suzuki WagonR is a hot selling brand of Suzuki which is available for financing for 5 years with downpayment of 30%.
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MCB Auto Loan For Overseas Pakistanis
Overseas Pakistan can benefit through MCB Car Finance scheme available at cheapest Mar Up Rates.
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Allied Bank Total Car Finance Cost....Mark Up Calculation
ABL is among top five big banks of Pakistan....More than 1200 branches of Allied Bank serving customers in almost cities of Pakistan. Allied bank provides car finance to its customers and whole cost details are given in this video. how to get car finance through allied bank plz watch my video on this link https://youtu.be/JGJMj9Qjgto
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Build Home, Purchase Or Renovate With Habib Bank House Finance
HBL Offers Cheap Rates Home Finance Facility for self employed including Businesspersons, Landlords, Farmers, Agriculturists And Self Employed Professionals Like Doctors, Advocates And Engineers. Salaried Persons of Govt and Private Sectors Can Also Avail Home Finance Facility Through HBL. Bing The No.1 Bank in Private Sector HBL strive to provide excellent customer services in the field of House Finance Facility. In This Video You come to know the Eligibility Criteria For House Finance facility through HBL, Documents required to avail Home Lease Facility, Cost of total Bank finances or Mark Up, The Tenure of lease and all other Home Finance related detail..
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Quick Car Financing Through Allied Bank
Allied Bank starts consumer financing and introduces Car Financing featuring the quick processing in the market at lowest rate. Car leasing criteria, eligibility and required documents and other information to purchase your own car through ABl all find in this video. Allied bank is fastest growing, high tech bank which highly focuses on its customer satisfaction through its best customer service. Along with car, you will enjoy high customer oriented service through Allied bank profession and well educated staff.
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Car Finance With Dubai Islamic Bank For Low Income Persons
Duabi Islamic Bank Offers Car Financing through Ijara Which is Riba Free for salaried and business individuals earning minimum monthly income. Dubai Islamic Bank offers car lease at most convenient, simple and easy rental plan car Ijara in market at lowest takaful rates, lowest monthly income, lowest monthly installments etc.
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JS Bank Car Leasing On Just 6%
JS Bank Offers car financing at 6% Mark Up rate.This offers is just for Careem captains and Careem made this possible through Prime Minister youth loan scheme.
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Toyota Hiace On Installment Through MCB M Up And Insurance For 5 Years
Toyota Hiace standard Leasing Through MCB Expense For 5 Years with 20% downpayment. Toyota Hiace is a passenger wagon which is too much costly to buy in cash but on installment through bank is too much costly. watch this video to know mark up detail, insurance expense, installment amount, processing fee
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Thinking Of Credit Card? Watch This Video For better Decision
Credit Card Has Become Part And Parcel Of Everybody In This Modern Society but One Must Have Full Information Of Cons and Pros Of credit Card before going For It. This Video Inform Of You Of Credit card Advantages And Disadvantages. After Watching This Video You would be more Informative About Better Using Credit Card. So If You are thinking of Having Or using a Credit Card then you Must Watch This video For Your Own Benefits
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MBL Full Car Finance Cost/Expenses Counting
This is a revised video over Meezan ban car cost calculation. In Earlier video there was a mistake which has been resolved in this video. watch video for eligibility of car finance through Meezan Bank https://youtu.be/VHcwatlmCak
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Dia Mir Bhasha And Mohmand Dam Bank Account Donations Latest Updates
JSP Saqib Nisar initiated step to contruct diamir bhasha and Mohmand dam against the campaign run on social media by youth. Pakistani are coming forward for donation. We will determine how much money have been deposited right now in Dia mir bhasha dam
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SUZUKI Ravi Leasing Through United Bank Total Mark Up And Insurance
SUZUKI Ravi is best for small loading needs at a very low price. in order to get finance of SUZUKI Ravi through UBL for 5 years with 25% initial deposit watch this video for complete expense detail including insurance expense, processing fee, down payment, total installment for 5 years
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Avail Cash Loan Upto 10 Lacs From BOK On Easy Conditions
Bank of Khyber is an emerging bank of Pakistan headquarter based in Peshawar and owned by KPK Govt. ten lac cash loan against your salary if your net take home income is more than 15000 rupees. Know all detail about this loan in the video
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Want to Join Bank As Cashier? Watch To Know Cashier Jobs Assignment In Bank
Cashier performs a very tough and crucial job assignment in bank. Cashier has to deal directly with customers, do receipts/payments, utility bills and bonds handling. Cashier must possess math skills, customer service skills, computer skills and communication skills to perform his/her job in a better way
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SBP Subsidized House finance At 4% If Earning Less Than 60,000/Month
SBP has taken an initiative to provide cheap house loan facility for low income persons. If you are earning less than Rs.60,000 per month then you can avail this subsidized house loan facility available with any commercial bank at 4%
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Honda City Aspire 1500CC Car Leasing Through ABL Mark Up Analysis
Allied bank provide car finance to customers who come up to eligibility criteria of the bank. in this video we will measure the total expenses of Honda City Aspire 1500 without insurance expenses.
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How To Avoid Zakat Deduction Through Your Saving Bank Accounts
If you want to pay zakat by your ownself, you can instruct your bank not to deduct zakat from your saving account..Here I will guide through all this process
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MCB Auto Finance Complete Expense Detail 2018
This video will inform you of total expenses incur to have an auto loan from Muslim Commercial Bank. Such expenses usually include Mark Up, Insurance Expenses, Processing fee etc...
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Bank Car Financing 4 Overseas / Non Resident Pakistanis
Bank Provide car finance facility for Pakistanis working or living abroad. This video contains information about auto loan facility from banks for Non resident Pakistanis or Overseas Pakistanis...Here I have chosen Two big banks of Pakistan UBL and MCB who provide you with car loan facility
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Govt Puts A Big condition For Purchasing Car And Property
Govt has announced a big condition for purchasing a car and property for those who are non filers. So first become filer then think for buying a car or a house/property. Govt of Pakistan has initiated a very strong step in order to increase the tax net. We witness such a restriction for non filers on banking transaction but in banking transaction, non filers had to pay some extra tax but they could perform the transaction but now in this case Non filers can not buy a car and property even by paying some extra tax.
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Bank Al Falah Suzuki Bolan loan for 5 years with down payment of 25% total bank Mark, insurance and processing fee calculations
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Home Finance By Zameen.com And JS Bank Claimed As Lower Rates
Zamee.com a property website and JS Bank collaborate for proving house finance facility for locals and for overseas Pakistanis. Zameen.com visitors are upto 4 Million per month and now they are giving a service of home financing upto 100 Millions
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Honda City 1300CC 2018 Model Car Finance By Bank Full Expenses Analysis
If You want to finance a New Honda City Prosmatic 1300 CC for a tenure of 5 Years with a downpayment of 20 % of total Car Value then how much expense you will bear in five years including downpayment and installment...All information given in this video
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House Leasing Facility Through MCB
Having Your Own Home Is A Dream...MCB Helps You Realize Your Dream. MCB provides You With Easy Installment Package for Purchasing home, Building a new one and renovation of home. Find Home Finance detail in this video
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Hassle Free Summit bank home finance For Salaried And Businesspersons
Summit Bank offers Rs.10 Million for building home, purchasing a new one or simply shifting of loan from other banks. This home finance is available for salaried, businessmen, professionals, farmers etc
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House Building Finance Corporation House Leasing
Purchase your own home, Build it, renovate it or replace your existing plan with House Building finance corporation at relatively cheap rates.
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Bank Islami Car Leasing On Diminishing Musharkah
Bank Islami Offers Car Finanicng for salaried Persons, Self Employed Businessmen, professionals, Landlords and Agriculturists. Bank Islami Car Finance Concept is based on Diminishing Musharka wherein Bank and Lessee Participate in the ownership of car and bear the risk and liabilities. Bank Islami Car Loan detail find in this video.
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Toyota corolla GLi Car Financing Cost Calculation Through UBL
United Bank is included among the top five banks of the Pakistan. Here we calculate total mark up/interest, processing fee, installments and insurance. you will get complete detail of your car Toyota Corolla GLI financing by UBL
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Get Fauri Personal Loan with Dubai Islamic Bank
Dubai Islamic Bank Offer Personal Cash Loan To Salaried and Businessperson on Sharia Based Financing which is approved Islamic Loan. You can fulfill your immediate and instant need of cash like for wedding, education, treatment of illness and to settle your loan with interest based banks through this convenient and simple way of financing through Dubai Islamic Bank.
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Toyota Corolla Easy Installment Finance Plan Explained Through Habib Bank
Habib Bank is Pakistan no.1 private bank with more than 1600 branches country wide. HBL provides car loan on easy and affordable installments. This video explains Toyota Corolla finance plan through HBL
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Summit Bank Car Loan Upto Six Millions
Summit Bak offers car finance with affordable Mark up rates. Summit bank offers both in commercial and Islamic mode of finance. Summit bank auto loan is available for salaried, business man and professionals.
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Bank AlFalah car finance (Ijara) Through Islamic Way
Bank AL Falah is modern bank and this video contains all Information about Car Ijara(Car Lease) with Bank Alfalah on easy monthly installments..
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How To Get Fresh Currency notes From Banks This Eid
This video contains useful info to help you to get fresh currency notes from banks. The branch code list is as under...plzcopy and paste in google "http://www.sbp.org.pk/freshnote/LST-SMS-8877-Eid-2018.pd you must select a branch close to your home
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Malik Riaz Starts A Bank Escorts Investment Bank Ltd
Bahria Town Owner Malik Riaz has recently owned a bank named as Escorts Investment Bank Ltd. The first branch of the banck has been inaugurated in feb 2018 in Bahria town Lahore, 2nd in Bahria town Karachi and third in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Initially the bank will start financing the houses purchased in Bahria town
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Latest IPhone Model On Easy Installments With Meezan Bank
Meezan Bank Offers IPhone Latest Models On Very Easy Installments and Down Payments with Simple Documents and Asaan Eligibility Criteria For Salaried and Business Persons
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Pakistani Govt Tax Amnesty Scheme 2018
Govt of Pakistani has prepared a draft for bringing back the Pakistani people assets in foreign countries. Govt has decided to soften the policies in this scheme to boost foreign investment and generate some revenue for the Govt. Through this scheme, Pakistani nationals who have illegal assets in Panama, North America, Europe and other countries will benefit from this scheme and will be able to legalize their assets. Just by paying 3 to 5 percent tax on the total worth of their assets, such people can bring their assets back to Pakistan and make them legal.
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Zarai Loan With Habib Bank
HBL Presents Agri Loans For Wheat Farmers, Cotton Farmers, Tobacco Farmers, Dairy Farms Or Livestocks, Fish Farms And Tractors Finances. Habib Bank Ltd Is Pakistan No.1 Bank with More Than 1600 Branch Network In Pakistan With 800 Branches Elusively For Agri Finances In Rural Areas. HBL Branch Network Spread Across The Country in Small Towns And Even In Villages Which Provide Finances To Farmers, peasants and Agriculturists on Competitive Mark Up Rates. So Avail variety of Agri Loans From HBL and Grow Your Crop With Pride.
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Nissan New Model "Go" 2018 Review
Nissan starts its automobile operations after 8 years. 1200 CC car named as GO will be available almost in 560000 Rupees that is competitive to SUZUKI cutus in features but price lower than Mehran. This investment will bring $200 Million In Pakistan but will create more than 1800 Jobs as well.
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Suzuki Cars Prices Increased 2018
Suzuki Decides To increase its car prices in Pakistan due to current devaluation of Pakistani rupee against dollar. According to new prices Suzuki Mehran VX, Mehran VXR, Bolan, Bolan Cargo, WagonR VXR, WagonR VXL and Ravi Prices have been increased. Watch new prices in this video
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Eligibility Criteria For Home Finance Through Meezan bank
Who is eligible to avail house finance facility through Meezan bank? Find all such information in this video. Meezan bank provides house finance facility to Pakistanis nationals only who residents or non residents. Co applicant from immediate family members income can be clubbed to maximize home finance amount. For salaried persons minimum salary monthly must be Rs.40,000 whereas businessperson income must be at least 75000
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State Bank Of Pakistan Officer Grade-2 Jobs Offer
If You're looking forward to work with State Bank Of Pakistan in Officer rank, then this video might provide you some help. State Bank Offers Competitive Jobs offer related to other Private Commercial Banks and Provide other medical, Insurance And Loan Facilities which other bank can not.
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Suzuki WagonR Leasing Through ABL For 5 Years Over 20% downpayment
Suzuki WagonR very popular model sold like hot cakes. If you want to get loan from Allied bank for 5 years tenure over a down payment of 20% then you must watch this video. Get Suzuki WagonR 2018 Model Finance through Allied Bank ltd which is one of the best bank in Pakistan and included among top five banks of Pakistan.
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Bank Al Habib Mehran VXR 800CC Car Loan Total Bank Profit
Bank Al habib car loan is quick and relatively easy. Here in this video we will calculate total Bank profit involved in car loan of Mehran VXR 800cc Euro II and will also measure amount deposited initially as downpayment and installments amount. at the end we will calculate all the expenses incurred and beared by you in Mehran finance through Bank Al habib then you willbe in a position to go for car finance through Bank al habib or go for any other option like saving first then purchasing car by your very own money.
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Dubai Islamic bank offers very fast, convenient car financing with low documentation. Dubai based Islamic bank offers Car Ijara at a very affordable monthly installments. You can have your own car by visiting any DIB branch, you may contact DIB representative through phone call or may visit their website for more info or to check your eligibility
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Toyota Vitz Used Car finance Total cost for 5 Years Through Bank Al Habib
If you want to get a Toyota Vitz Car loan from bank Al Habib for 5 years with 20% downpayment then this video can help you to analyse total bank charges in term of processing fee, insurance and bank mark up
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UBL Committee Detail Exposed
This video contains useful information about a United Bank Product named as UBL Kommittee.
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Suzuki BOLAN Bank Finance HBL Installment Plan Mark Up And Initial Deposit
Suzuki Bolan Euro II complete Mark Up detail for five years tenure Plan with down payment of 20%. This video is helpful for you to make a better decision to get Finance for Bolan through Habib Bank as this video analysis full detail about Processing fee, Insurance expenses, Installments for five years and Bank Mark up/Profit. One thing is obvious that Banks take consumer finances as the key product to generate the Profits as the interest rate is relatively high in such finances. So at the end of the video you may get complete information how much costly is it to go for a bank loan for Suzuki Bolan VX Euro II Model 2018.
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