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How do you prove defamation?
Defamation First Amendment Attorney MN | First Amendment Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-first-amendment-attorneys/david-bradley-olsen/prove-defamation/ | Henson & Efron | (612) 339-2500 | [email protected] Well, to prove defamation, there's a number of elements, as they're called in the law. The first is publication, which just means that it has to be either written or said and somebody else hears it. That's called a publication. Next you have to prove that the statement is actually false. Some people refer to truth being a defense, but the plaintiff actually has the burden to prove that the statement is false. If you prove that the statement was published and it's false, then you have to prove next that it tends to harm somebody's reputation. And to do that, it would have to lower their esteem in the community or tend to make people look down upon them or to not associate with them. And usually that's by evidence of reputation in the community, what it was before the statement and what it was after the statement. Henson & Efron, P.A. Minneapolis Law Firm 220 South 6th St #1800 Minneapolis, MN 55402 http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-first-amendment-attorneys/david-bradley-olsen/prove-defamation/ http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-first-amendment-attorneys/david-bradley-olsen/
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Can a parent unilaterally move a child out of state
Minnesota family law and divorce lawyer Edward Winer explains whether a parent who fears for the safety of a child can move the child out of the state without the permission of the other spouse.
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How are biologics different from small molecules?
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What are some tips you can give young lawyers hoping for a successful trial practice?
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How does domestic abuse affect divorce, custody, and support cases?
Watch more videos of Minneapolis family law attorney Matt Ludt at www.reellaawyers.com/matt-ludt/ Visit Matt Ludt at his website at http://www.atticuslaw.coop/atticusfamilylaw-1/
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What is a force majeure clause? Example?
Force Majeure Clause Example Business Organizations and Transactional Attorney MN | Business Law Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-business-transactions-attorneys/stephen-yoch/force-majeure-clause-example/ | Felhaber Larson | (612) 373-8559 | [email protected] A force majeure clause is sometimes known as an “act of God clause.” So, it’s an event that occurred outside the control of the parties. The biggest example of force majeure clause in our lifetime is 9/11. So, nobody anticipated 9/11 would happen; air travel got shut down for an entire week. I had a client who had a vendor who was trapped in South Carolina, couldn’t get back up here; the project was delayed a week. That was a force majeure. And then, the whole project got delayed a week. There wasn’t – a penalty wasn’t imposed. It had, actually, in it a per diem penalty provision if the project wasn’t completed on time. Because of this – in this case, act of God, or everything outside our control – the court – we had a force majeure provision in there that allowed them to not enforce those provisions. And they’re very common in all kinds of contracts – not only construction contracts, but even purchase and sale of equipment; all kinds of other contractual obligations – to deal with the unexpected. Felhaber, Larson, Fenlon & Vogt P.A. 220 South 6th St #2200 Minneapolis, MN 55402 http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-business-transactions-attorneys/stephen-yoch/force-majeure-clause-example/ http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-business-transactions-attorneys/stephen-yoch/
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What are the complications of calculating child support when the other parent is self-employed?
Complications Child Support Attorney MN | Family Law Lawyers Oakdale and Bloomington Minnesota | https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-family-law-attorneys/melisa-field/complications-calculating-child-support-parent-self-employed/ I Rogness & Field | (651) 314-0059 | [email protected] The law requires us to use gross income of a parent in terms of calculating child support. If you’re a W2 wage earner it’s very simple, we just look at your pay stubs and your pay for full-time work. When you’re self-employed, it’s hard to calculate income because we look at a tax return and somebody who’s self-employed is motivated to decreases their income on a tax return for purposes of paying less tax. The child support statutes tell us very specifically, how we calculate gross income for somebody who’s self-employed. The formula is gross receipts minus cost of goods sold minus ordinary and necessary business expenses. It’s the burden of the person who is self-employed to prove to the court what are ordinary and necessary business expenses. And that includes depreciation that you claim on a tax return. And so just from the tax return alone, it can be very hard to see what the true income is. It’s often really helpful to go to the underlying financial statements from the business or whatever the entity is so we can look at the profit and loss statements, the accounts receivable reports, and the expenses to see what’s true and what’s a personal expense being routed through the business. Rogness & Field, P.A. 434 Hale Ave N #180 Oakdale, MN 55128 https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-family-law-attorneys/melisa-field/complications-calculating-child-support-parent-self-employed/ https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-family-law-attorneys/melisa-field/
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What is a breach of fiduciary duty?
Breach Fiduciary Duty Corporate Misconduct And Shareholder Derivative Litigation Attorney MN | Business Litigation Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-business-litigation-attorneys/charlie-maier/breach-fiduciary-duty/ | Gray Plant Mooty | (612) 632-3242 | [email protected] Fiduciary duty is an enhanced legal duty. Typically business, if you’re a business-to-business relationship, you don’t have any duty to each other. You can strike a hard bargain. You can, if someone is operating under a mistake you can take advantage of that mistake, as long as you’re not committing fraud yourself. When you have a fiduciary duty between two parties, you have to act in good faith. And so, if you understand that someone’s expectations are different than what the deal is, you have to bring that to their attention. And so some of the hard bargains that businesses can make with each other can lead to litigation in a situation where there’s a fiduciary duty owed. And then in all small business under Minnesota law, and other states’ laws, owners owe a fiduciary duty to each other. Gray Plant Mooty 80 S 8th St #500 Minneapolis, MN 55402 https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-business-litigation-attorneys/charlie-maier/breach-fiduciary-duty/ https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-business-litigation-attorneys/charlie-maier/
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I have been falsely accused of a crime, what should I do? | Ryan Garry LLC
https://ryangarry.com | Falsely Accused Criminal Law Basics Attorney MN | Criminal Defense Lawyers Minneapolis MN | https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-criminal-defense-attorneys/ryan-garry/ I Ryan Garry, Attorney LLC | Ryan Garry LLC 333 S 7th St Suite 2350 Minneapolis, MN 55402 https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-criminal-defense-attorneys/ryan-garry/ lw.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxSrsii0WRI
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What is a public figure in the context of defamation?
Public Figure Context Defamation First Amendment Attorney MN | First Amendment Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-first-amendment-attorneys/david-bradley-olsen/public-figure-context-defamation/ | Henson & Efron | (612) 339-2500 | [email protected] Well, in defamations, you have what are known as private defamation suits for private people and you have public figure suits. A public figure who claims he was defamed is someone that would be a politician, a celebrity in today's world, athletes, people who are on television, and there's also what's called limited purpose public figures. A limited purpose public figure can be a public figure just for, like it says, one small purpose. You can be thrust into the news because you participated in an event. You could have spoken out publically because you believe in an issue. There are any number of ways to do that. But if you're a public figure, then the different rules apply as far as what needs to be proved for defamation. It's hard to prove defamation against a public figure because they are in the public light, and they should expect to be criticized. Henson & Efron, P.A. Minneapolis Law Firm 220 South 6th St #1800 Minneapolis, MN 55402 http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-first-amendment-attorneys/david-bradley-olsen/public-figure-context-defamation/ http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-first-amendment-attorneys/david-bradley-olsen/
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What impact did the US Hatch Waxman Act 1984 have on Biologics?
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What is a tribal court?
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What are the requirements to change a minor child’s name?
Watch more videos of Minneapolis family law attorney Matt Ludt at www.reellaawyers.com/matt-ludt/ Visit Matt Ludt at his website at http://www.atticuslaw.coop/atticusfamilylaw-1/
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What is an example of spoliation of evidence?
Minneapolis, Minnesota catastrophic loss attorney Chad Stepan discusses spoliation of evidence. Watch this video on reellawyers.com at http://www.reellawyers.com/chad-stepan/example-spoliation-evidence/ Visit Chad Stepan at http://www.meagher.com/cstepan/ Watch more videos at www.reellawyers.com/chad-stepan/
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What does practicing general corporate law entail?
Practicing General Corporate Law Entail Business Organizations and Transactional Attorney MN | Business Law Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-business-transactions-attorneys/stephen-yoch/practicing-general-corporate-law-entail/ | Felhaber Larson | (612) 373-8559 | [email protected] General corporate law is going to involve – “We need to” – a client comes in – just a call I had the other day: “We want to restructure the business. We want to take our existing stockholders, and if someone dies, can their estate continue to own shares and retain a portion of the shares, and then, the majority be bought out by an insurance company?” – for example. Or you take the stock, and “We’ve got a currently-earned – an LLC, but we want to be able to potentially do an initial public offering.” It’s probably better to be a C corp in that situation, so we restructure from an LLC to a C corp. Or “We want to do an asset sale,” or “We want to restructure the businesses. We’ve got, basically, three divisions, but it’s all been one company. How do we break that up into the individual divisions from an accounting and operational standpoint that allows us, then, to spin off one of the businesses?” So, it’s those general issues about how you govern, run, and really progress the business as it matures. And then, the last thing is trying to figure out structures that limit liabilities for the owners. You want to maximize profits and limit liabilities. And so, we’re always trying to figure out ways that – if we have another 2008, we’re not going to be in a position where the owners are exposed. And you want to create layers of defense to protect them from creditors. And so, that’s what I’m doing, sort of day in and day out, on the corporate stuff. Felhaber, Larson, Fenlon & Vogt P.A. 220 South 6th St #2200 Minneapolis, MN 55402 http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-business-transactions-attorneys/stephen-yoch/practicing-general-corporate-law-entail/ http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-business-transactions-attorneys/stephen-yoch/
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What are the defenses to libel or slander?
Defenses to Libel Slander Libel and Slander First Amendment Attorney MN | First Amendment Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-first-amendment-attorneys/david-bradley-olsen/defenses-libel-slander/ | Henson & Efron | (612) 339-2500 | [email protected] Well, like I mentioned earlier, probably the best defense is to prove that the statement is true and that the plaintiff has the burden to prove falsity. If the plaintiff can't prove falsity, then you lose right there. There's also certain privileges. You can make statements and they may be false, but you can't be sued for them. The best example probably is a statement made during a court proceeding if somebody. If somebody testifies in court and it turns out their testimony's not true, they can't be sued for defamation because of that. They may get a perjury charge, but they can't be sued for defamation. And the other primary defense is there's no harm to reputation. A lot of statements are untrue. Somebody could say about me, "He's 35 years old." That's not true, but it's also not defamatory and it doesn't in any damage my reputation. In fact, it'd probably make me look a lot better, but... Henson & Efron, P.A. Minneapolis Law Firm 220 South 6th St #1800 Minneapolis, MN 55402 http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-first-amendment-attorneys/david-bradley-olsen/defenses-libel-slander/ http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-first-amendment-attorneys/david-bradley-olsen/
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What are the fraud and abuse laws? What are their differences?
Fraud Abuse Laws Differences Regulatory Issues Attorney MN | Healthcare Law Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-health-care-attorneys/tim-johnson/fraud-abuse-laws-differences/ | Gray Plant Mooty | (612) 632-3242 | [email protected] The fraud and abuse laws are really the laws are basically that are put out by the Medicare program and there’s really three primary laws. There’s a False Claims Act, the Anti-Kickback statute, and the Stark law. The False Claims Act is pretty much self-explanatory. Anybody who submits, knowingly submits a claim to the government for Medicare or Medicaid pay for the government is a violation of the False Claims Act. That is a very strict statute. The Anti-Kickback is a little different. Anti-Kickback is more of a you can’t provide any what’s called “remuneration.” What they’re saying is, “You can’t provide anything of value to another party to induce them to send you business that is paid for the Medicare or Medicaid programs.” So in this case if I was a hospital I can’t give you free rent in order for you to induce you to send me patients. That would be a violation of the Anti-Kickback statute. The Anti-Kickback statutes one thing about that is you have to prove that the regulator would have to say, “You intended to induce the referral and you basically did it knowingly.” The Stark law is the final one. It only applies to physicians. The Stark law is they don’t care about intent. Stark law is black and white. If a physician owns a surgery center you have to be: a) this has to file, comply with seven or eight requirements. If a physician wants to own an imaging center they have to comply with this. It’s more black and white. The government doesn’t have to prove intent. They just have to says, “You didn’t meet all the criteria of the Stark law. If you don’t then basically you’re in violation of the Stark law. So those are the differences, but it’s sort of those three laws are the foundation I guess of what’s called, “The fraud and abuse laws under Medicare.” Gray Plant Mooty 80 S 8th St #500 Minneapolis, MN 55402 https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-health-care-attorneys/tim-johnson/fraud-abuse-laws-differences/ https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-health-care-attorneys/tim-johnson/
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Meet New York Real Estate Attorney Jonathan Mechanic
Watch some of New York's best attorneys introduce renowned Manhattan real estate lawyer Jonathan Mechanic of Fried Frank. See more videos at www.reellawyers.com/jonathan-mechanic.
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What should be considered in a termination meeting between an employer and an employee?
Termination Meeting Employer Employee Employer Written Employment Agreement Included in Contract Understanding the Human and Business Sides of Employee Termination Employment and Labor Law Attorney MN | Employment and Labor Law Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-employment-law-attorneys/stacey-dekalb/considered-termination-meeting-employer-employee/ | Lommen Abdo | (612) 336-9310 | [email protected] In conducting a termination meeting between an employer and employee, I think it's essential that the employer engage in a lot of planning. While frequently these meetings are very short, nonetheless, I think it's important for the employer to script out in advance what will be said. I think that it needs to be done in a respectful but firm manner in order to convey that the employment relationship is ending. Frequently the employee will want to ask many, many questions about why he or she was terminated or selected, and it's really not helpful at that stage to engage in a protracted discussion about that, and I encourage employers to simply say something like, "I'm sorry. The decision has been made. There's really nothing further to discuss with respect to the end of your employment." If a separation agreement is being offered, I think it's good to highlight the key provisions and then let the individual know who to contact when there are further questions. Quite frankly, it's a very emotional thing to lose your job, and so the employee who's being terminated frequently is not in a position to really hear everything that's being said. So, you just want to highlight the agreement and then let them know who they can contact with respect to the separation. It's also important to consider whether or not the individual is likely to get emotional and whether there are any security concerns. You have to evaluate what property the individual has access to. In some cases it's appropriate for I.T. to be contemporaneously shutting off the person's access to the computer system so that they don't return to their office and delete important files. And lastly, I think it's important to determine how to best allow the person to depart and collect personal items in a way that allows them to retain their dignity and respect. Lommen Abdo Law Firm 1000 International Centre, 920 2nd Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55402 http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-employment-law-attorneys/stacey-dekalb/considered-termination-meeting-employer-employee/ http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-employment-law-attorneys/stacey-dekalb/
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What is child pornography?
Child Pornography Compensation for Victims Attorney NY | Sex Abuse Victims Lawyers New York NY | http://jamesmarshlaw.com/people/james-r-marsh/ I Marsh Law Firm PLLC | Marsh Law Firm PLLC PO Box 4668 #65135 New York, New York 10163-4668 http://jamesmarshlaw.com/people/james-r-marsh/
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Are there any procedural remedies for spoliation of evidence?
Minneapolis, Minnesota catastrophic loss attorney Chad Stepan discusses how the court can address spoliation of evidence. More extreme remedies are dismissing the case or awarding a default judgment. Watch this video on reellawyers.com at http://www.reellawyers.com/chad-stepan/procedural-remedies-spoliation-evidence/ Visit Chad Stepan at http://www.meagher.com/cstepan/ Watch more videos at www.reellawyers.com/chad-stepan/
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How is the Madrid Protocol useful to protect my mark?
Watch Minnesota intellectual property attorney, Jennifer Debrow of Gray Plant Mooty, answer your legal questions related to trademarks at www.reellawyers.com/jennifer-debrow/
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What are the advantages of working with a small law firm?
Watch more videos at http://www.reellawyers.com/david-newdorf/
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How can an employer be prepared for a Department of Labor audit of its benefit plan?
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Do you often see medical malpractice claims being resolved through mediation?
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What is an example of a manufacturing defect product liability case?
Products Liability Attorney MN | Products Liability Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben | https://www.reellawyers.com/bill-sieben-2/example-manufacturing-defect-product-liability-case/ | (612) 344-0305 | [email protected] Transcript: Examples of defectively manufactured products are where a company has a protocol for how a product is to be designed, like the tensile strength of the steel that goes into whatever the product is is supposed to be so many pounds, or so many tons. Well, a manufacturing defect is when the tensile strength doesn’t reach that that it was supposed to be, so instead of withstanding 50 pounds of pressure or load, the tensile strength only can withstand 10 pounds. That’s a manufacturing flaw or defect. It wasn’t made the way the manufacturer wanted to make it and the reason. There are dozens of reasons why that can occur. It can occur through error in the manufacturing process, a part of the product was not correctly provided, so there are lots of reasons why the flaw can be there, but it was something that the manufacturer didn’t want to be manufactured in that way. They wanted it to be manufactured a different way. It wasn’t. It was sold to the public in the defective condition that had the flaw in it, and then it caused an injury somehow. Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben 51st Floor IDS Center 80 S. 8th Street, #5120 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402 https://www.reellawyers.com/bill-sieben-2/example-manufacturing-defect-product-liability-case/ http://www.schwebel.com/attorney/bsieben/
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What happens to unsecured creditors?
Unsecured Creditors Common Debtor/Creditor Questions Attorney MN | Bankruptcy Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-bankruptcy-attorneys/steven-silton/happens-unsecured-creditors/ | Cozen O'Connor | (612) 260-9003 | [email protected] Unsecured creditors in a Chapter 7 liquidation or in a Chapter 11 liquidation are paid their pro rata share of any unsecured assets. So the assets are either accumulated by the Chapter 7 appointed trustee, or by the debtor, sold in an orderly fashion, and then the unsecured assets, the proceeds of those, are paid to a pro rata basis to the unsecured creditors. In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the unsecured creditors are paid pursuant to the plan of reorganization. The plan of reorganization will state specifically what the unsecured creditors are gonna receive. Those unsecured creditors get the right to vote on whether they’re in support of the plan. And if the plan is confirmed, they will receive what contractually was provided for them under the plan of reorganization. Cozen O'Connor 33 South 6th Street Suite 4640 Minneapolis, MN 55402 http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-bankruptcy-attorneys/steven-silton/happens-unsecured-creditors/ http://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-bankruptcy-attorneys/steven-silton/
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Martin Bienenstock on how he assisted Texaco reorganize after the Penzoil litigation and prevent it
Martin Bienenstock Assisted Texaco Reorganize Penzoil Litigation Prevent Divided Sold Parts Reorganization and Governance Attorney NY | Business Solutions Lawyers New York New York | https://www.reellawyers.com/new-york/new-york-bankruptcy-attorneys/martin-bienenstock/martin-bienenstock-assisted-texaco-reorganize-penzoil-litigation-prevent-divided-sold-parts/ I Proskauer Rose | (212) 969-4530 | [email protected] Texaco had an extraordinary issue arise. Everyone knows about why it had to go into Chapter 11, which was that Pennzoil Company obtained from a Houston court an $11 billion judgment against Texaco. And when the Supreme Court ruled that Texaco had to post a bond like anyone else, Texaco had to file and commence its Chapter 11 case. The problem was that after Texaco reached a settlement with Pennzoil to settle the $11 billion judgment for approximately $3 billion a person known at that time as a corporate raider came by and asked the bankruptcy court if he could propose a competing Chapter 11 plan. Under his plan, Pennzoil would receive the same $3 billion as under the Texaco plan, all the other creditors would be paid in full, and shareholders would retain their shares. But his plan went one step further and it would eliminate all of the poison pills in Texaco’s corporate charter, which would make it susceptible to being purchased on the market and then sold off in parts for a quick profit. And the way we convinced the bankruptcy court to disallow that competing plan was to show that once the debtor or creditor problem was solved by the $3 billion deal with Pennzoil, the changing of the corporate governance was outside the bankruptcy power of the court. It could only do things necessary for reorganization it could not use its process to change corporate governance to eliminate poison pills, which in Delaware would have required a vote of 80 percent of the outstanding shares. The corporate raider was attempting to use the bankruptcy codes more lenient voting rules to change the corporate charter. So we convinced the court this was outside its power and it rejected the competing Chapter 11 plan. Proskauer Rose LLP 11 Times Square New York, NY 10036 https://www.reellawyers.com/new-york/new-york-bankruptcy-attorneys/martin-bienenstock/martin-bienenstock-assisted-texaco-reorganize-penzoil-litigation-prevent-divided-sold-parts/ https://www.reellawyers.com/new-york/new-york-bankruptcy-attorneys/martin-bienenstock/
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What are the levels of DWI/DUI in Minnesota?
lw.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPU1ifBEIfo
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What Is The Ignition Interlock System In Minnesota?
Valentini Ignition Interlock Law in MN
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Factors Minnesota Courts Consider in Awarding Spousal Maintenance
Minnesota family law attorney Edward Winer explains what factors are considered in awarding spousal maintenance a/k/a spousal support in Minnesota
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Share with us some examples of how Rule 30(b)(6) has been used successfully in your practice.
Rule 30(b)(6) Successfully Attorney MN | Rule 30(B)(6) and Elder Abuse Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-elder-abuse-attorneys/mark-kosieradzki/share-us-examples-rule-30b6-used-successfully-practice/ I Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm | (877) 552-2873 | [email protected] Well, we’ve taken 30(b)(6) depositions in all kinds of cases, large-box stores like Walmart on how the properties worked, how a certain event occurred. We’ve used 30(b)(6) in inadequate security parking lot rape cases. We’ve used 30(b)(6) in cases involving large manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and like X-rays or CAT scan machines. We’ve used it in nursing home cases to identify events, how they occurred, but the single most important 30(b)(6) device that we use is the 30(b)(6) document deposition where rather than saying, “Bring us a custodian of records,” who usually doesn’t know anything, we serve a 30(b)(6) notice that says certain documents need to be attached to the notice, and we want someone to come and tell us what documents exist in this category, how and why are they created, where are they stored, what is the destruction policy, what is the approach used to find those documents, and then come and certify that those documents are complete. With that, and I’ve done 150 plus of those depositions, every single time I have found documents that weren’t produced. Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm, LLC 3675 Plymouth Blvd #105 Plymouth, MN 55446 https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-elder-abuse-attorneys/mark-kosieradzki/share-us-examples-rule-30b6-used-successfully-practice/ https://www.reellawyers.com/minnesota/minneapolis-elder-abuse-attorneys/mark-kosieradzki/
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Martin Bienenstock discusses his practice group and how it fits into the law firm of Proskauer Rose
About Martin Bienenstock and His Practice Attorney NY | Business Solutions Lawyers New York New York | https://www.reellawyers.com/new-york/new-york-bankruptcy-attorneys/martin-bienenstock/martin-bienenstock-discusses-practice-group-fits-law-firm-proskauer-rose/ I Proskauer Rose | (212) 969-4530 | [email protected] Proskauer is an international law firm with over 750 attorneys all over the world. For a large firm it has several unique practice areas that most firms don’t have. It’s the gold standard for employment law. It’s on management side but it’s a go to firm whether it’s a big rank and file union issue or whether it’s a CEO or board issue. It has similar gold standard practice in sports law and in real estate law. It also has a very unique multi ______ group that is on the cutting edge of all the types of securities that hedge funds like to trade and issuers like to issue for novel reasons and alternatives to high-yield debt. And then it has a massive litigation group and corporate group that cater to different niches where it has particular specialties. The reorganization and governance group is within the corporate group and we have offices in the United Kingdom and in the United States. And we represent large companies, their creditors; people who want to buy them, people who want to invest in them, occasionally trustees, or examiners. We cover the gamut of roles in reorganization in governance and we also represent boards. And whether they’re boards of healthy companies or unhealthy companies and we teach them one rule that many boards fail at, which is even when you’re faced with an array of options that are each somewhat painful it’s your job to find the least worse result. And that might sound trite or obvious but if you look at Lehman Brothers, if you look at Eastman Kodak, if you look at Bethlehem Steel each of these companies managed to find the worst, worst, worst result. And it’s corroborated by a study by a famous Nobel Prize Winner named Daniel Kahneman who learned in his research that when people are confronted with all bad choices, bad options they become risk seekers. And risk seeking often means instead of taking any of the safe results we’ll pray for a miracle. Well, normally, the miracle doesn’t happen. Lehman Brothers CROs said the company probably lost $75 billion of value by not preparing for Chapter 11. Eastman Kodak lost all its employees because it over a 12-year span did not do something about the overtaking of film by the digital camera. And what we teach boards is that even when you don’t like the options you still have to take the best, which is the least worse. Frequently that will lead to the saving of a company and its jobs and everything else that goes with it. Proskauer Rose LLP 11 Times Square New York, NY 10036 https://www.reellawyers.com/new-york/new-york-bankruptcy-attorneys/martin-bienenstock/martin-bienenstock-discusses-practice-group-fits-law-firm-proskauer-rose/ https://www.reellawyers.com/new-york/new-york-bankruptcy-attorneys/martin-bienenstock/
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What do you enjoy about criminal defense law? | Ryan Garry LLC
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