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SEPA Solution (Direct Debits & Credit Transfers) - AccessPay | Easier Business Payments
AccessPay’s cloud-based SEPA Payment Solution is flexible, feature-rich and fully SEPA compliant. Do better business in the eurozone with SEPA Direct Debits and Credit Transfers!
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Banking Connectivity Solution (Straight Through Processing) AccessPay | Easier Business Payments
A fun video on AccessPay's Bank Connectivity Solution (featuring a talking penguin!) - a simple and affordable way to automate payments using straight-through processing.
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GPI Fridays [EP 01] – What is SWIFT gpi?
SWIFT gpi payments account for nearly 25% of SWIFT's cross-border payments traffic - So, what exactly is SWIFT gpi? Watch Episode 01: GPI Fridays to find out more.
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Payment Automation - Bacs, Direct Debits & Faster Payments - AccessPay
Introducing AccessPay Payment Automation software, designed to help businesses of all sizes make and receive all types of payments; payroll, supplier payments, Direct Debits, Faster Payments and more...
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What's it like to work at AccessPay?
We asked our staff to describe what it's like working at AccessPay in three words...
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What We Do - AccessPay | Easier Business Payments
We believe we’ve got the easiest and most secure payment solution available, it’s simple to use, flexes with your businesses and users and can help you achieve real efficiency across Payroll, Accounts Payable or Direct Debits, but rather than write lots about it, we thought we’d create a short video to tell you just how good it is really is… Find out more: http://www.accesspay.com/
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Multi Bank Connectivity with Straight Through Processing - AccessPay | Easier Business Payments
Introducing AccessPay's Multi-Bank Connectivity Solution with straight-through processing. Manual processes giving you a headache? We have a cure for that!
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See how the AccessPay platform can help solve finance and treasury challenges.
The AccessPay platform provides access to a range of features and functions empowering you to solve your finance and treasury challenges. Harnesses the power of open banking, the API economy and efficient access to secure financial messaging channels to integrate your back-office systems, connect your banks and financial services and route payments globally.
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AA and AccessPay
Find out how the AA digitally transformed their payments strategy with AccessPay
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Global Cash Management Automation - AccessPay | Easier Business Payments
Introducing AccessPay’s Global Cash Management Solution - a secure, centralised and automated solution, where all your bank accounts can be accessed from one system in real-time.
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Liquidity Stress Testing
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SWIFT gpi Promo Video - What day is it?
We had a lot of laughs in the office filming a promo for our SWIFT gpi videos! If you're interested in finding out more about SWIFT's global payments initiative (gpi), look out for the series. We'll be dropping a new one every Friday.
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Liquidity Coverage Ratio - BankSense
Liquidity Coverage Ratio is something the banks are going to be focusing on. They will have less appetite to take on unpredictable deposits, or fluctuations in the deposit base with it impacting on their ability to comply with LCR.
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Large Exposure Restrictions - BankSense
Large exposure restrictions are one of the key strands of the new regulatory framework that banks must adhere to, but which will trickle down to corporates. Here, the role technology can play in automating rules and providing relevant information to corporate treasurers is explored.
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SWIFT Cloud vs SWIFT Bureau with Tom & Terry - AccessPay | Easier Business Payments
Meet Tom and Terry (identical twins!). Compare AccessPay's real-time cloud-based SWIFT messaging platform with an expensive bureau service, and find a solution to manually keying in payments to multiple banking portals
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UCITS and AIFMD - BankSense
The biggest change to banking regulations in decades is discussed here. The changes are so profound that they will affect corporates as well. Some of the ways corporates will need to change their practice are explored here, as well as the technologies that can play a vital role.
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AccessPay Client testimonial | Daniel Biggs, Global Reach Partners
AccessPay testimonial from foreign exchange experts Global Reach Partners, featuring partner Daniel Biggs talking about their requirements for a straight-through processing solution for incoming and outgoing funds.
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Dispelling the Myths around UK Payments - Newcastle Breakfast Panel
Are you keen to find out all about the New Payments Architecture and changes like Request to Pay, from the very people developing it? What about the effect that Open Banking and PSD2 will have on payments security?
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Webinar  Preparing for a Payment Automation Project
Are you considering a payment automation project? Are you undertaking a new ERP implementation? You may be wondering exactly what you need to ensure your projects, especially as far as payments and banking connectivity are concerned run smoothly - Watch this webinar to get expert advice you NEED to ensure your business transformation project runs smoothly
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Cloud Based Direct Debits Solution - AccessPay | Easier Business Payments
Introducing AccessPay's cloud-based Bacs Direct Debit software: a fully automated, paperless way to control recurring payments, improve customer service and boost cash flow!
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AccessPay Client testimonial | Ifield Park Care Home (Payroll & Pensions Payment)
AccessPay Client testimonial from Ifield Park Care Home. Hear their payroll administrator talk about how AccessPay helped them speedily implement a brand new payment and pensions system.
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AccessPay Client testimonial | Will Herrmann, Financial Management Lead Hassle com
Will Herrmann, Financial Management Lead at Hassle.com, describes how AccessPay’s cloud-based solution has revolutionised his company’s payments processing systems. Will describes how the AccessPay payments solution was able to simplify and automate payments to over 700 staff and partners, processing several hundred payments every day in a matter of less than five minutes. Hassle.com has been very complimentary about the quality of the cloud-based solution provided by AccessPay, as well as the high standards of professional and technical support the company has received.
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GPI Fridays [EP 05] – SWIFT gpi vs. Ripple
SWIFT gpi has taken the world of payments by storm. To date, over 50 million gpi cross-border payments have been processed, with hundreds of thousands of payments sent daily across 350 country corridors in more than 100 currencies. However, there are some naysayers who believe Ripple (real-time gross settlement system) offers superior technology and data to SWIFT. While much blood is spilled in arguing this matter with fans taking sides, many claim it’s not a case of SWIFT gpi VS Ripple, but a matter of which technology better serves users. James Higgins, AccessPay Product Director (and SWIFT gpi Superfan) compares the two offerings in this instalment of "GPI Fridays"
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Stephen Brown, Group Treasury Manager Dyson - AccessPay Event 04 09 14
Stephen Brown, Group Treasury Manager Dyson, talking about the AccessPay Easier Business Payments solution during an event on 04 Sept 2014
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AccessPay Client testimonial | Clifford Thames Group (SEPA Direct Debit Payments)
AccessPay Client testimonial from the Clifford Thames Group. Hear Perry Charles, Group Financial Controller, discuss his requirements for a SEPA solution to help them collect Direct Debit payments in Europe.
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Corporates need help with disparate tech | Anish Kapoor, CEO AccessPay on Finextra
Anish Kapoor, CEO AccessPay, outlines the tech and business trends impacting corporates, and the ways they can respond to challenges that arise | Video by Finextra, 2016
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GPI Fridays [EP 04] - SWIFT gpi Improves the Corporate Banking Experience
What are the basics behind SWIFT gpi and how can corporates use it most effectively? Andy Howarth, Product Manager at AccessPay shows us how it can increase efficiency and visibility of cross-border payments.
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AccessPay Client testimonial | FimBank, Trade Finance Bank
AccessPay testimonial from FimBank trade finance bank. Karina Bonnici, Assistant Vice President – Systems, talks about their requirement for an easily integrated SEPA payments solution.
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Capital Adequacy Ratio
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AccessPay Client testimonial | Union Bank Of India (Integrated Payments System)
AccessPay testimonial from Union Bank of India, featuring their Chief Manager Shailesh Anand talking about his need to integrate payment systems with Finacle, their core banking solution.
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GPI Fridays [EP 02] – SWIFT gpi Benefits for the Banks
SWIFT gpi is transforming the cross-border payments space – Banks who adopt SWIFT gpi can offer their customers the ability to make high-speed international payments, the ability to track payments in real-time, receive confirmation when payments are credited and get transparency on fees involved. Here’s Andy Howarth, SWIFT gpi Payments Product Specialist from AccessPay discussing the Benefits of SWIFT gpi for Banks.
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Vince Nash, Commercial Treasury Manager Wells Fargo - AccessPay Event 04 09 14
Vince Nash, Commercial Treasury Manager Wells Fargo talking about the AccessPay Easier Business Payments solution during an event on 04 Sept 2014
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Dispelling the Myths around UK Payments  - Live Webinar
Off the back of three successful events across the UK, AccessPay brought together specialists in open banking, New Payments Architecture, Request to Pay and Confirmation of Payee.
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BankSense lite
How can a software like BankSense lite help your business?
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AccessPay Client testimonial | D & E Office Solutions (Bacs Payments & Direct Debits)
ccessPay Client testimonial from D & E Office Solutions Ltd. See their accounts manager discuss how AccessPay met their requirements for a true cloud-based solution for their Bacs payments and Direct Debits
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GPI Fridays [EP 03] – SWIFT gpi for the Corporates
How can SWIFT gpi help the corporates? Product Director James Higgins explains the benefits
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European Money Market Fund  - BankSense
It’s no secret that we’re in a depressed, negative interest environment. Treasurers need alternative instruments through which to make money. Money markets have become a default choice, but there are pitfalls to these markets. Can technology provide the answers?
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Webinar  Secrets to Cash Forecasting Optimisation
Webinar: Discover how to unlock your organisations cash forecasting capabilities | Cash & Liquidity Management Webinar hosted by James Higgins and Winston Pearson of AccessPay
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Harcus Copper Barclays - AccessPay | Easier Business Payments
Excerpts from a keynote presentation given by Harcus Copper (Barclays Global Channel Head, SWIFTNet Corporate Access) on cash management and the AccessPay model. This presentation is from a payment & cash management event held at SWIFT HQ (co-hosted by AccessPay and SWIFT) September 2014. Find out more about AccessPay's Global Banking Connectivity Solution here: http://www.accesspay.com/payments-technology/swift/
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Neil Gray Director for Corporates SWIFT - AccessPay Interview
Interview with Neil Gray, Director for Corporates, SWIFT. Neil talks about the work that SWIFT is doing with AccessPay and explains the benefits of AccessPay’s cloud-based SWIFT connectivity for corporates. Find out more: http://www.accesspay.com/payments-technology/swift/
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Basel III
The biggest change to banking regulations in decades is discussed here. The changes are so profound that they will affect corporates as well. Some of the ways corporates will need to change their practice are explored here, as well as the technologies that can play a vital role.
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AccessPay Client testimonial | Ronny Schuyt, CityBox CFO (SEPA Direct Debits & SEPA Direct Credit)
AccessPay Client testimonial from CityBox, featuring their CFO Ronny Schuyt talking about their requirement to process 1000s of SEPA Direct Debits and Direct Credits.
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