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Some Folks Do
Teaching myself about the effects of video functions.
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Dances with birds
This was a recording made by an open window using a ZOOM R16 & one of it's built-in mics. The birds seem to respond to the music being played on classical guitar. The effects are all from the ZOOM.
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We are all slaves on a planet of tax farms and there is good reason to get rid of useless eaters. Production had been held at the expense of fossil fuels. Peak oil is real and we have nuclear power plants that need to be cooled, maintained, and so on. The minimum number of people required is anybody's guess. So how do we get out of this mess?
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Sometimes an orb just can't get a break
Response to the bible teacher who gives orb lessons.
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Kan-Nibble Apocalypse 2013 - A short short film
Cannibals, Apocalypse, Apocalyptic, Music and Credits are for entertainment value only. It's parody.
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PhizyKal Plumb Bob Fuzzy Dart
Underground message to Illuminutty nut jobs. We are com in to gt ya.
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We're All Doomed. The NWO is forcing us into cannibalism.
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The Over-population Myth
Population and energy chart.
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Human Resources Agenda 21 Blues
HR Agenda 21 Blues (Jennifer is Supper Tonight)
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Yea right, making demands on our government that will work..avi
I you make big claims you need to provide some big evidence. This chemtrail think has been around a few years. But if you believe the fluoride fear folks we are so dumb we can't tell a contrail from a hole in the ground. I really listen to your videos IP and I like you even if I never meet you. I also want your viewers to know I do not intend any disrespect and I am sorry if I come across a bit harsh. Hang in there folks.
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Aintnoreason - Bob Dylan's Don't think twice
three track recording in Yakima at the end of civilization.
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Taxman played by Russ Shute
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Hand in pocket  cubase 4 Zoom R16
Home study on multiple track recording, Hand in Pocket - A Moressette Ballad of John and Y. Lennon/McCartney
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Don't think twice - Bob Dylan
Playing with Zoom R-16 multi track
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Taxman One Trick Pony
Taxman by John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney. Omagine Me, an Infullofbull being called God.
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Worlds last Video Upload to YouTube
Worlds last Video Upload to YouTube as it happened at the end of "civilization" as we knew it. .
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Worst YouTube Video (I'll be gone)
Post apocalyptic global melt down Short Short
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Wonder why someone talks like that
Rambling on about why I suspect people who make an effort to promote a religious view.
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Radioactive Suicide.
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Down the road, there comes Mary, Hair of Gold, Lips like Cherry, It's good to touch, the green, green, grass of home.
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No shoulder to cry on
Sad song, written & performed by Russell Shute Recorded with Zoom R16 muli track digital recorder with built in mic
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