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Understanding Fixed Indexed Annuities - A Simple Explanation
This is an easy to understand basic explanation of Fixed Indexed Annuities. Includes the terminology and how they work.
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Investment Grade Life Insurance - With Living Benefits
Investment Grade Life Insurance
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Broke Personal Finance Model
This is just one video in a multi part series on how to use banking strategies and investment grade whole life insurance to grow and protect wealth. This is the beginning of a 12 part series.
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Perpetual Wealth Systems; Car vs 401k
Learn more at www.wealthwithoutstocks.com or www.theperpetualwealthsystem.com for more information and free downloads.
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How to Avoid the Next Stock Market Crash
John shows that with the power of the index and annual reset you can avoid the next stock market crash but still take advantage of the upswings.
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Doctors Build Wealth
Learn how to protect and grow your wealth by addressing the 4 wealth drains; taxes, market losses, interest & fees and depreciation. For more information visit www.doctorsbuildwealth.com.
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Perpetual Wealth Systems Introduction
Check out our video's for the latest tips, training, products and services that help you to protect and grow your wealth. This is perfect for everyone no matter your age, the amount you have saved, for personal wealth goals or even for business owners! We help create financial blueprints of little-known, powerful strategies for building diversified wealth and income.
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John Jamieson (The Perpetual Wealth System)
John talks about his book, The Perpetual Wealth System; Your Path to Systematic and Guaranteed Riches. Learn more and read a free chapter at www.theperpetualwealthsystem.com. Find out why it is made so hard for you to get ahead financially in life. There is a broke business and financial model that 99% of us have been trained on for decades and that model keeps you struggling while other people and institutions get rich.
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4 Wealth Drains by Perpetual Wealth Systems
John shares information regarding the 4 major wealth drains in your life.
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Perpetual Wealth Systems core presentation
Visit www.theperpetualwealthsystem.com for more information!
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Why You will Outlive Your Money
John Jamieson explains a persons typical saving structure and when they retire, the typical withdrawals and how this will cause you to outlive your money for retirement. John simplifies Dollar Cost Averaging and Reverse Dollar Cost Averaging.
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401k's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Learn about 401k's and the tax ramifications from John Jamieson, President of Perpetual Wealth Systems. Learn more at www.PerpetualPensions.com
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Wealth Without Stocks
A more in depth overview into the Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds guide to non-traditional wealth creation. There are other options for the public to earn and save money, bring down debt and save for retirement. Learn more about these other options by watching this presentation and reading the book. The book, Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds
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Multiple accounts for the New Year
Open up multiple bank accounts to start off the new year right.
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Restricted Property Trust - A Unique Tool for Business Owners
Learn the basics of a Restricted Property Trust. This is a unique tool for high income earners paying huge amounts of taxes to create tax deductions and tax free income. What is it and do you qualify? Find out more by watching! If this sounds interesting and you qualify based on the info provided please reach out to us to set up a call to discuss further.
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Doctors Build Wealth Private Pension
Visit www.doctorsbuildwealth.com to learn more!
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Whole life Insurance: Pulling out triple the amount of Income than you put in Tax Free for Life
For more videos in this series go to www.perpetualinsurance.com. This video shows you how to fund an investment grade whole life policy over time and then pull out triple your money on a tax free basis. Don't get misled by average rates of return because those returns are not compounding interest. Pay attention to the basics. How much do I put in, how much can I take out and for how long can I take it out.
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Detroit real estate investors; Real Estate Cash Flow Machine
Investors in Metro Detroit real estate through Real Estate Cash Flow Machine. Visit www.recashflowmachine.com
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Perpetual Wealth Systems Testimonial
Real Investors speaking about the Perpetual Wealth System and real estate investing in Metro Detroit.
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How to Eliminate Capital Gains taxes and Reduce Income Tax
Are you going to be selling or have you already sold a business or large commercial piece of real estate? Would you like to legally and ethically eliminate your capital gains taxes on that sale or claw back taxes already paid? We work with a high level law firm that has been doing this for over 20 years and has well over 800 clients nationwide. Trust us when we say it is worth you taking a look at by reaching out to us.
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Mike Biglane & Real Estate Cash Flow Machine
Mike Biglane speaks about the real estate deals in Metro Detroit and the company Real Estate Cash Flow Machine
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Metro Detroit Cash Flow
Take a tour of this home with John Jamieson and Bob Lynch as an example to what is available in the Metro Detroit area, the costs and the neighborhood. This is a HUD home for sale in Macomb County, Michigan. This could rent for $1,100 per month! Contact us for more information on what we could find for you for a great perpetual cash flow income property. www.perpetualrealestatemachine.com
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Wealth without Stocks or Mutual Funds Intro
John Jamieson introduces you to his new book, Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds. There are numerous methods and strategies for everyone; from someone just beginning to save and grow their money to the savvy investor to those getting ready to retire.
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Keeping Uncle Sam from Stealing Your Money
Find out how to use asset based long term care. 1) No monthly payment 2) No skyrocketing costs 3) Both spouses can be covered 4) Access to cash during your lifetimes 5) If you pass away never using the LTC benefits your family get more money than you originally funded the program with years before
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5 Circles Of Wealth
John Jamieson explains your 5 circles of wealth, how they interact and different options he has for growing and protecting those circles of wealth for you. Visit him at www.theperpetualwealthsystem.com for more information.
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Self Directed IRA
John shares information on what a Self Directed IRA is and gives examples of what you can do with it; such as purchasing property, private loans, etc...
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What is a Self Directed IRA
Find out what is a self directed IRA. How to set one up, how it works, what you can invest in, and real life examples of deals you can do today with your self directed IRA
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Case Study CH
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4 Wealth Drains
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Asset Based Long Term Care Solution
By 2030 America will have over 71 million senior citizens and millions will have need of long term care but very few are prepared or even know how the system works. Long term care can wipe out all a family has worked and saved for their entire lives. Watch this to find out how to protect yourself, your spouse, and your families inheritance without Medicaid or a traditional long term care policy.
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11 pillars of wealth
How anyone can build a financial fortress using 7 gears of Riches and stopping the 4 Wealth Drains.
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Prepare for stock market crash or a boom (and be right either way)
Find out how to never lose a dime when the stock market comes back down while at the same time you make strong gains if the market continues its run up
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Home video for Detroit real estate investors
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Perpetual Financing System Follow Through
John Jamieson explains how to reverse your money flow to put more money to work for you!
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Detroit homes for real estate investors
Walking tour of a Metro Detroit home for sale that is an example of what is currently available for real estate investors in 2016. Call us at 1.586.944.0794 and visit us at www.perpetualrealestatemachine.com
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Retirement Strategies
John Jamieson will address the following questions and help you prepare for retirement and stay retired. Do you know how much income you need for your retirement? Where that income will come from? Will you outlive your money? Would you like to never lose a dime of money in the next stock market collapse?
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Myths of Life Insurance
The common misconceptions of Whole Life Insurance are discussed.
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Long Term Care Without Expensive Monthly Payments
Watch this short presentation to find out how to potentially have unlimited lifetime long term care without monthly payments. You will learn how to use whole life insurance to provide asset based long term care.
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Visit WealthWithoutStocks.com and click on Live Webinars to see what topics are available and register to join. Free for anyone to join.
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Real Estate Agents Build Wealth - John gives an intro to what we can do for you, the services offered and referral program.
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Doctors Build Wealth Presentation
John Jamieson, www.doctorsbuildwealth.com. John shows the 4 massive wealth drains, how to plug them and retire earlier and with more money.
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Bigger Pie for Real Estate Agents
John goes into more detail on the referral partner program, the benefits and how diversification is important for your financial growth.
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Intro to LTC video presentation
Quick intro and invite to watch LTC video presentation
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Case Studies
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Double Client Value
If your a real estate agent check out how you can double your clients value to you!
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