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Tom Hopkins - Words That SELL!
Tom Hopkins is a sales training legend having trained over 5,000,000 salespeople in person. If you're a fan of "master the art of selling" or tom Hopkins prospecting seminars then you're going to love this video.
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How To Talk ANYONE Into Doing ANYTHING (Seriously!) With Chris Voss | Salesman Podcast
Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Chris Voss is an ex FBI hostage negotiator that knows how to get people to do what he says. In this episode Chris shares some seemingly counter intuitive techniques to talk anyone into doing anything. Come into this one with your moral compass in hand as you’ll be needing it. Watch our previous episode here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBQ909qs56A If you're reading getting to yes, want to understand Chris Voss negotiation skills, want to know more about the black sawn group or just want to learn more about The Salesman Podcast then stay tuned as this episode is an epic one! Also check out this interview if you've also seen the one with The School of Greatness.
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Dan Pena's Top 5 Rules For Sales Success - #SalesMotivation
Read the full post here - http://Salesman.Red/dan-penas-top-5-rules-for-sales-success-salesmotivation -- Dan Pena's Top 5 Rules For Sales Success -- Dan Pena is not a guy you would want to mess with (in business or outside a pub). I love his direct, no nonsense attitude to business and I've taken a lot away from his interviews on London Real over the past few years. Here are his top pieces of sales advice for us sales professionals - 1) Hang with other sales hustlers Naturally you will take on the traits of the 5-10 people that you spend the most time with. Are you hanging around with sales killers or the guys in your team who like to take Friday off to play golf with "customers"? "I've never seen a 'part-time' super successful, high performance person." - Dan Pena To take this a step further, are you brain storming new ideas and strategies with sales hustlers outside of the business you work for on a regular basis? The brain of many generally out performs the brain of one. They can pull on many experiences, assets and references to get the answers to tough business situations. 2) Take massive action Do you follow up with 10 people a day or a hundred? Do you get passionate with your customers or just turn up? Do you know more about your product than anyone else in your industry? The people who win are those who take massive action. If you're comfortable (yuk!), work 9-5 or just "want to get by" then you will never have success in sales. The rewards in life are always leveraged to the top 1-5%. They earn more money, respect and toys than the other 95% combined. 3) Create great customers It might seem counter intuitive but most of the time it's far better to have fewer, better customers over more poorer ones. Don't waste time on things you can't change! - Dan Pena More, poor quality customers usually means - More idiots wanting more than their fair share of your time Less time chasing business that might not close More large opportunities missed as you are spread too thin Less strong relationships with customers Pareto's law suggests that 20% of your customers will bring in 80% of your sales target. Additionally 80% of the pain in your ass comes from just 20% of your customers. These are the ones you should be firing. Are you doubling down on your best customers or are you giving your competition an excuse to get in there and take them away from you? 4) Measure more Sales professionals need to measure a number of key metrics if they plan on improving their performance day to day. Things like conversion rate from one end of the sales funnel to the close are important statistics which enable to set improvement targets. "Nothing changes unless it's measured" - Dan Pena These targets force your brain to think how things can be improved rather than how can it just get through the day with minimum stress which is it's natural inclination. 5) Just fucking do it Finally Dan demands that you "just fucking do it". Slightly more aggressive than Nike's spin on things but it's the most important message of all. In sales things change that rapidlly that if you ponder, plan or procrasinate for too long the deal you had on the table has gone somewhere else. "Any problem solved will be replaced immediately by a larger more complicated one!" - Dan Pena In addition most problems that sales professionals face can be overcome by taking action (and once there overcome there will always be more of them). Some action. Any action. It doesn't matter. 80% of sales is just keeping momentum going. Resources More about Dan - DanPena.com Video sources - https://youtu.be/O0hV2cwnoLA https://youtu.be/1GXs_p-kzU0 https://youtu.be/YsrFKiNdQbU https://youtu.be/tzj7hdVUJrQ https://youtu.be/qNivpolSBiM
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Cold Calling Scripts And Phone Sales Tips / Mike Brooks
Cold calling scripts are necessary for phone sales. This is your guide to crushing it on the phone! Mike Brooks is a phone selling expert and on today’s show he shares with us the structure of the perfect phone sales script. // What you will learn in this episode // Mike explains the following in this episode of the Salesman Podcast LIVE – - How to bounce back from objections on the phone through practice - The the power of being authentic on the phone and adding real value to the customer - Using a cold call script to get appointment - The secret cold calling techniques that really work for inside sales If you enjoy this interview you might like Bryan Casella's content too.
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6 Sales Lessons I Learned From Jeffrey Gitomer
FULL POST: http://salesman.red/6-sales-lessons-i-learned-from-jeffrey-gitomer I like Jeffrey Gitomer because he doesn't bullshit. He's a straight talker who tells it like it is. I feel like I could take him out for a few beers, grab some food and he wouldn't be worried about telling me that I had salad stuck in-between my teeth. We'd laugh it off and then go home. He'd check in with a quick phone call a few days later to make arrangements to go out again. This time round, after a few pitchers of German beer he'd pitch me on a product and then wait... oh man that powerful silence... I'd have to say yes, I just would. That slightly weird fantasy I just describe is a 'people first' way of selling and is exactly how we do business at Salesman.Red. I started selling like this after devouring Jeff's book 'The Little Red Book of Selling' and this is what I learnt from reading it - 1) USE YOUR CUSTOMERS AGAINST THE COMPETITION Jeff explains that you shouldn’t be hiding your customers away from your competitors. You should be leveraging them as an assets and rubbing them all over the competitions faces. If someone is willing to give you a testimonial (have you asked them for one?) then they’re likely going to be more than happy to help you scare off competitors. 2) HOW YOU SHOULD START EVERY SALES MEETING I’m guilty of doing this myself occasionally. It’s getting late in the day, you know you’ve got another meeting lined up in 45 minutes which you’ve got to drive to in rush hour traffic. You say hi and you throw you pitch down the prospects throat. They reject you instantly. Why? Because you have signalled to them that you’re only after their money, you value other peoples times more than theirs and that you don’t know how to build rapport with people. I wouldn’t want to do business with me in that situation either. Slow down! The first question you ask should always be an ‘off the record’ personal one that brings you an the prospect closer. There’s always plenty of time to close a deal (if someone likes you it likely will only take 1 minute to say yes). 3) WHY YOU SHOULDN'T GIVE UP ON PROSPECTS “If clients want everything, then give them everything!” It’s simple when you say it but it’s your job not to give up! Your company isn't paying you to have a nice time, they’re paying you to hustle, chase and hunt down business. If you’re at the point of sending invoices or proposals you’ve already done the hard work. Now it’s time to be clear with the prospect and ask them what YOU need to do to HELP THEM close the deal today. 4) WHY SOME COMPANIES DON’T PROVIDE SALES TRAINING “Because that manager is an idiot who already knows everything” There is no company on this planet who couldn’t improve the skill of their sales teams. If your sales manager just ‘doesn’t see the value’ or ‘doesn’t have time to arrange sales training’ then you need to move to a team that wants to support your personal development. 5) HOW TO SELL TO A SALESPERSON If you’re in a position where you’re selling to other salespeople you’re in luck! Just give them your inside knowledge. It’s free, they want it, you likely love will love speaking about it. This is a perfect example of ‘adding value’ (which everyone tells you to do but never explains what it means). You’re not discounting your price, you’re not giving a better product, you’re making the prospect want to deal with you personally in the future. This is exactly how you build up a team of evangelical customers that will go out and do the selling for you. 6) WHY YOU SHOULDN’T USE EMAIL TO NETWORK Email is convenient, quick and painless. These are the exact reasons why you don’t want to use it to build up relationships and to maintain a network. They’re too easy to ignore (delete), it shows that you’re looking for shortcuts to communicate and so just don’t care about the other person. Get on the phone with them, meet them in person for good food and a drink or don’t bother at all. Business always has been and always will be done face to face.
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The Quickest Way To Become AMAZING At Selling With Rob Jeppsen
Rob Jeppsen is a world leading sales coaching expert and on this episode of the show he is explaining the pathway to becoming incredible at sales in the shortest amount of time possible. -- What you will learn in this episode -- Rob explains the following in this episode of the Salesman Podcast LIVE - - Why putting responsibility for your own success on someone else is always a recipe for disaster - The the power of putting the best sales process into practice and letting everything else fall into place around it
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A FBI Hostage Negotiators Guide To Selling To Professional Buyers With Chris Voss | Salesman Podcast
Want to learn how to successful sell to anyone? This episode with Chris Voss is for you! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Chris Voss is a ex international kidnapping negotiator for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and of course a negotiation expert. On today’s episode of the Salesman Podcast Chris explains the steps we need to take to sell to professional buyers. You're going to learn how to talk anyone into doing anything What you will learn in this episode: - Why it’s important to to be able to strategically say no to procurement officers - The importance of understanding the tactics that are going to be used against you to get you to drop your price - How closing the deal at certain times of the month gives you the advantage -- Guest info -- A 24 year veteran of the FBI, Chris Voss is one of the preeminent practitioners and professors of negotiating skills in the world. He is the founder and principal of The Black Swan Group, a consulting firm that provides training and advises Fortune 500 companies through complex negotiations. Voss has taught for many business schools, including the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, Harvard University, MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, among others.
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In this mashup 5 world leading sales and cold calling experts share their top thoughts on how to break through on the phone and get enough attention to start the conversation. They share how to sell over the phone and cold call your way to business success. If you're a fan of Grant Cardone and you're looking for cold calling techniques that really work, this video is for you!
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How To Sell To A CEO (Or High Level Business Executive)
Subscribe on Youtube: http://Salesman.org/Youtube Subscribe on iTunes: http://Salesman.org/Listen // In this mashup episode of the show, 5 of the worlds leading sales and business experts share their top advice on how to sell to the C-Suite.  As B2B deals get larger and more complex, we're spending more time with CEO's, CFO's and others on this level.  They have different needs, wants and importantly they are less bothered about money and product features so we need to engage with them differently than we would with an end user.  // Full episodes: Get The Customer To Tell You How To Win With Jeff Koser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncvoCQTSmvE&t=2s How To Pitch Anything (He’s Raised Over $1 BILLION By Pitching!) With Oren Klaff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5XgrQ0pY5A&t=286s How To Sell To A CEO, CFO, CTO And Beyond… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wxe2sWSTXtg How To Sell To C Level Executives (Without It Being Weird!) - Brainshark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcH5ucY1k84&t=5s Sell WITH The Buyer Not AT Them (And Make Your Life Easier) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUtenjukMBA&t=1s // how to sell an idea to a ceo, sales pitch to ceo, sales questions to ask a ceo, how to sell an executive, How To Sell To A CEO, selling to c level executives, how to connect with c level executives, selling to senior executives, executive selling definition, how to talk to c level executives, how to get a c level meeting, selling to c suite
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How To Build Instant Rapport (In Just 2 Sentences) With Tom Schreiter
Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Full show notes: http://Salesman.Red/151 Tom Schreiter joins Will Barron on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss the importance of building rapport quickly and how to go about doing just that. Rapport Comes First The show is kicked off with Tom explaining the importance of rapport in the world of business. He highlights that there is no possible way to build trust or a relationship with someone if there isn't some kind of rapport there first. "They don't engage with people they don't believe" - Tom Schreiter Tom then shares the importance of making a solid first impression. This can only come from preparing and getting yourself ready to speak to prospects before you launch your pitch at them. "Usually their decision is almost instant" - Tom Schreiter The show is wrapped up with Tom describing the importance of speaking to prospects who are pre-sold. There is zero point in trying to build rapport and 'sell' someone who isn't interested when there are so many better opportunities out there. Guest info: Tom "Big Al" Schreiter has 40+ years experience in network marketing and MLM. As the author of the original "Big Al" training books in the late 70s, he has continued to speak in over 80 countries on using the exact words and phrases to get prospects to open up their mind and say "YES".
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10 Words That Are LOSING YOU POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS! With Tom Hopkins
Tom Hopkins is a sales training legend having trained over 5,000,000 sales people in person. On today's episode of The Salesman Podcast Tom explains how the words we use can be make or break when prospecting for new business.  What you will learn in this episode: In this episode Tom shares - - Why you should be very conscious and focused on the words you use during a sales conversation  - How you can become an optimist and leave pessimistic language behind  - Where our poor choice of language comes from and who trains our brain to use it - How you can master the art of selling by leveraging the sales tips in the show
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How To CRUSH ANY Cold Calling OBJECTION With Jarrod Glandt / Salesman Podcast
Jarrod Glandt is the Vice President of Sales at Grant Cardone (author of the 10x rule) Enterprises and Co-Host of the Young Hustlers Podcast. On today's episode of The Salesman Podcast Jarrod is explaining the step by step process to breaking through objections when on a sales call.  What you will learn in this episode: - What makes companies throw money at a salesperson to get them to stick around - The importance of role playing your sales skills before you get on a call with a customer - How to become financially free by the time you're 40 - When cold calling or making business phone sales how to brush past the initial "brush-off"
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Chris Voss: Negotiation Tips When Selling To Professional Buyers / #ThriveInSales
Want Chris Voss to explain how to sell to professional buyers? Then keep watching! Subscribe on Youtube: http://Salesman.org/Youtube // Chris Voss is an ex FBI hostage negotiator and in this video he shares his top 5 tips to selling to professional buyers. If you want to improve your negotiation skills, if you've read "never split the difference" or your just a fan of Chris Voss negotiation hacks then this episode of The Salesman Podcast is for you!
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4 Sales Lessons I Learned From Jordan Belfort (The Real Wolf Of Wall Street)
FULL POST: http://salesman.red/4-sales-lessons-i-learned-from-jordan-belfort-the-real-wolf-of-wall-street I’m not going to lie, watching The Wolf Of Wall Street motivates me to do whatever it takes, to make tens of millions and live a life that few else can, at any and all costs. Of course once the film finishes my greed starts to fall away and a sustainable business looks more enticing but man, the speech Leonardo Di Caprio gives below still gets me riled up to sell hard. The man behind the film, the real Jordan Belfort is a real interesting guy. His new business teaches the psychology of selling and I’ve taken a bunch away from it. Here are four sales knowledge bombs that I credit to Jordan. 1) You need a sales a sales strategy “By modelling someone who is successful you turn decades into days” The most important lesson that I’ve ever learnt in sales which was backed up by Jordan was to always have a strategy. A sales strategy allows you to repeat what works which in turn reduces your stress levels as things become predictable and it allows you to scale up what you’re doing to close more deals. 2) Keep your customers for life After watching Leo tear it up in the film adaptation of Wolf On Wall Street I see some irony in this one but as the old cliché goes – It’s easier to sell to your customers than it is to sell to someone new. Your customers already know, like and trust you (otherwise they wouldn’t have bought from you in the first place) and so they’re primed to be sold to again as long as you’ve been looking after them. 3) Your own bullshit stories hold you back from success I’ve lost count of how many salespeople that routinely miss targets for the simple fact that they believe – They’re not an A player and so they’re happy sitting in the middle-bottom of the company’s sales rankings They feel they are being treated unfairly and there target is just set too high Both of these thought patterns are hugely damaging. Your target will never go down and so to succeed you need to be comfortable with it going up year on year. You’re being paid to crush it, not moan about the situation. If you’re truly happy about being a B/C/D- player then why the hell are you reading a post about Jordan Belfort? You must have some aspirations somewhere deep within you. It was your subconscious dragging you into this post. The bad news is there is no magic bullet, the only way you’re going to sell more is to stop limiting yourself with the stories that loop around your brain. 4) See things for how they really are “See things are they are but not worse than they are. That’s what a lot of people do” I don’t have a zero to millions, rags to riches tale just yet (heck, I’m only 28 give me some time) but I have had a negative account balance a bunch of times in my life. When something goes wrong I notice this strange phenomenon happen, I remain calm, knowing that everything will work out and everyone around me starts to panic for me. They start to worry on my behalf, I never asked them to do it. I can only assume that when they have issues all hell breaks loose in their minds. They see their problems as life threatening and their stress levels go through the roof. Jordan explains that it’s never a good thing to ignore problems (again some irony here or perhaps a lesson learned from his time as the Wolf Of Wall Street) but you shouldn’t see them as worse than what they are.
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How To Win A Business Deal In ONE PHONE CALL! With Kayvon / Salesman Podcast
Want to know how to CLOSE A BUSINESS DEAL IN ONE PHONE CALL? Kayvon is known as "The One Call Closer" and that is exactly what we're diving into on today's episode of The Salesman Podcast.  What you will learn in this episode: In this episode Kayvon shares - - What the prospects pain or motivation has to do with your closing tactics  - The difference between closing small and large value deals - How to avoid speaking to a prospect until they're fully qualified
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How To Deal With Initial Objections When Cold Calling - #SalesLegends
In this episode of #SalesLegends 5 of the worlds top sales experts share their thoughts on the question "Do you have any tactics for dealing with initial objections when cold approaching a prospect?" If you work in inside sales or for a startup sales company, then this video covers cold calling techniques and how to cold call from clips of the salesman podcast.
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FBI Negotiation Secrets From Former Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss
Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Chris Voss joins Will Barron on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss negotiation tips and tactics straight from the FBI. -- How To Negotiate -- The show is kicked off with Chris explaining that there is a balance between the negotiators conscious and subconscious efforts to influence the other party. "We know that our brain only has the capacity to make so many decisions on a given day" - Chris Voss Chris then shares the importance of understanding the beliefs that the other person holds so you can structure your negotiation in a way that ticks their boxes. "You want to take a step back to start with and give the other side room to talk" - Chris Voss The show is wrapped up with Chris describing the 'guided discovery' process and why going for a no might actually be the best thing to do in a negotiation. -- Guest info -- A 24 year veteran of the FBI, Chris Voss is one of the preeminent practitioners and professors of negotiating skills in the world. He is the founder and principal of The Black Swan Group, a consulting firm that provides training and advises Fortune 500 companies through complex negotiations. Voss has taught for many business schools, including the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, Harvard University, MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, among others.
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LEAD Your Conversations And Get WHAT YOU WANT | Salesman Podcast
Subscribe: http://Salesman.org/Youtube Andy Bounds was awarded the title Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year, and described by AstraZeneca’s Global Communication Director as “a genius, whose advice can’t be ignored”. On this episode of The Salesman Podcast Andy Shares the steps to lead and own our conversations so that
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Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube
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Victor Antonio: WINNING Sales Executive Skills And Qualities
Victor Antonio shares the secret Sales Executive Skills And Qualities that let give you a huge advantage over your competition. We cover sales presentations, why you should perhaps ignore your sales leadership and much more.
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How To Do Less And CLOSE MORE SALES With Jill Konrath - #ThriveInSales
Subscribe on Youtube: http://Salesman.org/Youtube Subscribe on iTunes: http://Salesman.org/Listen // Jill Konrath is a sales strategist, speaker and the author of the sales books Selling to Big Companies and SNAP Selling. // Jill Konrath, jillkonrath.com, jill konrath selling to big companies, jill konrath books, jill konrath blog, jill konrath quotes, jill konrath linkedi, Selling to big companies, More Sales, Less Time, Agile Selling, snap selling
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What Is SAAS And How Do You Sell It? With Dan Smith | Salesman Podcast
Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Dan Smith is a SAAS sales expert and on today’s show we cover both what SAAS is, why it’s taking over the world of both B2B and B2C and the best approaches to sell it. "what does saas stand for" - It stands for software as a service although the same sales approach covers both software and physical products. Dan shares how to increase saas sales and what is saas sales model in this video. The saas sales process is different to what we'd consider the traditional sales model in a number of ways and Winningbydesign.com saas sales training is probably the best way to learn more after watching this interview.
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How To MASTER The Art Of Prospecting With Mark Hunter
Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Mark Hunter is the author of High Profit Prospecting and joins me on today’s episode of the show to share why prospecting is the most important sales activity to get right.
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How To Be More Confident When Selling (One Simple Trick...) With Bill Caskey
Bill Caskey is a world leading sales expert and host of The Advanced Selling Podcast (a show that I've personally listened to for years). On this episode Bill explains exactly what confidence in sales is and the quickest way to get more of it. What you will learn in this episode: Bill shares how you can become more confident by focusing on the customers rather than on your commission bonus and - Why the loud, angry, pushy salesperson isn't the most confident salesperson Which is more important the inner game or things like body language and projecting your voice to make you look confident? How to put sales into context (it's not life or death... relax a little)
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The Sandler Success Triangle With Dave Mattson / Salesman Podcast
Dave Mattson is the CEO & President of Sandler Training one of the most prestigious and well thought of sales training companies on the planet. On this episode of the Salesman Podcast Dave is explaining how our behaviours, attitudes and techniques lead to success or failure in sales. -- What you will learn in this episode -- Dave shares - - Why being consistent with your sales results (through planning thoroughly) leads to more time winning and less time in awkward meetings with sales management... - The importance of reverse engineering your sales success - How the Sandler Success Triangle can give you the framework for success in anything
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DITCH THE COLD CALL! How To SMART CALL And Eliminate Phone Rejection With Art Sobczak
Subscribe to the Salesman Podcast: http://Salesman.Red/Subscribe Art Sobczak is a phone selling expert and joins me on today’s show to explain how we can both ditch the cold call and eliminate the rejection from phone selling in an instant. -- What you will learn in this episode -- Whether you sell 100% on the phone or it’s just one of the tools in your arsenal, most sales professionals could improve their game. In this episode Art shares the knowledge to – - Eliminate the weirdness, value sucking nature of “traditional cold calls” - Understand the importance of using positive self language to bulletproof yourself from personal rejection - Take advantage of a huge opportunity your competitors are missing out on (revolving around getting back to your prospects quicker and so being first in the sales queue)
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How To Write Sales Emails That Get Opened With Dan Smith
Subscribe on iTunes: http://SalesmanPodcast.com/iTunes This episode of The Salesman Podcast LIVE was recorded at the https://therevenuesummit.com/ in March 2017.
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How To Pitch Anything (He’s Pitched Over $1 BILLION) With Oren Klaff
Want to learn how to pitch anything? This episode is for you! Subscribe on Youtube: http://Salesman.org/Youtube // Oren Klaff is the author of Pitch Anything and has pitched his way to over $1 billion in investments for entrepreneurs. On this episode, Oran explains very simply how sales professionals can pitch any product effectively. What you will learn in this episode: - Why you need to use the phrase “it used to be” often - How to differentiate from your competition - The importance of picking one thing and becoming GREAT at it - If you'd like to know how to close a business pitch then this episode with Oren if for you.
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How To Sell To The C-Suite (Real Life Example!)
Josh is Co-Founder and CEO of Sales DNA, and former Head of Business Development for Basecamp. He is an expert in helping sales leaders, CEO’s and founders create systems to generate a steady flow of meetings each month with qualified buyers. On this episode of The Salesman Podcast Josh explains how to book meetings with and win business from the C-suite.
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How To Master Sales Charisma With Marcus Oakey | Salesman Podcast
Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Marcus Oakey joins Will Barron on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss the steps to becoming more charismatic, the importance of adjusting your status during an interactions with prospects and finally the benefits of having confidence in yourself. How To Master Charisma The show is kicked off with Marcus explaining exactly what charisma is and what it isn’t. This first step of defining what we want to achieve is super powerful. “People struggle with what is charisma.We all recognise it. It’s like the taste of water, we all recognise it but it’s very difficult to explain what it is” – Marcus Oakey Marcus then shares the importance of having both deep, personal confidence which leads to one layer of charisma and then supplementing that with situational charisma when it’s necessary. “Charisma is the ability to evoke emotions in other people whilst making them feel comfortable” – Marcus Oakey The show is wrapped up with Marcus describing the differences and nuances of becoming high status when we want to lead and then low status when we want to show empathy. Guest info: Marcus Oakey is the founder of Your Charisma Coach and author of ‘How to talk to anybody without the fear of rejection’. Marcus started out as a shy, awkward guy who cracked the code to being the type of unforgettable person everyone dreams of becoming. In other words, a man who radiates charisma, which lead to more specialised work as an author, trainer, international speaker, TV pundit and creator of the Conversation Masterclass.
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The Best Paying Sales Jobs (Startup VS Corporate Sales)? With Sean Kester
Subscribe on iTunes: http://SalesmanPodcast.com/iTunes This episode of The Salesman Podcast LIVE was recorded at the https://therevenuesummit.com/ in March 2017.
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Why Introverts Are AMAZING At Sales With Michaela Chung
Subscribe to the Salesman Podcast: http://SalesmanPodcast.com/subscribe Michaela Chung is an expert on the topic of introverts. She joins me on today's episode of the Salesman Podcast to share why introverts can make incredible B2B sales professionals (despite what the stereotypes within the industry would lead you to believe).
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Overcoming Your Fear Of Sales (So You Can Close ANYBODY) With Joe Serio Ph.D.
Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Joe Serio joins Will Barron on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss what sales fear is and show we can overcome it. -- The Fear Of Selling -- The show is kicked off with Joe defining what fear is and how this related to past experiences and future projections that your brain makes. “Fake fears. We create, we lean, on to make excuses.” – Joe Serio Joe then shares his thoughts on how fear is relative and in 99.99% of B2B sales situations it’s a pointless waste of energy for the person worrying. “Number 1, who are you? Number two, what do you want?” – Joe Serio The show is wrapped up with Joe pointing out that most people have no idea who they truly are and even more astonishingly most people don’t know what they want out of life. They use fear as a crutch, as an excuse not to answer these deeper questions and until they do they can never be rid of their fears. -- Guest info -- Dr. Joe Serio is an international speaker, trainer, and author who holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University (SHSU), with a specialization in Leadership and Organizational Behavior. He started his own company assisting foreign corporations in Russia and later became a consultant to the New York-based global corporate investigation and business intelligence firm, Kroll Associates. He also served as editor-in-chief of the well-regarded magazine, Crime and Justice International, and as co-instructor of week-long programs on developing effective relationships with the media.
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A Step By Step Guide To THE PERFECT CLOSE (95% Success Rate!) with James Muir
Subscribe to the Salesman Podcast: http://Salesman.Red/Subscribe James Muir is the author of The Perfect Close and on today's episode of the Salesman Podcast shares how two simple closing questions can lead to a close rate of 95%. What you will learn in this episode: James shocked me with how simple closing can be when you're not trying to play weird tricks or games with the prospect. If you're willing to put the prospect first this episode will show you how to - Ask for the business without it getting all weird... The structure of "the perfect close" What to do if the prospect says no to your first attempt at closing
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5 Ways For Salespeople To Reconnect With A Old Prospect
Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Read the full post: http://salesman.red/5-ways-for-salespeople-to-reconnect-with-a-old-prospect It's far easier to sell to people who have already bought from you in the past. You already know this. So why aren't you spending more time reconnecting with old prospects? I've always found the biggest barrier to reconnecting with old prospects is just the shear awkwardness of it. "Hi, I'm that guy you didn't buy from, a little while ago... but yeah, things have changed..." Even worse when their reply is, "er have we met?". There is nothing more embarrassing than someone you have worked hard to impress, shooting you down like this. It reminds me of when I chatted up girls when I was 12... -- Feeling confident still? -- Here are the top 6 ways for you to reconnect with an old prospect and smash your way through the barrier of obscurity into the arms of the close - 1) Social media Millenials reading this will likely want to start with the easiest option, social media. It's easy because you can hide behind it and the rejection is less obvious and direct if someone doesn't tweet you back. You can connect and message your prospect on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, it doesn't matter. The only thing of importance is that the prospect sees your face, company and message as this might remind them of your previous conversations. Once you've done a little social selling it's time to step up your game and... 2) Email Get direct with the prospect. No more games. Reply to a previous chain of emails so they have context on your previous conversations and see if you can set up a phone call. Email is not for selling over, it's for setting up real time conversations. If the prospect ignores you or tries to brush you off it's time to get a... 3) Referral If the prospect is either ignoring you or is still under the impression that your product sucks then you need to break the 'pattern' that they're in. They're no longer consciously thinking about whether they're going to speak with your or if your product has the opportunity of making their lives better, they're just on auto-response. They're brains are spitting out the same message, don't engage, don't engage, ignore. Your job is to knock them out of this state and a simple of way of doing this is via a referral. Log into LinkedIn and see if there is anyone you're working with now that perhaps has had prior contact with the prospect. Get your sales director or CEO to contact the prospect on your behalf. Do what ever it takes to have someone else change up the narrative of 'salesman chases prospect' and break the pattern they're running. 4) Lumpy mail Send them something lumpy in the post. I'm 100% confident that no salesperson since the 1970's is doing this on a regular basis. Send them a cool shirt with your companies logo on the front of it. It doesn't have to be anything expensive. You're not trying to bribe the prospect to do business with you. Just give them a real good reason to get back in touch to say thank you. If lumpy mail doesn't get a reaction then send them a message by a vehicle they can't ignore. Get a carrier pigeon to fly in through their office door and land in their lap. Send them a singing telegram. Something to break through their barriers which are clearly now raised. 5) Horses head in their bed If you've sent them a message by a transportation method they couldn't ignore and you had no response, it's time to step things up a notch. It's time to "send them a message they can't ignore". Now I don't mean a literal horses head in a bed, Mafia style. I'm just suggesting you do something totally unorthodox and extreme to grab their attention, by the throat, kicking and screaming and drag it back into your life. This is likely your last shot. If after a few attempts to reconnect you're not getting through it's likely the prospect is creating and cementing the habit if ignoring you into their brains. You need to shock them out of this and get some response. ANY response.
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How To Move Anyone From “No” To “Yes” With Dr. Mark Goulston | Salesman Podcast
Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Mark Goulston is an ex FBI/police hostage negotiator and so if anyone can show us how to change someones mind it’s him. He was also a UCLA professor of psychiatry for 25 years and so knows the science to back up his advice.
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5 UNUSUAL Ways To Get A Prospects ATTENTION - #SalesLegends
In this #SalesLegends mashup episode 5 of the worlds top sales experts explain the best and most unusual ways to grab a prospect's attention. In the internet age, where there are more beeps, distractions and multitasking than ever before, the ability to get that initial traction with a prospect often separates the top sales professionals from the average ones.  If you're looking for sales tips to help with your business lead generation and prospecting efforts then you're in the right place.
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How To Get People To Call You Back (After they’ve Said They’re Interested)
Dale asks, “How do we get prospects to call us back after they’ve previously said that they are interested?” Full show-notes: https://www.salesman.org/how-to-get-people-to-call-you-back-after-theyve-said-theyre-interested/
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5 Steps To THRIVE As A SDR (Sales Development Representative)
Subscribe on Youtube: http://Salesman.org/Youtube Subscribe on iTunes: http://Salesman.org/Listen // David Dulany is a sales development representative expert and on this episode he is explaining the steps to standing out as an incredible SDR and making the leap up to an account manager position as quickly as possible.
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Embrace The HARD STUFF To Win In SALES - Aaron Ross - #THRIVEINSALES
Aaron Ross is the author of Predictable Revenue and which is known as the "sales bible" in Silicon Valley. This the content for this #THRIVEINSALES video came from Aaron's interview on The Salesman Podcast which is the worlds most downloaded sales podcast which you can find here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzUNhYy5R1U You can grab his book, ebook, PDF and more over at predictablerevenue.com.
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How To Ask Difficult Business Questions (Without Feeling Bad)
Richard Harris brings over 20 years of technology and SaaS experience in sales training, operations and sales leadership into his role as a Sales Consultant. He has built, led and consulted with a wide range of organizations including start-ups, mid-size companies, and global organizations. On this episode of The Salesman Podcast Richard explains the steps we need to take to ask painful (but powerful and business winning!) questions to our potential customers without it getting weird.  These questions are pure fire when you're learning how to sell or looking for sales techniques.
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Creating Your Own High Performance Sales Environment With Mike Weinberg | Salesman Podcast
Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Mike Weinberg joins Will Barron on the Salesman Podcast to discuss the process of creating your own high performance sales environment so you can reach your full potential. -- Creating Your Own Sales Environment -- The show is kicked off with Mike explaining the difference between A, B and C ‘players’ in the world of sales management. He suggests that there are many people who have been successful in the past who are not true A players, they’ve just been in the right place at the right time. “To have significant success we at least need to start in a neutral environment that isn’t anti-sales” – Mike Weinberg Mike then shares his thoughts on whether an A player sales professional has their success limited or enhanced by their environment. “I think commission and earning is very important to top producers, a lot of top producers are driven by money” – Mike Weinberg The show is wrapped up with Mike pointing out that sales managers should be there to support their sales teams. Not leading by email or spending their days with their head in a CRM screen. -- Guest info -- Mike Weinberg loves sales! He is a consultant, coach, speaker, and best-selling author. Mike is known for his blunt, practical approach and that he calls it like he sees it. Mike was the #1 producer in three different companies before launching his consulting practice, and he has been named a Top Sales Influencer by Forbes, OpenView Labs, and several other publications. Mike’s second book, Sales Management. Simplified. – The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team has been called “arguably the greatest book ever written on sales management”.
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Salesman Podcast EP5 : Master The Mental Game Of Sales With Bill Cole
SUBSCRIBE IN iTUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/salesman-podcast-learn-how/id1007344621?mt=2 SHOW NOTES: Bill Cole joins me on the Salesman podcast to discuss the mental game of selling. I start the show by asking Bill what percentage of sales success he thinks comes from the mental game side of things vs processes and sales skills that can be taught easily. “If you’re a beginner in sales, you got no game…” Bill explains that at first process and sales skills gives the best bang for buck as green salesmen don’t know anything about the business of sales. Over time however the mental aspect becomes more and more important and at the top of the game a small shift here can make massive differences in performance. BECOMING RESISTANT TO SALES REJECTION Next up I ask Bill if salesmen learn to deal with rejection by having the phone slammed down on them over and over for extended periods of time or if there is a smarter way to go about it. HOW TO GET IN THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND BEFORE MAKING A SALES CALL Bill explains a very important strategy which will get you in the zone before you make a sales call or do a presentation. It’s similar to how he trains athletes to perform when before their big moments too. Bill recommends making a list of all the benefits your product will have for the end customer and how it will positively effect their life to add some positivity to your sales mindset. “When you’re in front of that other human being, you’re going to be more fully present and much better able to listen to them” We also discuss the benefits of meditation for sales people to help them focus, get in the zone and then learn how to relax afterwards. I share that whenever I’ve spoken to sales managers in companies I’ve worked at in the past they’ve thought it too ‘woo woo’ to take seriously but Bill and I see it as a powerful tool. GUEST INFO: Bill Cole, MS, MA, is a thought leader in the worlds of peak performance, coaching and the mental game. His imaginative, visionary work has been profiled hundreds of times in both the electronic and print media, ranging from MSNBC.com, Success Magazine, HuffPost Live TV show, The BBC and more. Bill is an internationally and nationally recognized authority on peak performance and coaching. He has coached at the highest levels of corporate America, the Olympics, major-league pro sports and big-time college athletics. A multiple Hall-Of-Fame honoree as an athlete, coach and school alumnus, he is an in-the-trenches coach and consultant to corporations, universities, associations, businesses, organizations and individuals and is the creator and developer of many leading-edge workshops, seminars and training programs. -uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com
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How To Gain Commitment From A Prospect On The Phone
Malcolm asks, “How do we gain a commitment for a potential customer on the phone?” Full show-notes: https://www.salesman.org/how-to-gain-commitment-from-a-prospect-on-the-phone/
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What Matters More, What You Say Or How You Say It? - Nick Morgan - #Salespresso
Full post - http://salesman.red/what-matters-more-what-you-say-or-how-you-say-it-salespresso/ How long do you spend practising how you appear when you sell vs the pitch/script/language you use to sell? How you say it matters way more than you could have ever imagined... -- "Hi how are you?" -- In the video Nick uses the example of a woman, arms crossed, scowled face responding to the question "Hi hunny, how are you". Even if she answers "I'm fine" this is a clear example of how her body language is overriding the content that she's saying. Have you ever had a prospect who said they were "ready to close the deal" but your gut instinct was that they were itching to run away, never to be seen again? You unconsciously picked up on their body language. This was your cue to ask some deeper questions and find the objections they were hiding from you. -- How you say it always wins -- 99% of the time salespeople should trust what the prospects body language is saying rather than whatever is coming out of their mouths. "When your body language says one thing and your content says another... body language always wins!" - Nick Morgan It might be counter-intuitive at first but understanding when the prospect is wanting to end the conversation and when they need to know more about your product before you close by reading body language is a powerful tool. -- Getting things aligned -- The same phenomenon occurs from the other way around - when you're presenting to prospects. If your words are saying "this is the greatest freaking product EVER" but your body language is screaming "get me out of here, the big match starts in 30 minutes" over the top then the prospect will pick up on this. "When content and body language are aligned, then you can get your point across" - Nick Morgan If your body language when presenting looks - Relaxed - shoulders back, smooth movements Confident - Strong eye contact, slowed walking, chin up Delighted - Big smile, open arms, palms showing Then you will install confidence into your prospect that you believe what your saying and you will give them less 'gut feeling' that something isn't quite right. Negative body language will always hold you back if you don't consciously correct it. -- "Sorry, something isn't quite right" -- This is the hardest of all objections to overcome as a salesperson as it's intangible. Your can explain "high prices" away with the higher value of customer service which off sets it. You can explain "specification niggles" by leveraging other more important product features. You can't explain "my gut feeling" away as easily as it's an emotion that doesn't belong to you so be congruent. Align what you say and how you say it so you don't have to. -- The Expert -- Dr. Nick Morgan is one of America’s top communication theorists and coaches. A passionate teacher, he is committed to helping people find clarity in their thinking and ideas – and then delivering them with panache. He has been commissioned by Fortune 50 companies to write for many CEOs and presidents. Learn more – http://Publicwords.com For more expert sales training check out – http://SalesSchool.org
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How To Overcome Objections In Sales With Nigel Green / Salesman Podcast
Nigel Green is a sales expert and on today’s episode of the Salesman Podcast he is explaining the step by step process to break past objections. What you will learn in this episode: - Why resistance from customers is actually a buying signal you should be pushing for - The importance of understanding that our goal in sales is to drive revenue - How you can avoid making the 8 mistakes poor sales people make ### RELATED ARTICLE : Storytelling In Sales: Make Your Client the Hero http://salesman.red/makeclienthero
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How To Send Effective Sales Emails - THAT WORK!
Effective Sales Emails are the difference between crushing quota and missing the mark. Do you know the secrets to sending emails that actually get responses? Ryan O'Hara is a VP of Growth and Cole Fox is a Chief Sales Hacker, both working out of LeadIQ which is a service that I personally love and use daily. On this episode Ryan and Cole share what is working in the field to get sales emails opened and replied to. No theory, real world examples. -- What you will learn in this episode -- Ryan and Cole explain the following in this episode of the Salesman Podcast LIVE - - Why a little extra work up front means your more effective at the closing stage - Why you should be comfortable about screenshoting your emails and putting them on social media (if you're not comfortable doing this, then you're doing something gross and scummy - STOP IT) - That you need to be conscious of sucking peoples time with emails if you're not adding value to them
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How To Uncover KEY The DECISION MAKER - #SalesLegends
Identifying the key decision maker is EVERYTHING in B2B sales. In this video 5 of the worlds top experts share how they do just that. When you’re in sales, you’re more than familiar with the concept of key decision makers. These are the folks who are either going to say “yes” to your sale or not, as well as the people who will influence that yes or no decision even if they themselves aren’t making it. Knowing you must reach these key decision makers to succeed is not enough, however, because it’s a little more complicated than simply targeting one person you know to be the person. In reality, organizations will have a variety of types of decision makers involved. Knowing that, how to identify them, and how to sell to them is all critical knowledge for you as the sales rep. So in this video let’s take a look at whom you’re likely to meet along the sales decision making process a couple of business and sales tips, and what you need to know about each type.
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How To Stand Out Verses The Competition When Cold Emailing
Juan asks, “How can we stand out versus the competition in our initial email prospecting outreach?” Full show-notes: https://www.salesman.org/how-to-stand-out-verses-the-competition-when-cold-emailing/
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Mindset Advice From The Worlds Greatest Sales Speaker Jim Cathcart | Salesman Podcast
Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Full show notes: http://Salesman.Red/140 Jim Cathcart joins Will Barron on the Salesman Podcast to share his insights as to what mindset shifts sales professionals need to make before they can welcome genuine success into their lives. -- Your Mindset Comes Before Your Sales Success -- The show is kicked off with Jim explaining why he became a sales speaker and how in a very short period of time he mastered his craft. “Mindset is within our control, emotions are not” – Jim Cathcart Jim then shares his paradigm shifting beliefs that successful people become successful because they take the things that average people hate to do and make them into habits. “An optimist will look at a situation and seek the possibilities” – Jim Cathcart The show is wrapped up with Jim sharing the benefits of becoming an optimist in both sales and life in general. -- Guest info -- Chosen one of the Top Sales Influencers of 2014 & 2015 by Top Sales World Magazine based in London & Paris. In December of 2012 Jim Cathcart was inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in London, England. This is in addition to his existing Speaker Hall of Fame listing. His TEDx video is in their Top 1% worldwide with over 610,000 views in just over 2 years. (#168 out of 70,000 videos) For five years in a row Jim Cathcart has been selected as one of the Top 5 Speakers on Sales & Service in an online survey of over 14,000 people. With over 40 years of professional speaking around the world, Jim Cathcart is one of the best known and most award-winning motivational speakers in the business.
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