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For more information see http://goo.gl/pBvId www.janitorialexpress.co.uk
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Sound advice for Professional Carpet Cleaners. http://wp.me/pU2nb-6B
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FLOOR CARE Training Video for Professional Cleaners
A Guide to Floor Care dvd . For more information see http://garyfage.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/a-guide-to-floorcrae/
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For your free GUIDE to HEALTH & SAFETY email [email protected] Alternatively you call us on 020 7700 3322 (UK only) For More information see http://goo.gl/G3gBa www.janitorialexpress.co.uk
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HOUSEKEEPING Training Video for Professional Cleaners
Certificated Training Online for 99p see http://goo.gl/282Gj More updates at http://goo.gl/bkpFt Or our company web site www.janitorialexpress.co.uk or Call 020 7700 3322
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Mens Rowing Eights Final Sydney 2000 Olympics
Will it Make the Boat Go Faster?
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Trizact  Diamond Pads From 3M
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New Hygen Mop Bucket, Cleans The Water While You Clean the Floor
The bucket cleans the Water whlie you clean the floor. http://wp.me/pU2nb-24
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How To Use the Rubbermaid HYGEN Clean Water System.
How to Assemble and use the new Rubbermaid Hygen self filtering Mop Bucket.
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Cleaning Training Video From Jangro - Introduction
www.janitorialexpress.co.uk Garyfage.wordpress.com Making its World premiere at The Cleaning Show was the Jangro training spectacular DVD called 'Jangro products, training, health and safety'. It cost thousands to produce by a top London film maker and starred a cast that included some top UK, home grown talent. The DVD covers nine issues including an introduction to training, housekeeping, floor and carpet care, hard floor maintenance, kitchen hygiene, the Jangro Enviro range, washrooms, biohazards infection control and COSHH. It is packed with tips and demonstrations on best practice and health and safety techniques, much of which has been learned by Jangro Members from years of 'hands on' experience in the cleaning business. Starring in this high quality and informative movie are Jangro's Operations Director Joanne Gilliard and Marketing Manager Tammy Ladner, with a support cast including Jangro Members Big Jamie Hargrave of Jangro Leicester, Simon Davies from Phoenix Cleaning Supplies Leicester and Phil Columbine of Ace Janitorial Supplies, Sheffield. The DVD is part of Jangro's 'before and after sales' programmes which involve selecting the right product for the task, knowing how to use it safely and best practice. Joanna Gilliard said "We had great fun in our acting roles but unlike actors, we knew how to complete tasks the best way and were able to deliver some very important messages in a short, easy to understand DVD programme." All 40 Jangro Members have stocks of the movie which are available to customers.
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Numatic Vacuum Cleaners are tested
Numatic Vacuum Cleaner, Numatic Floor Scubber, Numatic Scrubber Dryer. Numatic Vacuum Cleaners are tested for 500,00 hours a year. The one - off switch is tested 150,000 times 60 million cubic meters of air used in Vacuum Testing every year, enough to kep the entire human race alive for 60 seconds
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BIOHAZARDS Training Video for Cleaners
Procedure for Disposing of Discarded Hypodermic Syringes. http://garyfage.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/biohazards-in-the-workplace-for-cleaners-it-can-be-a-daily-risk/ www.janitorialexpress.co.uk 020 7700 3322
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Rubbermaid Mega Brute Mobile Collector - YouTube.flv
Rubbermaid Mega Brute Mobile Collector, huge, large storage capacity trolley. www.janitorialexpress.co.uk 020 7700 3322
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Janitorial Express Testimonials
We really value the opinions of both our staff and our customers. It's great to hear such great feedback. Want to get to know us? Check out our testimonials video.
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Clearing 10 years of Grime in Ghana!
We know Jangro products do exactly what they say on the 'tin' but don't take our word for it. This customer review comes all the way from Ghana shows how the Acidic Toilet Cleaner and Limescale Remover can remove 10 years worth of dirt in under 20 minutes!
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Pulse Mop from Rubbermaid.wmv
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Sebo bs36 Upright Vacuum fa330
Video tutorial on set up and use of the Sebo bs36 Upright Vacuum. To order yours visit http://www.janitorialexpress.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/2369/ What to Look for in a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner - Part 1 http://info.janitorialexpress.co.uk/blog/2013/01/18/what-to-look-for-in-a-commercial-vacuum-cleaner
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Diamond Floor Pad System - Scotch-Brite(TM)
To download a brocure see http://goo.gl/t7F5W For more information on floor care see http://goo.gl/TyaJl www.janitororialexpress.co.uk 020 7700 3322
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Auto Door  from Rubbermaid Commercial Products - YouTube.flv
New door opener from Rubbermaid completes the "No Touch" bathroom range. http://wp.me/pU2nb-3x
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KITCHEN HYGIENE Training Video for Clening Professionals
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How to use Jangro Wet Look Floor Polish 25% Solids
For more information on this product see http://www.janitorialexpress.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/3849/ For a free Guide to Floorcare see http://info.janitorialexpress.co.uk/blog/2012/02/12/3-step-approach-to-floor-care-1-preparation
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Hand Hygiene in School Washrooms
For more information see http://wp.me/pU2nb-8i
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Scotchgard Vinyl Floor Protector
The Scotch-Brite Purple Diamond Floor Pad is a premium quality floor maintenance pad made of high quality synthetic fibres. See http://wp.me/pU2nb-38 In an open textured non-woven construc-tion. Buffing particles include high quality synthetic diamonds that are bonded with a durable adhesive. Each floor pad has a pre-cut centre hole.
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Animated Product Usage Guide for  Kitchen Degreaser Heavy Duty
Online Guide on how to use a our Heavy Duty Kitchen Degreaser
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Slip Hazards Reduced at St Pancras International, with New Pulse Mop
Find Out More http://wp.me/pU2nb-4n. www.Janitorialexpress.co.uk
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Leeds Metropolitan University Recycling Programme
Leeds Metropolitan University has been a chartered university since 1992. Originally established in 1824 as the Leeds Mechanics Institute, a series of mergers with nearby colleges led to the formation of Leeds Polytechnic before it acquired its present name. The university's primary campus is in Leeds, West Yorkshire and it also has a campus in nearby Harrogate. Leeds Metropolitan University's 50,000 students and 3,500 staff occupy some 300 classrooms and 750 offices on the university grounds. There are also several restaurant areas and coffee bars on campus where between 6,000 and 10,000 people eat each day. From the lecture halls to the administration buildings to the food areas, a tremendous amount of waste is generated at Leeds Metropolitan University. With its longstanding commitment to helping create a greener planet, the university places a strong emphasis on recycling as much of this waste as possible. In running its recycling programme, Leeds Metropolitan University faced four major challenges: how to instil a 'culture of recycling' amongst the university students and staff, how to ensure the provision of a solid and reliable solution, how to facilitate the recycling process for the 55 Rooms Assistants who are responsible for the upkeep of 134,000 square feet of university buildings and how to make recycling cost-effective.
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Jangro LMS - Online Training for Cleaning Professionals just 99p
For more information please see http://goo.gl/ZX4Xv
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Scotchgard  Stone Floor Protector - YouTube.flv
For more information follow the link http://garyfage.wordpress.com/2011/09/03/is-the-process-of-marble-vitrification-dead/
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Gtech Professional Sweeper - SW17
The new Gtech Cordless Professional Power Sweeper can clean up to 10 average UK households on a single charge. How? Designed for commercial use, the machines long life motor and high capacity batteries means it can constantly power its way over hard or soft floors before recharging. Gtech power sweepers weigh just 1.6Kg but are powerful enough to clean dirt and grime from any floor surface, whilst the Germguard range use silver ion technology which kills over 99% of bacteria. Because of their light weight they are ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas such as stairs and the unique cleaning technology and innovative design means that your floors are cleaned right up to the edge.
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Jangro Germicidal Washroom Cleaner  750ml - Animated Product Usage Guide
The Jangro Group have just released a number of animations to help cleaning contractors complete product training with their cleaners. For more information see http://goo.gl/WK990 or email [email protected]
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Tips to Avoid Bacteria - Hand Towel or Hot Air Dryer
You can now benefit from free dispensers just mention "Tips to Avoid Bacteria" Video to Claim Yours. http://wp.me/pU2nb-51
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Katrin   Washroom goes responsible
Free on Loan Dispensers for Soap Toilet Rolls & Hand Towels Attractive Modern Design Cost in Use Savings Free Dispensers WWF Environmental Paper Rating
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Environmental Range of Cleaning Chemicals
For more information follow the link http://goo.gl/wZjGN and see http://goo.gl/AN1Fv
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How to Use the Flow Floor Polish Applicator.
For More Information see http://wp.me/pU2nb-9j Cleaning Contractors who are responsible for large areas of hard flooring should seriously consider purchasing a Backpack Polish Applicator in order to speed up the process of polish application. Using this system you can cover about 1000 sq ft in about 5 minutes
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P-Wave Toilet Bowl Clip Freshener
Freshens the air for 30 days. This environmentally friendly freshener has low VOC, is 100% recyclable and will not dissolve in or pollute water. Unique materials produce 30 times more air freshener than standard rimsticks. This is gradually released producing 30 days air freshening.
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P-Wave Urinal Deodoriser - Lasts up to 30 Times Longer than Conventional Screens
The P-Wave Urinal Deodoriser Is designed to sit inside a urinal and stop debris from entering the drains. It has an anti-splash feature that keeps the urine in the urinal and off the your cloths and the floor. I releases beneficial bacteria to keep drains clear, releases a nice, long-lasting fragrance and is 100% recyclable. P-Wave packs up to 20 times more fragrance than regular urinal screens. Call 020 7700 3322 or email [email protected]
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Floor Maintainer Spray Cleaning - Animated Product Usage Guide
Animated Product Usage Guide for Perfumed Floor Maintainer - Spray Cleaning The Jangro Group have just released a number of animations to help cleaning contractors complete product training with their cleaners. For more information see http://goo.gl/WK990 or email [email protected]
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Acidic Toilet Cleaner & Limescale Remover - Animated Product Usage Guide
Animated Product Usage Guide for Jangro Acidic Toilet Cleaner & Limescale Remover. The Jangro Group have just released a number of animations to help cleaning contractors complete product training with their cleaners. For more information see http://goo.gl/WK990 or email [email protected]
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Tips to Avoid Bacteria around the Office
Correct Hand Washing Plays a Big Part in Avoiding Bacteria in the Workplace http://wp.me/pU2nb-51
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New Numatic 2010 Range Revealed! - YouTube.flv
Nusave Vacuum Cleaner from Numatic
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