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Reuel Leach & The Bitcoin Meister
An interview with the Bitcoin Meister in the last day of the Blockchain Africa Conference in Johannesburg South Africa. His reflections on the conference.
Bittrex Entering into a Bitcoin USDT Trade
Logging into Bittrex to Find BTC/USDT Markets
Flat Looking graphs on Bittrex could fool you   20170807
Many people want to jump into a trade and then when they see this graph they might be put off. Find out what to do with the Plus and Minus on the Graph
4 Medical Coins
Medical coins in the crypto world
The Bitcoin Meister and Reuel
Blockchain Conference in Johannesburg South Africa
5 Bitcoin Price Change
Bitcoin price changes
3 Penny Stock Intro
An introduction to Penny Stock trading
2 Bear and Bull Market Explained
What does a bear and bull market mean.
Cape Town Feedback Tradeathlon
Tradeathlon June 2018 Feedback from the Capetonians. TThanks to TIm.
Running a Bull Market on a Tradeathlon   20170906
How a tradeathlon works if you have enough people to run a bull market
Planning a Trade according to previous History 20170806
Starting a trade. Planning a trade before jumping in can be seen with this example with Sphere. Knowing how low or high a coin is in perspective to where it has been helps a trader with a more confident trade.
Introduction to the Beginners Course
From someone who has no idea of how to trade to a Beginners strategy. Here is an introduction to the first 12 modules of Practical Trading
Bitcoin Price Falling   20170730
On 30 July Bitcoin Price falling more. Seeing the price falling drastically like this gives us an opportunity to sell BTC to USDT and buy in lower again. Never panic, just act. Make sure your internet is not slow because this will be frustrating
Tradeathlon Intention and more info  20170905
Tradethlon in South Africa is a historical feat. We invite traders from all over South Africa and the world to join us for this event,
Tradeathlon Purpose on 40 Days to go Mark 20170905
Tradeathlon taking place for 2 weeks during October 16 to October 29, 2017 . Our aim is to acheive 500-1000% profit during that time. PLease go onto www.tradeathlon,com if you are not from South Africa or www.tradeathlon.co.za if you are
Starting a Trade on Bittrex Buy Orders 20170807
Logging into Bittrex, opening a trade step by step. For training purpose this is done on a mobile phone
Introduction to Bollinger Bands using NEO   20170905
Introduction to the Bollinger bands for the first time user using their mobile phones. Not all mobiles will display exactly the same picture as long as you can see the 4 empty blocks on the top right of the screen. Click on the second one from the right and it will give you the option of adding Bollinger bands
1 When to Buy or Sell
Every trader needs to know when to buy or to sell. Strategy makes a different to when and where a trader buys or sells
Hendrik Testimony Tradeathlon English
Testimony of a Trader teacher after two weeks of trading at our event in Pretoria October 2018. Hendrik gives his own Forex classes and explains the differences between Forex and Crypto Trading. Sorry for the background noise.
Trader VS Investor     20170821
How two different people view the same trade and which one of them are you before you take on a trade.