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Free Market Capitalism Personified with a Pencil.wmv - YouTube.wmv
Clip taken from Milton Friedman's television series "Free to Choose"
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Paper Money v Gold - why believe world leaders? .mp4
I have uploaded this video from another and I thank them. My reason is just in case their video is removed - the more copies out there the better
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Sparta Cat
Couldn't resist laying down another audio track to this classic clip
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Moon Landing Day - Holiday of Holidays 20th July 1969
I believe that landing on the moon was one of the greatest achievements of the 20th Century. It seems a shame not to mark the event. How about not a national holiday but the first non-religious global one? Aim for the starts and we might make the moon again, eh? I haven't figured out exactly how we can celebrate yet, but eating cheese seems like as good a start as any. Cheese party for the world, yeay! All suggestions welcome, but it should mark the date and be a happy day, to remember all the things that are possible that once seemed impossible. Continue to dream and dream big. Not just limited to landing on the moon, this is also symbolic for the achievement of any act, personal or social. It does not involve religion and so is open to all, with the proviso that those of us that are dairy intolerant might want to suggest an alternative to cheese. Cheese isn't really the main focus here after all. I would rather not have comments of the did we didn't we camp. If you think we didn't, then don't join in and stay at home eating dry crackers (boo hoo). Unto them I say but three words: moon laser rangefinder go to Facebook group: Moon Landing Day
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Ah The Scraggy
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The Economic Facts of Life
End of a debate with David Kelly and John Mackey
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