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Boosted AWD Mazda Protege
Some clips put together of the Red Rocket aka boosted protege :D
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super fast warthog mod (campaign mod)
yea i was testing out my first ever campaign mod. it took all of about 5 min cuz i was testing something out.
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halo 1 mods part 1
READ ok these are some halo 1 mods on my friends xbox. he brought it over to my house to film and at the time, my xbox wasnt modded but now it is and ill have some of my mods up soon. now my friend didnt mod his xbox, his brother did, and hes not at home right now, i think hes in his own house or something idk. but can anyone tell me wat dash this is? the song is name of the game by crystal method
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Twin with Diabolic
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LFS Tandem with Jujek and TDB
I'm the lead car. Spontaneous tandems ftw
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G25 LFS Setup with 45º and hydro
Somewhat of a quality test. Blackwood industrial park drift tour
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Scort vs Scort
escort on 8 psi vs KL-swapped escort wagon on 5 psi
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(old clip) LFS: Hakuna Matata on 2 wheels lol
This dude was ridin on 2 wheels.
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Halo Eyebrows lmaowtf
flipagram roast style
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halo 1 mods part 2
ok, if u didnt already, read the description from the other movie (part 1)
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1,936 HP RB4 Crazy ass LFS drifting
tweak set to 0.943 130º drifting at least
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LFS a Better 9 Car Drift Train
Finally got a decent long train up.
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Warthog Launching vol 2
Me and my friends launching hogs across coagulation oh and i messed uo on metalica's name and kings name too lol oops
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Halo 3:TripMine Fun/Launching
Me and two friends have fun with trip mines on sandtrap and launch eachother with hogs ghosts mongooses and more. and funny bloopers. long story why i didnt use theatre mode
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Warthog Launching
This is me and my friends launching hogs again, but this time we go to different maps. This is my 3rd hog launching video. Volume 2 is better, but its on the same map and same ramp every launch. Its got some funny clips and this wierd glitch metalicamaniac, "I have more skill in my pinkies then in ur whole body" Me "my warthog has a mind of its own, and yet, so do I"
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(old clip) LFS Tandem With Brandon
Found some old clips I'm going to be uploading. I'm the lead car.
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Minecraft 41 shot TNT cannon 1.7.3 - Download
Big cannon I copy and pasted from another world I'm working on Here's the download http://adf.ly/2AHHG
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Halo 2 Warthog Launching vol 1
This is me and a few of my friends launching hogs with rockets, nades, and gauss turrets. Volume 2 will be out soon. Thx to SHAD0WDOG because i watched his video and did his way of launching in most of them. So, if ur mad SHAD0WD0G that i didnt get permission, sry dude, but i did give u 5/5 stars for ur vids vol 2 is out!!!!
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Awesome quickscope in halo 3
Ok id say this is about 90% luck. 10% skill just because i had to know where my friend was going to land when he jumped off and balcony thing and also when to scope and and stuff. other than that it was all luck just because i got a headshot
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Halo 3: INSANE No Scope
Constuct guy goes up lift....i wait for him, the second i see him...pull the trigger, bam
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Halo 3: awesome quickscope
bounce grenade off the wall...steal sniper, notice guy that killed my friend...quickscope bam
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Pinball Hack
This is a pinball hack i found one day and so i descided to make a movie on it
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LFS 9 car very loose train/tandem
I don't have any long drift trains yet so here's a rough one for now. In the states this would be called tandeming, in Japan this is just normal lol
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Minecraft Field Goals TNT Football
Just finished my cannon it was based off some dude's cannon on youtube but I changed it just a tad it fires pretty good :D
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LFS Tandem with Tris
Dude can tandem
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LFS Ebisu Jump Drift Train
I'm the caboose
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Hakuna on two wheels again LOL
Ayyy Lmao
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LFS Drift Train w/ TeRRx and Kai Jake.e
Good tandems dudes👍
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LFS 3-4 Car Train
with dF Gintas, Ligneel, and Sly once his tires got hot enough. I'm the second car.
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Boosted Mazda Protege Freeway Fly By
Red Rocket lol
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LFS messin around after a hiatus
Been playing more LFS, little rusty as I try to perfect my drift setup once again. No editing not recorded live, kinda rusty.
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LFS: This Entry ♥  (with Budman)
Finally nailed this entry trying to follow the mad man Budman. Dude can drive. This took a few tries and required a bit of luck (for me). Sideways AF
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LFS Quick Tandem with Kash
Clip from May. Should have plenty of good clips to share been fallin behind.
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LFS Train
Old clip. Train with AYN HYNES (on my door the whole time - really good driver) and DG WHG (also really good) were following me. Falken Redline and Glazer were kind of caboosing for a bit there.
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LFS : (following) Tandem with Lude
at least until I got hit with some tires xD
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Huckers Bridge Send it
full lock
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Me (black car) and Blackout Banging Doors - "2 wheel entry"
(old clip) When I was still noob at leading, this guy Blackout did a great job at following me :)
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Another Drift Train
LFS tandems drift train twins autocross
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Hardest Wall Tap Yet
Xabit followed and gave me the scariest tap (we were getting rowdy) and it turned into the hardest wall tap
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LFS: Huge flip car goes out of control (glitchy)
sorry for the cell phone quality
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Impossible Line Rider Loop!!
Yea, this is a small part of my track i was making, and at the top i started to mess up, so from there, i made it (on purpose) even worse lol *if u cant read it...the message thingy when he starts to fall says "shit shit" ...like an "o no" kinda shit shit sry the sound wasnt workin
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LFS Drift Train with Cloud Slideways and Dhawl
I'm in the middle on both runs
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LFS Tandem w/ slaskmakke
I'm the lead car.
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Manji Drifts on Blackwood Industrial
Love me some industrial park drifting on blackwood
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Boomhauer Jackson: "Barack did cracka cocaine every month for 8 years"
Workin butchu can't afford ejacation, workin butchu can't afford bublic housin, workin butchu can't afford cracka cocaine
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