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Names: A Journal of Onomastics
Editor of Names: A Journal of Onomastics (Frank Nuessel) tell us about the journal, its history and also about the American Name Society.
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Dr Diran John Sohigian presents "Confucius and the Lady in Question"
Dr Diran John Sohigian gives an introduction to his article "Confucius and the Lady in Question: Power Politics, Cultural Production, and the Performance of Confucius Saw Nanzi in China in 1929" which features in Volume 36.1 of Twentieth-Century China.
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Marguerite Ragnow examines a Portolan chart
Marguerite Ragnow is the Editor of Terrae Incognitae and curator at the James Ford Bell Library, University of Minnesota, USA. The Bell Library has a large collection of rare books, maps and manuscripts that focus on trade and cross-cultural interaction before ca. 1800. In this video, Marguerite introduces one of the library's Portolan charts. These are navigational maps made in the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries which were based on realistic descriptions of harbours and coasts and which recorded the accumulated experience and wisdom of generations of Mediterranean seafarers. The chart in the video includes all of Europe, extending to the Black and Red seas in the east, and shows Antilia at the western extreme. It was made by a Genoese cartographer, Albini de Canepa, and he indicates the Genoese trading stations in the Black Sea area.
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Author, Pavel Ernesto Ramirez Lopez discusses his research behind the Williams Award winning article: 'Review: The "butterfly effect" in continuous casting'
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The history, work and archives of the Palestine Exploration Fund
Felicity Cobbing, Curator at the Palestine Exploration Fund, gives an overview of the rich history of the organisation and its work as well as an introduction to the archived artefacts housed at their offices in London.
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Journal of Bryology - Jeff Duckett Interview
Professor Jeff Duckett, Associate Editor of the Journal of Bryology, discusses his recent research trips, his findings and the Journal of Bryology. Filmed as part of Journal of Bryology - Journal of the Month campaign, February 2012: www.maney.co.uk/jotm/jbr
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An introduction to Political Theology
Vincent Lloyd, Co-Editor of Political Theology, discusses the history and development of the journal, as well as what we can look forward to in future issues. Find out more at www.maneyonline.com/pol.
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Professor Martin Carver on medieval archaeology
Professor Martin Carver, one of the Vice Presidents of the Society for Medieval Archaeology, talks about the society's work, their journal 'Medieval Archaeology' and delivers a fascinating and colourful overview of some of the finds and discoveries. As Martin tells us, the Middle Ages is far from middling!
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Varying levels of carcinogens found in cola worldwide
Carcinogenicity and regulation of caramel colorings by Michael Jacobson, (Executive Director, Center for Science in Public Interest, USA), an article published in International Journal of Occupational and International Health (V.18.3), states that cola sold in California now contains little of the cancer-causing chemical 4- methylimidizole (4-MI). However research shows that alarming levels of the carcinogen are evident in soft drinks sold outside of the United States. The carcinogen is formed during production of the caramel coloring that is added to cola to give it its distinctive color. After tests were conducted by the Center for Science in Public Interest, USA (CSPI), the center recommended that the US Food and Drug Administration prohibit the use of ammoniated caramel coloring and provide a more accurate description of the ingredient on all product labeling nationwide. The State of California requires that cancer warnings be placed on any soft drinks with excessive levels of 4-MI, which could lead to a person ingesting over 30 micrograms (µg) of 4-MI in a day. Watch as author Michael Jacobson discusses how these tests conducted by the CSPI eventually lead to a lower level of toxicity in cola in 2012. The threat of warning labels forced the industry to look for alternative caramel-colorings.
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An interview with JMMT Editor, Chad Cook
Renowned Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy (JMMT), Chad Cook, is interviewed by Maney Publishing. He tells us what the strengths of the journal are, what improvements have been made to the journal under his Editorship, and what his plans are for the future of JMMT.
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Spotlight on: Underwater Archaeology
Dr Jonathan Benjamin introduces the special section on underwater archaeology in issue 15.2 of European Journal of Archaeology, providing a background to the topic, telling us why the study of submerged cultural heritage is so important and its wider implications beyond archaeology.
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An introduction to Post-Medieval Archaeology
Alasdair Brooks, co-editor of Post-Medieval Archaeology, introduces the journal and provides an overview of its scope, remit and history.
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Why become a member of the IIC?
Current members of the International Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works tell us why being a member of the society and receiving the journal, Studies in Conservation, is of benefit to them professionally.
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Interview with Karen Burg - Editor of the Journal of Histotechnology
Renowned Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Histotechnology, Karen Burg, is interviewed by Maney Publishing. She tells us what histotechnology is about, how the Journal was established, and about the Journal's Writing Partnership Program.
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A review of the Millenium Development Goals
Dr Phil Fischer, Professor of Pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic, MN, reviews the current status of progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. He is joined by expert medical students from the Mayo Medical School, Liz Keating and Megan Chock.
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Visual Arts Issue of Hispanic Research Journal
Tom Nickson is Co-Editor of Hispanic Research Journal's annual Visual Arts Issue. He tells us more about the issue and what to expect in 2012. Trevor Dadson also tells us a bit about the latest issue on Negotiating Power in the Iberian Inquisitions: Courts, Crowns, and Creeds. Read more here: http://www.maney.co.uk/index.php/journal-of-the-month-hrj
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Early Medieval China and recent archaeological finds
This video interview is with Dr Keith Knapp, president of the Early Medieval China Group. In it he introduces the society and its journal Early Medieval China as well as giving an overview of recent early medieval finds in China, including the purported discovery of Cao Cao's tomb.
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An interview with David Egilman, Editor of IJOEH
David Egilman, Editor of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, discusses key topics and geographical areas covered by the journal, and the impact this research has had on changing policy and practice in occupational, environmental and consumer health.
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Dr Joe Flatman: Conserving Marine Cultural Heritage
Dr Joe Flatman (UCL) introduces and explains the need for the 2009 special issue of Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites devoted to Conserving Marine Cultural Heritage.
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European Journal of Archaeology: the Seulo Caves Project
Dr Robin Skeates, editor of the European Journal of Archaeology, tells us more about the Seulo Caves Project in central Sardinia. The aim of the project is to learn more about the cultural use of caves during prehistory.
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Dr Tyler Fisher on HRJ special issue on Iberian Inquisitions
Dr Tyler Fisher is Guest Editor of the latest issue of Hispanic Research Journal. The special issue is entitled 'Negotiating Power in the Iberian Inquisitions: Courts, Crowns, and Creeds.' You can also read more here: http://www.maney.co.uk/index.php/journal-of-the-month-hrj
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Richard Dennis tells us about special issues in The London Journal
Richard Dennis gives us an overview of the special issues published in The London Journal from 2008 to the present. These include Tall Buildings in the London Landscape, Aerial Views of Metropolitan London, and Sport in London. He also discusses forthcoming special issues such as London Scenes, and The London Underground. For more information, visit The London Journal 'Journal of the Month' webpage: www.maney.co.uk/jotm/ldn
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Meet the Editors of Hispanic Research Journal
Trevor Dadson (incoming Editor), Ralph Penny (outgoing Editor), Nigel Glendinning (Editorial Committee Member) and Tom Nickson (Co-Editor of Visual Arts Issue) tell us about Hispanic Research Journal, including the journal history, scope, developments and the Visual Arts Issue. Read more here: http://www.maney.co.uk/index.php/journal-of-the-month-hrj
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Martyn Cobourne on the Journal of Orthodontics
Martyn Cobourne, Editor-in-Chief of the 'Journal of Orthodontics', gives a brief overview of the journal and discusses his plans for the future of the journal, including publishing more open access papers, sponsored by the British Orthodontic Society.
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Banding versus bonding of first permanent molars - an interview with the authors
An interview with Mariyah Nazir and Nicky Mandall, authors of the Journal of Orthodontics 2012 Scientific Paper of the Year.
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An introduction to Environmental Archaeology: Journal of Human Palaeoecology
Tim Mighall, Deputy Editor of Environmental Archaeology, introduces the journal and explains its aims and scope. Submit your paper to the journal online at www.edmgr.com/env
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Journal of Field Archaeology: Professor Curtis Runnels
Professor Curtis Runnels, editor of Journal of Field Archaeology, discusses both the benefits of subscribing and contributing to the journal.
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Publishing your Research in Archaeology Journals
The European Journal of Archaeology Editorial Team offer practical advice on submitting articles and book reviews to academic archaeology journals. The presentations were part of a round table session at the 18th European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting in Helsinki, Finland.
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Land to People - Benjamin Hennig
Benjamin Hennig shows us his maps of 21st century - Land to People
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Steve Kirshblum talks about JSCM
Dr Steve Kirshblum, President of the Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals (ASCIP), introduces and presents the highlights of the Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine (JSCM).
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Slideshow: Seulo Caves Project
A slideshow of images from the last three seasons of the Seulo Caves Project in central Sardinia. The aim of the project is to learn more about cultural uses of the caves during prehistory.
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The Human Shape of the Planet - Benjamin Hennig
Benjamin Hennig shows us his maps of 21st century - The Human Shape of the Planet
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Aerospace SI
Dr Priti Wanjara discusses her most recent special issue published in CMQ: Aerospace Materials, Development and Manufacturing.
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An interview with Andrea Crisanti, Editor of Pathogens and Global health
Christo Hall interviews Andrea Crisanti, the new Editor-in-Chief of Pathogens and Global Health, on how he came to be involved with the journal, the reasons behind the forthcoming changes to the journal, and what his plans are for the future.
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Stan David STWJ
Dr Stan David discusses his work with the journal, the special issues, publishing papers and the impact factor
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Webinar: Increasing Publications in Developing Nations
Increasing Publications in Developing Nations: A conversation with leading health organizations and the Journal of Communication in Healthcare‎: Strategies, Media and Engagement in Global Health. This webinar, presented by JCIH, and with speakers from the World Health Organization, and the Faculty of Public Health of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom, aims to initiate a much-needed conversation on how we can increase publications from countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America whose communication models, experiences, and results could greatly inform interventions in other countries.
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Joseph discusses his work on S-phase, and highlights papers from Surface Engineering
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Twentieth-Century China
This video interview is with Dr Jay Carter editor of Twentieth-Century China. He gives an introduction to the journal and a preview of what is to come in 2011 and 2012.
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3D journey through a jet engine
Professor Phil Withers tells us about his 3D jet engine project
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Multiple tracks overlapped to form a continuous clad layer - modelled in CFD-ACE+
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Dr Mary Baines on the founding and new developments in palliative homecare
Dr Mary Baines, one of the founders of palliative care at home, discusses how she met Cicely Saunders, how palliative care and then homecare first came to exist in the 1960s, and what she thinks of modern palliative homecare today. This interview was conducted at the Cicely Saunders Institute, Kings College London, after the Homecare Conference in September 2012. The presentations from this conference have now been published in a special issue of the journal 'Progress Palliative Care' (www.maneyonline.com/ppc), guest edited by Sara Booth (Volume 21.4).
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An introduction to the American Institute for Conservation
Pamela Hatchfield (President of the Board of Directors) introduces the AIC and its Foundation, describes the association's members and its history, and notes some of their important initiatives.
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3DSCC ligament
A 3D Microstructural Study. Examples of the application of this techniques were showcased in a recent special issue of the journal 'Materials Science and Technology' on 3D imaging by microtomography.
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Stuart Stock
Professor Stuart Stock talks us through an image from his article 'Recent advances in X-ray microtomography applied to materials'
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Meet Nigel Harkness, Co-Editor of Dix-Neuf
Nigel Harkness, Co-Editor of Dix-Neuf, introduces the journal, its history and discusses past and forthcoming special issues such as Marriage in Nineteenth-Century France, Théodore de Banville, Rethinking the Flâneur: Flânerie and the Senses, and Poetry, Performance and Music.
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Deafness & Education International - Linda Watson
Linda Watson, UK editor of Deafness & Education International introduces the wide range of topics covered by the journal, including the scope and types of papers that the journal publishes.
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Picture Gallery: Journal of Field Archaeology
A selection of images from recent articles published in Journal of Field Archaeology including archaeological sites in the USA, South Africa, Syria, Peru, Greece, Belize, Ghana and Bolivia.
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An introduction to Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (JAIC)
Michele Derrick (Editor-in-Chief) encourages both new readers and new submissions to the journal and describes the review process as well as providing information about special issues of the journal.
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Interview with Nicola Avery - Editor of The London Journal
Nicola Avery discusses the aims of The London Journal since 1975, the types of papers published, and looks ahead to the future of the journal. For more information, visit The London Journal 'Journal of the Month' webpage: www.maney.co.uk/jotm/ldn.
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