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Repentance Dua in Arabic (with English Translation)
Please share this beautiful dua with others.
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Lyrically Speaking  - 'Don't Give Up' By  Lamyaa Hanchaoui
'Don't Give Up' By Spoken Word Artist: Lamyaa Hanchaoui #LyricallySpeaking
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Tajweed Show Recitation
Quraan recitation by Musa Abuzaghleh. Tune in to the Tajweed Show Saturdays at 5pm to get a step by step a tajweed lesson. #tajweedshow
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Saturday Night with Ali Banat
This life is only temporary if only we knew. May Allah give brother Ali Banat comfort and healing. Keep him in your Duas and may Allah guide us all. Exclusive and inspirational interview with Brother Ali Banat only on Islam channel.
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Domestic Violence awareness interview: Marzana Rahman (1/2)
Part 1 of an exclusive interview with domestic violence survivor Marzana Rahman.
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Mohamed Zeyara drops by Islam Channel
Mohamed Zeyara is fast becoming one of the world's favourite Islamic speakers. On his London tour for Islamic Relief, Zeyara catches up with Living the Life.
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Muslim Belal on Living the Life
Muslim Belal talks to Living the Life about his recent travels and his latest work. Watch out for some Sumo wrestling!
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Basics of Sikhi on Islam Channel
Jagmeet Singh from Everythings 13, Basics of Sikhi on Islam Channel’s Living the Life.
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Women's AM: is fair beautiful?
The sisters take a look at what beauty means to women of colour and the notion that fair is beautiful.
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Asia Wired - Islamic Philanthropy in Indonesia
We look at the Islamic philanthropy industry in Indonesia where since the end of the Suharto era in the 90s - its popularity has boomed. South East Asian countries have witnessed an unprecedented development of Muslim NGOs working on humanitarian and relief projects. A series of natural calamities, communal conflicts, and continued levels of poverty, have appealed Muslim relief NGOs to deliver aid for the victims. However, with the flourishing of this industry, how is it affecting the need to address the systematic and structural problems - which has contributed to this in the first place? We ask the causes to its rise, its function and its controversies - with the recently appointed head of the Zakat board of Muhammadiyya, Dr Hilman Latief - which is the second largest Islamic organization in the country with approximately 29 million members. Special thanks to Dr Mohamed M. Benotman of the Muslim College, London. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AsiaWired Presented by Afzal Ahmed First broadcast: Sunday 3rd July 2016 [Episode 4]
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Islam Channel message to Ali Banat
Islam Channel sends a message to brother Ali Banat.
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NQC - The National Qiraat Competition
A 10 year journey of NQC
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Shabbir Hassan performs on Living the Life
Spoken word artist and poet of Dawah, Shabbir Hassan performs ‘Love At First Sight’ on Islam Channel’s Living the Life.
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Domestic Violence awareness interview: Marzana Rahman (2/2)
Part 2 of an exclusive interview with domestic violence survivor Marzana Rahman.
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3MH on Living the Life
3MH talk to Living the Life about their UK tour, who comes up with the ideas and why that Sandwich song is so special!
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The Islamic Finance Show - Episode 1 'What is Islamic Finance?'
Episode 1: What is Islamic Finance? A journey to unravel a financial system that's over 1000 years old. The first episode of this new show asks, invites Islamic finance expert Faisal Karbani to discuss: what is Islamic finance? The Islamic Finance Show airs Wednesdays at 9:30 pm, only on Islam Channel.
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Harris J, Preacher Moss, Saif Adam,  Zaid Ali on Islam Channel!
Harris J, Mesut Kurtis, Preacher Moss, Saif Adam and Zaid Ali stop by Living the Life to discuss their support for Islamic Help’s United We Stand Tour 2015 across 10 UK cities in aid of Syrian mothers and babies.
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Muslim Belal on Living the Life
: Living the Life talks to UK artist Muslim Belal about rap music and its ability to reach youth
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Sami Yusuf on Living the Life
Living the Life catches up with international nasheed artist Sami Yusuf to discuss his new album, The Centre. Look out for an exclusive live performance!
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Malaysia's Success Story (DOCUMENTARY)
Exploring Malaysia's economic boom and how it used a unique financial model to expand abroad, reaping rewards and cementing itself as a world class innovator in Islamic finance.
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Speech Language Therapist Shafaq Hassan's appearance on Living the Life TV show.
More from Living the Life on: YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/islamchanneltv Twitter - https://twitter.com/ Website -http://www.islamchannel.tv/
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Cervical cancer
The sisters discuss Cervical cancer and the importance of getting their smear test.
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Saturday Night With Zaid Ali
Join Sajid Varda as he interviews world renowned speakers. This episode he is interviewing the world famous Zaid Ali.
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Bilal Fawaz I The English champion without a country
The story of the Boxing champion who has fought for England several times and who holds London's current middleweight boxing champion is currently facing deportation to Nigeria - a country he's competed against. Bilal Fawaz, also known as Kelvin, arrived in the UK from Nigeria at the age of 14 and has even represented England on six occasions. Now, speaking from Stonebridge Boxing gym , he tells Islam Channel how he fears being sent back to a country where he has no family. Twitter: @Islamchannel Facebook: @Islamchanneluk Instagram: @Islamchanneltv
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Tajweed Show
Quraan recitation by Musa Abuzaghleh. Tune in to the Tajweed Show Saturdays at 5pm to get a step by step a tajweed lesson. #tajweedshow
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The Islamic Finance Show - Episode 3 'What is Sharia Compliance?'
Episode 3: What is Sharia Compliance? What is Sharia compliance and how effective is it in non-Islamic economies? This week, a prominent Sharia scholar speaks his mind in an attempt to answer these questions. Guest: Mufti Abdul Barkatulla, Sharia Scholar
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Hadith: The Perfection of Salah
Contemporary reminder on the importance of perfecting one's Salah. Tweet us @islamchannel #Salah Like us on Facebook/theislamchannel
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Africa this week Ep11 P2 Finding your African Ancestry 080815
Produced by Adama Munu and Presented by Ayo Johnson. We look at how Afro-Descendants across the Diaspora are tracing their roots back to Africa. Guests: Gina Paige, Co- Founder- African Ancestry [United States] Patrick Vernon- Director of Every Generation Media & Social Activist
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Ali Official on Islam Channel’s Living the Life
Islam Channel’s Living the Life catches up with YouTuber Ali Official.
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The return of Sadiq Al Mahdi- The Report- 27.01.17
Sudanese opposition leader and ex prime minister Sadiq Al Mahdi returned to the country on Thursday more than two years after he fled abroad. Watch the#TheReport Mon-Thurs at 10.10pm GMT website: islamchannel.tv/news twitter: @islamchannelca #TheReport
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The Islamic Finance Show - Episode 5 'Islamic Mortgage'
Episode 5: What is an Islamic Mortgage? The Islamic mortgage. How does it work compared to a conventional mortgage, how accessible is it and is it worth the money? A discussion about the controversial Islamic mortgage. Guests: Dr Samir Alamad, Head of Sharia Compliance & Product Development, Al Rayan Bank Badr Al-Hasan, Sharia Scholar and Partner at Dome Advisory Limited.
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Women's AM: Prophetic Medicine
The sister's look at the Prophetic medicine and what we can learn about the different foods, spices and herbs and their healing properties.
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Women's AM: Reasons for Divorce
Divorce is something that has been on the rise for many years now and has also become common within the Muslim community. While the reasons for divorce varies, the sisters discuss what some of the those reasons are.
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Haseeb Hameed - Sports Weekly Special
We talk to England batsman Haseeb Hameed about cricket, his family and what lies ahead in his blossoming career.
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Bosnia. Back To Business (Documentary)
20 years on from civil war, Islam Channel travels to Sarajevo in the Muslim-majority nation, Bosnia & Herzegovina, to see how foreign direct investments are fast becoming a national priority.
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Asia Wired - The Shame in "Honor" Killings?
We look at the recent jump in so-called “honor” killings in Pakistan which has provoked national and international outrage. Honour killing is a premeditated killing of a girl or woman usually by her own kin, who is perceived to have damaged her family’s honour by her sexual conduct. So what brings individuals to kill their own kin? Joining to discuss from Islamabad in Pakistan - Dr Amir Jafri, author of “Honour Killing: Dilemma, Ritual, Understanding”. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AsiaWired Presented by Afzal Ahmed First broadcast: Sunday 26th June 2016 [Episode 3]
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Mo Amer at GPU
GPU 2008
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The Chronicles of Musa (AS) Promo
The Chronicles of Musa (AS) everyday this Ramadhan at 7:15pm
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Women's AM: Do we have our brothers backs?
The sisters ask if whether we acknowledge and understand what our brothers are going through and what we can do to support them? Joining the regular panel is award winning author, Na'ima B Robert.
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The Islamic Finance Show - Episode 2 'Riba'
Episode 2: What is Riba? The Islamic Finance Show, discusses the importance of Riba in Islamic finance with established Islamic banker and author, Harris Irfan.
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Your Event I Visit My Mosque Day
On Sunday 18th February 2018, over 200 mosques took part in Visit My Mosque Day. An initiative, which saw mosques across the UK open their doors to their local communities. Our team visited a number of mosques and bring you exclusive coverage only on Islam Channel. Sky: 806 - Virgin: 838 – Freeview: 264 Twitter: @Islamchannel Web: www.islamchannel.tv
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'Muslim women in social media' - Women's AM
'Muslim women in social media' - Women's AM Tune into Women's AM LIVE every Monday to Thursday at 11 am.
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Women's AM: The in-laws series - Advice to the husband's parents
The sisters look at some of the issues that exist within marriages, especially where the in-laws are concerned and their treatment of daughter in-laws.
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