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[How to] Installation of OBD2 GPS tracker in Kia Carens 2016
How to overcome the OBD Fuse cover problem while installing OBD2 GPS tracker in Kia Carens 2016* I have mistakenly said 2015 in the video when I meant 2016
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[FIXED] Whatsapp is currently recording audio .com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox:interactor
[Update 10-June-2017] btw just one or two days ago I received an update on my Honor 6x for Google's app and the issue was gone (without disabling "from any screen" option). __________________________________________ Important note by our friend UNK Those of you who are NOT seeing From Any Screen ' option , you are probably using a Honor version smartphone what worked was hitting ' delete voice model', it should work for you as well. If anyone wants to truly Thank me! I'd really appreciate a Like & Subscribe, don't worry I'll not flood you with videos =) This is the fix for the error message you would get whenever you try use an Android Application that records your audio including the native video camera app.. the pop up states: " "Name of the app" is currently recording audio .com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox:interactor will not be able to record right now "
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طريقة عمل مجبوس دجاج بحريني
المقادير : -ورق غار -هيل -مسمار _فلفل اسود حبات -دارسين -حبتين بصل -ثوم -زنجبيل -دجاجة مقطعة بدون جلد -بهارات بحرينية + ملح -ماء ورد + جزر (حسب الرغبة) -معجون طماطم -كوبين رز
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Tefal Actifry - 30 Minutes Potato Wedges
T-fal (Tefal) Actifry - 30 Minutes Potato Wedges
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How To Perfectly Refill a PEZ Dispenser
=). Enjoy lol
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iPhone Restart SMS Message bug [Solved] Power لُلُ
[Solution from Apple - Quoted from CBS news website] "Apple wrote on its support site, under the heading "If Messages quits unexpectedly after you get a text with a specific string of characters," that the company "is aware of an iMessage issue caused by a specific series of unicode characters." The post said Apple will make a fix available in a software update, but that until then users can use the following steps to work around the problem: Ask Siri to "read unread messages." Use Siri to reply to the malicious message. After you reply, you'll be able to open Messages again. In Messages, swipe left to delete the entire thread. Or tap and hold the malicious message, tap More, and delete the message from the thread. The effects can also be reversed if the person who sent the message sends a follow up. And Reddit posters reported that it can be avoided from the start by disabling notification alerts. The message does its damage if sent through the native iPhone messaging app, WhatsApp, Snapchat and in Twitter mentions or direct messages." End of quote First solution(also tested and it works):- go into photos app, send a random photo to the person who sent you the text, go into iMessage, and delete the conversation. Second Solution (This video) if that does not fix the issue you can try the solution that is in this video, which is by asking the person who sent you the "bug" sms to send you an MMS, after opening the MMS you can delete the "bug" sms and that should fix your problem. Apple need's to address this issue on priority, probably by pushing a software update, until then these are the only solutions I was able to find. Sample of the message:- Power لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ 冗 الحل الابسط انك تفتح اي صورة وترسلها ك رسالة للشخص اللي ارسل لك الرسالة اللي تسبب المشكلة وتمسحها لحل مشكلة المسجات , جرب تقول ل سيري ان ترسل لك مسج , افتح المسج اذا وصل, لاكن إذا هذا الحل مانفع معاك, تقدر تجرب الحل اللي فالفيديو , انك تطلب من الشخص اللي ارسل لك المسج اللي يسبب اعادة تشغيل الجهاز انه يرسل لك رسالة وسائط متعددة واول ماتوصل لك تفتحها وتمسح المسج اللي مسبب لك المشكلة شكل المسج Power لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ 冗
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[How to]Officially add Dual Whatsapp Messenger on Galaxy S8, S8 plus & Note8!
In this video I'll show how to have a dual messenger installed on your Galaxy S8,S8 plus or Note 8 without having to install a third party app! my voice is sounding the way it is because I have caugh a cold =)
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Briciola Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Ariete (Testing)
Video demonstrating the testing of Ariete's Briciola Robot Vacuum cleaner
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Jarada Island - Bahrain
Shot On 17th December, 2011 Jarada Island - Kingdom Of Bahrain
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بعض جهود المملكة العربية السعودية في الحج (للنشر)
للعلم هذا المقطع ليس من تصويري ولاكن أود تشره ، بعض جهود المملكة العربية السعودية في الحج (للنشر)
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[Fixed] BlackBerry Playbook Charging Issue
I have had a few BlackBerry Playbook's which were laying around unused and recently wanted to recharge them but I was not able to, plugging in the micro USB Cable did not look plugged in place (in the PlayBook USB port) add to that It was not showing any signs of charging, I've Googled the issue and most websites were saying something about the charging board needed battery to even initiate the charging process, the blackberry playbook battery needed a jump start just like car battery's..etc anyways I was not planning on going through these fixes and finally came across a fix on www.ifixit.com and it worked for me so I thought I'd make a video of it and share it as it could help someone who's stuck like myself =) In Espanol from our friend Angel Montiel- pues traduciendo y resumiendo, solo dice que hay que bajar gentilmente la pestañita del conector usb hembra de la playbook y despues ya puedes conectar el cargador y cargara, es una solucion "tonta" pero a mi si me funciono, saludos link to the issue and fix:- https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/95120/Playbook+got+to+0%25+battery+and+now+it+won't+turn+on by the way, this is the my first video of me talking in the background which explains why I might not sound clear or loud enough so please bear with me.
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كاس الليمون
كاس الليمون
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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Earpiece sound problem  FIXED
Fixing the problem with the earpiece which causes the volume to dramatically varry from high to low and the other way around during a phone call. Where I learned how to fix it ?Symbian-Freak Forums { http://www.symbian-freak.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27394 } first of all you have to know that this could Void your phone Warranty. I don't know, I couldn't stand it so I've fixed it anyways lol. note:- the last and most important part is not shown very clearly in the video because my camera's focus can't be adjusted so I can shoot the small parts I'm working on , so I'll try my best explaining it in words (please note that English is not my first language,Arabic is so bear with me here =P). After removing the earpiece as it's shown on the video , you will need to gently using a pretty thin tweezer or screwdriver to pull up (the two metal parts shown at the last pictures in the Video) pull them just a little bit till' you see that there is a gap between them and the Earpiece( The Picture I've taken is after fixing the earpiece .so That is how the piece should look like after fixing it = ) its important that you do it gently because you might end up breaking it. Now you are done all you need to do is to put back the Earpiece back to its place ( the letters and numbers at the buttom of the earpiece should be facing upside down just like the letters and numbers that are printed on where the earpiece will be attached (earpiece slot? I dunno) Goodluck and if you are having second thaughts you might as well take it to your local Nokia Care Center. By the way this is my first Tutorial Video lol *that explains it =P
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(2nd Test) Testing Tefal Ultra Compact Grill with Fresh Burgers
In this second video, I'll be testing the Tefal Ultra Compact Girll with Fresh Beef Burgers. Enjoy =)
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Microsoft Office 365 email setup on Android(Samsung Galaxy,HTC,LG ..etc) [How to video]
اسم المستخدم هو رقمكم الجامعي متبوع بال @stu.uob.edu.bh وفي خانة الخادم /server نكتب outlook.office365.com وفي خانة ال Domain/Username نكتب الايميل، يعني الايميل بينكتب مرتين اما كلمة السر ف هي نفس كلمة السر لموقع الجامعة
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Canon SX30IS Super Zoom 35X Optical Zoom - Part 1
During my stay in Zermatt, Switzerland, I took the opportunity to test the zooming capabilities of the Canon PowerShot SX30IS.
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كنافة بالجبنة - Cheese Kunafa
كيفية تحضير كنافة بالجبن في ركن الكنافة , عراد , مملكة البحرين Making of Cheese Kunafa in Kunafa Corner (Arad, Kingdom of Bahrain)
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Nokia 5800 XM Breathing Feature  FW V 21.0.025
I've noticed this Feature which is not new to nokia since it can be found in other phones like the N78 or n79,but it's new to the 5800 since it's been just added along with other changes with the new Available Firmware update V 21.0.025 which wasn't available in the previous FW
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Testing Tefal Ultra Compact Grill
I just got this Tefal Ultra Compact Grill and thought I would share with you my experience in trying to grill frozen beef burger patties, please keep in mind I am not an experienced cook, since grilling seems somewhat pretty easy, I'll try grilling fresh burger patties next =)
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Unboxing Aukey PowerAll Dual USB Car Charger (Quick Charge 3.0)!
Product brand:- Aukey Model:- CC-T8 Link to buy from AliExpress (Aukey's Official Store):- https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Aukey-Quick-Charge-3-0-Two-Ports-Support-QC3-0-36W-USB-Car-Charger-for-iPhone/32603733619.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.22aBC2 This is my first unboxing video (I've always wanted to make these videos of products I recommend), I have been buying many products from Aukey for sometime now and I am very happy with what they have to offer, high quality products at reasonable prices, I have been using and still am using Anker products (Lightning cables, Power banks, USB Charging adapters..etc) as well as Aukey USB Type C cables, Power banks, USB Chargers..etc). I am not feeling well hence my voice might not be clear as I have caught some nasty cold a couple of days ago and still recovering. I hope this video was helpful and there will be sure more to come, I'd love to talk about my experience with USB chargers and some important things I have learned regarding difference chargers.
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Testing Tefal Actifry - Low Fat Electric Fryer
Testing Tefal Actifry - Low Fat Electric Fryer
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Canon SX30IS Super Zoom 35X Optical Zoom - Part 2
During my stay in Zermatt, Switzerland, I took the opportunity to test the zooming capabilities of the Canon PowerShot SX30IS.
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[Solved]YouTube crop to fit button disappeared Galaxy S8 & Note8!
If you faced the same issue I did, first make sure you have updated your YouTube app to the latest version then watch this video =)) if you like this video please don't forget to like, share this video and subscribe to my channel! (It'll really make my day!) =D [Important note] If you still didn't get even the pinch to zoom feature after the disappearance of crop to fit button I'd recommend watching the fix in following video https://youtu.be/j7M-YDH4xFk
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Your iPhone 6 can measure Heart rate! (Using App)
Just by Using Withings Health Mate Application !
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Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Resistance level issue
This is a video of the issue I am facing with my Bowflex max trainer M3, the problem has been there from day one (since I purchased it earlier this year) the issue is that it skips Resistance Level 3. Would highly appreciate it if someone can help me out with this, I'll contact the local dealer for support but the fix might be something that can be done by myself.
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Superfast SSD Boot Samsung 840 EVO
Samsung 840EVO 250GB SSD on HP Elitebook 8440p i7 8GB DDR3 memory
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What happens when I'm bored @ Elective2  class ?
LoL during the most "Interesting" class ever =P ( Elective 2 which is all about DSS [email protected]), I had an idea of trying to video rec. this stupid trick ( or move i dunno )that i usually do ,but in Slow Motion Enjoy =)
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نفق الزلاق - البحرين
نفق الزلاق - البحرين
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[HowTo] Officially Install Fortnite on Android Galaxy Phones
After Galaxy Unpacked 2018 announcement I've tried to install Fortnite on my Galaxy S8 and it worked! This video shows you how to do that, I had to google it for a couple of minutes before figuring out how to do it because it's not found on Play store nor Galaxy Apps store
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Bahrain city centre mall parking assistance system
Trying out the new parking assistant system in Bahrain city center mall - تجربة نظام البحث عن السيارات في مجمع سيتي سنتر البحرين
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حادث شارع الإستقلال - مدينة عيسى - البحرين
حادث فشارع الإستقلال(مدينة عيسى)
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Cat in The Centre Mall (AlAlawi Mall) -Bahrain-
a cat sneaked in The Centre Mall....What else? Yah it wasn't me who was throwing stuff at it , I was just video recording =) .
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Microsoft Office 365 email setup on iOS (iPhone , iPad, iPod touch)[How to video]
اسم المستخدم هو رقمكم الجامعي متبوع بال @stu.uob.edu.bh وفي خانة الخادم /server نكتب outlook.office365.com اما كلمة السر ف هي نفس كلمة السر لموقع الجامعة لأي استفسار آخر الرجاء كتابة السؤال في التعليقات
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Are you ready to meet the Father..?
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Beauty of Switzerland
Shot in the Train from Geneva - Zermatt
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How to do a backflip in Call of Duty!
Please watch till the end =)
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