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Best High Availability Designs for Exchange 2016
Exchange 2016 is going to live longer so it should be deployed correctly. A simple misconfiguration can cause performance issue. Similarly, if we do not configure high availability correctly then HA might fail at the time of the requirement. This session will cover every basic design requirement which will configure your deployment in best High Availability. This is the Techstravaganza 2017 Exchange session. http://www.techstravaganza.com/techstravaganza-2017-history/
Tech Stravaganza 2014: Exchange 2013 SP1 - Deep Dive DAG
History Has been written, Now we know Times Square for Tech Stravaganza 2014 after Ball Drop.
Exchange 2013: Modern Public Folders
Community Day 2013 Session on Exchange 2013 Modern Public Folders QA Question: When migrationg from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 there are 10,000 public folders, will this migration create 10,000 additional mailboxes? Answer: No. Refer: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj552408(v=exchg.150).aspx Question: The mailbox size limit in Exchange 2013 is 100 GB. The combination of all public folders within the mailbox can't exceed the mailbox size quota. To control mailbox size, we recommend separating your public folders into multiple public folder mailboxes. In previous versions of Exchange, you could split public folders across public folder databases. You can decide whether to split the content of a public folder mailbox to a mailbox on the same mailbox database or a different database. Typically, a split is recommended to be on a separate database, because you want to balance storage and I\O. Answer: . Question: How are Exchange 2013 public folders managed? Besides the Exchange Management Shell is there a PF management console? Can I get a copy of the public folder migration slides? Answer: We can use EAC to manage PF's. Under Public folders Some helpful blogs: Public Folders Migration from Exchange 2007/2010 to Exchange 2013 http://msexchangeguru.com/2013/04/18/exchange2013-public-folders/ Exchange 2013 Public Folders -- A step toward high availability & moving to Sharepoint http://msexchangeguru.com/2013/05/31/e2013pfarchitecture/
VTC 2014: Exchange 2013: Transport Architecture and Mail Delivery
1st 3 - 4 mins has some sound problem which came while recording. Kindly Ignore it.
Exchange 2013 - Database Availability Group and Auto Reseed
Microsoft MVP Virtual Tech Conference 2013
Collab365 Conference - Multi-Forest Exchange Hybrid
Office 365 - Hybrid with 2 or more Forests session Presented at 9:00 AM PST on 10/20/2016 at Collab365 Global Conference.
Exchange 2013 | Modern Public Folders Migration, Cleanup & Rollback
Video courtesy of NetCom Learning. For Office Training and Certification inquiries on Microsoft products and certifications go to www.NetComLearning.com
Career Guidance: 20 Years of Career Climbing
SoCal Code Camp 2018 - Session on Career Guidance.
Techstravaganza 2017:  Securing your infrastructure with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication
Today, we can see so many hacks and spam attacks happening. It becomes a necessity to secure your infrastructure with multiple-factor authentications (MFAs). Microsoft Azure MFA is also capable of securing your infrastructure (private or cloud). Azure MFA can protect every application in a mix of web access proxy, RDWeb, ADFS and Azure MFA. This session will share the details how can everyone protect their cloud infrastructure using these technologies.
Office 365: Innovation to the best collaboration
SoCal Code Camp 2018 Session 2 on Office 365.
Office 365 One for Everyone
This is the recording of the "Office 365 One for Everyone" Session at the global event of Microsoft Azure Boot Camp 2016 at Orange, CA
NYExUG March 2017 Meeting: Exchange 2016 on Windows2016
This Session explains the prerequisite, AD requirement, Upgrade path and other benefits of Exchange 2016 on Windows 2016
LAExUG Foundation Sept 2016 Meetup
Exchange Online vs Exchange On-Premise
Ignite 2016 and Business Expectation from Office 365
We shared the Ignite 2016 and discussed Business expectation from Office 365
Collab365 Global Conference2017: Secure your infrastructure with Azure MFA Server
This session with help you protect from the internet attacks and ransomware.
SPS Los Angeles 2018 Timesheet Session
SPS Los Angeles 2018 session on Timesheet App which collaborates with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps
MVP Days Feb 2018:  Office 365 Productivity
This was the recording from MVPDay Feb 2018. https://mvpdaysv-conference2017-1.busyconf.com/schedule#activity_599fa524f1a4ba96ca00054c