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hanging lantern
feat. Floyd Hall on saxophone. again, random lyrics from garbling into a speech recognition tool, random visuals from old super 8 film, and this time i wrote chords on blank dice, rolled them, and wrote music based on what came up.
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say hello my son
i have a son. these lyrics, as always, were generated in a random manner so this song has nothing to do with him.
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coach of the street
yet another song for the same project. this one is pretty upbeat. random chords, lyrics and film footage.
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who's not ready?
more random speech recognition lyrics and super8 footage.
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i'm by no hurry
second in the series, matching up found super8 movies with music whose lyrics are determined by mumbling into a speech recognition app and using the phrases which it thought i'd said.
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thank you to suzanne w for the cello and lucas c for the violin. the lyrics this time were generated differently; while at work, if a word i was digitizing was simultaneously a word i was hearing, i added it to a list, which got google-translated into italian.
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the willy and alison song.wmv
this is a song i wrote for a wedding.
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the circle begins
this one features the lovely Savvy C on vocals. other than that, it's the usual: random lyrics from mumbling into a speech recognition app. random chords from rolling the guitar-dice. random clips from a drawer full of super 8 movies.
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twenty four hours
the finale. the last one. last of the super-8, random chord, random lyric pieces. lots of great things came together on this one. a news channel accidentally posted a vid that skipped and repeated for about four and a half minues, and that's the background chatter. the double-exposed footage accompanies the cacophony nicely.
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parody the rhumba
fourth song in the super8, garble-generated lyrics series. i do not generally play piano. or flute. or french horn. share this, share this.
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windermere gwendolyn
third song. same as the others: a mess of old super8, and lyrics generated from random garble spoken into a speech recognition app.
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at at at
first in a series. i pick random clips from a stack of super8 movies that were given to me, and marry them to songs whose lyrics are generated by mumbling into a speech recognition app on my phone and then reading what it thinks i said.
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cupid shuffle
the usual dadaist principles: lyrics generated by mumbling into a speech recognition app. chords chosen by rolling dice with chords on them. this is the first time i've done the whole video using only one roll of super 8. also first time singing all falsetto.
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there's a package for mrs. waterman
a song from the live musical improv, real-time songwriting show. flying by the seat of our pants were: floyd hall on sax. ed st. moritz on bass. pete bowman on cajon. pete caruana on guitar. nancy pottage on backing vocals. steven vanderschee singing. max lupo was the projectionist.
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