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Ghost Town 1: Ireland
Fred Harrison describes how the reckless activities of bankers and property developers have left Ireland in a state of economic collapse with no hope of recovery.
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My Greedy Generation
Can America turn around the social and economic problems that are now beyond the control of Federal and State governments? Mason Gaffney, professor of economics at the University of California, argues that effective solutions must be underpinned by a radical reform of the tax system
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The Coming Dark Age
How can we judge whether a civilisation is on the rise or in decline? Fred Harrison explains that Communism has collapsed back into Capitalism, and now Capitalism is beginning to collapse back into Feudalism. The early signs are visible in southern Europe, where mass unemployment and the decay of state authority is driving young people back to the land in search of some kind of living. But a Dark Age can be avoided, if we learn the lessons of history.
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Fred Harrison & Michael Hudson Discuss Debt and its Relationship to the Economic Crash
Fred Harrison & Professor Michael Hudson discuss debt and its relationship to the economic crash
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The Bridge
Western economies need capital investment in infrastructure if they are to recover from the depression. But there will be losers: low-income taxpayers. Here's how.
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The Land Song
Land Monopoly must clear! "Tramp, tramp, tramp, the Boys are marching" 1910) is a protest song, traditionally sung by the Georgist movement in the United Kingdom in pursuit and promotion of land value taxation. The song, along with the land song, became a Liberal radical anthem in the aftermath of David Lloyd George's "people's budget" of 1909 which proposed a tax in land.
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Revolution Danish Style
How did Denmark become the No 1 happiest nation on the planet? The secret history is revealed by Fred Harrison, so that other nations may adopt the formula for prosperous communities.
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The Crime of Ecocide
Barrister, Author and Campaigner, Polly Higgns explains the concept of Ecocide. Ecocide is a legal concept of Laws and Governance to Prevent the Destruction of our Planet. Ecocide as set within international law as a legal concept has been set out in Polly Higgins in her award winning book Eradicating Ecocide (Shepheard-Walwyn 2010) the book details the rules by which corporate activities should be carried out to avoid ecocide.
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Boom Bust 'n Bankers
Bankers claimed they could not have foretold the credit crunch yet all the evidence lay burried in thier archives. Fred Harrison investigates how the economy keeps falling victim to the predictable cycles of property booms & busts.
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Dodgy Economics
Dodgy theories and discredited statistics which are used by agencies like the OECD camouflage the trends that determine the health of the economy -- and people's welfare. Prof. Mason Gaffney explains why we should treat GDP data with extreme caution, and he identifies holes in the numbers used by governments.
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Ghost Town 3: USA
Clusters of vacant dwellings across America reveal the reasons why the banking system exploded in the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Fred Harrison exposes the financial logic that drove the boom/bust, and identifies the tax reform that would stave off the next cyclical economic crisis.
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Induced Ignorance
When whistle-blower Ed Dodson warned that a financial crisis was emerging, he was told that “the market” controlled America’s destiny. In fact, argues Fred Harrison, governments are to blame, because they fail to learn from past mistakes. Politicians are schooled into ignorance by a culture of greed.
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Ricardo's Law ~ The Great Tax Clawback Scam
Introduction to the book, 'Ricardo's Law ~ House Prices and the Great Tax Clawback Scam' by Fred Harrison: http://www.fredharrison.com Ricardo's Law points lawmakers, policy analysts and social reformers toward a model of public finances that is fair and would deliver prosperity to everyone. Published by Shepheard-Walwyn: http://www.shepheard-walwyn.co.uk
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Fred Harrison: Optimal Policies for Avoiding World War III
Fred Harrison: "Optimal Policies for Avoiding World War III. Debt. Depression and the final Crisis of Capitalism." Economic commentator Fred Harrison describes how Land Value Tax could help avert the coming crisis in capitalism & how history teaches us that world wars have their origins in similar crises in the past.
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Why we must halt the land cycle
Ruinous trust in land speculation as the route to wealth has led to expensive houses and inefficient taxes but, far worse, it ended up destabilising the entire global economy, says Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator at the Financial Times.
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Ghost Town 2: Spain
Fred Harrison describes how the reckless activities of property developers have left Spain in a state of economic collapse with growing poverty and no hope of recovery. Link to google maps http://g.co/maps/gbq3n
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Treason Part 1: Casino Capitalism
Adam Smith branded those who pocketed the nation's rents as "The Public Enemy". But today, governments celebrate the privatisation of the income that we all help to create. The result, reports Fred Harrison in Part 1 of The Treason Trilogy, is a house of cards built on debt. He forecasts the next property boom/bust, and accuses politicians of betraying their duty of care to their people
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The Muting of our Minds
Governments can align their policies with people's private goals by abolishing anti-social taxes, argues Professor Kris Feder. Re-aligning behaviour to flow with the grain of both nature and our human nature is achieved by removing the financial bias against those who work for their living.
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Rent Unmasked;  Ideas celebrating Mason Gaffney and his work
Fred Harrison and his 12 co-authors of Rent Unmasked were honoured at the 2017 People’s Book Prize ceremony in London with the “Best Achievement Award for outstanding content/topic for a book that would/could or did lead to excellent benefit to the community”, written to celebrate the lifetime’s work of Mason Gaffney, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of California. Copyright: www.peoplesbookprize.com
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Can We REALLY Scrap Taxes?
For more information goto http://fredharrison.com/ Nations lose fortunes because of the taxes that penalise people who work and invest. Those taxes should be scrapped, argues Fred Harrison, with public services funded out of rent. Nobel laureate Milton Friedman explains why tax-dodging corporations cannot evade public charges on land rents. Winston Churchill also voices his support, but the Battle of the Budget was the one war he lost.
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Ghost Town 4: Cyprus
Ghosts have occupied the town for 40 years, but the displaced families of Famagusta could return to their homes if the politicians learnt how to use the gas rents beneath the sea to unite the Greek and Turkish communities, argues Fred Harrison.
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Economic Paralysis and its Antidote
The global economy is paralysed. The trap was laid by the land-led boom/bust speculation of the last property cycle. The escape route is traced by the authors of Rent Unmasked, a new book published to honour Mason Gaffney . Prof. Gaffney combined new theoretical insights with classical economics to develop strategies for redesigning the architecture of the market economy. Rent Umasked is publish by Shepheard-Walwyn in association with the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation & can be purchased here: http://www.shepheard-walwyn.co.uk/product/rent-unmasked/ For more information on Professor Mason Gaffney visit his website: http://www.masongaffney.org/ For more Information on Fred Harrison visit: http://www.sharetherents.org/
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Crassus - The Cheat of Rome
. Just as today, property speculators are robbing citizens of all of their surplus earned income, this impoverished Rome and ultimately lead to its fall. If we do not stop speculators robbing the economic rent of our civilization then we too could fall.
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Magna Carta: The Ugly Truth
The liberties of the individual began to be eroded with Magna Carta. Far from celebrating it as a sacred document that protected people’s natural rights, the 1215 deal in Runnymede between king and aristocracy took the first fatal step in a centuries-long process of de-socialising the nation’s rental revenue, necessitating the imposition of taxes that damage the health and welfare of the nation.
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Why Mugabe Killed a Nation
Fred Harrison Discuss the tragedy of Zimbabwean Independence and how Joshua Ukomo's proposals of Land Value Tax could have averted the disaster
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When did World War 3 Begin?
Fred Harrison asks: When did World War 3 Begin? Fred Harrison explores the risks of World War III in his book The Traumatised Society http://www.ethicaleconomics.org.uk/ In this short film Fred Harrison provides a long term perspective on the development of tensions leading to the two world wars of the twentieth century. In Fred's analysis, both had their genesis in booms fuelled by property speculation. Financial leverage provided additional fuel for the economic boom leading to the Wall Street Crash and the ensuing depression. The circumstances today are eerily similar. Thanks to Nick the Fish for the end credits music. The track is Change our World from his album Flying Away. Listen to the track here: http://www.myspace.com/nickthefishspace
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Treason Part 3: The Temple of Doom
The green agenda has been hijacked, reveals Fred Harrison. To inflate corporate profits, the last of the commons (oceans and heaven) are being privatised in a financial scam that will create the Land Barons of the 21st century. Planet Earth is being converted into a Temple of Doom. It will take a new social contract with nature to prevent the looming ecological disaster.
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Hout Bay
Riot police clashed with landless people in a bid to prevent the construction of squatter homes overlooking a luxury South African yachting harbour that opens out into the Indian Ocean. The landless are demanding their right to a share in the land of their birth.
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The Traumatised Society
The author was the first to forecast (in 1997) the events that ruptured the global economy in 2008 by applying an analysis that exposes the fault lines in the structure of the market economy. Having correctly forecast the timing of the global crisis, the author now extends that same analysis to the future of the West, to evaluate fears from distinguished commentators who claim that European civilisation is in danger of being eclipsed. He concludes that the West is at a dangerous tipping point and provides empirical and theoretical evidence to warrant such an alarming conclusion. But he also explains why it is not too late to prevent the looming social catastrophe. '...Such prescience is strikingly impressive, and demands that the author be taken very seriously.' Bernadette Meaden for Ekklesia Attributing the present crisis to a social process of cheating, he develops a synthesis of the social and natural sciences to show how the market system can be reformed. He introduces the concept of organic finance, which prescribes reforms capable of delivering both sustainable growth, with a more equitable distribution of wealth, and respect for other life forms. To explain the persistent failure to resolve protracted social and environmental crises, the author introduces a theory of social trauma. Populations have been destabilised by the coercive loss of land to the point where they have lost their traditional reference points. No longer able to live by the laws of nature, they are forced to conform to laws that consolidate the privileges of those who had cheated them of their birthright: access to nature's resources. Many pathological consequences flow from this tearing of people from their social and ecological habitats. To recover from this state of trauma, the author argues, people need to use the new tools of communication, such as social media, to regain control over their future destiny through a kind of collective psychosocial therapy.
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The Bullet
Scotland’s mission was a financial revolution that would have transformed the UK economy. A bullet in the Balkans terminated the quest for economic justice. Professor Roger Sandilands answers the question: “What would have happened, if the reform hatched in Glasgow had been implemented?”
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Jesus: Why He had to Die
Fred Harrison reveals why Jesus had to die. The New Testament parable of the vineyard (Mark 12) was the first lecture on public finance in history. Jesus explained that the rent of land was sacred income that had to be reserved for the common good. Its misappropriation was a form of cheating. The parable exposed the social elites, who realized they had to silence Jesus. That's why he was stitched up, and crucified.
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Killing Fields Launch
This interview shows the launch of the important new Film Directed by Carlo Nero and produced in conjunction with the Team behind Geophilos. The event was hosted by Oscar Winner Vanessa Redgrave, and was attended by a number of Hollywood stars and leaders of Nature Conservation Charities. The Film explores the relationship between Wildlife, Land, taxation and Law. The film Documents how the introduction of Land Value Tax would give Value to Wildlife and ensure Its protection. The film is presented by Economist Fred Harrison and features Peter Smith CEO and Founder of the Wildwood Trust, Dr Duncan Pickard, Landowner and Farmer, and Polly Higgins, Environmental barrister, author & aampaigner.
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The Killing Fields (Documentary - Pricing for an eco-friendly society)
The Killing Fields is a documentary highlighting the importance that economics and taxation plays in wildlife conservation. The Film, Directed by Carlo Nero and produced in conjunction with the Team behind Geophilos. The Film explores the relationship between Wildlife, Land, taxation and Law. The film Documents how the introduction of Land Value Tax would give value to Wildlife and ensure Its protection. The film is presented by Economist Fred Harrison and features Peter Smith CEO and Founder of the Wildwood Trust, Dr Duncan Pickard, Landowner and Farmer, and Polly Higgins, Environmental barrister, author & campaigner.
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Harmonising Society
Find out more: http://sharetherents.org/ People were forced to take to the streets to oblige Margaret Thatcher to cancel her Poll Tax. The public's finances can be made user-friendly, argues Fred Harrison, but only if people recover their sense of society. Tax-shocked communities like the mining villages of Wales can be rescued by restoring society's unique stream of revenue (rent), and abolishing the bad-tax burden that undermines every nation's health and wealth.
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South African land reform
Stephen Meintjes explains how land reform in Mandela country turned into a disaster, and why his country needs to drive change through tax reform. http://www.shepheard-walwyn.co.uk/product/our-land-our-rent-our-jobs/
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China: Trigger for WW3?
In October 2015, the US Government took the decision to sail its Navy close to artificial islands built by China. The territorial dispute started with a land grab in the South China Sea, with China staking its claim to vast oil rents and setting up the risk of conflict with her neighbours. But Fred Harrison has discovered that military conflict between China and Japan could have its origins within China. As social tensions mount within China, caused by land speculation and corruption linked to real estate, Beijing might use military conflict to resolve her internal economic contradictions. Find our more: http://www.sharetherents.org/
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Glasgow - Pogress and Poverty in the Second CIty of Empire
Fred Harrison explains how the Corporation of Glasgow could have lead the nation in the alleviation of poverty and increased economic prosperity
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The Great Badger Swindle - Why industrial farming wants to blame the badger for Bovine TB
Peter Smith, Wildwood Trust's Chief Executive talks about badgers and the British Farming Industry: "Wildwood Trust is coming to the defense of badgers as they are used as a scapegoat by an industrial farming lobby determined to hide, poor farming practices, cruelty, massive taxpayer hand-outs, fraud and illegal practices that could end up in horrifying consequences for the British public.
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The Making of The Killing Fields
The trailer to the documentary film which reveals why the taxation of land is crucial to the protection of global eco-systems. Wildlife conservationist Peter Smith explains why tax reform is vital for the survival of wildlife
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Road Rents not Road Rage
There is an alternative to sitting on congested highways - should governments switch to road pricing? Motorists pay for the space and time they use on the roads - and the Sunday drivers don't subsidise the motorists who clog up the urban roads.
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The Battle for Nature: How Sharing the Rents will Rewild Britain
At the heart of our loss of Natural Resource and Wildlife lies a broken economic system explains Peter Smith, Chief Executive of the Wildwood Trust. The corruption of economics over the last century & the propagation of discredited economic principles is directly responsible. Reversing this economic stupidity could lead to a world where there is wildlife, jobs and wealth for all in a system that captures economic rents for public revenue. This will enable us to internalise the damage we do to others and nature in a new economic & planetary renaissance.
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Politics 1: Deeds of Idiocy
Politicians don't lead: they follow the voting crowd. That's why they won't apply effective remedial policies, argues Fred Harrison. So in a democracy it is up to the individual to identify and demand the policies that would solve problems. Meanwhile, politicians apply futile palliatives that intensify society's traumas.
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Politics 2: Of Guts & Glory
Britain's Liberals would redeem mainstream politics by seeking a new mandate to reform taxes, argues Fred Harrison. A former Liberal Member of Parliament explains why everyone benefits when revenue is drawn from the rent of land. But do the Liberal Democrats, now in Coalition Government, have the courage to face the electorate?
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The Train
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Gravy Trains:
The phantom tram in Washington DC exposes the economics of infrastructure. Railways ought to have combined profits for investors with cutting costs to serve the interests of passengers. Instead, the net gains – the value that is crystallised in the land market as rents – were captured by robber barons. Professor Mason Gaffney argues that railways continue to be gravy trains for some, while burdening taxpayers who are forced to subsidise this mode of transportation. A new metro in Copenhagen reveals that trains can be funded to serve the common good.
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Treason Part 2: The Crucible of Terror
Capitalism is built on a Royal Act of sacrilege, reports Fred Harrison. The historic injustice created a statecraft of greed and the financial model on which modern nations are built. This legitimised the violent streak in capitalism. In Part 2 of The Treason Trilogy, Harrison explains that current policies will not defeat the War on Terror.
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Battle for Wildlife: The Flood 1, The Sea Wall
Peter Smith, CEO of the Wildwood Trust argues that we need a better way to fund coastal flood defences. The taxpayer pays millions every year, not for protecting homes, but just for the benefit of a few farmers and land spectaculars. This process has decimated coastal wildlife and in many cases proved of little public benefit. The people who have made a fortune should repay this increase in the rental value of their land back to the taxpayers who funded the flood defences. This would help ensure we only invest in flood defences where we need it and stop the destruction of some of the UK's most threatened wildlife habitats. The public collection of the nations rents will mean everyone contributes their fair share, making the use of natural resources more efficient helping our endangered wildlife to return.
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Soaking Nature: the Palm Springs scam
How do Californians make golf courses bloom in the desert? By cheating nature and soaking taxpayers, reveals Mason Gaffney, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of California. He exposes the scam in which tax dollars fund the high life of people who consume -- but do not pay for -- scarce water that they sprinkle on desert sand.
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In Our Name
The economic crisis in Ireland is actually a political crisis, with trust in leaders at its lowest ebb. The young have resumed their exodus from the land of their birth in search of work. But it need not have been like that. Fred Harrison spotlights the financial alternative that was before the people at the time of the Easter Uprising of 1916. for more information go to: www.sharetherents.org
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