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smart microfiber 3x1mop.mp4
Instructional Film 3x1 microfiber mop Eco-LabelledFor effective cleaning of floors, walls and ceilings Patented scrub and squeegee system Microfiber pad works when wet or dry. Telescopic handle 75-150 cm Read more at www.smartmicrofiber.se
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Instructional Film Smart Microfiber Cleaningcloth Eco-Labelled Multi-purpose cleaning cloth for: Stainless steel, stovetops, mirrors and much more! Works when wet or dry! Best in Test! Read more at www.smartmicrofiber.se
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Instructional Film Smart Microfiber Windowcloth Window cloth Read more at www.smartmicrofiber.se Eco-Labelled. Excellent for polishing: Windows, mirrors, stainless steel, and much more! No streaks
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Smart Microfiber Bathroommultimop.mp4
Instructional Film Smart Microfiber Bathroommultimop Eco-labelled. Effectively cleans tile, clinker tile, showers and tubs. Picks up hair, dust and dirt. Scrubbing system that cleans tile and removes grime. Squeegee that cleans shower compartments and windows. Reaches into corners. Read more at www.smartmicrofiber.se
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Smart Microfiber 3x1 patented Microfibermop
Patented 3x1 mop from original Smart Microfiber System AB. For more info please visit www.smartmicrofiber.se Copyright Smart Microfiber System AB 2017
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smart microfiber householdcloth.mp4
Instructional Film Smart Microfiber Householdcloth Household cloth 5-pack An easy-to-use cleaning cloth that wipes surfaces dry without leaving water streaks. Easy to wring out. The cloths microfibers clean deeply and leave surfaces shiny. Excellent results when used against grease, spots and old grime! The cloth also functions as a dust cloth static effect! Machine washable in 40 degrees. Areas of usage: Kitchen: countertops, stovetops, cabinets, tile. Bathroom: sinks, bathtubs, faucets, shower cubicles. 5 cloths Size: 50x35 Washable: 40 degrees Read more at www.smartmicrofiber.se
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smart microfiber cleaningcloth with new smartscrubber.mp4
Instructional Film Cleaning cloth with new Smartscrubber Our new scrubber label is attached to our cleaning cloths. Made of microfiber with a polyester net, the label can remove anything that has burned to the stovetop. It can also remove scuffs and much more. Fast and easy! Patent pending Read more at www.smartmicrofiber.se
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Instructional Film Microfiber Smart mopp Super-absorbent microfiber tubes Works great on all types of floors. Easy to squeeze, leaving a minimum of moisture. A great mop for wood floors! Telescopic handle 75-150 cm Read more at www.smartmicrofiber.se
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Smart Microfiber SPA products
range of premium spa products in microfiber from original Smart Microfiber System AB. For more info see www.smartmicrofiber.se
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Instructional Film Window washer Twistable window squeegee. Special angle attachment, for hard to reach areas. Telescopic handle Read more at www.smartmicrofiber.se
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Smart Microfiber System Logo
for our products see www.smartmicrofiber.se copyright smart microfiber system AB 2017
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Smart Microfiber FSC® wood products
Contact us for more info on our FSC® products at www.smartmicrofiber.se
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