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DGX in action - SuperDerivatives
This comprehensive video covers the most innovative features DGX has to offer.
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EMIR Regulations- Expect the unexpected
Much of the proposed EMIR regulations are now coming more clearly into focus, and European corporations are starting to get to grips with the potential impact on their derivatives trading activities. Many will have to adapt their business models in order to ensure their hedging strategies are compliant, and all will have to adhere to increased trade reporting requirements. This will require a significant investment in technology, expertise and time. Derivatives experts Carlo Scotto and Zohar Hod discuss EMIR and these potential challenges in this short video
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Dodd-Frank regulations -- what you need to know
The Dodd-Frank act has brought the most significant changes to financial regulation in the United States since the reform that followed the Great Depression. While much of the spotlight has been on banks and other financial institutions, corporations must now also take the necessary steps to ensure their derivatives trading activities are compliant with the new regulations. Transparency has taken centre stage, and a number of instruments will now have to be centrally cleared, while some will need to be traded on exchanges or SEFs. This will have a major impact on corporates' derivatives trading strategies and technology spend.
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Valuing Derivatives in today's evolving market
The recent financial crisis has forced everybody from governments and regulators to central banks and derivatives market participants to think more carefully about how they value derivatives, taking into account a significantly heightened awareness of credit risk. In this video, SuperDerivatives' Bob Emerson and Carlo Scotto discuss the intricacies of accurately valuing derivatives in today's evolving market, including collateralisation, credit risk, IFRS 13 and other emerging regulations.
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DGX Launch Superderivatives CEO speech
Superderivatives CEO Dr. David Gershon introduces DGX, the innovative new Market Data platform.
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DGX Super TV Ad
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Moving beyond Forwards
Volatility has returned to the FX markets creating opportunity and benefits to using more than just forwards to hedge future cash flows. In this video, derivatives expert Carlo Scotto from Superderivatives explores the use of option strategies, demonstrating how structures such as risk reversals, forward extras and bonus forwards can help hedge FX exposures maintaining the simplicity of a forward while adding more flexibility and enhancing the risk profile.
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Introducing SDeX - A Radical Leap in Trading Technology
SDeX is a radical leap in your ability to price, interact directly with multiple banks, chat, negotiate and trade using the most advanced technology.
The Dancing Man!
Superderivatives introduces our DGX Dancing Man - Launch party video
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Derivatives and benchmarks - are you exposed?
Corporate treasurers seeking to hedge their exposure to commodities and interest rates need to be able to use derivatives with confidence. The recent Libor scandal made global headline news, shaking market participants' faith in fixings across the board and presenting a number of unique challenges in pricing and managing interest rate derivatives. In this video, SuperDerivatives' Bob Emerson, Carlo Scotto and Raphael Juston discuss the implications of these new challenges on corporate treasurers, and offer their insight into effectively managing a company's exposure against this backdrop.
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Superderivatives introduces the new TV advert for DGX- our revolutionary new market data platform.
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DGX Launch on 12/12/12 at The Shard in London
Here's an overview of what went on 12/12/12 at the Shard in London at Superderivatives' launch party for DGX - the innovative, ground braking new market data platform.
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Hedge effectiveness - Faders and Average Options
In today's volatile currency markets, corporate treasurers need a full understanding of their risk profile and must constantly restructure their positions to protect against unfavourable rate movements. In this video Derivatives expert Carlo Scotto explores the use of faders and average options as an effective method of lowering premium costs while significantly decreasing the risk associated with a corporation's portfolio.
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Currency hedging in today's market
Carlo Scotto of Superderivatives and Shant Movsesian of 4CasWeb discuss the latest in currency hedging.
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Regulations to look out for in 2013
With the introduction of IFRS13 in January, 2013 has become a critical year for corporate treasurers trying to stay abreast of the evolving global regulatory landscape for derivatives. Participants are now getting to grips with these sweeping rules and face the combined challenge of delivering accuracy in their hedging operations while ensuring compliance with the new international regulatory and hedge accounting requirements. In this video, derivatives experts Carlo Scotto and Darren Zuckerman of SuperDerivatives discuss the key regulatory changes that corporates need to look out for and how treasurers should take a holistic view towards risk.
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Macquarie Bank now Live on SDeX!
It's with great pleasure we'd like to announce that Macquarie Bank, a market leader in energy and metals trading worldwide is now live on SDEX, ready to price base and precious metals.
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Floating/Fixed Exposure - How to?
Carlo Scotto and Darren Zuckerman discuss the possible hedging strategies for both floating and fixed exposures.
Has Cyprus made hedging corporate risks more expensive?
With the events in Cyprus and Italy, can we expect volatility and risk to increase the cost of corporate hedging? Currency Strategist Shant Movsesian of 4CastWeb and derivatives expert Carlo Scotto of SuperDerivatives got together to discuss the consequences of Cyprus and its repercussions for the EU Banking System on risks in the market and levels of volatility.