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Managing your supply chain risks
Organizations lose $200 billion every year for not effectively managing their supply chain. Shaun Sibley, Thomson Reuters, managing director commodities, explains the three types of risk and the opportunity companies have to make their supply chain a competitive differentiator. “If you have the transparency into your supply chain and if you have the ability to use a service that overlays disruptions and alerts around increasing risk in your supply chain, then you have the ability to react far more quickly than your competition.” Learn how Thomson Reuters can strengthen your supply chain at http://financial.tr.com/scm
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Reuters Pictures of the Year 2012
From the world stage, to the street corner, Reuters presents extraordinary images taken by its global network of photographers in 2012. License over 6 million images at http://reuters.com/pictures or follow us on Twitter @ReutersPictures to receive regular updates on our best content, photographers blogs and projects.
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Do You Really Know Who You’re Doing Business With?
Companies have a responsibility to conduct due diligence on their suppliers, distributors and business partners to ensure they are acting ethically and are compliant with regulations. Thomson Reuters Third Party Risk solutions can help you understand and manage such risks: https://risk.thomsonreuters.com/products/third-party-risk
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What makes Thomson Reuters The Answer Company?
What makes Thomson Reuters the Answer Company? See how Thomson Reuters can help you make confident business decisions by providing the intelligence, technology and human expertise to find trusted answers here: http://tmsnrt.rs/2wYmPgs.
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Challenges in KYC and AML in 2017
In this video, Dominic Mac speaks about the biggest challenges facing the marketspace in KYC and AML in 2017 and how the KYC managed solutions sector is evolving.
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Challenges in KYC & Client Onboarding faced by financial institutions and corporates
Steve Pulley, Global Managing Director, Risk Managed Services discusses how financial institutions (https://goo.gl/U1NrO0) and corporates (http://tmsnrt.rs/1WmLxNV) are facing three big challenges when it comes to “know your customer” in today’s tough operating environment, according to a recent Thomson Reuters survey. The survey results, which are based on more than 800 responses globally – show that pressures created by increased engagement from the regulators, cost challenges, and distracting fire drills are significant issues.
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Thomson Reuters Eikon: Give Me Insight
Be more confident in every decision with Thomson Reuters Eikon. A powerful and intuitive solution for consuming real-time and historical financial data, enabling financial markets transactions and connecting with the financial markets community. Eikon is a leading desktop and mobile solution that is connected, informed and intelligent, and provides access to a messaging community of over 250,000 financial professionals. Learn more and get a FREE trial: http://financial.thomsonreuters.com/en/products/tools-applications/trading-investment-tools/eikon-trading-software.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thomsonreuters Twitter: https://twitter.com/thomsonreuters LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thom...
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Manage Compliance for Instant Messaging with Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger
Users of Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger have always been able to access their contacts over multiple messaging networks such Yahoo, AOL and MSN. Now, users have access to contacts on Microsoft Lync and internal networks through the partnership with Markit Collaboration Services. This will allow for a truly open and connected financial community, facilitating the highest degree of transparency. Register for a free messenger account here: http://financial.thomsonreuters.com/messenger
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How will blockchain disrupt tax and accounting?
Irish McIntyre, Vice President, Product Management, Thomson Reuters Tax and Accounting, discusses how we can help our customers navigate the future world of blockchain.
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Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) and the risk of not knowing
The need for accurate and up-to-date information about beneficial owners is a vital factor in tracing criminals who might otherwise hide their identities behind corporate structures. Unwrap UBO with Thomson Reuters.
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Addressing the Know Your Customer Challenge (KYC), Utilities & Managed Services
In this video Anna Mazzone, discusses the challenges the industry is facing around Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Terrorist Funding regulations, what best practices are taking place in the market today and the differences between proposed market utilities and managed service offerings.
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Thomson Reuters World-Check - Committed to helping global business fight financial crime
Thomson Reuters World-Check gives you the tools you need to help meet your due diligence obligations, ensure business transparency and help to prevent financial crime.
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Can a supply chain be your competitive advantage?
Shaun Sibley, Managing Director of Commodities and Energy, explains how a transparent supply chain enables a company to react faster than its competitors. Learn how Thomson Reuters can strengthen your supply chain at http://tr.com.
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Risk Data Aggregation, Reporting, Governance & Beyond
In this video, Marion primarily talks about the Basel challenges facing banks, what BCBS 239 requires them to do and how banks are overcoming the many risk modeling, reporting and mapping difficulties. Find out more about the PRD community here - http://www.prdcommunity.com/index.php
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MiFID II: What Does the New Pre- & Post-Trade Transparency Mean?
Vincenzo Dimase (@vincedimase), Head of Market Development, Trading at Thomson Reuters (@mifidii), explores a very important pillar of MiFID II as he talks about the specifics related to pre- and post- trade transparency reporting and what it means for the industry. Visit http://mifidii.com for more information.
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Creating the future through open innovation
Derek White, Chief Design and Innovation Officer at Barclays, on partnering with Thomson Reuters and how we can create the future through open innovation. For more information visit: http://tmsnrt.rs/1WKXzkK
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Thomson Reuters Eikon Server API
Eikon Server API enables customers to access Thomson Reuters News and Financial Data through Eikon and third party applications, on the same desktop, with a single data license. With Eikon Server API, professionals that use Eikon alongside their execution and order management systems on the same desktop have access to the same real-time market data, historical data, premium reference data through both platforms. Learn more: http://financial.thomsonreuters.com/en/products/trading-capabilities/equities-trading.html
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How can the Thomson Reuters Elektron Data Platform help you make faster, smarter market decisions?
Thomson Reuters Elektron Data Platform provides better content, smarter analytics and controlled distribution – the three elements that deliver the unique insights you need to make smarter trading and investment decisions. Learn more: http://financial-risk-solutions.thomsonreuters.info/edp-contactus?Primary_lead_source=Marketing+Campaign&secondary_lead_source=00013LGDigital00013LG_Youtube-D-&utm_campaign=00013LG&utm_medium=Digital&utm_source=00013LG_Youtube-D-&utm_content=data_explosion
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Simplifying Shipping
Watch this video for an introduction to shipping data, analytics and news on Thomson Reuters Eikon. Learn more about Thomson Reuters Eikon: https://thomsonreuterseikon.com/
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Dr. Erival da Silva Oliveira em: Principais temas abordados na OAB em matéria constitucional?
Dicas de volta às aulas por Dr. Erival da Silva Oliveira.
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Thomson Reuters: Do You Really Know Your Customer?
We understand that to Know Your Customer (KYC) is serious business, because compliance is not simply an option or a nice-to-have. The mandate to know who you are doing business with – to ensure those parties are operating in a lawful, compliant manner – is more urgent, more tightly regulated, and more complex than ever before. Find out more, by clicking here: https://risk.thomsonreuters.com/en/risk-sectors/kyc-know-your-customer.html
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Adoption of innovation in KYC and client on-boarding
Neil Jeans, Financial Crime Compliance & Risk Consultant, Thomson Reuters, discusses the need for innovation in KYC, and how regulators are responding to innovation in the financial services industry. The need for FinTech innovation within KYC is being evidenced by the movements within the wider financial industry today.
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Reuters The Wider Image
The Wider Image is an unprecedented news photography experience from Reuters, the world's largest news agency. Find out more about the app at http://widerimage.reuters.com or download it for free: http://itunes.apple.com/app/the-wider-image/id566306890
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How do you see the world?
Imagine a world where we can be who we want to be. This video captures our approach to celebrating and learning more about our people, our markets and our world. Our goal is a workplace that makes the most of diversity and helps our employees reach their full potential. Diversity and inclusion means fostering a culture where innovation and intellect can thrive, regardless of nationality, disability, gender, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age or other differences. Learn more at http://thomsonreuters.com/cri.
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MiFID II: Best Execution – What the Market Needs To Do In Order to Comply?
Going deeper into MiFID II we interviewed John Mason, Global Head of Regulatory and Market Structure Propositions, Thomson Reuters about the specifics relating to Best Execution and what firms need to do in order to comply with the legislation.
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Introduction to Thomson Reuters Eikon
Discover how Thomson Reuters Eikon can give you more control over the way you work, with news, financial content and analytical tools, filtered to your precise needs, and delivered to your desktop or mobile device. Seek more with a trusted partner, get a free trial at http://po.st/LvvK4B
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The Real Cost of Electric Cars (subtitled)
A new era for transport is on the horizon. But where do the materials that go into electric cars come from?
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How will open platforms revolutionize the financial industry?
David Craig, President of Financial and Risk at Thomson Reuters, explains how open platforms are revolutionizing the financial industry and the central role Thomson Reuters is playing.
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How can banks proactively manage their risk?
Marion Leslie, Managing Director, Pricing & Reference and Enterprise Risk, speaks to the importance of data management, infrastructure, and sources in managing risk and compliance.
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smallcase II A Thomson Reuters customer
Watch this video to know more about "smallcase" - A Thematic investing for the Indian stock markets. Rohan, Founder & Tech Head, smallcase and Anugarh Shrivastava, founder, smallcase talks about the association with Thomson Reuters and the key customer benefiting services provided by Small Case.
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Thomson Reuters Eikon –  ‘Trade for a Grade’
Professor John Foreman, Professor at the Tulane Energy Institute in Tulane University/Freeman School of Business, talks about the key role Thomson Reuters Eikon plays both in and out of the classroom and why it is difficult for him to function professionally and in an academic setting without having Thomson Reuters Eikon at his fingertips. Request for a free trial at http://financial.thomsonreuters.com/eikon
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The Asset Servicing Evolution, Changing Market Players, New Business Models
Interview with Stuart Martin, Global Head of Asset Servicing, Thomson Reuters explores the changing landscape for Asset Servicers, the new roles for Prime Brokers, changing business models and the impact of regulation on the Asset Management community. For more information simply visit http://www.PRDCommunity.com
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Secure Collaboration in Financial Markets
Yvette Jackson, Global Head of Collaboration Services, Thomson Reuters explains the importance of a unified and trusted messaging system in financial institutions. Read more on our blog: http://blog.financial.thomsonreuters.com/closed-cautious-trading-systems-trust-finds-opening/
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Susie Wolff: Follow your passion
WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING Development Driver Susie Wolff is winning the battle against those who believe women will never be a success in F1®. As part of a celebration of a 15 year partnership between WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING and Thomson Reuters, she talks to Thomson Reuters Global Head, Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion, Patsy Doerr, about following her passion, taking on tough challenges and ultimately earning the respect of doubters in a male dominated sport.
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What makes Thomson Reuters, Thomson Reuters?
What makes Thomson Reuters special? Jim Smith, President & CEO, explains the company’s unique role in connecting and empowering global markets. See how Thomson Reuters provides the intelligence, technology and human expertise you need to find trusted answers at http://tr.com.
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MiFID II – The Implications of Research Unbundling
In this 5 minute video, Mahesh Narayan, Head of Research at Thomson Reuters, discusses the research unbundling aspects of the MiFID II regulations with Emily Horler from Finextra. Mahesh outlines how he expects the research unbundling regulations to impact firms consuming investment research and how firms producing research might adapt their services. For more information go to: mifidii.tr.com
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The impact of blockchain on financial services
Axel Threlfall, Reuters Editor-at-large, chats with David Craig, President of Financial and Risk at Thomson Reuters, and Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain, about the impact blockchain is having and will have on the financial services industry.
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We are Thomson Reuters, we are foreign exchange
The FX market is being redefined by new participants, distribution mechanisms, regulatory change, rising costs and low liquidity. Navigate this changing landscape and gain and edge with Thomson Reuters, your trusted partner in foreign exchange. Around the globe, over 5,000 asset managers, banks, corporate treasurers and hedge funds already trust Thomson Reuters award-winning transactions platforms, to trade over $350 billion in average daily FX volumes. We are Thomson Reuters, we are foreign exchange. Find out more: https://thomsonreuters.com/fx
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Dissection of an Operational Risk Event
How well does your organization understand why it has encountered certain losses? Does your organization learn the right lessons from the losses it experiences? In this short video, explore how to better understand the elements that drive a risk event. Learn how analysis of these risk drivers can help your organization identify what it can change or improve to improve risk-based decision-making. Learn more about managing operational and enterprise risk: http://accelus.thomsonreuters.com/products/accelus-risk-manager
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Answers on Thriving Globally
The rebalancing of global markets brings new possibilities in emerging markets, new ways of finding customers, and new sources of growth. But there’s a wave of complexity behind it all. When many businesses merely survive, how do you thrive? Thrive globally with trusted answers from Thomson Reuters. http://tr.com/global
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Stories That Shape Our World 2012-2013
Everyday Reuters reaches over 1 billion people, delivering news and insight that powers the world's media and markets. More than 3000 Reuters journalists span the globe to give you unparalleled access to newsmakers and news events. From war zones to the red carpet, Reuters tells the world's stories like no one else.
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How much is ESG a competitive advantage?
Executives from winning firms at the Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards discuss how they’re innovating, adapting and transforming in response to appetite for ESG investing and changing investor demographics and expectations.
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What is the new Systematic Internaliser Classification?
Vincenzo Dimase (@vincedimase), Head of Market Development, Trading at Thomson Reuters (@mifidii), clarifies what firms will have to register as a systematic internaliser according to the upcoming MiFID II regulation. Visit http://mifidii.com for more information.
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Intelligent Data
As artificial intelligence transforms industries, is data becoming the new gold?
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Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging
Why spend time searching when you can save time finding? Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging can read, analyze, and understand large volumes of research reports, notes, emails, and other contextual content at machine speed. Intelligent Tagging enables quicker and smarter search of information that is important and relevant to your business. Visit http://financial.thomsonreuters.com/tagit to learn more.
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Elektron APIs- Empowering Business Leaders to Innovate Efficiently
Enabling senior technology and business leaders to go to market with innovations sooner. Elektron APIs provide your developers with the tools they need to create simply and efficiently. Learn more: http://financial.thomsonreuters.com/enterprise-platform
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Introducing Thomson Reuters Labs - London
Learn about Thomson Reuters Labs as we expand to London. Get a sneak peek into what we've been working on and our partnerships with Imperial College London and the Open Data Institute. Learn more about Thomson Reuters Labs at http://labs.tr.com.
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AI augmenting compliance processes
Jorg Schaper, Global Head of Proposition, KYC & Future Screening Platform, Thomson Reuters, talks about the main challenges organisations are facing with compliance screening, the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on KYC and AML compliance processes and how regulation and technology will evolve in the coming years.
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Reuters - Unmatched journalism around the world
Trusted. Fast. Insightful. Innovative. Amid conflict and change, milestones and movements, Reuters delivers unmatched journalism around the world, every day.
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Thomson Reuters World-Check Sanction Set – boosting operational efficiency for payment processing
The Thomson Reuters World-Check Sanction Set makes a real difference for global organisations that screen money transfers and conduct high-speed financial transactions. When you need to increase operational efficiency, Sanction Set is the answer. Sanction Set reduces technical responsibilities, effort, and operational costs.
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