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The CDIA is a Commonwealth Bank cash account specifically designed for CommSec share traders, allowing you to trade, save and transact, when and where it suits you. For more information about the CDIA, click here. Knowing where to start can be quite a challenge but there are ways to narrow down the possibilities. Alternatively, you may prefer to try one of our share packs. These are diversified portfolios of leading companies chosen by the CommSec Investment Management Team. Whenever an order you have placed results in a trade, you will receive a Confirmation Contract Note by email, post or both, depending on the preference you have selected. Confirmation Contract Notes are generated on the day of the trade. You can access up-to-date information on the status of your orders on the CommSec website at any time. Important information CommSec cannot execute a One Off Trade unless you have an existing account with the Commonwealth Bank or CommSec. Where you wish to sell shares that are held in the name of a trust or company you must have an existing Commonwealth Bank account or credit card in the same name as the registered name on the shares. Any Commonwealth Bank or CommSec account details provided by you on the One Off Trade Form are for identification purposes only, and proceeds will be credited in the form of cheque only. Warrants cannot be sold using this form and no early settlement is available. I agree to be given the FSG and PDS by downloading these documents from this website. Pool Options for Your Pool. Not only do we offer numerous pool sizes and shapes to fit your home and landscape, but you will also be able to choose from countless options to accent your backyard paradise. Select from one of the many features listed below to find out more. QUICK LINKS. PROUD TO BE FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED Sun and Fun Pools is known as a leading pool builder in the area with great commitment to quality, service and customer satisfaction. 1. Salt Water Chlorine Generators. Salt chlorinators offer you great water quality and low maintenance . 2. Heat Pumps. Heat pumps are about 75 percent more efficient than the traditional pool heaters that burn propane or natural gas. 3. LED Pool Lights. These are far and away the most popular form of pool light today. LED lights last a long time , saving you time and money. 4. Jandy iAqua Link. 5. Security Covers. This tried-and-true winter cover is one of the most popular options among pool owners. Security covers can have solid vinyl or mesh material. 6. Paver Patios. If you ever have a problem down the road, you can simply pull the pavers up , do the repair , and put the pavers back . 7. Stamped Concrete. Add color to the concrete truck. Pour that concrete. Put another color on top as a powder. Stamp the concrete. Clean the powder off. Seal the concrete. 8. Aluminum Fence. 9. Polaris 9300xi Sport. This robotic cleaner is taking the pool industry by storm. It does a better job of cleaning fiberglass pools than other robotic cleaners we found on the market. 10. Cascade Water Features. This subtle but elegant water feature is easy on the pocketbook and transforms the entire outdoor setting. It provides the sound of falling water around your pool. That completely changes the atmosphere of the environment. Pool Options.