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The Wolfman at Clark's Trading Post
No visit to Clark's Trading Post, Lincoln, NH, is complete without a Wolfman encounter in the forest near the railroad tracks. This video from the RoadsideAmerica.com archives combines clips we shot in 1991 and 2001. Job seekers: In 2016 the attraction was searching for a new Wolfman. Story: http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/6075
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Clark's Trading Post- A Tourist Attraction you'll only find in NH!
Comedian Juston McKinney on stage in 2015 talking about bringing his toddlers to Clark's Trading Post in New Hampshire for the first time. A tourist attraction that should be on everyone's bucket list. For Juston McKinney tour dates and info visit, justonmckinney.com filmed by Jonathon Millman, Edited by Marc Dole
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2014 - Clark's Trading Post - A visit to the Wolfman
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Clark's Trading Post - Trained Bears (June 2013 New Hampshire)
A great show to entertain the entire family. Never thought a bear could be trained as if it were a pet like any other. Website: www.billybatemanphotography.com Facebook: facebook.com/billybatemanphotography http://www.clarkstradingpost.com/
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Clark's Trading Post "Steam Weekend" 2018
On September 15th and 16th, Clark's Trading Post celebrated the 60th anniversary of their railroad, the "White Mountain Central", with a "Steam Weekend". They had 3 locomotives under steam, and another two added into the consists. Locomotives under steam were - White Mountain Central Porter 0-4-0T #1 - WMC Climax #6 - East Branch and Lincoln Baldwin 2-4-2T #5 Locomotives also in the trains, but not under steam - WMC Heisler #4 - Woodstock Lumber Company Shay #5 Also operating was their GE 44 tonner (WMC #7) and a Reo Speedwagon railbus (WMC #B-1, "Moosilauke"). In addition to their regular 4 car passenger train, they were also giving rides in restored Boston and Maine caboose #104082, and their 2 axle, open car #100. EB&L #5 was hauling a short log train, with restored logging "disconnects". Clark's Trading Post is in Lincoln, NH. They have a 2 mile train ride, a trained bear show, and many other attractions and exhibits. For more information on Clark's Trading post, visit http://www.clarkstradingpost.com
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Clarks Trading Post, walking around!
Take a walk around with me at one of New Hampshires best attractions. Clarks Trading Post in Lincoln New Hampshire, nestled in the White Mountains is fantastic family attraction. Come join me as take a " undercover tourist" camera view of the park.
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2016 - Clark's Trading Post - The New Wolfman
The New Wolfman at Clarks Trading Post
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Clark's Trading Post Train Ride
Take a fun train ride through the New Hampshire White Mountains and be surprised by an old hermit called "The Wolf Man"
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This is the Chinese Circus that's at Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln, NH. They are the The Yandong Chinese Acrobatic Troupe! These people have some serious skills! This is their complete performance! Enjoy! http://www.clarkstradingpost.com/ http://www.clarkstradingpost.com/attractionsCircus.php
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Clarks Trading Post
A musical calliope at Clarks Trading Post.
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1988 - 2016 Different Wolfman thru the Years
Clark's Trading Post, Lincoln NH
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Clark's Trading Post
Clark's Trading Post in North Woodstock, NH is an old road side attraction. Throughtout the years, they have evolved with the times but still maintain the family first, good clean fun attitude. I can't get enough of this place. The trained bear show is great. The museums are filled with old Americana. The segway ride was unnerving at first but I can't wait to do it again. And for me, the train ride powered by a wood burning climax is the cherry on top. We stayed at a campground right next to the Clark's Trading Post property and I was able to walk up the stream between the properties to get some unobstructed views of the White Mountain Central Railroad. Caution though, watch out for the wolf man, he is very protective of his land!
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1929 Clarks Trading Post Lincoln, New Hampshire
This footage is taken at what I believe is Clark's Trading Post in Linclon, NH way back in 1929.
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2013 - Clark's Trading Post - The Bear Show Pemigewasset
In 1949, brothers Edward M. and W. Murray Clark started teaching and training bears for show work, a tradition that Clark family members continue to this day. The late W. Murray Clark developed a rapport and understanding of these intelligent animals which he passed on to his children, the current trainers, Maureen and Murray Clark. "Each performance is unique," Murray says. "The weather, dynamics in the den, audience reaction - any number of things can affect the bear's attention and distract them from the performance." Truly a tradition among White Mountain vacationers, this entertaining and educational 1/2 hour show is a thrill for all. Unmuzzled and unleashed, the Bears enjoy performing for you in our covered show arena.
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Clark's Trading Post Video Clip
Clark's Trading Post Video
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Merlin's Mythical Mansion at Clark's Trading Post, Lincoln New Hampshire
I enter the depths of Merlin's Mythical Mansion at Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln New Hampshire.
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Tilted House of Clark's Trading Post
Olivia our tour guide gave us a good tour of the confused house of Fun! I would have never expected that!
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1998 - The Wolfman - Clarks Trading Post
Vintage Wolfman still going strong.
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Clarks Trading Post
A musical calliope at Clarks Trading Post.
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Merlin's Mansion Clark's Trading Post
Whoopsie-Daisy its a real Topsey-Turvey House. Our Friend Olivia gave a quick tour of this house and was one UNIQUE house that was flipped flopped...I loved it! We got to put this in our house!
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Clarks Trading Post - 2016
Every few years we go to Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln NH. This is a great place to try out a Segway, go on an adventure train ride through wolfman country, watch the Bear show (wonderful), see the Yandong Chinese Acrobatic Troupe (amazing), and so much more. The love and care this family has had over the generations for caring for the bears is amazing and shows through their work. For more information on Clark's Trading Post go to: http://clarkstradingpost.com/ Show some love and subscribe/follow my pages: Blog: https://journeywithjoyblog.wordpress.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/journeywithjoy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTravelingVineyardLetsWineTonight Twitter: https://twitter.com/journeywithjoy2 Website: http://www.letswinetonight.com Thank you. Cheers! Joy #journeywithjoy
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No 6 Climax - Full Cab Ride - White Mountains Central Railroad
A ride on No 6 Climax at Clark’s Trading Post in Lincoln, NH over Railfan’s Weekend back in Sept 2014. This video is a complete ride including a view from the cab and several other camera angles. from our visit to the Clark’s Trading Post in Lincoln, NH over Railfan’s weekend back in September 2014. I have made a separate video titled “White Mt Central Railroad – Railfan’s Weekend” that captures all of the events of the day. During our trips to the White Mountains we always stop by the Clark’s Trading Post. There is an original Climax locomotive that runs throughout the day where you encounter the legendary Wolfman as you travel through the woods of the White Mountains. Their claim to fame is the bear show, where the Clark’s family second generation bear trainers, brother and sister duo, demonstrate the bears and their tricks; all with the help of a spoon and ice cream cone. The trading post got its start back in 1928 when Florence and Ed Clark opened the trading post alongside the original Route 3. The post sold souvenirs, tonic and maple candy, while Ed demonstrated his Eskimo Sled Dog Ranch as an added attraction to encourage people to stop along their way. Their first bear was purchased as an attraction back in 1931. Ed and Florence’s two sons, Edward and Murray, after returning from the war, began training more bears in 1949, when the first bear show was added as an attraction. In the 1950’s Edward and Murray, then co-owners of the Clark’s Trading Post, begin rescuing locomotives from the cutting torch as they brought them to Clark’s Trading Post and developed the White Mtn. Central Railroad. Today their collection includes a Climax, Heisler, Shay and Porter. In addition to their train collection, they collected everything from a time gone by to serve as a source of education as well as entertainment for their guests. Ninety years later, you experience a family attraction that offers a full day of entertainment for the entire family. The park includes the train station, train rides, performance arena for the bear show and other featured shows, a recreated city street from the turn of the century filled with all of the Clark’s collection of antiques and many fun activities for the entire family. No 6 Climax was built in 1920 at Corry PA by Climax Mfg. Co. Patented Feb 25, 1890 with the builder’s number 1603. Originally purchased by the Beebe River Lumber Co in Campton, NH when it was delivered by Walter Kessler’s father. Later it was sold to Waterville Valley and then to the East Branch and Lincoln Railroad. In 1951 it was purchased by Clark’s where it remained until the early 1970’s when restoration begin. Due to the increasing loads placed upon its original locomotive No 4 Heisler as additional cars were added because of the growing popularity for the train attraction, No 6 was restored to be the larger locomotive replacement. In 1976, the Climax became the primary tourist train at Clark’s Trading Post where it still services its guests today. The Climax was a geared design originally conceived by a sawmill worker by the name of Charles Darwin Scott from Spartansburg, PA in the 1870’s. The design was specifically for logging operations where a locomotive would have to climb steep grades, make sharp turns and traverse poor track conditions. It was a competing design against the more popular logging locomotive; the Shay design built about ten years earlier. Its two advantages over the Shay were its redundancy which made its maintenance easier and its capacity to house a larger boiler creating slightly more horsepower and better traction over the Shay. The Climax Class B is a standard gage locomotive that has 2 steam cylinders angled at 30 degrees that drive a transverse shaft that is geared to a longitudinal driveshaft located in the middle that connects to the two drive trucks. The WMCRR No 6 Climax locomotive was built in 1920 and weighs 50 tons with an operating pressure of 120 psi. It was originally a coal burning locomotive but it was converted to burn wood during its restoration back in the 70’s. Disclaimer – I do not claim to be an expert on the topic of steam trains or a professional videographer. I just have a real passion for steam trains. My grandfather worked his entire career for the Central of Georgia and Southern Railroad from the 1920’s until the 1960’s when he retired from the railroad as a Conductor. From his many stories and tales of his life while with the railroad he shared with me as a kid, installed upon me my love for steam trains and the way life used to be. My videos are long and for most people probably too detailed. But my purpose was to capture as much of the occasion that I could for the short time I was there and for the limited access I was able to obtain during my visit. I hope you enjoy our trains as much as we do. For now, enjoy the ride!
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2003 - Clark's Trading Post -Trained Bear Show - Ursula
Clarks Trading Post Lincoln, NH "The Bear Show" 2003 Watch as Murray Clark Jr and his Sister Maureen run Ursula (age 16) through amazing tricks with their Father William Murray Clark looking on with pride.
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2015 - Clark's Trading Post - The Bear Show Tula 5 Yrs Old
Clark's Trading Post Lincoln, NH
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Clarks trading post train ride
A train ride at clarks trading post with the wolf man in nh
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2014 - Clarks Trading Post - The Bear Show Echo & Tula
Clark's Trading Post Bear Show with Echo & Tula
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Clarks Trading Post Train Rides, Water Boat's, And Bear Show
Clarks Trading Post Train Rides, Water Boat's, And Bear Show in Lincoln New Hampshire. A Great place for the Entire Family to spend a Day!
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Clark's Trading Post the bear show
I was in Lincoln,New Hampshire and I was at Clark's Trading Post to visit the bear show and train ride please subscribe to my channel Here is a link to their website http://www.clarkstradingpost.com/
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Clark's Trading Post - Railroad Days 2014
Scenes from Sept. 13, 2014.
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Yandong Chinese Trio Act 1- Clark's Trading Post 2018-06-21
Act One of the Yandong Chinese Trio.
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THE WOLFMAN!!! at Clark's Trading Post NH with Ke and Lo
Ke Lo and Chase visit Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln New Hampshire . . . . . . Adventures of Ke & Lo Dirtbike Logan Kids toys fun Preschool Family travel new Hampshire NH New England Vacation places to go in NH wolfman train ride childreneducational videos challenge Family Parents School Education toys kids opeining toys unboxing Reviews kids playing safe videos for kids safe videos for children YouTube Kids Lego Ninjago Hot wheels monster trucks monster jam lol surprise toys toys eggs opening slime
Clark's Trading post segway 2015
Clark's segway 2015
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Clark's Trading Post Wolfman
A backwoods miner (for some reason known as the Wolfman) accuses innocent train passengers of stealing his secret claim, a valuable ore called unobtainium. He's mighty angry.
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Clark's Trading Post    Wolfman Attacks!
Clark's Trading Post Train Ride
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Bears!  Clark's Trading Post
August 2014
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White Mountain Railfest 2009: Clark's Trading Post
"Raindrops keep fallin' on my head..." The weather may be wet and gloomy in the White Mountains, but anticipation is running high as a steam-powered photographers' special departs Clark's Trading Post during Railfest 2009. Ride in the cab with Russ and Al as Climax #6 struggles upgrade on slippery rails with automatic sanders failing. You'll also get to see (and hear!) Clark's new "Wolfman," Tim Ryan, in action.
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Trained bears at Clark's Trading Post, Lincoln NH
The bears at Clarks trading post playing basketball and riding a scooter
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Escape Outside: Meet new Clark's Trading Post Wolfman
Meet the new Wolfman at Clark's Trading Post. Subscribe to WMUR on YouTube now: http://bit.ly/1lOjX9C Get more Manchester news: http://www.wmur.com/ Like us: https://www.facebook.com/wmur9 Follow us: https://twitter.com/WMUR9 Google+: http://plus.google.com/+wmur
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Classic American Cars  Lincoln NH
Classic American Cars from Clark’s Trading Post Lincoln NH bear show.
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Clark's Trading Post last bear show of 2009
filmed by Brett. I've been going to Clark's Trading Post since i was a kid. A lot of people think that the bears there are kept caged and that it is somehow inhumane. But seriously, these bears get to eat ice cream all day long. I think they've got it alright. So they're not kept in the wild where they can fall prey to malicious humans and have their habitats slowly eeked away. This is a carnival show relegated to Lincoln NH and overall it is a pretty safe and harmless time. Other than the fact that these are enormous wild beasts that could eat that Clark guy alive. I'm uploading this because I want to. Because it's a bit of a nostalgia trip for me and a vacation I took with a lovely lady who I'm just sort of missing at the moment and found this video. It's all good. Deal with it please.
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Clark's trading post Train Ride 2015 Into THE WOLFMANS TERRITORY DUH DUH DUHHHHHH !!!!!!!
The mythical beast of the white mountains NH also known as the wolf man is a man who found a valuable ore in his mining claim and chases off any train Clark's dares to bring out. This man hates water and heights so refuses to come over the covered bridge and on to Clark's territory. The wolf man is a solo man looking for a House keeper so Ladies sign up at Clark's and be that lucky woman.
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2007 - Clark's Trading Post - Circus Act Part 1 of 2
Clarks 2007 Part 1 of 2
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Camping NH Clarks Trading Post
Swimming of ledge Pemigewassitt River
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Clark's Trading Post, Lincoln, NH
Climax Steam Locomotive
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Clark's Trading Post - The Wolfman
October 2017 NH
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