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Как купить недвижимость за рубежом в 2018 году | Отчет с московской выставки недвижимости InvestShow
12—13 апреля 2019 в Москве пройдет крупнейшая выставка в России по зарубежной недвижимости Moscow International Property Show. Москва, Тишинская площадь, 1 Бесплатный билет на выставку зарубежной недвижимости — http://www.propertyshow.ru/ Бесплатный билет на следующую выставку Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show 22—23 марта 2019 http://www.investshow.ru/ Недвижимость за рубежом на выставке в Москве. Познакомьтесь с застройщиками и агентствами недвижимости из 30 стран мира. Узнайте о способах инвестиционных вложений в зарубежную недвижимость. Получите скидки и актуальные спецпредложения. Посетите профессиональные семинары, ориентированные как на простых покупателей недвижимости за рубежом, так и на опытных инвесторов. Недвижимость в Черногории от компании CMM Investment Consulting Group - http://cmm-montenegro.ru/ Недвижимость в Греции и на Кипре от компании Grekodom - https://www.grekodom.ru/ Недвижимость в Испании от компании OLE International - https://oleinternational.com/ru #propertyshow #investshow #недвижимостьзарубежом
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Kompaniji ESONE EXECUTIVE SOLUTION potrebni Zavarivači, Poslužioci CNC mašina i Bravari, lokacija Inostranstvo Uslovi: odgovarajuća kvalifikacija, prednost posedovanje radne dozvole u EU. Kompaniji CMM INVESTMENT CONSULTING GROUP potreban Higijeničar/ka, lokacija Inostranstvo-Crna Gora Uslovi: radno iskustvo, obezbeđena radna dozvola i smeštaj. Kompaniji VULKAN IZDAVAŠTVO potreban Agent prodaje (m/ž), lokacije Beograd, Novi Sad, Niš, Smederevo, Kraljevo, Valjevo, Pančevo, Subotica, Leskovac, Vranje, Bor, Kragujevac Uslovi: min. IV SSS, komunikativnost, prezentacione veštine.
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Kompaniji KIBERNETIKA potrebni Visual basic 6.0 programer i C# programer, lokacija Novi Sad Potrebni: Visual basic 6.0 programer i C# programer. CV slati elektronskim putem. Kompaniji LEADGENIUS potreban Internet Researcher, lokacija Cela Srbija Uslovi: VŠS, znanje rada na računaru, analitičnost, komunikativnost, posedovanje "brzog" interneta, prednost online radno iskustvo. Kompaniji CMM Investment Consulting Group potreban Menadžer prodaje, lokacija Inostranstvo-Crna Gora Uslovi:VŠS/VSS, znanje rada na računaru, odlično znanje ruskog jezika, min. 2 god. radnog iskustva, poželjno znanje engleskog jezika.
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AYB Event Review by Mr Chris Mulenga CMM Property Consultancy LTD
Review of the 31st March 2012, "Zambia is Truly Ready for Business", Conference. Mr Christopheri Mulenga is CEO of the CMM Property Consultancy LTD, Zambia. He share some of the benefits following the event in 2012, March. This review helps to put into perspective he commingJune 2013, Celebrating Business Connectivity and Success(CBCS). We urge you to visit www.amakayabwingi.org and book the event.
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2. Practical Introduction to CMMI - Capability Maturity Model Integration by Praveen - PART 2
CMMI, Quickly learn to practically implement CMMI, Explained in simple and practical way to immediately improve your software process, CMMI is a world-class performance improvement model for competitive organizations that want to achieve high-performance operations. Proven effective in organizations and governments globally over the last 25 years, CMMI consists of collected best practices designed to promote the behaviors that lead to improved performance in any organization. Organizations use CMMI to elevate performance governments invest in CMMI to support economic development in their countries refrences: http://cmmiinstitute.com/who-uses-cmmi https://sas.cmmiinstitute.com/pars/ http://cmmiinstitute.com/capability-maturity-model-integration https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capability_Maturity_Model http://cmmiinstitute.com/resources Kindly write your views about the video. And in case of any doubts write your questions below in the comment box. Also, SHARE this on Facebook, Linked In and @twitter CMMI, CMMI for Development, Capability Maturity Model Integration, Capability Maturity, process improvement, process Management, maturity levels, Initial, Managed, Defined, Quantitatively Managed, Optimizing, Product development, service development, framework, process maturity, Carnegie Mellon, SEI, Carnegie Mellon University, CMU, PMC, Project Monitoring and Control, Project Management, PP, Project Planning, CM, Configuration Management, MA , Measurement and Analysis, PPQA , Process and Product Quality Assurance, REQM , Requirements Management ,SAM , Supplier Agreement Management, software engineering, software process, process, continuous, staged, Process areas, PA, Maturity Level, Level 2,Managed, Maturity Level 3 , Defined , CAM , Capacity and Availability Management, DAR , Decision Analysis and Resolution,IRP , Incident Resolution and Prevention,IWM , Integrated Work Managements,OPD , Organizational Process Definition,OPF , Organizational Process Focus,OT , Organizational Training,RSKM , Risk Management,Appraisal,best practices , SCAMPI, Software Engineering Institute, Software Engineering Process Group, Software Engineering, Process Group, Engineering Process Group, SEPG, EPG, OPSD, Organizational Preparedness for Secure Development, SMP, Secure Management in Projects, SRTS, Security Requirements and Technical Solution, SVV, Security Verification and Validation,Scrum, Agile,CCB, change control, planning, analysis, design, coding, unit testing, acceptance testing, continuous integration,Iterative, waterfall, Code, documentation, tailoring, ISO , International Organisation for Standardisation,Engineering, Support, Capability Maturity Model for software, SW-CMM,People Capability Maturity Model, P-CMM, Personal Software Process, PSP, Team Software Process, TSP, ISO 15504,. CMMI Overview in brief, This video gives overview in brief and explains CMMI Implementation, Quality Standards, ISO, CMMI and Six Sigma, CMMI Capability Maturity Model Integration LEVELS INTRODUCTION, CMMI-DEV, Model Views and Levels, A Tour of the CMMI for Development: Representations and Generics, Driving A Culture of Quality, CMMI Institute, CMMI-TV, We Know What Done Looks Like Certified SCAMPI CMMI Lead Appraiser, CMMI Instructor, Scrum Master, Software Process Improvement Consultant, CMMI 2.0, What's Changed in the New Release? For information on training classes for CMMI v1.3 and 2.0, visit: https://www.cmmi2training.com Jeff Dalton is a Certified SCAMPI CMMI 2.0: Whatever became of the Generic Practices? https://youtu.be/6V7KvWJr-C4 https://youtu.be/CvPGcjqMBIw https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLajSVz9ukYlyQargq36vjWlaMfTY94WA- https://youtu.be/rwtUP8ZvA-w https://youtu.be/TraNp-A3tV4 https://youtu.be/UIr8v1co514 https://youtu.be/poERlqRQeh8 https://youtu.be/4LGi3f_EwrA https://youtu.be/HgR2HVYmKAA https://youtu.be/0Yzfc0u9hXg https://youtu.be/YUni5nBhmp0 https://youtu.be/uTTSbI7Rm8o https://youtu.be/SgznYILYXxU https://youtu.be/6OslN5MkZZ0 https://youtu.be/3DGmhfe9iVc https://youtu.be/75w2m2kWtA4 https://youtu.be/Bobzd0OR-Mg https://youtu.be/Fg_aMTwnlTU https://youtu.be/hKTqx_rJdzg https://youtu.be/M--UGZFaP3E https://youtu.be/xjts6UPNr7w https://youtu.be/Gwlxyz1lqlU https://youtu.be/d1MtBdibu_I https://youtu.be/avREzpTMZiU https://youtu.be/SlMyEtovHcw https://youtu.be/ohWvl5dR6WI https://youtu.be/7r9cPNgu4PY https://youtu.be/1EnqA-MCP1E https://youtu.be/eIfuNMrYBy4 https://youtu.be/yC8lR0WG4bs https://youtu.be/eWDiG2SJ1OI https://youtu.be/SPDk_BirnqQ https://youtu.be/i-sVwiYG-ZY https://youtu.be/aHOouNJCFoI https://youtu.be/rZcDgkUjZ18 https://twitter.com/PraveenArchitek?s=08 https://twitter.com/CMMI_Institute?s=08
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Calypso 1 Online Training Hyderabad | Calypso Training India | Calypso Free Demo | ECORP TRAINING
http://www.ecorptrainings.com/calypso-online-corporate-training-hyderabad-india-uk-usa Ecorptrainings Provides Calypso Online Training and On Job Support by Real Time Experts for Hyderabad,India,USA,UK,Canada,Astralia For Free Demo [email protected] Ecorptrainings Email:[email protected] India: +91-8143-111-555 USA: +1-703-445-4802 UK: +44-203-468-0685
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TECHNO-FUNDA#Large cap stock Ready for New BULL Run #15
Established in 1968, Tata Consultancy Services a member of the Tata Group has grown to its current position as the largest IT services firm in Asia based on its record of outstanding service, collaborative partnerships, innovation, and corporate responsibility. It was founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1848 and it is one of India’s most respected institutions today. Their mission reflects the Tata Group's longstanding commitment to providing excellence. To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services, and to actively engage all stakeholders in a productive, collaborative, and mutually beneficial relationship. TCS' ability to deliver high-quality services and solutions is unmatched. They are the world’s first organization to achieve an enterprise-wide Maturity Level 5 on both CMMI and P-CMM, using the most rigorous assessment methodology - SCAMPISM. Additionally, TCS’ Integrated Quality Management System (iQMS) integrates process, people and technology maturity through various established frameworks and practices including IEEE, ISO 9001:2000, CMMI, SW-CMM, P-CMM and 6-Sigma. It is largest IT employer in India. It provides services to wide range of segment like banking & financial services, energy, resources & utilities, government, telecom, media & information services, etc. TCS acquired Citigroup Global Services(CGSL), India based BPO for $505 million. The acquisition broadened TCS’s portfolio of end-to-end IT and BPO services in the global Banking and Financial Services (BFS) sector. TCS’s enhanced scale and expertise will be providing service improvements to Citi and Citi’s customers. CGSL has more than 12,000 employees located in India and expected to generate revenues of approximately $278 million in 2008. Tata Consultancy Services delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match.TCS offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery Model, recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development. TCS has over 143,000 of the world's best trained IT consultants in 42 countries. Tata Consultancy Services announced the launch of TCS BaNCS Core Banking Release 12.0 at the annual flagship event for banking and capital markets, SIBOS 2011, in Toronto. In 2014 TCS announced to set up largest Corporate Learning Center in Thiruvananthapuram with a capacity to train 50,000 IT professionals every year
Consulting Skit
This video is about Consulting Skit
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TRIZ project : Quality Digitization Program by Dr. Zulhasni
Dr. Zulhasni's innovation project in adopting new technology of coordinate measuring machine in an automotive company. The project improve the process of quality measurement and able to reduce huge cost savings on inspection jigs and checking fixtures. The TRIZ specialist use TRIZ tools such as trends analysis to investigate specific technology to help the case studied company to radically change the method of quality inspection. As internal TRIZ consultant, Dr. Zulhasni reviewed various technologies of coordinate measuring machine and advice the company to invest on several equipment such as touch probe CMM, Laser CMM and Optical CMM. The company have commit on recommended equipment and able to reached break-even of investment cost less than 2 years. The manpower involvement reduced and the time of process reduce ~60%. The technology is expand not only in Quality division but later spread out to Engineering, Jig shop, Manufacturing, Research and other related division. Furthermore, the project even expands to the automotive suppliers and vendors in focus to improve the quality of parts supplied to the OEM. This justified Dr. Zulhasni capability in changing the innovation of worker, technology, culture and company performance using TRIZ as a methodology of systematic innovation. For further inquiries, please contact us: [email protected] Or visit our Facebook TRIZ.Malaysia group : www.facebook.com/groups/TRIZ.MALAYSIA/
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Precision Engineering and Consultancy (PEC) ( www.pec-oman.com)
Precision Engineering and Consultancy (PEC) is 100% OMANI Company established in February 2009 by Engineering Professionals with more than two decades of core experience in the Oil and Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, LNG and Power sectors in Middle-East, Africa and other parts of the World. The core business of PEC is to offer a multidisciplinary & comprehensive range of services in Design, Engineering, Procurement & Logistics, Project Management, Construction Management, Asset Management and Commissioning Assistance. PEC is offering wide spectrum services to Oil & Gas, Surface facilities, Refining, Petrochemicals, Terminals, Pipelines, Chemicals, Metals, Polymer, Power and Environmental Industries.
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Technical Analyst Video Job Description - Calypso Technology
See more at: http://www.ongig.com/jobs/Calypso-Technology/Technical-Analyst-Professional-Services Calypso Technology is seeking a Technical Analyst / Consultant to work in a customer facing role to drive one of our global system implementations. The ideal candidate will need at least 3 years technical experience gained in the capital markets industry working for a software vendor or consultancy.
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"Getting IT Right" - IT Strategy Workshop
A common problem that organisations of any size and type face is how to get their IT right. In other words, this workshop is about IT Investment Decisions. As Information Technology is at the centre of business today, having the right IT is crucial for business success. But how do you make the right investment choices for IT? This workshop provides you with an IT decision framework. Whether you are a for-profit or a not-for-profit you will learn how to make the right choices when it comes time to make decisions about your IT systems.
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Scrum  @ Cabot Technology Solutions,  by PMRI # 1
From the Ágile project management using Scrum' workshop conducted for Cabot technology solutions (P) Ltd, by The Project Management Research Institute. About Cabot Technology Solutions Cabot Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides bespoke Internet, Mobile and Desktop application development services. Our strong technical team is complemented by an equally strong management team who have spent more than a decade working across the US and Canada in a range of management and analysts capacities. Leveraging our experience, we quickly bring an appropriate context to your business requirements and deliver a sustainable IT solution. We professionally manage all our projects mitigating the business analysis and project management risks associated with offshore development. At Cabot, our clients are our partners. We believe in fewer more intimate client relationships and sustained organic growth in our business. URL : www.cabotsolutions.com About Project Management Research Institute We are in the business of co-creating intellectual value in the project management domain by training, mentoring, consulting,research and partnerships with individuals and organizations. .That include, but not limited to PMBOK,PRINCE, Agile, Scrum, I.T project management, Leadership in project management, Lean CMM, ISO, Six Sigma and ITIL. PMRI was formed in the year 2005, by a group of highly experienced and qualified professionals who have carved a niche for themselves in their chosen fields. Within a short span, the PMdistilled series of project management training programs gained wide acceptance globally. The very fact that we have trained around 3500+ professionals world wide on professional project management give us the courage to think louder. We have delivered corporate trainings (PMP, Agile using SCRUM, Project leadership) for various organizations, both large and small. Some of the organizations where we conducted training programs are Intel, Oracle, Societe Generale, HP, Broadcom, Amdocs, John Dere, Nucleus, Arbitron, Zerone Consulting, Cabot Solutions, ARS Software, Wrench solutions, PDO Oman, Dun&Bradstreet, DAMAC, National Bank of Dubai, RAK Bank, Dubal (Dubai Aluminium), Energy city (Qatar), Microsoft, G.E Medical systems, Yahoo.... We have worked / working very closely with isoft, Zerone and Cabot solutions for rolling out scrum based project management across their teams. We are working very closely with a software product company in improving their product quality. URL : www.pmricampus.com We are just one phone call or email away. Phone : 0091 8129118111 email : [email protected] Skype : pmricampus.com
Mayville Engineering Company, Inc. (MEC) Corporate Video 6 20 2013
Mayville Engineering Company, Inc. (MEC) has become a company where employee shareholders are creating outstanding value and support every day for the customers we serve and the communities where we live and work. MEC is an employee-owned company where employees use the acronym PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In Daily Excellence) as a way of doing business and treating others. MEC is highly involved and actively supports the four Wisconsin communities in which our six divisions are located; Mayville, Beaver Dam, Berlin, and Neillsville. MEC's financial performance and continued growth in a recessionary economic period are unparalleled. Coupled with a strong balance sheet, MEC is well positioned for further significant growth. The products and services that we are able to offer are extensive and continue to expand in a complementary manner. Investment in state of the art technology, process improvement and employee skills have allowed us to grow in our existing markets and expand into new ones.
Renishaw Innovation centre
==================================== www.MTD.network:..FOR PRECISION ENGINEERS based in the UK, looking to promote their company/capacity. If you own a machine shop and want to promote the capabilities of your company, i.e. the machine tools you have on site or the levels of capability your business offers, then the www.mtd.network is the only place to showcase this. Whether it's turning, milling, sheet metal, grinding, laser cutting or more you should be showing off what you do using our platform.
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Aerospace AS 91000 Introduction & History
AS 9100 Standard for Aerospace industries. History & introduction of the standard. Thanks to IAQG.
Need Financial or Investment Advice as a Hong Kong based expat? Do you want to accumulate wealth for any specific reason such as child's education or retirement? Maybe you have a UK frozen pension that you want to take more control over it by moving it into a SIPP or QROPS? Do you want to invest for increased cashflow or capital growth, or both? How about investing in areas unrelated to equity markets? Have you the correct types of insurance to protect your loved ones? Do you want to maintain your wealth regardless of what the markets do? Did you know that ethical and environmentally friendly investments can be very profitable? Is your income protected against a long term illness or accident? Do you know at what stage real estate investing can be most profitable? Would you like to discover how the rich invest? Holistic Financial Planning can answer these and many more questions. At Anson Investment Management Ltd we are dedicated towards answering all and more questions for your financial success and freedom. Other areas of expertise include investment adviser, financial planning, financial consultant, gold investing, green investments, real estate investment opportunities, pension advice on QROPS and SIPPS for UK expats or others with frozen UK pension plans, investing for cash flow and alternative investments from our base in Hong Kong. Our website: http://eanson.com ANSON INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LIMITED 15th Floor, 100 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong Keywords: 3D Printer, 3D Printing Revolution. Amazing 3D Printing, Hong Kong 3D Printing, HK 3D Printer, 3D Printer Investment.
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De-Risk Your Business for Angel Investors - Entrepreneur and Start-up Tips
Anyone can build! Sales, being social, and making yourself stand out from the crowd are the things that are going to get you noticed by an angel. Subscribe | https://bit.ly/2LG42JT Website | http://www.opn.ninja/ ___ F O L L O W U S Twitter | https://twitter.com/Opeoplenetwork Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/Opeoplenetwork/ Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/openpeoplenetwork/ L E A R N M O R E Sign up for Opn notes | http://www.opn.ninja/mail O P N M A I L Open People Network 251 Queen St. West Toronto ON M5V 1Z4 Canada Inquiries | [email protected] ___ A B O U T U S Open People Network (Opn), is a group of angel investors helping accelerate the growth through our Xcelerator, The Supporters Fund and Pitchit Series. More details at http://www.opn.ninja Subscribe to Opn for regular videos https://bit.ly/2LG42JT ___ #pitchitTO #pitchitTOcityhall ‪#‎openpeoplenetwork‬ ‪#‎opeoplenetwork‬
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JJ Hardy use Houghton lubricants on all their machines
JJ Hardy & Sons is a subcontract manufacturer heavily involved in the heavy duty turning and milling of stainless and cast iron components for the automotive, rail and oil & gas industries. So, getting fluid management right is a critical factor for Hartlepool based JJ Hardy. Discussing the application of technology, Andrew Pail, the Managing Director at JJ Hardy says: “We continually invest in the latest technology and the best machines that we can possibly afford. This includes cutting fluids from Houghton International. They supply the right cutting oils at the right price for the materials and machining parameters we specify. Since we have been using Houghton fluids, we have witnessed a considerable increase in tool life and machining performance. These improvements have also been confirmed by our cutting tool supplier.” With a machine shop fully stocked with high-end DMG machining and turning centres, the investment at JJ Hardy has noted the arrival of the latest DMG DMC635 EcoLine machining centre and this has been supplemented by the Houghton Adrana D208 cutting fluid. “This is a great product. One day we could be machining cast iron, the next it will be stainless or Inconel. The Houghton Adrana is ideal for all these materials. Furthermore, the expertise of Houghton has been instrumental in supporting our compliance with conforming to regulations as well as looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff on the shop floor. We’ve now been using Houghton products for over 12 months and we are delighted with the performance. We won’t be changing any time soon!” Subscribe to our channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/MTDCNC?sub_confirmation=1 We have another Channel specifically for engineering company videos - view and subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/user/UC1mNhd2gwIbamXoUZK-TRGg?sub_confirmation=1 MTDCNC are proud to offer a platform that educates engineers throughout the World. Our main audience is the UK market and you'll see from this video that we focus on learning and talking to UK based engineers. We do travel to Europe and review products on request of our clients. See Videos on MTDCNC here http://www.mtdcnc.com/tv/ It's not just videos that MTDCNC offers to our users, we promote used machine tools for sale, new machine tools for sale, ex demo machines and also related equipment, such as cutting tools, including end mills, drills, countersinking tools, shell mills, radius tools, boring tools, reamers and much more for both milling and turning. Beyond the cutting tools we also offer the accessory solutions, these include the Workholding, vices, 4th axis units, collet chucks, 3 jaw chucks, bar feeds and toolholders. Toolholders is an interesting one as this could be one of many differing toolholders such at BT40 tooling, BT30, HSK 63 and then for turning VDI 30/VDI 40 toolholders. Find new and used machine tools for sale here http://www.mtdcnc.com/products/machine-tools Find cutting tools for sale here http://www.mtdcnc.com/products/cutting-tools Find workholding, vices and more here http://www.mtdcnc.com/products/machine-accessories Find automation for machine tools here http://www.mtdcnc.com/products/automation Find CAD CAM software here http://www.mtdcnc.com/products/cad-cam Our website also has a great news feed, we deliver news to the UK market every hour relating to manufacturing, machine tools, cnc equipment and events. For the latest news click here http://www.mtdcnc.com/news/ For machine tool and tooling user stories http://www.mtdcnc.com/stories/ Check out our event videos, they really are unique. In all our youtube channel and our website are great for engineers and machinists. You can also follow us on twitter here https://twitter.com/MTDonline And on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/MTDCNC Our LinkedIn discussion group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4154874 AND DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO GET MORE OF OUR GREAT ENGINEERING VIDEOS!
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Capability Maturity Model (CMM) - Enterprise Architecture
This video is a partial preview of the full business document. To view and download the full document, please go here: http://flevy.com/browse/flevypro/capability-maturity-model-cmm-enterprise-architecture-2949 DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is an organizational model that describes 5 evolutionary stages (or levels), in which the business processes in an organization are managed. The term "maturity" relates to the degree of formality and optimization of processes, from ad hoc practices, to formally defined steps, to managed result metrics, to active optimization of the processes. This presentation provides brief introduction to CMM and an in-depth adaptation of the CMM model to Enterprise Architecture (EA). In this EA-specific version of CMM, we define a 6th initial phase (phase 0), defined as "No Enterprise Architecture." We define each of the following 9 EA areas across the 5 CMM levels: 1. Architecture Process 2. Architecture Development 3. Business Linkage 4. Senior Management Involvement 5. Operating Unit Participation 6. Architecture Communication 7. IT Security 8. Governance 9. IT Investment and Acquisition Strategy These areas and their respective defining characteristics at each maturity level were adapted from the TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) IT/EA framework. CMM can also be adapted to more than EA and IT and has been used extensively worldwide in government offices, commerce, industry, and software-development organizations. This deck also includes a set of slide templates for you to use in your own business presentations.
MakingChips Live! at IMTS 2018 | Social Media Marketing for Manufacturers
Growing a metalworking brand with social media is a mixture of art and science. For many manufacturers, social media is nothing more than a distraction, but savvy brands understand how to leverage social platforms to build authentic connections that drive tangible business results. Learn the tips and tactics used by the most prolific social influencers in the metalworking community at noon on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Panelists: Aisha Rasul – Founder & CEO – SociStory Corey Koepnick – Owner & Operator – BadAssMachinists Tom Fetcho – VP of Operations – MariTool Inc. --------- IMTS 2018 | Sept. 10-15, 2018 McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois www.IMTS.com
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Demystifying the Capability Maturity Model Integration
With so much "alphabet soup" in project management today, it can be difficult to sort out the different process models like Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) or the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). What benefits do these models bring to state agencies that are either interested in earning certifications for themselves or who have to evaluate vendors touting various credentials? This webinar unravels the mysteries of the CMMI model. Our presenter reviewed how CMMI fits with project management principles and Agile life-cycle development. Participants developed an understanding of the different CMMI levels and the steps that organizations must take to achieve each level of certification. The speaker provided CMMI tools and processes that can be used even by agencies that choose not to pursue the CMMI credential. Our presenter: Audra Stewart, CSM, Senior Technical Specialist and Quality and Process Improvement Manager for ICF International. Ms. Stewart has over 14 years of expertise in process improvement in the areas of software development, organizational change, process optimization, risk management, and project management.
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Proving Our Worth: Quantifying the Value of Testing
Google TechTalks August 10, 2006 Lee Copeland has over thirty years experience as an information systems professional. He has held a number of technical and managerial positions with commercial and non-profit organizations in the areas of applications development, software testing, and software development process improvement. Now, as a consultant with Software Quality Engineering, Lee has developed and taught numerous training courses focusing on software development and testing based on his extensive experience. In addition, he provides consulting services to SQE's clients ABSTRACT The real purpose of testing is to create information. So, when managers complain that testing "costs too much"...
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Mr. Satoshi began speak under Google Home
https://kcn.media The voice of the crypto currency assistant is hidden inside the Google Home wireless speaker. The mysterious consultant Satoshi Nakamoto or "Mr. Satoshi" tells you current prices for any crypto currency. For this just say "Ok Google" and ask to speak with Mr. Satoshi. Outernoise: 0:30 Hey, google! I am talk to Mr, Satoshi ………….. US dollars. cо звуковым сигналом 0:47 The discovery of Mr Satoshi is the evidence of two trends: the pervasiveness of cryptocurrency, and the growing cult of Satoshi Nakamoto. Our partner: https://www.arcona.io/ Info partner: https://coinidol.com/ Our service list: http://bit.ly/2nSlaFs We are on twitter: https://twitter.com/KolesCoinNews We are on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KolesCoinNews/ We are on Steemit: https://steemit.com/@kcnnews We are on Medium: https://medium.com/koles-coin-news We are on Bitcoingarden: https://bitcoingarden.org/forum/index.php?topic=10012.msg203727#msg203727 We are on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12025958 We are on Blogger: http://kolescoinnews.blogspot.com/ We are on google+: https://plus.google.com/b/102188026596616035629/collection/0DA-cB We are on Trello: https://trello.com/b/CrDsyjcB/cikcn-partnership ____________________________________________________________________ #kcn #kolescoinnews #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #blockchain #mining #token #ICO #future #technologies #fintech #coinmarketcap Info: https://news.bitcoin.com/
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Suzie Campana, Midwife to the Philippines
My purpose is to serve Women and Children in primarily in developing nations. I desire to provide maternal/infant healthcare and to help educate the same in basic public health in those countries. As a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), I am able to be on staff with mission/humanitarian organizations; hence, enabling me to travel and serve in developing nations, as well as in the U.S.
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Live from Connect Marketplace – EventIcons Episode 127
👉 Mentioned Resources: https://helloendless.com/connect-marketplace/ 👉 Join us LIVE: http://www.event-icons.com This week we are live from Connect Marketplace! If you are unfamiliar, Connect Marketplace is all about meeting with the best minds in the industry, they have the most interesting speakers from many industries and it’s a great time to well, connect! This weeks episode is an extended two-hour show with the best and brightest minds in the industry. This episode will touch on almost every topic in the events industry. From sustainability to event technology we have you covered. Furthermore, we will discuss how to elevate the low points of your events and elevate them to the next level to best tips in entertainment it’s all here in this massive episode! Check it out! #ConnectMarketplace #LiveEventPodcast #EventIcons
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Best property lawyers in Bangalore
Hire the best property lawyers in Bangalore from JaiLegal one of the leading legal firms in Bangalore. Clients can consult the top property lawyers for property registration, property verification and other legal issues related to property. http://www.jailegal.com/
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Do you need  Finance contact mahesh Business
Daily finance, monthly finance & personal loan need private finance daily, weekly, monthly we provided for so please contact or message me . call me : 91-7013842676, 9618182800, 9494923441, 7013879126, 7013842676, 7981106460, one of the fastest growing vizag based Non-Banking Finance Company, is an outcome of the professional entrepreneurship of its Founder D.Mahesh, and his highly experienced and competent management team. Their focus and passion is to establish a high quality, customer centric and Service Driven finance company catering and valuing the smallest needs of people of India. The association of the company with the finest pedigree investors reflects company’s sustainable growth and synergies. The company is very well known by the name of "The Financiers". Private finance to the companies in the cheque basis ... ON 7 LAKHS BANK TRANSACTION EACHMONTH CHEQUE BASIS ARRANGED FROM PVT FINANCE call money market (CMM) the market where overnight (one day) loans can be availed by banks to meet liquidity. Need finance all over india, we provided for you , for business people, consultancy, wholesale market, and big and small companies, for more details call me : 7013842676, contact : Mahesh. Or message Me.
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Job Work Services by Aakash Press Parts Private Limited, Pune
[http://www.aakashpressparts.com/] Welcome to Aakash Press Parts Private Limited, Manufacturer & Supplier of Industrial Products. The company was incorporated in 1998 at Pune. Our reliable vendor base & wide distribution network have helped us to gain clientele like Finolex Cables, Gange Pressing, MUSCO LTD. & other companies.We are well known in the market for our Premium grade raw materials, well equipped R&D departments, cost effective prices & timeliness.Job Work Services, Press Parts, Press Tools, Jigs, Fixtures & Industrial Gauges are some of our products & services.Supported by a highly proficient team of engineers and technocrats, we provide job works for different purposes.The diverse machine components that we manufacture include press parts that conform to international quality standards.Backed by our modern infrastructure, we offer a range of press tools that is manufactured using superior quality raw materials.Our range of jigs & fixtures are designed and developed to facilitate easy and accurate clamping.Avail from us costumed designed Gauges that find broad application in varied industries.
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GTAC 2011: Closing Keynote - Secrets of World Class Software Organizations
6th Annual Google Test Automation Conference 2011 (GTAC 2011) "Cloudy With A Chance Of Tests" Computer History Museum Mountain View, CA USA October 26-27, 2011 Presented by Steve McConnell. ABSTRACT Construx consultants work with literally hundreds of software organizations each year. Among these organizations, a few stand out as being truly world class. They are exceptional in their ability to meet their software development goals and exceptional in the contribution they make to their companies' overall business success. Do world class software organizations operate differently than average organizations? In Construx's experience, the answer is a resounding "YES." In this talk, award-winning author Steve McConnell reveals the technical, management, business, and cultural secrets that make a software organization world class. Steve McConnell is CEO and Chief Software Engineer at Construx Software where he consults to a broad range of industries, teaches seminars, and oversees Construx's software engineering practices. Readers of Software Development magazine named him one of the three most influential people in the software industry along with Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds. Steve is the author of Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art (2006), Code Complete (1993, 2004), Rapid Development (1996), Software Project Survival Guide (1998), and Professional Software Development(2004), as well as numerous technical articles. His books have won numerous awards for "Best Book of the Year" from Software Development magazine, Game Developer magazine, Amazon.com's editors, and other sources. Steve serves as Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of IEEE Software magazine, is on the Panel of Experts of the SWEBOK project, and is past Chair of the IEEE Computer Society's Professional Practices Committee. He can be reached at [email protected]
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QS 9000 and Awards
Six Sigma by Dr. T. P. Bagchi , Department of Management, IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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Project Management Crash Course
Please order ebook/audiobook of this video to support our channel https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/607446, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Project-Management-Crash-Course-IntroBooks/dp/1979303649/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1540325749&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=Project+Management+introbooks or https://www.audible.com/pd/Project-Management-Crash-Course-Audiobook/B0751Q5GTG?qid=1540325760&sr=sr_1_1&ref=a_search_c3_lProduct_1_1&pf_rd_p=e81b7c27-6880-467a-b5a7-13cef5d729fe&pf_rd_r=73CTTYP91SQRYC0QFWVY& The main role of the project management crash course is to effectively capture the essence of project management in a short amount of time for those who are just getting started with managing projects or wish to become future entrepreneurs. Small workshops during the project management crash course provide ample opportunities for working with the key management tools as well as proper techniques towards planning, executing, controlling, and completing the multiple projects.
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Lean-Agile Introductory Workshop
Participants will leave with at least one Agile practice they have identified is in their sphere of influence—or perhaps under their control—to implement. They will understand this Agile practice within the context of Agile principles, and values, and how that relates to Lean product development. A sample agenda of this workshop, follows: Set Agile in a Lean Context (lean software development is lean product development, not lean manufacturing. Discuss Agile in a complex context requirements and technology uncertainty. Map Agile principles to values. How could Agile fail? Identify circles of concern and influence. Identify the art of the possible.
Mod-04 Lec-19 Case Analysis - 2 & SFAS Matrix
Strategic Management by Prof. R. Srinivasan, Department of Management Studies, IISC Bangalore. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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Day 1 - TOPIC #2: Telehealth and Payment
The Role of Telehealth in an Evolving Health Care Environment Workshop 1:00PM-2:30PM TOPIC #2: Telehealth and Payment Panel moderator: Thomas S. Nesbitt, UC Davis Health System Rural Medicare Payment Jeff Stensland, MedPAC Challenges to the traditional payment models Karen E. Edison, University of Missouri Health System Private Pay Manish N. Oza, Wellpoint Comprehensive Health Solutions New models for payment Linda Magno, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Q&A with Audience
Day 1 - Opening Remarks -  Mary Wakefield
The Role of Telehealth in an Evolving Health Care Environment Workshop Mary Wakefield, Health Resources and Services Administration, Project Sponsor
School Board Meeting October 19, 2017 CC
0:00:00 Opening: Presentation of Colors: Arlington Career Center AFJROTC Cadet Corps 0:02:09 Recognition: Student Showcase – Best Buddies 0:23:07 All Announcements 0:41:15 Consent Items 0:43:46 Citizen Comment on Non-Agenda Items 0:52:56 Monitoring Item: Superintendent’s 2017-18 Action Plan Update 2:00:05 Monitoring Item: Graduation Task Force Update 2:22:14 Monitoring Item: Minor Construction/Major Maintenance (MC/MM) Update 2:52:27 Action Item: The Children’s School Memorandum of Understanding 2:55:36 Information Item: 2018 Internal Audit Work Plan 3:16:49 Information Item: Construction Contract Award for Early Work Package 2 for Fleet Elementary School
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School Board Meeting October 19, 2017 CC
sbm2017101900 Full
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