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GDPR For HR Explained
*CORRECT AS OF SEPTEMBER 2017* This webinar provides an overview for HR teams to help with their GDPR compliance. The way in which personal data is used and protected is set to change in May 2018. In response to the changing landscape, the EU has updated the current Data Protection Directive with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Organisations in the EU will have to comply with its provisions from 25th May 2018 but what does this mean from an HR/ Employment Law perspective? Join us for this brief webinar to hear some commonly asked questions answered in respect of the HR implications of the GDPR.
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How does GDPR impact HR?
Explaining the impact of GDPR on HR departments and HR professionals is Verity Slater, Partner in our Employment team, and Solicitor Jowanna Conboye. To speak to a member of the team, or for more information, visit: https://bit.ly/2OeAPIO General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changed the landscape for data protection in the UK and across Europe as of 25th May 2018. HR departments and HR professionals need to have reviewed the data they hold on current employees and potential recruits. HR teams need to ensure they are compliant with the new regulation as it has a wide ranging impact on the data they hold. In this video Verity and Jowanna answer the questions that are frequently asked: What should HR teams be doing? What data have we got and why do we have it? What is the lawful basis for processing data? What does a privacy notice need to include? What are the penalties for failing to comply with GDPR? Where is our data stored and how secure is it? How do we report breaches to the regulator?
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The Role of HR in GDPR Compliance
Our SVP of Global HR, Claudia Wu, discusses how HR can help your business with GDPR compliance. Learn more by visiting: http://bit.ly/2HClIV2
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HR ListenIn: GDPR for HR practitioners – a new data protection regime
On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation will usher in a new, more stringent regulatory environment for all employers. Dom Holmes and Rachel Ashwood look at the forthcoming changes, with a specific focus on what it means for HR practitioners. They discuss new rights and safeguards for employees in relation to their personal data, how to handle subject access requests and practical tips on how HR practitioners should start their GDPR compliance project.
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What every HR leader needs to know about GDPR
Nicki Dexter, SVP, people and communications at Schibsted Media, reveals the critical points every HR function needs to consider under the GDPR. This interview is part of Hot Topics' There's Something About Data series, powered by Oracle Cloud.
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GDPR Vs HR - Lawful basis for processing 2018
For me employee data is sometimes given less consideration than customer data so I’ve decided to take a look at HR and employment processing under the GDPR for this weeks video. If you work in HR or have an interest in employee data and the lawful basis for processing then this one is for you! #ico #dataprotection #dataprivacy #privacy #GDPR #DPO #dataprotectiondiaries #dataprotectionofficer #HR #employmentdata
Data Protection for Employment Lawyers & HR Professionals - Webinar
to view this full webinar go to http://www.mblseminars.com/8172
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GDPR Impact on Human Resources Management
With the GDPR’s effective date, may 25 2018, on the horizon Human Resource Management departments should be planning on how to undertake the necessary changes that will ensure their operations remain legal when the regulation starts being applicable across Europe. It is evident that most HR departments will find it challenging to balance employees’ privacy and the tasks that they must execute in their capacities as HR personnel in the company. It is crucial that human resource professionals and employers start organizing themselves because the law will affect a substantial part of their work including seeking information from the candidates, recording, storing and sharing. These processes are all regulated by the new law. The most critical aspect of these processes is the limitation on the use of consent particularly in the perspective of employment relationship. From the context of employment law, there is no doubt that the onus will be on the HR personnel to demonstrate that the employee consented to the processing of their data. Alternatively, they would have to show that there is a genuine interest or a legal obligation to process personal data. Learn more about it: https://www.compliancejunction.com/gdpr-impact-human-resources-management/ More info here: https://www.compliancejunction.com/infographic-gdpr-in-perspective/ https://www.compliancejunction.com/how-is-personally-identifiable-data-defined-under-gdpr/
GDPR for HR Professionals
Irwin Mitchell's GDPR webinar for the employment sector
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Data Protection for Employers in Ireland-the Legal Obligations
Learn more about employment law in Ireland: https://EmploymentRightsIreland.com This video looks at the obligations of employers in Ireland under data protection legislation and the problem areas MY BOOKS Employment Law In Ireland: The Essentials for Employers, Employees and HR Managers http://amzn.to/2oDhR36 27 Irish Employment Law Cases: Priceless Lessons for Employers and Employees from Decided Cases of the EAT, Equality Tribunal, and High Court http://amzn.to/2oG4oHK How to Carry Out a Workplace Disciplinary Procedure: Avoid Costly Claims for Unfair Dismissal and Other Employment Related Claims http://amzn.to/2H1uR9i The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online: How to Get New Clients With a Proven, Inexpensive 5 Part Digital Marketing Strategy http://amzn.to/2Fa5BB7 Buying a House in Ireland: A Step by Step Guide by a Builder/Solicitor http://amzn.to/2F9Z2ij
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GDPR & Critical HR Changes
Hear from representatives of Me Learning, hr inspire and Breathe HR in this session aimed at answering how HR departments manage the impending General Data Protection Regulation.
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Data Protection Case Study: The Worried Employee
http://www.tvchoice.uk.com - CLIPS LIBRARY: Data Protection Case Study: The Worried Employee - 5 mins 48 secs Rosie worries she'll lose her job because of mistakes in her personnel records. But what data does her company hold? Has she a right to see it? The TV CHOICE CLIPS LIBRARY is a growing resource of high quality clips for teaching Business Studies, Leisure & Tourism, Geography and other subjects. Clips can be purchased on DVD or streamed from the internet. Visit our website and follow links to "Clips Library" TV CHOICE also has a range of over 200 educational films for Business Studies, Geography, History, Leisure and Tourism and many other subjects. USA FORMATS AVAILABLE. http://www.tvchoice.uk.com
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GDPR: Everything You Need to Know About the New Data Protection Rule
The above video highlights everything you need to know about the new data protection rule - GDPR. For more information on this subject, download the white paper here: https://www.onlinewhitepapers.com/information-technology/gdpr-everything-need-know-new-data-protection-rule/ ABOUT: Online White Papers, a web brand of Bython Media, helps company executives and IT decision-makers identify the problem areas of their business as well as strategies, techniques, and technologies to inform employees, give insight and support where needed, and to streamline the business process. A vast repository of professional resources from leaders in the IT, finance, marketing, and human resources industries brings solutions to your fingertips. Find out more at OnlineWhitePapers.com.
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The Human Resource Security Policy
The HR or Human Resource Security Policy The HR, or Human Resource Security Policy, is something quite misunderstood by companies. We think we have HR policies, training and orientation, so those are the same or we don’t need this policy. I'm going to share some of the questions and reasons for the HR Security Policy: 1.Why do we background check people and to what degree? 2.Why is there a separate Information Security Awareness Training? 3.Why do specialized jobs need specialized Information Security training? 4.Why are terminations as important as hiring? FIRST - Why do we background check people and to what degree? - We handle lots of confidential, classified, restricted and encrypted (sometimes unencrypted) data. We background check people based on the level of classification of the data they will handle. Think about it, even your receptionist may handle more than confidential data on some occasion. We want to be sure of the background of the people handling our data or our customers data. And by the way, our customer’s may ask too! SECOND - Why is there a separate Information Security Awareness Training? –because there are specific ways we are required or would like or are required to have our data and processes handled. We need to train them on the how. THIRD - Why do specialized jobs need specialized Information Security training? –because there are jobs that touch code, encrypted or unencrypted data and we want them trained on EXACTLY what is required or we expect! FORTH - Why are terminations as important as hiring? –because if there is a termination for cause, we don’t want that person to have access for ONE MINUTE longer than they are under our employ, AND we want no accounts to accidentally be left open for a possible future breach. So, what do you need to do: 1.Establish simple rules: background check type and for whom, training type and for whom, termination processes for all accounts 2.Create simple ideas of procedures follow those subjects 3.Compare those simple rules against the push back your culture, people or vendors may have 4.Determine what you are or are not willing to do 5.Compare that to your standards, compliance or regulatory requirements 6.Gain agreement with Senior staff 7.Make it a policy 8.Teach your employees that it’s a policy and ensure they follow through! Now, anywhere along the way, if you need assistance or this doesn’t make sense to you, reach out to ADHERE. We’re experts on helping you establish policies that are appropriate! Rauchus by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/
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What does GDPR mean for HR?
GDPR isn’t a compliance burden, it has benefits for HR and employees. Arnaud Gouchan, PeopleDoc’s Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, explains why the GDPR is a good thing for employers. Watch all of HR’s GDPR questions, answered in 2 minutes or less: https://hubs.ly/H0cb0xt0
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GDPR: How are you collecting data?
Make sure that your company's data protection policies are in place before GDPR comes into force. https://www.360resourcing.co.uk/landing-pages/GDPR-for-HR This GDPR for HR video looks at: - Analysing how you collect data - "When isn't data consent valid?" - "What are the alternatives to data consent?" - Legal obligations under GDPR - "What other rights do I outline in my privacy policy?"
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GDPR for Human Resources | Understanding the GDPR Principles
In this GDPR for human resources video, we’ll be discussing GDPR principles for human resources - GDPR Principles for HR🔺 Take advantage of a free 30-minute GDPR assessment for your business here: https://www.fileom.eu 🔺 SUBSCRIBE to the Channel: ⭐ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFykzIY6N1TUwxffoLE0Cfw?sub_confirmation=1 🔥 Click on 'Show More' for details (...) Watch this video and get answers on What is GDPR for HR / GDPR for Human Resources and better understanding the GDPR Principles. #GDPR #GDPRforHR #GDPRprinciples Contribute to this video: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=KZEnH4FcD4g GDPR ADVICE FOR HUMAN RESOURCES: https://www.fileom.eu/gdpr-advice-centre/human-resources/ Other Advices: https://www.fileom.eu/gdpr-advice-centre/ Share this video: https://youtu.be/KZEnH4FcD4g FileOM is a GDPR, data and privacy management consultancy working with clients from a broad range of sectors across the UK and internationally. WATCH OUR CHANNEL PLAYLISTS 👉🏻 GDPR IQ Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1FCPor5oyFBPLNRwgZgDHGbPdw71-EFp 👉🏻 GDPR, CCPA, Data and Privacy Consulting: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1FCPor5oyFAQgqTS51sWSCtipXPx7Mk0 👉🏻 GDPR Contracts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1FCPor5oyFBylhgTPT1W4UCK61kSKX6v GDPR COMPLIANCE FROM EU CERTIFIED EXPERTS ✔️ You can find us on: 🔺 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fileom 🔺 Twitter: https://twitter.com/fileom_eu 🔺 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fileom-ltd Email: [email protected] Comments are welcomed!
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Summer HR Seminar Chapter 3: General Data Protection Regulation - Implications for Employers
To find out more about HR law, visit https://www.hrlaw.co.uk/ In part 3 of Fox Williams Summer HR Seminar, Nigel Miller talks about the implications for employers of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. To see the full seminar, go to https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwLJZzh89WDCOcFtZ54M6qxLf86ZImeIO Connect with Fox Williams LLP: Website: http://www.foxwilliams.com HR Law site: https://www.hrlaw.co.uk Twitter: https://twitter.com/hrlawonline LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fox-williams #GoodSenseInTheCity
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GDPR -  focusing on the implications for HR
The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are due to come into effect from May 2018, and whilst the Data Protection Act has been around for many years already, the GDPR does somewhat enhance the obligations and duties of both a Data Controller and Data Processor. The GDPR will apply to all organisations that are based in, or do business in the EU, irrespective of their size or sector. As the GDPR is a regulation rather than a directive, it will apply directly in member states without any additional national legislation. Even though the UK has voted to leave the EU, we will still be a member in May 2018, and therefore must comply until such time as we do leave. Any UK organisation that has part of its operation with the EU will have to continue to abide by this regulation, and any other organisations that wish to continue to trade with our EU neighbours will need to continue to comply with the rules that affect their data processing. Even if you are fully compliant with the current Data Protection Act (DPA), there are several key point actions to take into consideration. Watch our webinar recording to find out what these key points are as we take a closer look at the impact of the GDPR on HR departments, with a particular focus on data retention and dealing with subject access requests (SARs). To request a free GDPR risk and compliance audit visit: https://www.hrsolutions-uk.com/risk-audit/
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How GDPR will affect your company
MARKETING THOUGHT FUNNEL General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is an extensive data privacy policy. Created to better protect consumer privacy and customer information. Watch this video and learn how GDPR will affect businesses worldwide. For more on this subject, click here: https://www.techfunnel.com/martech/what-companies-are-affected-by-gdpr/ ABOUT: TechFunnel, a web brand of Bython Media, is an ambitious technology media web property dedicated to technology news, product reviews, and analyzing how technology affects business, finance, human resources, marketing, government, and everyday life.
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NGA Human Resources: Trust and Productivity
Data security is not the only major gain NGA Human Resources received once they moved off G Suite to Office 365. Global staff are far more productive, efficient, and collaborate easily. Privacy counsel deputy data protection officer and the Global PR and External Communications Lead share why they prefer Office 365, see what they have to say. Learn more at: http://o365.com/ngahr
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GDPR Compliance Checklist – Requirements for General Data Protection Regulation
MARKETING THOUGHT FUNNEL: Is your company ready for one of the strictest data protection laws ever? The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, was adopted by the European Parliament in April 2016. It is expected to replace the Data Protection Directive issued in 1995. Companies which are already compliant with the Directive must take extra steps to ensure that they are compliant with all of the new requirements of the GDPR before it goes into effect on May 25, 2018. Companies that fail to comply with the new GDPR regulations will be subject to stiff penalties and fines. For more on this subject, click here: https://www.techfunnel.com/information-technology/gdpr-compliance-checklist-requirements-general-data-protection-regulation/ ABOUT: TechFunnel, a web brand of Bython Media, is an ambitious technology media web property dedicated to technology news, product reviews, and analyzing how technology affects business, finance, human resources, marketing, government, and everyday life.
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HRIS Security
Information privacy and security are particularly important issues for HRIS because unlike many other organizational systems, an HRIS includes a great deal of confidential data about employees.
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HR Data - challenges ahead for employers
The new General Data Protection Regulation will apply from 25 May 2018. Bringing enhanced rights for individuals and an increased compliance burden for most employers, businesses need to get ready for compliance. At the same time, concerns around data exports and Brexit will create new challenges, particularly for UK businesses. Planning ahead is essential and this month, we look at key data protection issues for employers.
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13 Essential HR Policies
http://www.myvirtualhr.co.uk There are some HR policies and procedures that it is essential for your business to have to ensure that you are doing everything correctly, and that your HR policies and procedures are not only legal and appropriate, but that they are fit for purpose. The task facing many businesses is knowing where to start, and what HR policies and procedures they must have to be legally compliant. http://youtu.be/J3qESIW1m7A These are the 13 HR policies and or procedures that every business ought to have: 1. Job Specification and personal profiles: 2. Contracts of Employment: 3. Managing Probation Periods: 4. Performance Management: 5. Discipline and Dismissal Policy: 6. Grievance Procedure: 7. Sickness Absence & Sick Pay: 8. Holiday entitlement: 9. I.T. usage: 10. Data Protection Policy: 11. Equal Opportunities: 12. Appraisal Policy: 13. Health & Safety Policy Statement These 13 HR policies and procedures are the very minimum you need to have in place to ensure that your business is compliant. My Virtual HR provides a range of standard and bespoke employment contracts and employment handbooks, HR policies and procedures, template letters, forms, and consultancy at affordable prices for smaller businesses in England and Wales. http://www.myvirtualhr.co.uk The task is knowing where to start, and what HR policies and procedures they must have to be legally compliant. There are 13 HR policies and or procedures that every business ought to have. 1. Job Specification and personal profiles: 2. Contracts of Employment: 3. Managing Probation Periods: 4. Performance Management: 5 . Discipline and Dismissal Policy 6. Grievance Procedure: 7. Sickness Absence & Sick Pay: This policy, which is apt for inclusion in the contract of employment, sets out your rules for notifying absence due to sickness or incapacity, whether the employee can self-certify their absence and, if so, for how long, and what payment they will be entitled to during any such periods of absence. 8. Holiday entitlement: All full-time employees in the UK are entitled to at least 5.6 weeks paid holidays in a year. This is capped at 28 days, which can be inclusive of statutory Bank Holidays and public holidays. These are sometimes called Working Time or WTR holidays. If you give more than the statutory minimum holidays, you can set out rules for carrying over unused holidays into the next leave year. Be aware, however, that the WTR holidays cannot be carried over. 9. I.T. usage: Especially with the temptations of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and the Internet, it is best to let your employees know clearly and in advance what I.T. usage is and is not acceptable. This policy should also cover employees using their own devices either during normal working hours or in the course of their work. 10. Data Protection Policy: This is an important policy. It is not just about what data you store, including personal data and sensitive personal data, but how and where you store it, how and where it is processed, and how you safeguard it. Failure to protect this data could not only lead to a huge loss of customer goodwill, but also to a fine that is big enough, potentially, to seriously affect your company's future. 11. Equal Opportunities: The Equality Act 2010 brought together in one place all the separate pieces of UK legislation relating to discrimination and harassment. It is very important to make sure you know and understand the obligations on your business, and for your employees to know what they should do as well as what they should not do or say. 12. Appraisal Policy: Many businesses, especially smaller enterprises, consider a formal appraisal policy as being optional. I disagree. A good appraisal policy helps both you and your employee identify their weaknesses and enables you to devise an appropriate training programme to support them in making any necessary improvements. Such a policy also gives you an objective basis for considering pay reviews. 13. The make-weight: The requirements of health and safety legislation permeate all aspects of employment from choosing a piece of workplace equipment, risk assessing a task, to reporting accidents at work. As a legal minimum, you should have a health and safety policy statement. This is the basic information telling staff what you, and they, must do to make sure your business complies with health and safety law. Health and safety policies are job, activity, and site specific. Because of this, it is common for businesses to incorporate their health and safety policy into their staff handbook by reference. These 13 HR policies and procedures are the very minimum you need to have in place to ensure that your business is compliant.
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A Practical GDPR Guide for HR & Payroll Professionals
The challenges and complexities of building a GDPR readiness program should not be underestimated. This webinar recording provides a check list to get you on track for GDPR compliance. -GDPR specialists and data compliance lawyers from NGA HR explain the key steps and responsibilities to take to achieve GDPR compliance within HR & Payroll -A check list is provided to ensure you’re on track Download the webinar presentation https://resources.ngahr.com/practical-gdpr-guide-hr-payroll-professionals-presentation Download your GDPR Guide for HR Professionals and get your organization ahead of GDPR https://resources.ngahr.com/gdpr-guide-hr-professionals Download the infographic and the presentation ‘Impact of GDPR on HR and Payroll’ https://resources.ngahr.com/impact-gdpr-hr-payroll https://resources.ngahr.com/impact-gdpr-hr-payroll-0 Read the GDPR blogs: *Ghouls and Ghosts May be Scary, but GDPR is not… https://www.ngahr.com/blog/ghouls-and-ghosts-may-be-scary-gdpr-not%E2%80%A6 *Is your HR Data ready for the GDPR? https://www.ngahr.com/blog/your-hr-data-ready-gdpr *Don’t Make Toast of Your Data, https://www.ngahr.com/blog/don%E2%80%99t-make-toast-your-data More information on regulations: *The full text of the GDPR: https://ec.europa.eu/info/strategy/justice-and-fundamental-rights/data-protection_en *EU’s GDPR portal: https://www.eugdpr.org/ *ICO GDPR Myth Buster: https://iconewsblog.org.uk/tag/gdprmyths
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General Data Protection Regulation: Preparation for Employers
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect from 25 May 2018. It will alter how companies deal with personal data, with potential fines for non-compliance of up to €20m or, if higher, 4% of global turnover. In the first of a series of lunchtime GDPR webinars, James Hutchinson looks at the role of a typical employer and cover: - Background and overview of the GDPR - An employer's existing and new duties to its employees - New data rights for employees - Changes to subject access rights - Personal data breach obligations - Steps to take now with under a year to go
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Al Adamsen - HR professionals: We need to talk about Ethics, Privacy, and Data
HR professionals: We need to talk about Ethics, Privacy, and Data by Al Adamsen / Insight 222 Join the Digital HR Summit 2019 in Amsterdam on April 2-3. With the growing availability of smart tools and deeper data analyses into all parts of the business, there’s a seemingly inexhaustible array of information available to HR and data experts. In this video you will find an answer to the next questions: Who is the owner of the data? How do you use and maintain the data? Who is responsible for data security? Is it time for a standards authority for the HR analytics profession? And what is relevant data, and what is not relevant data, and who decides which is which? #dhrs2019 #DigitalHR #Ethics #futureofhr
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GDPR, the employee and the psychological contract at the heart of HR
Rebuilding - or, for the lucky few, maintaining - customer trust in today's data-rich environment is crucial. The GDPR and other pieces of legislation targeting internet data privacy covers this topic in many ways, but Nicki Dexter, SVP, people and communications at Schibsted Media Group, believes there is also a HR conversation to be had. If customer trust needs re-evaluating, what about employee trust? This interview is part of our 'There's Something About Data' series, powered by Oracle Cloud.
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DATA PROTECTION CHALLENGES IN HUMANITARIAN ACTION. Organised by Brussels Privacy Hub Chair: Catherine Lennman, Swiss DPA (CH) Moderator: Vagelis Papakonstantinou, VUB (BE) Speakers: Alexander Beck, UNHCR (INT); Christopher Kuner, BPH (BE); Massimo Marelli, ICRC (INT); Ben Parker, IRIN (CH); Alexandrine Pirlot de Corbion, Privacy International (UK); The collection and processing of personally-identifiable data is central to the work of organisations in the humanitarian sector to protect and deliver essential aid to hundreds of millions of vulnerable individuals. This requires humanitarian organizations to implement data protection in their work. Compliance with personal data protection standards requires consideration of the specific scope and purpose of humanitarian activities to provide for the urgent and basic needs of individuals, and to protect their rights. This panel will consider how the imperatives of data protection and humanitarian action can both be realized on a global scale, particularly in light of new technologies. In view of this background, the panel will consider questions such as the following: - What legal standards should be used to implement data protection in humanitarian action across various legal systems? - How can data protection be balanced against other rights and freedoms in humanitarian action? - What are the implications of data protection laws for international organizations working in the humanitarian sector?
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4 Points HR Needs to Know About Employment Law, Data Privacy and Security
Article Source: http://data-informed.com/4-points-hr-needs-to-know-about-employment-law-data-privacy-and-security Image Source: http://www.sklegal.com.au/legal-services/employment-and-industrial-relations These days, human resources departments are collecting and storing vast amounts of employee-related data. From turnover rates and workforce characteristics to payroll and employment history, never before have HR professionals had such unfettered access to personal information. But while these bits and bytes can help hire new talent, identify skills gaps and measure performance, they also create a whole new set of challenges for HR professionals: how to comply with global employment laws, maintain data security and uphold employee privacy. Lawyers are already banking on a big pay day over HR's inability to keep payroll records and social security numbers secure. According to the BTI Consulting Group's 2012 Strategic Review and Outlook for the U.S. Legal Services Industry report, data security is primed to exceed most other practice areas in annual number of matters and annual billings per matter. Luckily, there are steps HR professionals can take to make sure their valuable HR data doesn't become cause for a court date.
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GDPR Explained: HR and employers
[TRANSCRIPT]: In terms of an employment relationship between you as the employer and any of your employees, then you're also going to have to comply with the terms of the GDPR and from an internal perspective. So it's not just an outward facing issue, you're going to have to think about internally. What personal data you store on behalf of the employees? Why do you store it? Where do you store it? Do you need to store it? You're going to have to alert them as well to the data that you’re storing and why you're storing it, so as they are clear as to why and what you use their personal data for. As an employer, your HR team have a task at hand that they should really take forward now in terms of GDPR compliance. They should be looking at their personnel files that they're holding. What they're holding in those files. Where do they store the files? Where do they store the data? Do they hold any special category or sensitive personal data such as, health records, medical records, that you may well need in terms of complying with equalities acts, legislation as well. If you are holding that data, do you have consents? So you might need to review your consents that you already think you have in place. At the moment, you'll have to think about notifying employees what data is held. You'll also have to think about going forward any prospective employees or applicants. Do you hold personal data? You will likely hold personal data of applicants. Well, if you do, then you should be notifying them at the outset of collecting and holding that, that you are going to hold that.
Privacy and GDPR l Editable Video Template - Moovly
Use and adapt this video template at https://www.moovly.com/template/privacy-and-gdpr This customizable video template can be used to inform employees about the privacy policy and GDPR as a vital part of it. It provides in-depth information on what GDPR is, as well as tips to increase privacy protection. This video template can be used to help educate employees on how to be GDPR compliant. Every company or organization collects, uses and stores data on employees and customers, therefore it needs to have a privacy policy in line with the laws of its country of residence. Template Content: Data protection How to deal with personal data? - Data shared by people online - Email addresses - Social media posts - Location details - Websites visited - IP address What is GDPR? - European regulation - General Data Protection Regulation How to deal with data from customers, suppliers, partners, employees - Privacy protection tips - Be transparent - Limit the purpose - Minimize data - Be accurate - Respect the Data retention period - Secure all data - You are accountable Who to contact in case of questions? For more Human Resources video templates, take a look at https://www.moovly.com/hr-video-templates
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An HR Manager's Guide to Privacy and Security – HIPAA and Beyond
Health care isn't the only industry that has to stay in compliance with privacy and security regulations. Join us to get an update on the Office of Civil Rights enforcement of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, plus other laws that impact the privacy or security of employee health data. Learn about the latest security threats facing your company, including phishing and ransomware, and learn about the newest technologies that are raising privacy and security concerns for companies. Whether you're new to the human resources field or need an in-depth refresher, you won't want to miss this!
GDPR HR Training 2018
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Focus on HR, March 29 2012
IN THIS EPISODE: News: Health reform law, health data protection, body odor. Focus on SHRM: Cost per hire standard. Feature: NLRB poster rules.
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NAE One Minute Message: GDPR for HR
Video can be an effective part of an internal communication strategy. Contact New Amsterdam English for more information
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GDPR Fundamentals: Data Security Requirements
Learn more at https://kirkpatrickprice.com/video/gdpr-fundamentals-data-security-requirements/ While GDPR is primarily a data privacy law, it also includes elements of data security. But of course, GDPR is ambiguous so it’s not very prescriptive when it comes to data security requirements for processing personal data. The law requires each organization to evaluate its own data security based risk, processing activities, and its organizational structure. By putting this in the hands of the organization, the organization can determine what’s an appropriate control. organizations are also allowed to consider the ability and resources of an organization to implement a control. Just because a control is a possibility for mitigating risk doesn’t mean that it’s an appropriate control. What’s appropriate for one organization may be too expensive, impractical, or not secure enough for another organization. Appropriate organizational and technical data security controls include risk assessments, encryption, pseudonymization, and documented policies of things like business continuity, physical security, logical access, configuration management, human resources, and management oversight. There should also be a process to monitor and test the effectiveness of data security controls, which is where internal and third-party auditing comes into play. These will serve as an effective way of demonstrating that thought and objectivity has been considered when it comes to what is appropriate for an organization. There have been unofficial attempts to map GDPR requirements to other information security frameworks, but they may be incomplete with respect to data security and privacy elements. Stay Connected Twitter: https://twitter.com/KPAudit LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kirkpatrickprice-llc Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kirkpatrickprice/ More Free Resources Blog: https://kirkpatrickprice.com/blog/ Webinars: https://kirkpatrickprice.com/webinars/ Videos: https://kirkpatrickprice.com/video/ White Papers: https://kirkpatrickprice.com/white-papers/ About Us KirkpatrickPrice is a licensed CPA firm, PCI QSA, and a HITRUST CSF Assessor, registered with the PCAOB, providing assurance services to clients in more than 48 states, Canada, Asia, and Europe. The firm has over 13 years of experience in information security and compliance assurance by performing assessments, audits, and tests that strengthen information security and internal controls. KirkpatrickPrice most commonly provides advice on SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST CSF, GDPR, ISO 27001, FISMA, and CFPB frameworks. For more about KirkpatrickPrice: https://kirkpatrickprice.com/ Contact us today: 800-770-2701 https://kirkpatrickprice.com/contact/
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Solving the HR dilemma
In this video HRbots founder Daniel Laya talks about the Human Resources dilemma: Transactional vs. Developmental and how Chatbots play a role in it.
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The Importance of GDPR in HR Technology with OutMatch Chief Technology Officer Chris Gardner
Join us as OutMatch Chief Technology Officer, Chris Gardner shares his insight on GDPR ins the HR Tech industry. You’ll also learn about: The role of an IT team in a SAAS organization and metrics they track What skills it takes to build a successful technology team How a simple daily standup meeting can improve focus and drive better outcomes You can connect with Chris on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/cgardner1/ For more on the podcast, visit http://outmatch.com/about/events/talent-playbook-podcast/ or email us at [email protected] You can read more on GDPR and OutMatch’s compliance at https://outmatch.com/outmatch-announces-full-gdpr-compliance-of-talent-analytics-platform/ and https://outmatch.com/5-things-hr-leaders-should-know-about-gdpr/
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What's Changing for HR in 2018?
In this webinar, we consider key topical issues for HR in 2018, most of which will affect many of us. Some are pivotal developments that could really change the scope of HR as we know it. We will cover: Gender Pay – The deadline GDPR - The General Data Protection Regulation Tribunals – Abolished fees and increased cases Sleep-ins – Recent cases support minimum wage Statutory Rates for 2018 – What you’ll need to pay Auto-Enrolment – Increase in minimum contributions The Gig Economy – An overhaul to force employment rights
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The General Data Protection Regulation - Julie Austin
www.legal-island.ie - We believe in making the lives of HR professional easier.
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GDPR Bootcamp
In association with Risk Evolves, The HR Dept will be delivering a GDPR bootcamp to ensure small businesses owners are ready for GDPR. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gdpr-bootcamp-just-show-me-what-i-need-to-do-tickets-44235864662?aff=eac2
5 Ways to Ensure General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance
The above video highlights five ways businesses can ensure the General Data Protection Regulation. For more information on this subject, download the white paper here: https://www.onlinewhitepapers.com/information-technology/5-ways-ensure-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr-compliance/ ABOUT: Online White Papers, a web brand of Bython Media, helps company executives and IT decision-makers identify the problem areas of their business as well as strategies, techniques, and technologies to inform employees, give insight and support where needed, and to streamline the business process. A vast repository of professional resources from leaders in the IT, finance, marketing, and human resources industries brings solutions to your fingertips. Find out more at OnlineWhitePapers.com.
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What does HR need to do to comply with GDPR?
You know you have to comply with GDPR, but exactly which steps will get you there? Arnaud talks about how to honor an employees’ personal data rights under the GDPR.
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Four Ways to Avoid a GDPR Audit
MARKETING THOUGHT FUNNEL: What is GDPR? According to Investopedia, General Data Protection Regulation (abbreviated as GDPR), is: "A legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European Union. The GDPR sets out the principles for data management and the rights of the individual, while also imposing fines that can be revenue-based. The General Data Protection Regulation covers all companies that deal with the data of EU citizens, so it is a critical regulation for corporate compliance officers at banks, insurers and other financial companies. GDPR will come into effect across the EU on May 25, 2018." Since the policy will be implemented in the coming year, here are a few methods to avoid a GDPR audit and perform and initiate complete compliance. For more on this subject, click here: https://www.techfunnel.com/information-technology/gdpr-can-companies-get-compliant/ ABOUT: TechFunnel, a web brand of Bython Media, is an ambitious technology media web property dedicated to technology news, product reviews, and analyzing how technology affects business, finance, human resources, marketing, government, and everyday life.
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18 - Fast Systems - Human Resources System HRS - Employee Personal Data
Contact us via Email : [email protected] How to insert Employee Personal Data?
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What Is Scale-out Data Protection?
The above video explains scale-out data protection. For more information on this subject, download the white paper here: https://www.onlinewhitepapers.com/information-technology/scale-data-protection/ ABOUT: Online White Papers, a web brand of Bython Media, helps company executives and IT decision-makers identify the problem areas of their business as well as strategies, techniques, and technologies to inform employees, give insight and support where needed, and to streamline the business process. A vast repository of professional resources from leaders in the IT, finance, marketing, and human resources industries brings solutions to your fingertips. Find out more at OnlineWhitePapers.com.
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