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A History of P&H Mining Equipment
This video provides insight into how P&H Mining Equipment has evolved, endured and excelled over the past 125 years and continues to do so into the exciting future.
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P&H Mining Equipment 4100 AC Mining Shovel Walkthrough
AC-drive P&H 4100-class mining shovels are helping the global mining industry achieve increasingly efficient and reliable productivity. More info at: http://www.phmining.com/en/PHMining/Mining-Equipment/Electric-Shovels/4100C.htm
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10 Extreme Biggest P&H CAT LIEBHERR HITACHI KOMATSU BelAZ Mining Equipment Dump Truck Excavator
10 Extreme Dangerous Biggest P&H LIEBHERR HITACHI KOMATSU BelAZ DOOSAN CAT Mining Equipment Most Powerful Heavy Dump Truck Excavator Bulldozer Loader 10 Extreme Dangerous Biggest P&H, DOOSAN, Terex, PERLINI, GUINTOLI, HYUNDAI, VOLVO, CAT, HITACHI, LIEBHERR, KOMATSU, CATERPILLAR, Haulage, BelAZ Heavy Mining Equipment, World's Most Powerful Heavy Dump Truck, Excavator, Loader, Bulldozer. MAXIMUM Oversize Truck Operator, Heavy Equipment Powerful Machines Monster, Off Road Truck Transportation COOPERATION 1. Send us your video to [email protected] 2. Watch it on our compilation 3. Get links and views to your channel! 10 экстремально опасных огромнейших промышленных машин от ДООСАН, Терекс, Либхер, Коматсу, Хитачи, Кателпиллар, Хауладж и БелАЗ. Самые мощные в мире тяжелые карьерные самосвалы, экскаваторы, погрузчики, бульдозеры и многое другое.
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Joy Global 2650CX Komatsu Hybrid Shovel Massive Surface Mining Machine
Hybrid shovels P&H 2650CX 59 mt/ 65 st nominal payload 31.1 m3 / 40.7 yd3 nominal bucket capacity for hard rock Ideal for loading 135 to 360t (150 to 400st) haul trucks Designed for coal, copper, gold, and iron ore applications Diesel-electric powered with JOY SR hybrid (switch reluctance) drive technology, reducing fuel consumption by as much as 25% 10-15% reduction in total cost of ownership when compared to similar-sized hydraulic excavators The 2650CX hybrid shovel features a ground-breaking combination of diesel and electric power to provide the best of both electric mining shovels and hydraulic excavators. The hybrid architecture provides the following advantages: Multiple dig paths High initial breakout force using an articulating clamshell bucket Flat floor clean-up High selectivity Less fuel required for digging Joy SR hybrid drive (switch reluctance) technology captures regenerative power Fixed boom architecture reduces the mass to hoist Extended reach Increased safety through machine position relative to bank Increased range for truck spotting Capable of double side-loading Reduced propel time Mobility Twin diesel engines eliminate requirement for electrical cable Reductions in total cost of ownership The 2650CX is designed to deliver a 10 to 15% reduction in total cost of ownership (as compared to hydraulic excavators), including the following: Up to 25% reduction in fuel consumption Up to 3% availability advantage Up to 5-10% reduction in maintenance and repair costs Key features and benefits Safety Cab is equipped with features that contribute to a safer and more productive operator experience. Ergonomic controls and overall cab layout Intuitive displays Comfortable seat configuration Extended reach allows more truck spotting clearance and place the operator further from the bank High visibility interior and exterior LED lighting MGD-15 and MSHA standards incorporated throughout design Maintainability Organized house/deck layouts Open roof architecture for safe and efficient component change-outs Modular systems pre-assembled in a controlled factory environment Internal access into major structures Retractable service station for easy, safe and convenient fluid refills Flexibility Hydraulically articulated clamshell bucket for increased selectivity and breakout forces Twin diesel engines for increased mobility Eliminates trail cable management activities Truck ranges 135-360t (150-400st) Reliability SR Hybrid Drive technology designed and manufactured in-house JoySmart solutions enabled Proven fixed boom and twin handle systems for superior digging and reach capabilities Up to 50% fewer hydraulic components onboard than traditional hydraulic excavators Electric motors control main motions - hoist, swing and crowds Combining the availability of its industry-leading rope shovels with the mobility and flexibility of a hybrid excavator, Joy Global launched its new P&H 2650CX hybrid shovel at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL®2016 in Las Vegas. The concept for this first-of-its kind machine was introduced at MINExpo 2012 as an alternative to 550t-700t hydraulic excavators, which will reduce total cost of ownership by 10%-15%. This cost advantage is comprised of: Up to a 25% reduction in fuel consumption 5%-10% reduction in maintenance and repair costs 1%-3% increase in availability These savings are enabled in a large part by the JOY SR Hybrid Drive system, which was transitioned to the design of the 2650CX from P&H Generation 2 wheel loaders. Switched reluctance (SR) technology captures the energy naturally regenerated in swing deceleration and hoist lowering. The low maintenance SR motors act like generators to capture and distribute energy back into the systems powering the machine’s main motions, which reduces the use of hydraulics and significantly decreases diesel fuel consumption. Robust structures and the twin handle, rack and pinion crowd system proven on P&H shovels have been leveraged to increase reliability. The hydraulically articulated clamshell bucket allows the machine to dig in low benches and to increase breakout forces throughout the bank. Its payload capacity of 59t enables a four-pass match to 220t haul trucks and will accommodate trucks ranging from 135t to 360t. The pilot machine is currently working in a production environment at ASARCO Mission Mine, a copper application in Arizona.
P&H 4100 XPC Mining Shovel Assembly Time-lapse
The P&H 4100XPC, the preferred ultra-class shovel choice for high production mines, provides a nominal 108.9 metric ton (120 ton) capacity for loading of haul trucks up to 363 metric tons (400 tons) as well as in-pit crusher-conveyor systems. Designed for severe-duty digging, the 4100XPC features: Automatic lubrication and compressed air systems with advanced diagnostic and control Temperature monitoring system for all DC motors, drum shaft bearings and shipper shaft bearings Automatic boom soft setdown system (ABSS) and boom profile protection envelope to prevent excessive loading to the attachment Anti-swing-in-bank system that reduces excessive side loading on handle and attachment Remote hoist control pendant and hoist rope winch House pressurization system that provides filtered air for cooling and dust repression Rugged components include: Dual hoist motors for balanced and evenly distributed load DELTA drive for improved shoe-to-tumbler engagement Planetary transmissions for proven long life on swing and propel Technology includes: Centurion electrical control system with superior performance, monitoring and data integration capabilities Universal shovel interface for sending and receiving data to any mine management system PreVail Remote Health Management for real-time machine health and performance management
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BIG Heavy Equipments Working In Antamina Open Pit Mining Peru
Antamina Mine Peru Komatsu Wheel Dozer WD900-3 Komatsu Dozer D375A-6R Komatsu Dozer D475A Komatsu Dump Truck 930E - 4SE P&H 4100XPC Rope Shovel Letourneau L2350 Wheel loader Exclusive Video From Mr. Alan T. WARNING!!! NO TV BROADCAST WITHOUT PERMISSION!!! NO RE-UPLOAD!!! MrZygy3
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The Biggest P&H Mining Equipment 4100 AC Mining Shovel - Super Excavator
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P&H Mining Equipment 4100XPC AC General Overview
What goes into an AC drive P&H 4100XPC electric mining shovel - one of the finest loading machines available to the surface mining industry today? As this video shows, it takes a combination of fast, powerful AC drives and controls, state-of-the-art AC motors, superbly crafted transmissions and structures, and above all a global network of service support specialists that can handle it all - from new machine assembly and commissioning to preventive maintenance, 24/7 repairs and logistics support for lowest cost-per-ton performance in the loading of 400-ton capacity haul trucks.
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The Largest Oil Rig in The World
Perdido is the deepest floating oil rig (platform) in the world at a water depth of about 2450 meters operated by the Shell Oil Company in the Gulf of Mexico. The Perdido is located in the Perdido fold belt which is a rich discovery of crude oil and natural gas that lies in water that is nearly 8000 feet deep. The platform's peak production will be 100,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. At 267 meters, the Perdido is nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower. An oil rig is a large structure with facilities to drill wells, to extract and process oil and natural gas, and to temporarily store product until it can be brought to shore for refining and marketing. In many cases, the platform contains facilities to house the workforce as well. Perdido Oil Platform https://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/perdido-oil-platform.html Troll A Platform http://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/troll-platform.html Offshore Oil Drilling History http://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/offshore-oil-drilling-history.html Oil History http://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/oil-history.html Trans-Alaska Pipeline System http://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/trans-alaska-pipeline-system.html Snow White Gas Refinery http://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/snow-white-gas-refinery.html Oil Tankers https://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/oil-tankers.html The End of Oil https://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/the-end-of-oil.html
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Liebherr R 9800 Excavator - the biggest Hydraulic Excavator in the world. With a bucket capacity of 47,5m³ and 4000 HP, this Extreme 800 Ton Monster Machine R 9800 from Liebherr works in the Burton Peabody Coalmine Australia and is operated by Thiess. The Video shows the R 9800 Excavator in Action, gives insights in the technology and operation. We also speak to Liebherr Product Specialist Hervé Schelcher from Liebherr Australia about Details of the Machine. ► Our latest Video | https://goo.gl/OnXgzd Our Video Equipment: ► Kamera Sony FS5 | http://amzn.to/2iTvVAp ► Actioncam Sony FDR-X3000R 4K | http://amzn.to/2jbf253 ► Sony 4K Camcorder | http://amzn.to/2qQNNAT ► Objektiv Canon 24-70 2.8L | http://amzn.to/2kt76jT ► Objektiv Canon 70-200 2.8L | http://amzn.to/2lb2qvS ► Objektiv Canon 16-35 4L | http://amzn.to/2laZaAM ► Objektiv Sigma 35 1.4 ART | http://amzn.to/2lOuUyM ► Objektiv Sigma 18-35 1.8 | http://amzn.to/2lOuUyM ► Drohne DJI Mavic Pro | http://amzn.to/2lnFuK5 ► Drohne DJI Inspire Pro | http://amzn.to/2leOa6S ► Stativ Manfrotto 504HD | http://amzn.to/2iTxTB1 ► Audiorecorder Zoom H6 | http://amzn.to/2iwe0Ch ► Mikrofon (CAM) Sennheiser MKE 600 | http://amzn.to/2lli9Lo ********** ► Subscribe: https://goo.gl/kCy655 ********** ► https://facebook.com/Bauforum24 ► https://google.com/+Bauforum24 ► https://www.instagram.com/bauforum24/ ► https://www.bauforum24.biz ********** Über uns: Bauforum24 ist Europas führendes Community Portal für Bau, Baumaschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge: www.bauforum24.biz ********** Concept & Production: Wir sind Filmproduktion & Social Media Experten seit 2004. Kontakt & Anfragen: [email protected] ********** Die verlinkten Produktlinks sind z.T. Affiliate Links. Wenn ihr über diese Links bei Amazon bestellt unterstützt ihr mit der von Amazon gezahlten Provision diesen Kanal ohne das für euch irgendwelche Mehrkosten entstehen - Danke!
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P&H Mining Equipment Drill: 320XPC
Extracting valuable minerals like copper, iron ore, coal, diamonds and gold from the Earth's crust in support of our global economy typically begins with the boring of a grid of "blast holes" in hard-rock formations. To produce those "soda straw"-shaped explosives containers, it takes the precise and powerful delivery of three forces - tons of downward force, thousands of foot-pounds or newtons of rotary force, and upwards of 3,800 cubic feet of jet-stream "bailing" air - to advance a tri-cone drill bit into hard rock. P&H drilling rigs are the rugged, smart platforms that get that done for high-throughput surface mining operations worldwide. These machines are anything but "boring."
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Training simulator for the P&H 4100 mining shovel
Learn more about Immersive Technologies' industry leading training simulator for P&H 2800XPA, 4100XPB, 4100BOSS Rope Shovels: https://www.immersivetechnologies.com/products/Training-Simulator-Modules/P-H-2800XPA-4100XPB-4100BOSS-Rope-Shovel.htm Immersive Technologies' Advanced Equipment Simulator for the P&H 4100A, 4100XPB and 4100BOSS mining shovel. This training simulator utilizes real P&H shovel controls and instrumentation and was developed with proprietary technical information from P&H.
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Joy Global - Predicting mining equipment systems performance using Simcenter Amesim
Anab Akanda, principal mechatronics software engineer at Joy Global, explains how his company has implemented model-based systems engineering tools and methodologies using Simcenter Amesim from the Simcenter portfolio to predict the overall performance of their mining equipment, reach time-to-market and minimize development risks. www.siemens.com/simcenter
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Giant Mining Shovel in the World   4100 AC Mining Shovel
Giant Mining Shovel in the World 4100 AC Mining Shovel
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First EX8000E 6 electric drive hydraulic excavator in China
Video used with permission of Hitachi construction. For more information on Hitachi's fantastic range of construction equipment check out their YouTube channel here www.youtube.com/hitachiconstruction or for Facebook www.facebook.com/hitachiconstruction and main website here www.hcme.com
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P&H Mining Equipment 4100XPC AC Mechanical Systems
How is an AC drive P&H 4100XPC electric mining shovel set up to efficiently gather up 120-ton dipper loads of material for precision placement within the waiting tray of a 400-ton capacity haul truck - every 30 seconds on average? This latest-generation P&H 4100XPC relies upon the finest structural and mechanical systems proven and refined over nine decades in construction and mining operations. Perched above the rugged lower works consisting of a massive carbody and crawler belts is a roomy, well-lit and easy-to-maintain machinery deck on the revolving frame. All that machinery drives a mighty dig attachment featuring a dipper of up to 82 cubic yards at the end of a twin-leg, rack-and-pinion-driven handle. This is one serious digging machine. Best in class. Fun to watch!
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P&H 4100XPC loading shovel loads Liebherr T282B mining truck
Ferngesteuerter P&H 4100XPC Hochlöffel-Bagger und Liebherr T282B Muldenkipper von HK-Funktionsmodellbau Radio controlled P&H 4100XPC loading shovel and Liebherr T282B mining truck from HK-Funkitionsmodellbau http://www.1zu50-rc-model.com/index.php/de/
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Nvidia Said We Couldn't Game On This...
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4100 p&h shovel,mining
shovel used in copper mining
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Coal Mining Estevan Saskatchewan with a P&H 9020 Dragline
Coal Mining Estevan Saskatchewan with a P&H 9020 Dragline
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Mining Equipment, Shovel Training Simulator, Demonstration Video
Joy Global, the parent company for P&H Mining Equipment, designs and manufactures underground and surface mining equipment for the worldwide mining industry. Their electric rope shovel training simulator improves operator efficiency, reduces training costs and associated equipment damage, and increases revenue by maximizing operator efficiency. For more information about this training simulator please visit: http://www.phmining.com/en/PHMining/Training/OperatorTrainingSimulator.htm ForgeFX (http://forgefx.com) is a proud partner of P&H Mining Equipment, the surface mining segment of Joy Global. P&H hired ForgeFX to develop their ProMiner Shovel Training Simulator, a custom 3D training simulator for their electric rope shovels. The simulator allows operators to master the controls of the equipment, as well as the spatial relations challenges posed by the environment, before they ever step foot in the machinery. For more information on custom training simulators please visit: http://forgefx.com/casestudies/mining/mining-training-simulator.htm
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History of P&H Mining Equipment
History of P&H Mining Equipment Maquinaria Magazine Online: http://www.maquinaria.t3k.pt
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HK-Funktionsmodellbau P&H 4100XPC Mining Shovel (Radio Control)  by Cranes Etc TV
This is the Cranes Etc TV review of HK-Funktionsmodellbau's 1/50 scale model of the P&H 4100XPC Mining Shovel converted to Radio Control. The model number is HKTM063. The full review is on the Cranes Etc website: http://www.CranesEtc.co.uk.
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P&H Mining Equipment: Propel System
The P&H propel system is used to position the shovel to optimize digging geometry with the bank, to reposition the shovel as it digs in the bank, and to relocate the shovel in the mine. Depending on the individual mine, a shovel's propel systems is active approximately 4% to 7% of the time the shovel is operating.
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2013, Joy Global, Industry Partnership, Amer. Mining Hall of Fame
The Mining Foundation of the Southwest was pleased to recognize Joy Global with the 2013 Industry Partnership Award during the 31st annual American Mining Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony. Joy Global - It Starts with a Singular Focus on Mining Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Joy Global brings advanced equipment, systems and direct services to the global mining industry. With its focus solely on mining, Joy Global designs, manufactures, distributes and services extensive product lines of highly reliable P&H surface mining equipment and Joy underground mining machinery used to cut, crush, load and convey coal and industrial minerals worldwide. From its origins in the design and production of mechanized mining machinery, Joy Global has grown to become one of the world's largest, most recognizable and highly respected providers of underground and surface mining solutions. The company's equipment, mining know-how, and employees are at the forefront of providing raw materials and coal to people all over the world. Joy Global's products and related services are used for the mining of coal, copper, iron ore, oil sands, gold and other mineral resources. Its reach is truly global, with facilities and service centers that span six continents and more than twenty countries. But its focus remains local, with people and services close to the mines to facilitate better decisions and provide better solutions. Around the world, Joy Global employs more than 14,000 people in over 120 facilities. Through its worldwide service centers and highly trained field technicians, Joy Global provides year round, 24 hour support and service to literally thousands of customers. Joy Global is at the vanguard of new developments in underground and surface mining processes and mining equipment, constantly introducing ever more powerful, technologically advanced and consistently reliable equipment and controls. Throughout its history, Joy Global has compiled a litany of industry firsts and literally has revolutionized the mining industry, taking it from its pick and shovel origins to the fully mechanized, highly complex and automated mining processes of today. Joy Global is continuously working to make mining operations safer and more productive. With its innovative equipment and life-cycle services, mine operators are able to consistently achieve the lowest cost per unit of production over the life of the equipment. Above ground and below, Joy Global strives to create a more seamless experience that raises the bar for the entire mining industry.
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World's Largest Mining Shovel - The Silver Spade
The Silver Spade was a giant power shovel used for strip mining in southeastern Ohio. Manufactured by Bucyrus-Erie, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the model 1950-B was one of two of this model built, the other being the GEM of Egypt. Its sole function was to remove the earth and rock overburden from the coal seam. Attempts to purchase and preserve the shovel from Consol for $2.6 million fell short, and the shovel was scrapped in February 2007.
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TWH P&H 4100XPC Mining Shovel by Cranes Etc TV
This is the Cranes Etc TV review of TWH's 1/50 scale model of the P&H 4100XPC Mining Shovel. The model number is 063. The full review with photos is on the Cranes Etc website: http://www.CranesEtc.co.uk.
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P&H Fleeting Sheave
P&H Fleeting Sheave, a Joy Global Product. The fleeting sheave guide mounts to the top of the boom and maintains contact with the hoist ropes as they travel between the hoist drum and boom point sheaves. www.phmining.com
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P&H Mining gears up for extra business
No description.
P & H Bucket Chopping Highwall
The Best way to Destroy Rigging hahaha
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P&H 4100 XPC P&H Mining Equipment
P&H Mining Equipment Inc. — американская компания, занимающаяся проектированием, производством и продажей (под торговой маркой «P&H») машин и оборудования для горнорудной и горношахтной промышленности: экскаваторов, буровых установок и пр. Является дочерней компанией Joy Global Inc. Штаб-квартира расположена в Милуоки, штат Висконсин. Землеройные машины Экскаватор P&H 4100XPB в Австралии. Паулинг и Гарнишфегер поняли, что их способности добиться успеха в производстве и технической поддержке землеройной техники потребовали бы от партнёров обеспечить компании исключительное качество и ценность обслуживания заказчиков в строительной и горнодобывающей отраслях. В ту пору уже существовало много известных и уважаемых поставщиков такого оборудования. Партнёры приняли решение продолжать свою стратегию, которая поможет им не только найти, но и сохранить потребителей оборудования. Они сосредоточились на проектировании и выпуске машин, по принципу «лучшие в своём классе и использующие наилучшие имеющиеся материалы и методы изготовления». Стратегия даже предполагала, что это приведёт к тому, что цены на их оборудование превысят цены на аналогичные машины от конкурентов. Несмотря на более высокую стоимость, машины показывали последовательно более низкие эксплуатационные расходы. Как и в своё время с растущим спросом на мостовые краны, фирма вскоре стала испытывать сильный спрос на землеройной машины: траншеекопатели, драглайны и одноковшовые экскаваторы. А тем временем молва распространила по всей строительной и горнодобывающей промышленности, что «экскаваторы P&H прочны, надёжны, производительны и просты в обслуживании». К 1920 году модельный ряд землеройной техники P&H состоял из экскаваторов моделей 206 и 300. Эти машины производились партиями от пяти единиц и более. К 1926 году, машины P&H продавались по всему миру, включая Индию. Везде, где имелось большое число выпущенных компанией машин, фирма инвестировала средства в близлежащую инфраструктуру по обеспечению региональных услуг и запчастей. Всё это делалось для того, чтобы сделать для клиента технику как можно доступнее и оптимизировать производительность труда.
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Gem Rock Mining Is Now Overpowered! New Update! RS3 Money Making Guide
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ppbe1pcZGY = 1-99 Mining Complete Guide! Post Rework https://www.patreon.com/manateegaming ^ Money Making Guides, Flipping Guides, Investing Guides! Earn up to 1b+ per month by joining the Manatee Gaming Patreon! https://youtu.be/g57MB79nd98 = About our Discord and Patreon! Flipping and Money Making Methods https://youtu.be/bH2nGYNq0L8 = Build your account from 0 to 100m Gold with this series! https://youtu.be/hgzdbdPB5jk = Learn to Flip like a pro with this series! Our Open Discord: https://discord.gg/PtcYnUp Twitter: @RSManateeGaming Twitch: Manatee_Gaming Clan Chat to guest or join: Manatee Gaming
Inside a mining dragline cabin
Inside a mining dragline cabin
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Walker visits P&H Mining
Governor Walker promotes his mining bill
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Biggest mining shovel ever made - The Silver Spade
The Silver Spade was a giant power shovel used for strip mining in southeastern Ohio. Manufactured by Bucyrus-Erie, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the model 1950-B was one of two of this model built, the other being the GEM of Egypt. Its sole function was to remove the earth and rock overburden from the coal seam. Attempts to purchase and preserve the shovel from Consol for $2.6 million fell short, and the shovel was scrapped in February 2007.
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P&H Mining Equipment LinkOne Online Parts Manuals
P&H Mining Equipment is introducing a brand new solution to customers via an online parts manual system. This brief video demonstrates navigation and key features. Parts manuals are updated to the latest release automatically so it is no longer necessary to have your IT staff manually maintain your viewing software or parts manual library.
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Covering Mesa: P&H Mine Pro
New mining facility breaks ground in Mesa
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P&H al lavoro
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P&H mining equipment 4100AC mining shovel
पी एंड एच खनन उपकरण डिजाइन और सतह खनन परिचालन के लिए उपकरणों की चार लाइनें बनाता है। इनमें इलेक्ट्रिक खनन फावड़े, विस्फोट छेद उत्पादन अभ्यास, ड्रैगलाइन चलने, और इन-पिट क्रशिंग-कन्वेयरिंग सिस्टम शामिल हैं। https://www.youtube.com/c/TechStarsanoj 1. https://youtu.be/P6HTvefmNp8 2. https://youtu.be/0gUKmLD68OM
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FFXIV Make 1 Million Gil p/h with Mining & Botany
Video showing how you can consistently make over 1 million gil per hour in FFXIV. Video just runs through an Eorzean day showing the unspoiled nodes that I've found to be good as well as some ideas on what you can be doing in between those nodes. Third Party Stuff: FFXIV Clock: http://www.ffxivclock.com/ Discerning Eye: https://github.com/dartvalince/DiscerningEye/releases (requires download) My spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pm5nyfOsSgGLFCubSDowPBvtB67hqi7lwbBxrPGgNW0/edit?usp=sharing If you'd like to keep up to date on my goings on you can find me at http://www.twitter.com/mekkahdee FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY XIV © 2010 - 2016 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
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Joy Global / P&H Mining Use Singlewire InformaCast and CallAware to Help Keep Workers Safe
Learn more about Singlewire's solutions for manufacturing, including emergency communications and mass notification by visiting www.singlewire.com/manufacturing
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P&H Cable Reel
P&H Cable Reel, a Joy Global Product. This enhancement provides a high-quality cable reel to store a drill's electrical cable, thereby extending the life of the tail cable.
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P&H Mining Applies QRM in Restructuring
When P&H Mining began major restructuring, it seized the opportunity to introduce Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) techniques. The company integrated the steps involved in plate-processing, which in turn decreased the amount of WIP and in-process storage and cut the high cost of indirect labor in managing that inventory. It created a manufacturing cell for its large round parts, reducing WIP and the related costs, shortening response times, and cutting the overall cost of producing those parts. "All companies are operating in increasingly time-sensitive environments," says Neil Massey, P&H's Vice President of Operations. QRM is helping P&H Mining become more competitive with its core product, while improving the return on workplace capital.
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CryptoTab Browser Payment Proof - Bitcoin Mining Part -2
►Like,Share ,Support & Subscribe #smartearning ►CryptoTab Link: https://get.cryptobrowser.site/93255 ►How to join CryptoTab : https://youtu.be/K5EVjJKteUw ►Free Bitcoin : https://freebitco.in/?r=3940612 ►How to join BestChange : http://bit.ly/2v7LWem ►Exchange Cryptocurrency : https://youtu.be/BoUMEiRqDiA ►Bitcoin To Bank Withdrawal: https://youtu.be/vmBbOOxZPtM Cryptocurrency Exchange 👇 ►Binance Join : http://bit.ly/2AM6Ip2 👇 ►Kucoin Join : http://bit.ly/2l7RRdM ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ►Like,Share ,support & subscribe ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ►Contact Me 👇 🔘 Join facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1892148850797237/ 🔘 Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/MySmartEarning/ 👇 🔘Telegram channel : https://t.me/Smart_Earning 👇 🔘 gmaill : [email protected] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Help yourself, Help your Family and then Help Others: Here is mine. Please if you give email me at [email protected] Let me know your name and how much you donated and a shout. 💝 Donations are always appreciated! ►Bitcoin Address: 1aYSA9sR3ovj3A7aCM4ZR6KLXR6gaj2dP ►Myetherwallet Address : 0x778CD64380838e385B04150b3bC59220B0Bc46C8 #CryptoTab #Bitcoin #Mine ▬▬▬▬: : Attention : :▬▬▬▬▬ Smart Earning is not own any listed program. The Information provided here is for your own use and doesn’t that guarantee success not mean advice to invest. Smart Earning is not responsible for your financial gain or loss. When you invest, you should understand you are taking a high risk. We do not recommend you spend what you cannot afford to lose. ▬▬▬▬: Smart Earning :▬▬▬▬
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How to Dual-Mine Ethereum & Siacoin with Awesome Miner & Mining Pool Hub - Ep08
This video is the eighth in a series of videos showing you how to mine a single coin with Awesome Miner and Mining Pool Hub. Episode 08 is Ethereum+SIacoin. This method is not profit switching. For profit switching setup, please refer to this video: https://youtu.be/Tnw4zSD7TtA Please be sure to adjust the GPU core clock and power settings accordingly to avoid damaging your GPU. Follow this video to adjust your settings: https://youtu.be/Nqqem-RQP6M Links: Download AwesomeMiner: http://www.awesomeminer.com/download.... Join MiningPoolHub: https://miningpoolhub.com/index.php?p... Ethereum Wallet: https://www.ethereum.org/ Siacoin Wallet: https://sia.tech/ ---------- Three Great Cryptocurrency Opportunities: 1. Mine for crypto using your own equipment! Join MiningPoolHub: https://miningpoolhub.com/index.php?page=register Download AwesomeMiner: http://www.awesomeminer.com/download.aspx Watch my tutorial on how to set it up: https://youtu.be/Tnw4zSD7TtA 2. No equipment? No problem! Do cloud mining. Purchase cloud mining through HashFlare: https://goo.gl/ox9Ws3 Other helpful websites: Join CoinBase to purchase Bitcoin & get $10 in BTC: https://goo.gl/wB6Z7h Keep track of your portfolio and receive 10% off CoinTracker.info: https://goo.gl/xHWVei Join the Discord Discussion: https://goo.gl/v2wRbF ---------- Tips/Donations Graciously Accepted: ETN: etnk1VBUHGA4RHxUPmc3Q43UaaoRvfero6USYBiZejkDSsvx42nBmtZAoKnux3WN7pd38qHsxVse6XQLRa4YfnmdA75CY1SB72 BTC: 1JhgmwdQ4SLjPVbvKKHg2NyRrQUmFkZMwz LTC: LdtBYEPS3xzV1iMNaeeQ6maTGX3KcxrTaR ETH: 0x1B06d92E01b33E20461a7eD379641877bb53AB20 ZEN: zndJteGckncjc5kfho8g2uzXQZQ6LSvj3ku ---------- Music from audioblocks.com: http://audioblocks.refr.cc/ZFW24KF Please like this video if you find it helpful; leave comments below to tell me what you think. Thanks! Happy investing and God bless. Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert. I am not responsible for any damage done to your computer. I am simply a hobby miner who likes to share knowledge.
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FFXIV Gil Making Guide EP06 - Leveling Botany & Mining efficiently
Episode 06 of my Gil Making Guide. Another beginner guide! This one helps you go through the information available to you and figure out the best course of action through in game means. =) If there's anything specific you guys really want me to go into for my next episode, let me know and I can do my best!
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P&H 4100 Shovel Loading Liebherr Dump Trucks Part 2
P&H 4100 Electric Wire Rope Shovel Loading Liebherr Dump Trucks A big shovel loading some big trucks at the ASARCO Ray Mine near Superior AZ If you know the model of the Liebherr Trucks please leave a comment, I did not have enough zoom on my camera to see. Casecx700 on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Casecx700?hc_location=stream
Views: 6285 AZ Iron

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