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Bitcoin - install bitcoin core wallet on macOS

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Learn how to install your Bitcoin Core wallet on your mac, if you use Bitcoin Core wallet on your machine you need to install the blockchain, right now when this movie is recored its cost around 150gb in disk space. When you have Bitcoin Core wallet installed, you can code for this wallet and trying out Bitcoin on a test network. If you want to support me, pls donate: ETH: 0x1508ea02BA8596BB5 Dash: Xf3oVMYm8ewjAiRGsocd91va3nkJgWRmef2D84e9744436ac7A5F81f5D LTC: MBgimNe1gXGBpwuP2vL4MuG1ftXUNd66cq BTC: 3N9vkqYHX21PdPKDHyy24qn75B3myeSpob
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Text Comments (6)
Sequan M (6 months ago)
Can you help me? I would like to upload the data to my external drive as you showed but I don't get that initial dialog window that allows me to select the location. The files automatically start downloading to my desktop.
jazizam (1 month ago)
@Alex Salsa Sorry. I don't remember.
Alex Salsa (1 month ago)
@Sequan M how did you find the reset option
Sequan M (6 months ago)
@Paris Nakita Kejser Ultimately, this was taking way too long. So I found a way to see my private key and then export it to another wallet! So happy I finally got access to my coins from 2014!!
Paris Nakita Kejser (6 months ago)
Happy you found out of it :)
Sequan M (6 months ago)
Nevermind. I see that the "reset options" button gets me to the window. Thanks for your video!!

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