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Trump Ally Rep. Chris Collins Arrested for Insider Trading - Is the Swamp Drained Now?

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White collar criminologist Bill Black analyzes the significance of Rep. Chris Collins arrest for insider trading along with his son and son's fiance's father on 13 counts of wire fraud, securities fraud, and making false statements to the FBI. Collins was first Congressman to endorse Trump and is one of his closest confidants Visit https://therealnews.com for more stories and help support our work by donating at https://therealnews.com/donate.
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Text Comments (50)
bengt baron (19 days ago)
Hilarious! Thanks for the splendid entertainment Bill B!
annoloki (1 month ago)
Is there a gas leak in BB's house or something? He getting carbon monoxide poisoning? Talking about a crime, that has victims, and damage caused to many people's lives, you really shouldn't be almost passing out from laughing so hard you can't even speak... it's becoming rather excessive.
Merry Youle (1 month ago)
I've enjoyed a number of interviews by Mark Steiner. Excellent questions and style.
allgoo19 (1 month ago)
This is really not a laughing matter as they make it seems. Many people commit suicide when they lose their investments. Another proof that the system is rigged. If you think the free market is fair and for everybody, you are welcome prey. If you are buying into a rhetoric that there's no class war and you have the same opportunity to become rich just like them, that explains why you are always poor.
Mike Harrington (1 month ago)
LMFAO. This merits disqualification from public office ??
Antenman (1 month ago)
This story is begging to be put on the silver screen by Scorsese...
old fan (1 month ago)
Lying to the FBI is a Federal Felony. So what? The FBI lies to Congress & the public and that's OK.
old fan (1 month ago)
White collar criminologist and seasonal Santa Bill Black ! HOHOHO!
Brian Booker (1 month ago)
Trump will probably pardon the guy, this can't last for to much longer, there are to many irons in the fire.
Sandy (1 month ago)
Bill Black is hilarious & very smart
Tom Martin (1 month ago)
I don't know what stupid fools actually believed Trump was going to drain the swamp or fpr that matter anything else the crook says. We can blame the ambitious and evil Clintons.
TheRantingRooster (1 month ago)
Bill Black is the man!
Satevo (1 month ago)
Home boy did a big fat dab before this interview. Made me chuckle though. lol
benko7ab (1 month ago)
Some much love and joy in this clip...
chickendinner2012 (1 month ago)
Hopefully they go to prison, but so many of the politicians and donors get caught and never spend a second in prison because how corrupt our "Justice" System is.
J Post (1 month ago)
And we are all thought that all these people got where they are because of intellect and strapping their bootstraps.
Marko Kraguljac (1 month ago)
Woe is upon us with the "invisible" hand of the market.
day tripper (1 month ago)
Must be a slow news day.
Sandy (1 month ago)
day tripper - this is huge news!
aurora7207 (1 month ago)
Maybe we can try this without the Nitrous Oxide next time
Curious One75 (1 month ago)
This is so funny... HAHAHAHAHAHHA
Richard Reich (1 month ago)
The best, certainly the funniest, TRNN video evah!
B Buccaneer (1 month ago)
Bill Black was great, and funny as hell.
Ruben Gutierrez (1 month ago)
You've got members of the US Congress committing white collared crimes. Wow, what corruption!
Gerald Comeau (1 month ago)
Hails of derisive laughter doesn't do anything for me.
Gerald Comeau (1 month ago)
Well, Sunshine, there is a time and a place for a good laugh, but Bill Black's impertinence, and yours too for that matter, is not one of them. There is an old Scottish saying: "you have one mouth and two ears; use them proportionately" .....maybe something for you to be mindful of.
Sandy (1 month ago)
Gerald Comeau - sorry you have no sense of humor - perhaps you should take a laxative?
TheScholar74 (1 month ago)
There must be 500 ways of doing insider trading for a congressman and he found an illegal way. That is incredibly stupid. His wife is hot. So there's that.
Sandy (1 month ago)
TheScholar74 - all insider trading is illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denise Brunson (1 month ago)
This is better than comedy 😂
Beadbud5000 (1 month ago)
Those Irish guys... LOL!
TheCarin12 (1 month ago)
We haven't seen corruption on this scale since the Reagan days.
Sandy (1 month ago)
TheCarin12 - "haven't seen" is not the same that it didn't happen because it did
t Mann (1 month ago)
Hell he makes Reagan look like Marxx
mrtriffid (1 month ago)
What are the odds that, if convicted (and that's a BIG if), Trump simply pardons him (Collins)? We are living in stupendously corrupt times and they son't call those people sociopaths without good evidence.
Don Smiler (1 month ago)
Not even close. All kinds of vile and venomous creatures crawling around in the sewers of DC.
Real UFO Videos (1 month ago)
2019 will show us all if the Democrats have the guts to impeach the Liar and Thief. He deserves prison time.
Real UFO Videos (1 month ago)
Nadine: It's everyone he appointed, and himself. Two faced liar lets his wife's mom and pop become citizens. Yet, people who have been citizens? They have to go? Can't you see the damage this ego-tripped guy is doing? He messes with Iran? Gas could go to 7 bucks or more a gallon. Can you afford that? Food will skyrocket. He's more dangerous to the average person, than any other president, since I've been alive! The racist crap he spews? Is hurting people who aren't racist. Jeeze... Pretending to be for the average worker, isn't cutting it. Wages are stagnant. Only states that don't see stagnant wages? Are the progressive states. He needs prison time. Taking bribes from the House of Saud? $100 million dollars, while president. Is against our Constitution.
Nadine König (1 month ago)
The point is we are run by a corrupt government. This has nothing to do with Trump. He's not in charge of anything. And when he leaves the next present will still be ruled by the oligarchs. And we will still suffer. The only difference the next president, will speak better so we the people will feel satisfied that this person is a good one.
Real UFO Videos (1 month ago)
Nadine: I'm talking about us. These clowns are putting the screws to us like never before. And the buck stops at Trump. Responsibility is the person who appointed these irresponsible and uneducated criminals, to positions, they know nothing about. Or want to destroy any, or all federal rules and laws. Republicans sit there and do nothing. They will lose the majority of the House and Senate, this year. 2019? Bye, bye to the criminal who can't show us his taxes, and listens to Saudi Arabria's fake king, which is Islamic! How absurd is that? (Myself? Religion sucks!) Anyone who claims racism is okay? Isn't logical or human.
Nadine König (1 month ago)
How do you suppose the rest of them got rich? How did Feinstein for example get to be worth millions of dollars? Please do tell?
Real UFO Videos (1 month ago)
Sandy: No they're not. Never saw an EPA chief destroy documents protecting life, under Democrats. Or telling Federal workers not to use the term, CLIMATE CHANGE? WTF is that?!? Trump never gave up his business ties to his property's! He has broke many articles of our Constitution! Hey?...Give the CIA a director, who water boarded prisoners! Either open your eyes? Or STFU!
Michael DeppeCarter (1 month ago)
My prediction: nobody will spend a day in prison, and all these people will remain wealthy and well connected.
Jupiter Cyclops (1 month ago)
Sad but true. Rage Against Machine has the perfect song. I think it's called "take the power back"
J Post (1 month ago)
Of course, just like all the politicians who were caught investing in private prisons such as the child separation in Texas, where the governor of California is raking in millions and no backlash.
t Mann (1 month ago)
abd pleasure themselves on the backsides of the people,as usual,
Christobal Colombo (1 month ago)
Not with Swamp thing Jeff Sessions as the top law enforcement officer, no, the swamp will not be drained
A. Randomjack (1 month ago)
This is even funnier than Colbert :)
Nate L (1 month ago)
Have fun in Country club prison playing golf,getting a massage, and a congical visit from one of his girlfriends.

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