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How to Setup & Speed Galaxy S5 Active

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James Harris (1 year ago)
Behind the times but... my phone has black text with white background when looking at the settings menu, can that be reversed with out messing up the other colours?
m04f04m (1 year ago)
PIcked up a new Galaxy S5 Active last week. Very nice phone. I implemented most of the suggestions in your video plus a couple others. Phone came with Android 6.0.1, which needed seven security updates to get current. Only complaint I have with the phone is with the Message app. I receive sound notification of a new text as long as the message app is closed. But if the Message app is open to someone's message thread and that person sends a new message, there is no sound notification. Very frustrating. You happen to know of any possible solution to this issue? (I bet Samsung considers it a "feature")
Jihadi Justine Turdeau (2 years ago)
My camera has Auto Night Detection in place of Camera Stabilisation, hmm. Also when you enable HDR it disables Video Stabilisation along with a few other options. It's a new phone and updated so I assume that's why I'm noticing some differences from others older how-to vids, heh heh Helpful vid btw, thanks! Been trying to figure out how to get rid of that Magazine thing.
idreis bari (3 years ago)
AMAZING HELP! I just got one and i wanted to make it even better
Geoff Poapst (3 years ago)
I bought my phone yesterday.  Button on your screen are not on mine.  About device is not where it is on yours, same with developer apps.
Chaz Anderson (3 years ago)
Can you do a drop test? I can't find a good s5 active drop test video! Hell, even post a link of a good one if you know there is a good drop test video
Shawn Meier (4 years ago)
Edwin Rodriguez (4 years ago)
How did you get that time widget on your home screen
Diosdado Gruela (4 years ago)
Thank for your help,GodBless.
kidprince62 (4 years ago)
This video was very helpful. Thanks man I appreciate it. Thumbs up and you gained another subscriber
Huguette Lalonde (4 years ago)
Awsome video..thanks 4 the tips on the note 3..
CaptN (4 years ago)
Hoping my work upgrades me to one of these from a iphone 3
Fernando Chavez (4 years ago)
Thanks bro :)
Killaskills101 (4 years ago)
I actually like a voice better
Brandon (4 years ago)
Awesome video! :)

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