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Alone: Extended Tap Out 2 (Season 2, Episode 3) | History

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Take an extended look at the circumstances surrounding the second tap-out of Season 2 in this web exclusive from "The Beasts of Night." #AloneShow Subscribe for more from Alone and other great HISTORY shows: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=historychannel Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site: http://www.history.com/shows/alone What gear are the participants equipped with? http://www.history.com/shows/alone/articles/gear-list Want to be on the next season of Alone? http://www.history.com/shows/alone/articles/want-to-be-on-alone Check out exclusive HISTORY content: Website - http://www.history.com Twitter - https://twitter.com/history Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/History Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+HISTORY Alone Season 2 Episode 3 The Beasts of Night Meet Dustin Feher, who learned to adapt in the outdoors by pushing himself to the limit on weeks-long solo treks in the backcountry and big game hunts all around North America. HISTORY®, now reaching more than 98 million homes, is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, epic miniseries, and scripted event programming. Visit us at HISTORY.com for more info.
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Text Comments (157)
shieldmaiden000 (9 days ago)
I could see this coming a mile away. Very basic skills out the window with this woman. She wanted her girls to grow up strong...how about grow up with some common sense first.
shitkicker86 (1 month ago)
thats why my axe is never that sharp .... xD
Bergen Turan (2 months ago)
Yaa bunlar yarismayi bilmiyo yada çabuk pes ediyolar bir alana gidiyosun en önemli sey suya yakin yere evini yap bunlar ev yapiyolar 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ölüyorum ayinin oldugu yere iki dayak bir branda çatiya gece gündüze benzemez sicaklik ------1 bulur odun kes sabahii gör beni alin valla cokmu urkutuyo orman seni lannn denize sandal yap orda yat
Carrie Carter (2 months ago)
Look closer. Stop lying to yourself
ethan box (3 months ago)
Watching her chop that kindling, I just knew she was gonna do that
Cale Cox (4 months ago)
women are so useless for anything besides child bearing it's kind of painful to watch
mic jam (4 months ago)
I cut myself with an axe after 35 years of experience. Right through the tip of my finger. Hee Haw!!
Re nato (2 months ago)
+mic jam Good that it went well afterwards. But do you still use that 'trick' to get your axe out? And just hitting the handle with short fast hits up and downwards, doesn't release the axe from the wood? I try to visualize what you were doing, but it doesn't looked to safe to me. Btw, I almost hit my own face with a chainsaw. I think it was a Husqvarna, but could be a Stihl as well. The results would have been the same though. Facial scars worse than Freddy Krueger. Never saw with the upper top of the saw, the kickback area.... That's a once in a lifetime lesson.
Re nato (2 months ago)
mic jam how did you do that. and did go cut off the whole fingertip?
andy macleod (4 months ago)
I knew she had no idea how to use an axe when I saw her cutting the notches in her tree for her shelter.
Olga Busch (6 months ago)
Does anyone know if, she just needed stitches or was there nerve damage?
david sanders (6 months ago)
New rule: Females can't have sharp objects, pointy things, or edged tools
Sean B (6 months ago)
It’s weird that I once cut my hand in the literal exact same spot with an axe. I learned my lesson, it never happened to me again.
John Smith (7 months ago)
Accidents don't "just happen." They happen because you or someone else is doing something stupid. Worked with various tools my whole life and have never suffered an injury requiring stitches. Thank god this woman didn't have a chainsaw.
Michael Grimes (8 months ago)
Doug Johnson (9 months ago)
I don't even know why she was attempting to split that piece. It was the same size as what she was burning.
midas617 (10 months ago)
she was my favorite
Katieboil Anegg (11 months ago)
She talked about being positive but she moaned and moaned about her wet boots. She went on and on and on about being strong, able to do anything and was just crtitcizing watchers that go to the same coffee shop, year after year, when she bumbled with the wood cutting. Mother Nature was quite right to call her out on her poor handling of axe and also showed us Ms. Firefighter didn't even know basic first aid. I laughed.
Don Russell (1 year ago)
most of the key to winning this show is knowing what gear to take and what to do (and not do) you dont HAVE to (and should not waste time and calories on) build any sort of shelter, beyond a simple tarp shelter (which you can set up in a few minutes) At least, not until you've fed yourself well for at least a month If you can't manage the food part, you wont be around to need the "heavy duty winter shelter" If you've been there 6 weeks, got by the first week on carbo loading before you left and the 5 lbs of pemmican/gorp mix, made enough netting and the pontoon outrigger raft, you'll be catching lots of fish by the end of week 2. Then keep it up for a month, and THEN, cause winter has shut down foraging, THEN worry about holing up and conserving calories. Everyone else will have lost 30 lbs, cause without netting, you can't do anything but starve in that area, at that time of year. So you have to take the 9 strand paracord gillnet and 2 person hammock. So you'll HAVE those inner strands, with which to make that netting.
Don Russell (1 year ago)
you dont need to split wood, guys. There's plenty of small twigs and branches after you saw down a tree. Learn the Siberian log fire lay and you'll see that I'm right about this. All you need to get small twigs burning is some bark that you shave off of a dead tree. Then get progressively bigger branches burning, until the ends of the logs catch fire. There's no need to take an axe on this show, and many reasons to not waste a pick on one.. A modified Condor E tool, set up to have a REAL saw edge, 6" long, and the curve removed on that side, so you can cut 2" deep, suffices. If you cut 2" deep all the way around a 6" tree, you can snap it off with your body weight. That's a plenty big enough tree for anything you need to do on this show. You also dont need to waste a pick on a saw. Just take the modified Crunch multitool, with a Hooyman saw blade to be held in the visegrip of the Crunch. So instead of a belt knife, big saw and axe, you take the e tool and multitool, and have the ability to do much more than those other 3 tools can do. Replace the serrated stainless blade with a carbon steel regular blade. convert the big screwdriver blade into a hook/scoop knife, with a gouge tip. Convert the small screwdriver blade into an awl. Dump the Phillips screwdriver for another file blade. Sharpen the screwdriver tip of one of the file blades into a chisel. and you'll have a much more viable tool for woods duty. Around the house/car, you can have a REAL tool kit, so you can just carry a simple folding knife. The Crunch is for the BOB, or for this show, or some similar dedicated outing.
Nate Kyng (9 days ago)
You don't need to know the "Siberian log fire lay" to know that kindling will help start a fire.
DisLB (1 year ago)
Don Russell (1 year ago)
you dont need an axe, so dont waste a pick on one, or risk what might happen? Alan won season 1 without an axe. Fowler said he wished that he hadnt' bothered to take one. Carleigh lasted 86 days without an axe. If you know to use the Dakota Fire pit, with a long, tapering entrance hole, you can use the Siberian fire lay, and you dont need to cut wood to length or split it. smaller branchs and twigs are used to get the butt end of the log burning, then you just gradually feed the log into the flames. Having it down in the pit reduces heat lost to the sides, so you need a lot less firewood, but you have to have big, flat stones, propped at a 45 degree angle over the exit hole of the firepit. or set one big stone atop of the hole, but stood up on 3-4 smaller stones, to allow air and smoke to exit the pit, so as not to smother the fire. After the stone(s) are heated, you move them to where their radiant heat is useful to you (ie, normally under your raised bed) Take warmer clothing and warmer sleeping bags, folks. It's a horror to need fire for warmth You get nothing done but cut and haul wood, and you get soaked and hyperthermic while you do so.
Rum Ham (1 year ago)
Adapt. Improvise. Fail
February 2 (1 year ago)
doesnt look like she's alone now......
Military Edge (1 year ago)
Are can't you sew the wound by you own hair and continue to survive? Maaan, that sucks. The rescue team hurry to bandage a little chopped wound. P.S. The axe is sexist, 'ff 'koz.
Axe win
that stupid sexist axe
Josue Carvalho (1 year ago)
cara, q vacilo.
TheGnurgen (1 year ago)
Yeah its kinda stupid, but im sure she knows better and its just an honest mistake. I once put hand soap on my tooth brush, my mind was just in a completely different place, and i mixed up two movements that everyone has done so many times they are automatic at this point. Didnt put it in my mouth though, and it didnt cost me a chance to win 500k so it was kinda funny :)
Nate Kyng (9 days ago)
+Ideal Smith Which is why soldiers in battle so often shoot themselves and cut their thumbs off. She didn't make a mistake, it was purposeful.She didn't wanna outright quit, so she injured herself to take herself out of the game.
Ideal Smith (1 year ago)
TheGnurgen yeah, im thinking she was, tired, hungry, trying to perform for the camera & she made a stupid mistake, easy 2do when tired, hungry & stressed.
I wonder what the history team does as they're waiting for the people to tap out. Do they just hang around nearby for months?
Tim Lipinski (1 year ago)
New there was a reason not to carry an ax when camping...  tjl
strawbs083 (1 year ago)
Put the piece of wood horizontally onto a surface, placing the blade at the top of the wood. Bring both axe and wood off the surface and thrust down splitting the wood that way 👌🏻 no stitches involved hahah
Wiatt Man (1 year ago)
Stick to chopping onions girl...
Theo (1 year ago)
Wow, one can really learn a thing or two about chopping wood from watching this survivor go at it!
calin vasile (1 year ago)
Thank God she is fine and she can use that thumb properly.She needs it in the kitchen
Steve Stringham (1 year ago)
that piece didn't need split anyway. the fire was going fine. so much for razor sharp axes...
Al Jacovic (2 years ago)
And the purpose of wearing gloves is......
Neon Peon (2 years ago)
it just seems so fake. I'm not saying I know it is, but am I alone? anyone got medical report or something?
How could this be fake??
DigBick96 (1 year ago)
Neon Peon well, axes are meant to be sharp, i dont think its fake
Dark Shwarz (2 years ago)
not gonna lie that axe is sharp af
knurri (2 years ago)
I did the same thing this summer. 7 stitches.
kyle51895 (2 years ago)
Watching her split the wood the way she was, I knew this was going to happen... wow.
Azz93a (2 years ago)
slow down? learn how to use an axe fist!!!
j man (2 years ago)
tough girl
Pawel Dudzinski (2 years ago)
Prawidłowo - rana wyżej serca...
MrSIXGUNZ (2 years ago)
poor thing. so sorry for her !!
Erik C (2 years ago)
Any update on her injury? Also a hotshot and doesn't know how to use an axe
Tracey Scarborough (2 years ago)
They had a reunion show. She caused permanent damage to her hand. She cut through tendons and muscles. She can't feel parts of her hand as well as not being able to only bend it down or straight up.
mharm734 (2 years ago)
I was watching in horror during that episode at how she was holding the wood and using her axe. I'm glad she survived.
Jordan Houck (2 years ago)
wtf!!! what a crybaby that cut was small I would have just stitched it up my self and been done with it gone back to the camp and cut more wood!!!😠😠😠😠
Tracey Scarborough (2 years ago)
+JordanHouck You must have not watched the reunion. For one she didn't want to tap out they made her. If you would have watched the reunion you also would have seen that she cut through tensions and muscles. She can't feel that side of her hand and the only use she has of it is bending it up and down with no grip. So I don't think if you were on that show you would have put stitches in it yourself and went back to work. I do say this knowing that she wasn't very smart about the way she was cutting the wood as well.
Figaro (2 years ago)
Don't worry about it :) And please post it again, I totally agree with you and Jordan should read it~
Tracey Scarborough (2 years ago)
+nijuujuuyon94uhhh Yes! I deleted it to you. Again I apologize.
Figaro (2 years ago)
+Tracey Scarborough Haha, no problem~ I figured :p
Tracey Scarborough (2 years ago)
+nijuujuuyon94uhhh I'm so sorry!!! Wrong person!!!
Uncle Duke (2 years ago)
Sucks. Tough tap out!! She would have been a force to be reckoned with if she didn't get hurt.
Don Russell (1 year ago)
I doubt it. anyone who's that far behind the curve has no chance at all, actually.
zimmerman84 (2 years ago)
at least the axe was sharp!
Dan Brooks (2 years ago)
I think she cut through her tendon to her thumb
Red River Productions (1 year ago)
Dan Brooks easily had to. The thumb pretty much went to sleep as soon as it happened
Dan Brooks (2 years ago)
I think she cut through her tendon to her thumb
baxtardboy (2 years ago)
I've had similar cuts, stuck a bandage on and just got on with it... but that's in Scotland where there's no bears to smell the blood. If I was on Vancouver Island I'd have tapped out too.
Ideal Smith (1 year ago)
baxtardboy aye, no bears, but what about wee beasties? i dont know what wee beasties r, but my Scottish friend (of 45years) is always warning me to watch out for them! we live in Toronto, tons of Scottish folk here, tons!
Figaro (2 years ago)
Similar cuts where you severed a tendon and were unable to move your thumb? And now have permanent damage? Are you sure?
Lyndon Lucier (2 years ago)
For a cut ?? Really ??
triumphant39 (2 years ago)
Also if you say that you've never cut yourself with an ax or a machete, trust me it isn't fun and you're lucky you haven't experienced it before.
Green (2 years ago)
Nope, not just a cut 😂😂😂 Like what Saballes said, she cut her tendon. In the episode, she also said that she couldn't lift her thumb, which was a bad sign. This would be something that would need medical help.
Lyndon Lucier (2 years ago)
Nope just a cut 😂😂😂
Saballes (2 years ago)
She cut her tendon and couldn't use her thumb. If she stayed any longer she would have risked getting that hand amputated so leaving was her only option.
Jessica Zang (2 years ago)
That looked more than just a cut. She def needs stitches and it would have gotten infected for sure if she would have chose to stay out there. She would have had no choice but to tap eventually.
Dalton Thomas (2 years ago)
Enjoy the show but some people just havnt a clue on how to survive in the wilderness.. Most people go to places where they know there is plenty of food and water and practice surviving in the woods for a week or 2 and think they are experts.. You don't know what real survival is you need knowledge and a lot of it,, having spent 12 years alone myself in the wild you need to have the right frame of mind be very strong willed and have the knowledge on how to fish,, how to trap & how to hunt " in that order " knowledge on how to start fire not only with a flint and steel but several other methods,, building a shelter / permanent cabin.. How to find water make it safe to drink and so on.. You can survive anywhere trust me I know,, after my 12 years living alone in the woods with just a back pack containing spare clothing 2 pairs army boots 3 knives,, snare wire,, 4 conibear traps,, small telescopic fishing rod hooks,, flint,, and a waterproof lightweight tarp for the first few nights until
Ideal Smith (1 year ago)
Dalton Thomas Hi Dalton ☺ your story is very interesting, where were u when u did these 12yrs? where do you live now? do u miss being alone? i hope u answer ☺ Best Wishes & Respect to you Dalton ☺
Dalton Thomas (2 years ago)
+Lee Thomas would I do it all again YOUR DAM RIGHT if I was 15 years younger.. Show is great to watch none the less and I'd love to get on there sometime through me in the middle of know where I wouldn't mind ;) thanks folks take care be careful out there
Dalton Thomas (2 years ago)
+Lee Thomas the animal allows you to keep food for a longer period of time.. Not only live traps but spring traps,, cubby sets using foot snare springer traps DAM the list is endless,, I could keep on going folks take my word for it it's hard you may think your ready and know it all and yeah maybe your good for 2 weeks even a month but you will be surprised on how quick your mind will go if you don't have the knowledge to get food on a daily basis fresh water.. But the worst is family playing on your mind all the time it can turn the strongest person male or female LOOPY in know time at all.. Anyway thought I'd share that with you folks and please don't think I come across pig headed that's not the case just what iv been through and what iv learnt.. I have 35 years plus in survival and techniques but after losing my family I felt I had to just get away " so I did " 12 years of being alone was fine but I'm only human and needed the company of others at the end of the day.. Would I do
Dalton Thomas (2 years ago)
I found my barrings and decided on the best place to set up a more permanent camp,, in the first year I had built 3 small cabins within a 20 mile radius which enabled me to move from place to place in order to fish trap and hunt from which I made 3 bows & plenty of arrows and left 1 in each cabin,, it's never a great idea to stay in one place you need to keep on the move,, for me personally it took my mind of a lot of other things and basicly kept me sane,, take my hat off to anyone that tries all I can say is knowledge of which you will not get if you go to places where you know that have recourses that's not survival that's just camping and having a good time.. Get a blindfold on get dropped in the middle of know where then see how different that feels.. Learn all different trapping techniques fire lighting using other methods than relying on flint & steal,, making snares from natural cordage,, traps live traps which allows you to keep your food fresh simply by feeding and watering
Wanderer3501 (2 years ago)
Live and learn. I did the exact same thing in 2012. And she couldn't have made it through the competition. You can't raise your thumb and it's completely useless. For all purposes you are one-handed at that point. Don't beat yourself up. I guarantee I'll never do it again. That's what made me start carrying a blast match.
jazzmaan707 (2 years ago)
I was enjoying her comments and her personality on the show.  I really was hoping she would last longer than she did.  Hopefully she'll try again, and after she learns how to use an axe.  Very glad to see that she didn't take her thumb off too. Sad to see her having to tap out.
KillerSalmon (2 years ago)
She did a bunch of clueless stuff - I was really surprised that when she set up her shelter on her first night, she put everything down (including her sleeping back) without having anything water-resistant down to prevent water from soaking everything. I was especially surprised since she's from Alaska which I imagined to have a similar climate to British Columbia so she should've been aware that this could happen.
landon davies (2 years ago)
Why would she cut wood like that? It's simple mechanics that wasn't going to work anyway
Sith Lord1978 (2 years ago)
i think she jumped the gun on calling them so fast , she panic'd for sure, with that jumbo first aid kit she could have cleaned and dressed that wound and given it some time.
Nate Kyng (9 days ago)
That's because she wanted to leave and injured herself to get out, because she didn't wanna outright quit, due to her pride. She didn't even attempt to use first aid and didn't panic either, she was pretty calm about it, most likely because she knew it was coming.
wheelmanstan (2 years ago)
not on the list but I saw them using gloves, I guess they're included as your wardrobe
neaumusic (2 years ago)
no way may that wound was deep and she was bleeding all over, needs stiches and maybe surgery
Sith Lord1978 (2 years ago)
and im curious were "gloves" not allowed to bring?
marsinutah (2 years ago)
Hey, I went to high school with her..
Charles Joseph (2 years ago)
I saw this coming long before it happened. She had no clue how to properly handle an axe.
Dark Arts (2 years ago)
João Carmo (2 years ago)
I think it does not hurt for lack of experience but perhaps overconfident ! I feel very sorry for her but in these situations we can not lose one second attention !! I wish much strength to continue these adventures!
Shanai Wolfe (2 years ago)
Her undoing was the fact that she was more concerned about being on tv than her own safety. She was playing up to the camera all along. Even severely injured and bleeding she managed to make sure she was filming herself. Nature's way of teaching her a lesson in humility. I don't think she'll get it though.
Haitian Refugee (2 years ago)
She was a tough competitor & if not for her mistake would have lasted a while longer but her children will be lucky to have her back home instead of playing in the woods.
Richard Bucker (2 years ago)
First let me say that this happened to you SUCKS. From the moment I saw that you were in the competition I knew I wanted to watch the entire season.... And frankly I feel for you. I did that exact thing 35 years ago on a remote island that I had to canoe 5 miles to and where the nearest doctor was a ferry away. Granted I was not ALONE; but it was this experience that forced me to question the wisdom of an ax on this mission. In my case I was 13 with no experience at all and I cannot remember if I had ever built a fire up until that point. I learned what I thought was "bring a hatchet next time" and now I think big blade and a baton. A bowie knife and a saw seems much more efficient than an ax that requires all that energy which has to go somewhere. Again, I'm sorry you had to tap. I was rooting for you.
Shannon Michaels (2 years ago)
Accidents happen when a person becomes over-confident or complacent. This could have happened to anyone. Sucks that it put her off the show.
Don Russell (1 year ago)
it wouldn't happen to anyone who knows that there's no need of an axe, no need to split wood.:-)
J Buzz (2 years ago)
I'm 60 years old, used axes and knives all my life. Never cut myself (badly) until last month. Everyone makes mistakes. She knew better. She's kicking herself. I really liked her. Frankly, I hated the thought of that little girl not having her mom for a year. At least she went out for a real reason and not because of bear scat.
Shaun MacMillan (2 years ago)
an axe for wood cutting and such never needs to be that sharp.....sharp axes in the hands of fools are deadly tools..... shake blocker
neaumusic (2 years ago)
yea but what about for bears or cutting down a tree
Prepared Survivalist (2 years ago)
Look behind her. The fire is lit and going good. She has an entire stack of SPLIT wood sitting behind it. Wood splitting for outdoor fires is simply to help get it started. You don't continue to split small pieces to burn continually. Even the piece she got injured on was already split down to good size. It didn't need to be split further. If it does, baton it with a fixed blade, not an unwieldy axe. This isn't couch quarterback critique either. This woman was fundamentally doing everything wrong when it comes to wood prep.
Don Russell (1 year ago)
there's no need to split wood. There's no need for an axe for this show. it's a wasted pick. So is a big saw , a belt knife, or ferrorod.
John Davis (1 year ago)
dry sticks do the same thing. Splitting wood is a waste of time and calories. Cut and haul good sized logs, if you want a constant fire. Set up a siberian fire lay and just push the logs into the fire now and then. better yet, build up a clay and stone "oven" so that you can "aim" the heat wherever you want it, use it to heat big flat stones to put under your raised bed, and the wals of the oven retain heat for hours. Leave the back side of the oven open, so you can feed in the ends of long timbers. When you go under for the night, pull out the logs, and roll a big rock, some sod/clods across the hole, so the heat is not wasted.
Mr. McClassy (2 years ago)
+Prepared Survivalist pretty much, though I like having extra kindling around if my fire is dying, or I let it go out and need a dry source to get it going again like Dave says, always plan your next fire. but yeah this lady wasent paying attention to what she was doing chattin away and using improper practice, better to have learned this lesson in saftey then in a real survival situation at least she can be prepared in the future now, could of been worse
John Smith (2 years ago)
This happened to me in October last year! I was trying to split wood like that, hit my hand and cut a tendon in my thumb. If you slip with a knife it just nicks you, but an axe does way more damage than you would expect. We all have stupid moments...
Don Russell (1 year ago)
if you take an axe on this show, that was already a stupid moment. You need an e tool a lot worse than you need an axe.
CanadianBushman (2 years ago)
You would be surprised how much blood you can lose from a cut on the hand. Feel sorry for her accident but that was weak axecraft. Respect those edges!
Melvin Collins (2 years ago)
I was cringing at her technique of splitting wood before the accident happened. It doesn't make any sense to leave a hand below the path of the axe. Obviously she can rest the head of the axe on top of the wood and baton or lay it down sideways but you risk dulling the edge if it hits stone on the ground etc.
Arctic Gator (1 month ago)
i always use a cheater stick to hold logs to split with an axe, axes are useful tools but you definitely have to respect them, swinging an axe when you are rushed or tired leads to things like this.
Poker Channel (1 year ago)
@ JL men can cry too, but those are indoor cats.  Outdoor men are different.
John Davis (1 year ago)
dont bother with an axe for this challenge. It's a wasted pick. Nobody's gonna be doing any homesteading. you need a kukri, for brush clearing, limb lopping and a saw for the bigger stuff.
Dmitrius (2 years ago)
Melvin Collins lol same here
Johannes Dolch (2 years ago)
That's why every woodsman worth his salt takes a survival Knife. Well one of the hundreds of reasons. An Axe is not for that.
Steven Boyd (2 years ago)
That face once she realized that the accident did indeed mean she was out of the contest...she would have went a while, I think.
wvusmc (2 years ago)
Didn't she mentioned she was a wild fire fighter? How can you be that and be so clumsy with an axe and not know proper first aid?
Nate Kyng (9 days ago)
+Scotia Bushcraft lol Here, an example of how to properly use "non sequitur" Scotia Bitchcraft: Is there much axe use for wild land firefighters? Nate Kyng: I like roasting marshmallows to a burnt crisp. What were you saying about logic now? Stop speaking about it and learn about it first, fucktard.
Scotia Bushcraft (16 days ago)
+Nate Kyng Non sequitur two years too late: the post. Speaking of logic...
Nate Kyng (16 days ago)
+Scotia Bushcraft Cooks and water boys in the military don't really use guns, but they're still trained on how to use them. Try out logic, it works wonders.
Scotia Bushcraft (2 years ago)
+KratostheDogtheMan Is there much axe use for wildland firefighters? I suspect there would be crews using pulaskis, but I don't really know. If so, would the use of pulaskis be specialized or something everyone uses?
The Wooded Beardsman (2 years ago)
Kids, be grateful if your Dad taught you knife and axe skills as a kid and watched over you as you mastered them.
Inthewoods (1 month ago)
Its common sense how to use these items dude
John Davis (1 year ago)
none of them are "hot-shots". In fact, most of them are bad jokes.
daniel bartonik (1 year ago)
we don't care about your own wife problems if there is any
Charles Joseph (2 years ago)
Unbelievable to me that a "hotshot" didn't have better axe handling skills.
Steven Nelson (2 years ago)
I wonder how long it was from the accident to the call for help?  I think she could have lasted quite a bit out there.  She didn't seem to be having any problems.  A lot of good people still left...
Steven Nelson (2 years ago)
I just re-watched and I see that she was injured at about 8:13am and was picked us about 9:01am.  So it looks like she made the right decision to push the button right away.  She made the right decision to get help as she could have had major problems otherwise.  Just caring for an injury in those conditions would have made things so much more difficult.  I pray that she has healed up with no permanent effects...
Steven Nelson (2 years ago)
I meant she could have lasted longer if she had not been injured. her spirits were good and she didn't seem to have any other issues.
Mind Yours (2 years ago)
+Billodnh Exactly my same thoughts.
Billodnh (2 years ago)
+Steven Nelson She said repeatedly that she couldn't lift her thumb indicating possible tendon damage or worse. That can be fixed in a hospital if treated promptly. Left out there her hand might never be the same again including the use of her thumb. In the end it was a dumb way to chop kindling.
akabaker80 (2 years ago)
Darwin would LOVE this show...
Craig (2 years ago)
That's why you lay the wood down on the ground, hands away with an ax.
Mind Yours (2 years ago)
+UselessComment That's kind of true. If I always nearly hit my hand when hammering a nail into a wall. The possibility of me taking a heavy axe and holding a piece of wood in place with my bare hand. Well lets say the risks of me striking my hand would also be high. She should of resorted to sawing wood or laying it on the ground and hacking away at it.
Kanzee (2 years ago)
Them's the Breaks ! Risk of Infection, Predators, or furthering her injury would of been the real bummer..thank goodness the History team was on the ball, and got her medical aid, asap..Had she continued , it would of made for some interesting viewing...one handed survival...but the long term risks are to high. Bravo to Mary, for her smart decision to call for aid...despite that ,she was just catching her rhythm too. Outstanding job History crew on the Rescue. cheers
61third (2 years ago)
in the real wild she''ll die that night. The wolves will smell the blood and rip her to shreds. Maybe after they you know. run the wolfie train on her.
Nate Kyng (9 days ago)
Wolves CAN smell 100 times better than humans, but it's not blood that attracts em but rather the smell of prey. As Lyndon said, they're not sharks and they're not prone to attacking humans, especially when humans have fire.
Don Russell (1 year ago)
oh bs. If she died of it, it would be from infection, fever, hypothermia, starvation/dehydration/inability to help herself.
John Davis (1 year ago)
you're fos. Wolves in N America have had the "attack humans' gene/idea shot and bred out of them, a century ago.
boethiah12 (1 year ago)
61third wolves don't do that. if anything infection would kill her before wolves.
Lyndon Lucier (2 years ago)
They're wolves not sharks ! They follow sent trails not smell things from miles away they're not turkey vultures
Sharp Canines (2 years ago)
Aw, that is too bad, she could have lasted a long time. She has the mental resilience. Please give her a 2nd chance.
neaumusic (2 years ago)
no way man, set herself up to fail, her technique with the knife and axe were really bad
James White (2 years ago)
Bless Her Heart. I really feel bad for her.
Subjective Object (1 year ago)
Me too. She was too distracted by talking to the camera. Ugh, I would kick myself too if I did that

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