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The case for re-writing history! New evidence, an introduction to UnchartedX

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The high level case for re-writing what we know of the foundations of our history. I also wanted to create a channel introduction video, particularly for people new to the whole 'debate over history' topic, and to explain the premise that is behind many of my other videos! Thanks to Chuck at channel cfapps6875, make sure you visit and subscribe, he does great work: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2yxX9jhtBEapmep_K468A Please like and subscribe! Leave a comment with your thoughts! UnchartedX: http://UnchartedX.com Support my work: http://unchartedx.com/support Paypal tip jar: http://paypal.me/unchartedx Patreon: http://patreon.com/unchartedx SubscribeStar: http://subscribestar.com/unchartedx Bitcoin: bc1qtg5kaq0s7434fsulm7w94zsqkww57ueel4f4ed Contact me on: Twitter: http://twitter.com/unchartedx1 Instagram: http://instagram.com/unchartedx7 Email: [email protected] References: 2006 New Scientist article: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn9989-timeline-human-evolution/ 300,000 year old human remains found: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/06/morocco-early-human-fossils-anthropology-science/ Neanderthal/Human DNA split: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/evan.10058 Cerutti Mastadon Site: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/04/mastodons-americas-peopling-migrations-archaeology-science/ Bluefish Caves: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/yukon-first-humans-north-america-1.3936886 Geometric shapes in the Amazon: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/01/100104-amazon-lost-civilization-circles/ Lost cities in the Amazon: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3077413/ns/technology_and_science-science/t/lost-cities-amazon-revealed/#.XM-RRuhKhaQ DNA Links between Australians and South Americans: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/dna-search-first-americans-links-amazon-indigenous-australians-180955976/ Denisovans: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg24232283-700-major-discovery-suggests-denisovans-lived-in-tibet-160000-years-ago/ Homo Floresiensis: https://www.livescience.com/29100-homo-floresiensis-hobbit-facts.html Scans from Charles Hapgood's 'Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings' sourced from my copy of the book. Music: Youtube music library Scott Gratton : A Moment Scott Gratton : The Hours Scott Gratton : The Minutes #history #youngerdryas #cosmichampsterwheel
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Filmmaker's Lifestyle (5 hours ago)
I have watched a lot of videos on these topics on YouTube lately. I believe there definitely is a trend for more conscious awareness of our species' origin story. What is different about this video is that you narrate this yourself and the footage looks like you did it yourself too. Great gimbal work, btw. This is not a stock video library approach by an impersonal robotic voice. For this, I am going to be subscribing, donating, and sharing all of your videos. Thank you for your work. The world means you to continue on.
360Degree Productions (8 hours ago)
Humans were a lot more bigger in the past, we have shrunk since!
Teresa Hobgood (9 hours ago)
History has always intrigued me, but so much of it has always confused me because the "historical facts" just don't always follow logic. I will be very interested to see where your investigations take you. Great job, and good hunting!
Kassia Minassian (12 hours ago)
Aussie mate
Mike Gill (12 hours ago)
Not to diss your enthusiasm, but ever heard of Occam's Razor? You draw way too many conclusions that are by far not the simplest. Two examples: 1) Pyramidal shapes appearing all over the world as a sign of interconnected civilizations or one big one? Why? Much easier explanation: statics and gravity is the reason everybody builds the same way! The Slovak Radio building uses technology that wasn't available before, that's why most pyramids are big on the ground floor narrowing towards the top. No problem there. 2) Great pyramid being too perfect, so the Egyptians couldn't have built it? Are the shots of the Red Pyramid yours? Cause I've been there too. And that's the third pyramid Snofru built, the two before that being crap, improving with every one. And then his son built the one in Giza, a bigger and improved version of the Red Pyramid, using the same elements (step ceiling in the Red Pyramid and the same in the Grand Gallery). Big deal! How can you say the Great Pyramid is too perfect to build when you visited the ones built literally just years before it and failing miserably?
Russel Murray (13 hours ago)
Thanks thank you great stuff please give us more I'm broke so can't support u other than I'm doing the same but no computer just a phone but there is so much information we're able to get a much bigger picture of the past i never believed any religious or straight history so the current information is correct
Balasar Argnot (15 hours ago)
The answer is simple, the event was called The Flood.
João Pedro Torres (15 hours ago)
About cutting stone in ancient ages, you're pretty wrong. Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeS5lrmyD74
Charles Darwin (16 hours ago)
Kevin Lenard (19 hours ago)
Must be Aliens! Must Be aliens! Ever wonder why we always go to that simple explanation? It's written in our brain wiring. It's Human Nature. There were no aliens.
richard finlayson (21 hours ago)
phewww, luckily some of us were smart enough to eat those mushrooms.
Jake R (21 hours ago)
Hypothetical question here, if our modern society was to completely collapse via drought, oil wells drying up or nuclear war how many would be able to survive not just 10 years but generations. I personally don't doubt that if some sort of total collapse happened very few people would be able to survive in a total neolithic lifestyle, the ability for our modern innovations to persist even 10 to 20 years after such events would be slim to none. Because of the disconnect most have from how to make them and the inability to gather all needed materials. This reset does make logical sense to me for the simple fact that resources aren't endless.
UnchartedX (13 hours ago)
There wouldn't be much left after a few decades, let alone centuries or millenia. within a couple of generations we would be telling campfire tales about plasma tv's and cell phones.
Iain Colligan (1 day ago)
What a beautifully crafted intro video! I love your presentation style, while I do enjoy a lot of the evangelical content creators but there is a huge gap for calm, reasoned advocates too. Going to go mining through the rest of your channel now. Thank you
Jasonardo (1 day ago)
First video I've seen. Subbed! My hypothesis for many years has been that life on earth has risen and fallen countless times, perhaps for 100's of millions of years. Natural disasters, or perhaps "man" made disasters have happened many many times. There is evidence that civilizations existed that are more advanced than we are in some fields. If life as advanced as it is now lived on earth 100 million years ago and was wiped out, what evidence would we even be able to detect today?
Scott Halloween (1 day ago)
Hi Ben, good stuff. I have often thought along the same lines, that the extinction events that killed the dinosaurs haven’t stopped. Why would they? That man raised him self up ,in this cycle ,from mud in *ONLY* two thousand years to have incredible civilizations . Why couldn’t we have done it before. If we were,told,today, that nibru/the 10th planet was coming would not mankind build arks? Both here on earth and in space? To guarantee the survival of the species What objects that we have today would survive 10,000 years? What warnings would we leave? Wouldn’t we seem primitive, to our future selves, with our dams and great walls? Here is one last thought that I didn’t want to have. We would build escape arks to put into space, but there would be little point in returning for at least 100 years,or possibly far longer, the earth would be a disaster. The people who survived in the deep earth and stone arks may not even remember us. These people would become substance farmers with little time for the past. When we returned they wouldn’t know us, and we would barely recognize them. our technology and knowledge would seem like magic. We may be our own Gods and aliens. And how many time could this have happened? The gods may just be one cataclysm removed, and the greys may be many times ago. So far back and so changed by time and space travel that we don’t even recognize them..as us. Thanks for you hard work. Your pal Scott.
Brayna Taylor (1 day ago)
Think of this what if the time told to us is not in the correct line of time? I think things in the very lone past has detorited thus no proof of a true timed line.
Brayna Taylor (1 day ago)
As the old saying tell us ashes to ashes dust to dust in a few years they wont find us!! So true as we are seeing daily.
Brayna Taylor (1 day ago)
A lot of people and in the academic world do not want to believe they are wrong...I have been wrong and willing to admit it we are not perfect if so we would not have a need to undo the unearth past
UnchartedX (1 day ago)
yeah we could be 1000 years off or more. The church kinda lost track of it in the dark ages, I think the monks got right into brewing and not so much caring about what day it was :) Not a criticism, no one else was attempting to keep track of the old 'what year is it again?' thing at the time.
Rod Shearman (1 day ago)
All goes to show that Carbon-14 dating needs another serious investigation!
I enjoyed that. I am a big proponent of the EU and you will find this ties up with your path very nicely. Our electrical history will prove modern science wrong.......
Light Warrior89 (1 day ago)
Love your work brother 🖖🏽
David Zapata (1 day ago)
Hi Ben, I love your content and your proposition of simple applications of critical thinking. The degree of precision and accuracy of some of the ancient large stone objects is mind boggling. I do have a question about the evidence of machining on the ancient stone monoliths/structures. Why isn't it assumed that the coring evidence was done in modern times in some unofficial/unrecorded capacity? Thanks Ben.
David Zapata (1 day ago)
+UnchartedX I have no doubt that the coring/machining evidence is of an ancient lost technology. I mean why not, the precision of craftsmanship of the boxes at the Serapeum could not be attained with bronze age technology. I was just having a little trouble defending a self-imposed counter argument for the coring evidence. Anyways, thank you for the thoughtful reply. I'll make a small contribution to your fund, so tomorrows coffee is on me. :)
UnchartedX (1 day ago)
Always a possibility, however we have records of these 'power tool' marks/drill cores etc from Petrie's time, and before (19th century). Likely before anyone had the capability to drag a cable or generator out there and go to town. Unsure as to the purpose for those holes in that context, other than practical jokes. Also, if you take a look at Chris Dunn's investigation into the drill cores, nothing we have today can explain those marks, and the penetration rate the tooltips made into the stone, he theorizes it may well have been ultrasonic drills. Many of the tool marks also show the same wear/erosion/effect of time as the objects themselves. Some statues have machining marks that must have been contemporary with their creation, I look at that in the chapter 5 of the Serapeum video set. I also compare some of the contemporary drill holes to the ancient ones in the Bastet video. Couple of other reasons I could think of (location of cuts in basalt floor tiles at giza etc, or the hotep at Abu Ghorab), but your point is a good one, thanks!
Made In USA (1 day ago)
Great stuff!
War Band (1 day ago)
JRR Tolkien has a different interpretation of the Earths history.
UnchartedX (1 day ago)
He sure does, which is why they file his (freaking epic) books under the 'fiction' section
Ainsley Flint (1 day ago)
I agree. I am a lifelong lover of history also. "Someone observed that steam went up"
Chilean Guy #6 (1 day ago)
Very well compiled and presented information. Congrats.
Michael Wilder (1 day ago)
how about the Interventionism theory Ben?? Looked into it?
Michael Wilder (5 hours ago)
+UnchartedX i guess what I'm really asking is: do you believe that ETs have been visiting Earth and involved with the planet long before modern humans emerged, and currently involved to this day? There is a tremendous about of evidence to suggest that this is in fact the case, so it makes sense to me to connect as many dots/fill in as many blanks as possible
UnchartedX (13 hours ago)
+Michael Wilder sitchin has been thoroughly debunked. There are plenty of interesting aspects of cosmic knowledge and the like that seem to be present in the Sumerian civilization but those are just as likely to be remnants of a lost civilization as many other cultures also share similar knowledge embedded in religion and myth...
Michael Wilder (17 hours ago)
+UnchartedX yes, i've seen that!... and im curious, why do you tap out on the annunaki parts?
UnchartedX (1 day ago)
+Michael Wilder yep go check out lloyd pye 'everything you know is a lie' its a great lecture. I tap out somewhat on the annunaki parts but everything up to that? great stuff. I really enjoy Lloyd Pye's work, he's missed.
Michael Wilder (1 day ago)
+UnchartedX cool bro.. the ET entity Bashar channeled by Daryl Anka has stated the Annunaki were the ones to genetic engineer / cross breed with naturally occurring hominid species here on Earth with their/other ET DNA, thus explaining the large jump in homo sapiens brain size in such a short time (relatively).. This is one of the most important topics on the planet and for our race, thanks for making videos!
Richard Jackson (1 day ago)
the earths flat...
Magnús Örn (1 day ago)
we have known the earth is round for thousands of years
Bob Jackson (2 days ago)
You have raised several interesting points. Undoubtedly the establishment doesn't want to acknowledge alternate viewpoints, we see that in most scientific fields where petty jealousies rule, and change is fought tooth and nail.
Sideways 740 (2 days ago)
Look into the how the Sun could micro-nova every 12,000 years or so...
The Infidel (2 days ago)
This fails to present any evidence and is debunked by the simple fact that if there was a high tech civilization (what does that even mean?) we would have found traces of it. We have discovered fossiles dating 100rds of millions of years back,remains of humanoid species as old as 5 million years but nothing not a molecule of what is proposed here by this childish speculation. Any "advanced" civilization would have had a massive infrastructure, highly durable metals and artificial materials , traces of which easily couldve outlasted 12000 years or more, they wouldve had waste containing substances not occuring naturally , potentially nuclear power etc etc etc. Not a shred of evidence. The drias cataclysm (which was basically a rebounding cold period at the end of the last ice age ) effects were noteable but nowhere as drastic as the actual 100rd thousand -ish years of the ice age or gigantic events such as the yucatan impact which has a crater 3 times as large as the greenland impacts and 20 km deep...or the largest crater in south africa which is 300 km diameter (2.2bil y). The 2 Greenland Meteor craters are nothing really special in size when it comes to craters and the dating difficulty leaves a massive time period open for speculation basically a 100 million year range of age. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Younger_Dryas_impact_hypothesis The Drias impact cataclysm is a HYPOTHESIS and not even a theory or fact...and is under extreme scrutiny of being inaccurate, speculative to the extent of being wishful thinking and sensationalist or simply misrepresented by simplified media coverage and having contaminated and falsely identified trace analysis samples.
Rusty Simonds (2 days ago)
Even Egypt now admits that is seems that their ancestor came upon all the pyramids and sphinx that they themselves were not the builders. They have found in history that the sphinx was infact another icon or image but was modified by the Egyptians to reflect something else. It is also well believed that the sphinx or the previous image it had was in a pool of water for 1000s of years before the Egyptians arrived, this obviously means that it was built, they were built by a highly technical civilization many thousands of years before the Egyptians arrived.
GabrielFarseer (2 days ago)
I like this a lot, as long as you don't go into conspiratorial paranoia crab, but keep it scientific and post and refer source material, then you have my sub. Actually some of the underlying philosophies of viewing and dealing with history reminds me of the science-fiction books by Cixin Liu, his series "The three body problem", "The Dark Forest", and "Deaths End". It especially reminded me of something he wrote... “Weakness and ignorance are not barriers to survival, but arrogance is.” ― Liu Cixin, Death's End... In this case the arrogance that we have gotten things so right that we stop thinking, but what if we haven't.
toxic monsanto (2 days ago)
Everyone knows that an advanced world wide civilization existed, we're just waiting for the jackals of Science to catch up.
Lee Maples (2 days ago)
There seems to have been a `golden age`during the stone age that mainstream academia does not, and /or will not recognize. Not really knowing exactly when that `golden age` was, I would guess it was some 20-40 thousand years ago perhaps. Twice as far back as academia would have us all believe that our history goes back.
Shifty Malone (2 days ago)
I thought that the water erosion around the Sphinx dated it at around 80,000 years, from when they drilled the ice cores?
Samaa Hammam (2 days ago)
If science is finding the sun Nova's, cyclical, then basically history repeating itself,as the clock is reset
Lucas Chapel (2 days ago)
I loved how this video was presented to us. All topics and subject matters that I care a lot about and that I've studied in my own time. I feel this video was clear and informative; I wish a lot more people would see it and take the content on board.
HowardSingleton (2 days ago)
Incredibly well written and put together.
Mike G (2 days ago)
(with a grain of salt) Follow the Languages and find where it begins. And then follow the common mythologies. Greeks and Maya both believe this is not the first era of men, but more like the 5th. Each reset of men alternates between deluge of water and fire. Though I hope those legends are wrong or exaggerated.
Rukart Bert (2 days ago)
I agree with almost everything you say But on 16:12 you state that the Egyptians call themselves a legacy civilization. Could you give me the source, so I can look it up for myself
UnchartedX (2 days ago)
It's part of their own creation story. The pyramid texts, the papyrus of Turin, the description of Zep Tepi and the timeline in the kings lists. Here's one article on it (the first one i found) there are plenty of others, it's just our modern historians that decide what is myth and what is history.... https://mysteriousearth.net/2016/08/03/the-zep-tepi-the-creation-of-ancient-egypt/
Jack Sprat (3 days ago)
17:09 Those are bathtubs with a drain hole. Those vertical holes around the perimeter of the tubs are for support posts to hold a shade. Another example of rammed earth construction. This might have been a spa for the elite. Another theory of mine. I would love to hear other theories!!
Jack Sprat (3 days ago)
Those horizontal holes are a little high to drain holes. Maybe they were a way to add hot water to the tubs from the outside. To protect the privacy of the elites.
Jack Sprat (3 days ago)
Look at 12:14 in this video. That block looks to me to have troweled sides. I’ve seen this on other blocks in other videos.
Jack Sprat (3 days ago)
I’ve got a theory about the Serapeum. What IF the Serapeum was built around the granite blocks? Say a large pit was dug down to bedrock(?) with a long sloping ramp on which to drag in the blocks. Then the blocks were positioned across the floor of the pit to desired positions. Then a structure was built using the polymer or rammed earth theory. Look at the walls in the tunnels. They don’t look like natural rock to me. There are other videos here that show the walls in better detail. I would like to hear counter arguments to my theory. Thank you. Great vid!!!
GoodNightMeckNayr (3 days ago)
UnchartedX (3 days ago)
Ken Keil (3 days ago)
That human time line is a hoax. Even evolutionists can’t agree on the age of human fossils.For sure the apes are not our descendants. Apes were always apes. Humans were always humans.
UnchartedX (3 days ago)
yes we can. Carbon dating accurately dates organic material using scientific and proven principles. We know how old human remains are.
Amazing video man!
Ben M (4 days ago)
If you can trick people into thinking that there are more than two genders then its not to hard to cover up history as well. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” ― George Orwell
jukebox symposium (4 days ago)
the blue stones of stonehenge pre-date gobekli tepe, also you should include ice ages as they were an abundant source of fresh water
Alpha White Male (4 days ago)
The jews(illuminati) created and defined the modern world and everything you think you know. If people knew the truth(the whole truth) the world would fall apart in 2 days. What people dont know cant hurt them.
TD Map (4 days ago)
Our true history is truly astonishing. Advanced civilizations have come, crashed and reset all over again over the millennia. Civilizations are like a computer code: Do While.......Next, Crash, Reset: Start all over again.... We are just at an advanced stage of the most recent reset in the cycle... Great content. I just subbed.
TheMouldyMushroom (4 days ago)
Can humans build i-phones & skyscrapers? No they can't, They are living in the jungle!.
Mark Devaney (4 days ago)
Nice one Ben,I've been sharing these interests and opinions on this journey for many years.A great intro. into all this info Mo Chara! I'm Irish,just means "my friend"...As someone who knows a little more than is contained within.Truly appreciated.....But the first thing I did was share to my newly inducted nephew,who's interest is frightening from a 14 year old....Most would break down at the thought! lol
Chickknight Greenleaf (5 days ago)
so what you trying to say is... that our ancestor started to building civilization very early than we thought maybe even before the Ice Age and the Stone Age. Their civilization have reach a significant level of development, then some calamity happened, for example a space rock not big enough to kill all our ancestor, but causing climate change, and nature disasters and demolished all of our ancestor hard work, and then about 12k years ago after endured the aftermath of that calamity our ancestor rebuild everything again?
UnchartedX (4 days ago)
+Chickknight Greenleaf its a complicated subject, and this is a 20 minute overview. The proof is detailed in all my other videos (by no means all of it) and mostly it's in all the many books and scientific papers by the many authors and researchers that have done the real work of making the case for each individual aspect of this discussion. You still have to grok all that and put it together. If you want me to cite proof for everything I covered, it would be several hours long. Not a bad idea (eventually), but not the point of this video. If you're new to the discussion, I would recommend hancock's books (specifically fingerprints). Hamlett's Mill. Maps of the Ancient Sea King. Chris Dunn's books. the list could go on...
Chickknight Greenleaf (4 days ago)
+UnchartedX any proof??? or it just a theory? still your argument is very interesting though. I, too, notice a lot of similarities in world's myths, a cool theory nevertheless, kind of similar to the fantasy world i'm building,
UnchartedX (4 days ago)
more or less, yep
WarriorPoet01 (5 days ago)
"...if not outwardly hostile to any new ideas." (inserts video of Zahi Hawass) ;) ;)
Mario Görnitz (5 days ago)
Good Video! A summery of thoughts that crossing my mind! :)
D. P. (5 days ago)
Ancient history you suppose to know is Middle Ages literature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61e_d5n_ERw&t=130s
nancy sexton (5 days ago)
TheDruidKing (5 days ago)
Glad I found this. Subbed.
Different 1 (5 days ago)
3:54 if thats a real photo looks like an impact sight
rzomg (5 days ago)
Think about this: Why did anyone put up the Georgia guidestones? The person who did this knew something more than the avarage guys. He or they knew we the people of earth have become to many for the goverments to ensure saftey if a cataclysm happens. Thats why it says keep the population under 500 000 000 on earth. This amount could be safley stored underground if safe places where built and everything planned for but for 10 billion it is simply impossible.
gizmonomono (5 days ago)
Awesome work. Keep it up
MadTorqueW900 (5 days ago)
One of the best videos I've seen. Very well put together and so much good information included in a short time. The spark of interest has turned into a fire, I wanna know, I need to know! I'm thankful for people like you working hard and putting out great content! Without the independent research we'd still be blind to our past. Also I live in Washington state, the geology here is amazing. I'm basically living on the scab lands. Again thank you for all the work you do, it's very much appreciated. Look forward to more good stuff!
Ravun1 (6 days ago)
It's always the same white people trying to write themselves into history taking over others history and putting themselves in. The lies are not working anymore go back to your cave neanderthal
Ascend SG (6 days ago)
The best summary of this topic I have seen. Excellent.
Verónica Siczewski (6 days ago)
I have enjoyed this information so much! It makes me want to learn so much More!!! 🤓💗 Your explanations are so clear that they can ve followed easily. You are inspiring!
trina flores (6 days ago)
They don't want us knowing about the previous civilizations because of how they were wiped out and the fact that the earth and our solar system are on a cycle that repeats every 12,000 yrs or more and is probably starting again with all the record breaking disasters we are having that keep on getting worse yearly .All the governments off the world need us to keep caring on working and paying our taxes so they can use that money to build all the underground cities they have been building that previous civilizations had also built to save their races if you read the Bible and also other religious texts it describes what will be the signes off the end days when our world will basically reset .Our governments have probably know about this for a very long time and have covered it up so that we all carry on pay our taxes ignorantly and they build their safe cities that only the elites and those useful to them will be entering while the rest of us fight to survive and not be washed away .
Na1t0 Adda (6 days ago)
this is interesting topic. I think in 300 years, our believed science will be completely denied as 500 years ago people used to believe. also histories will be changed by new theories always. even ancient Egyptian theories are always changing last 200 years.also think about dinosaurs, they are always different looking pretty much every 20 years or less. Napoleon was war criminal back in the days, but he's historical important person as the emperor as the hero now.
Mario S (6 days ago)
i will absolutely support you great content men
Bronwyn BlueStarTarot (6 days ago)
My eyes were opened when I discovered the Sumerians, and the ridiculously similar journey of Noah and Ziusudra regarding the Great Flood. I came across this connection after researching the Druids and their worship of the serpent god. Who was this serpent god? I became obsessed then found Enki. I later discovered the Nag Hammadi and when I read this version of the creation of man the similarities again were striking to the Enuma Elish account of creation. Our history is NOT what we think it is. Great video look forward to more!
Mehdi Yavari (6 days ago)
2:36 you forgot to mention Persia on the list of contributors to human history from the antiquity
UnchartedX (6 days ago)
I did say 'and all the rest'
Mario Jurinich (6 days ago)
Excellent !!
Prince Memphis (6 days ago)
I love it
Dontjud99eme (6 days ago)
I think the main thing standing in the way of rethinking and restructuring our understanding of our past is religion. It's clearly obvious the accepted view is wrong, yet most ppl either don't know or just ignore it.
THE NIGHTBREED (6 days ago)
Subbed on the strength of this video. Good stuff!
UrbanKiwi (6 days ago)
Love these types of channels, subbed.
Paul Sargeant (6 days ago)
Great presentation. Ever since someone pointed me to 'The Pyramid Code' on the telly. I have been hooked on this subject. I cannot watch history programs or Egyption pyramid at tombs programs anymore. It is now obvious to me that it is all wrong. Keep up the good work and maybe one day the penny will drop in some of these narrow minded so called experts.
Ok Nnnn (6 days ago)
Lol I was at the time of listening sipping a regular latte wearing trainers/sneakers whilst dressed in our synthetic clothes, 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 watching on my 1+. Oh and enjoying a sausage roll.
Adam Emond (6 days ago)
Probably the best introduction to this world that I’ve seen. Nice!
DeineLieblingsvideos (7 days ago)
Ranty McRant-Pants (7 days ago)
Your narrative of you versus the mainstream is such bullshit.
Kal El (7 days ago)
Peruvian elongated skulls and the DNA studies are very interesting
Ger0 (7 days ago)
14:28 On the left, ancient technology confirmed.
Michael Miller (7 days ago)
No hamsters were harmed in the making of this video.
Deborah N (7 days ago)
1st time here, so nice to hear you referencing Graham Hancock & the lovely Robert Schoch, I will subscribe & ding the 🛎, it’s great that this subject is being spoke about more, mainstream archaeologists can not keep ignoring all these finds that are coming to light, they need to get onboard with it & help humanity learn the real history of our planet, Peace & Love 🌍 🌎 🌏 ❤️
shalashaska615 (7 days ago)
I watched it all and disagree bruv. What is our real history?
UnchartedX (7 days ago)
i made my video, your turn
shalashaska615 (7 days ago)
Time the great leveller. The human. The chicken or the egg. We only got dinosaurs as dinosaurs about a 100 years ago. What is wrong with the evaluation of human history again?
shalashaska615 (7 days ago)
Best add the caveat that I don’t dispute dinosaurs. Also, a pyramid is a basic structure.
Joshua Folly (7 days ago)
4:19 Awwe that poor hamster.
flashpoint (7 days ago)
Slow to accept new evidence your not kidding, today they still teach in schools that the Geeks were the inventors of Geometry and Astronomy , absolute nonsense, it is well documented that the Greeks studied from the Egyption Priests while occupying Egypt and that they concluded their knowledge of the Stars must have been observed over a very long period in History, and of coarse their skills in Geometry well you only have to look at the Pyramids
UnchartedX (7 days ago)
indeed. I'm uploading a new podcast/interview and we talk about this very thing in it.
S. Bharat (7 days ago)
Here you will find why the pyramids all over the world were built. For more information about Atlantis, you can as well follow Corey Goode. https://youtu.be/YlM1YL0_m6w
yoshi man (7 days ago)
I am with you brother! I have argued with historical academia ever since I watched Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.
yoshi man (7 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swe3EOKCbFI&ab_channel=vanlakos I think they're on to something
Paul Parry (7 days ago)
Aye, dude, I had a thought the other day. The holes that are in the sides of the kings chamber pressure relief valves???...... If thats the case, its yet another pretty precise calculation! Based on the chamber having magnetite on the ceiling, and the chamber possibly being filled with water, and thus, the chamber being a battery?....... Heard a theory that the pumping action of the water into the chamber compressed uncompressed the quartz in the blocks, thus generating a piezoelectric current???..... Anyway, so, safety check valves in the walls? Just a thought.......
Morgan Olfursson (7 days ago)
The best way to survive is to start by going vegan. If we keep on eating meat and dairy products , our planet is over . We have already lost more than 60% of our fauna and flora . If we do not change , our grand kids will not know the earth we know now .
fressfisch (7 days ago)
"Göbleki Tepe" :)
Goran Nikolic (7 days ago)
my support!
ZACK ZANY (7 days ago)
Great stuff
Ty Ritch (8 days ago)
Sounds good to me. I like your thinking very true
Estevan Valladares (8 days ago)
The out of Africa and tree shaped evolution are flawed enough by itself to be built upon to construct another alternative as flawed as it is.
Stacey Parkinson (8 days ago)
The question is, what fits, Occam's razor, would apply here, if you take the time line of an average 12.5 and use it as a constant for arguments sake, would induce a repetition or revolution, if 12.5 is the constant look to the sky and ask yourself why you didn't take Apophis into account. if i told you the earth would be back at this spot in 1 years time, what would come every 12.5... I may be wrong who knows but look to the sky 12.5 a constant.. Did the sphinx look at its own destruction during the age of Leo, is it a clue for now, so many questions....... The interpretation of the symbols and legends withing the myths of peoples souls in hidden consciousness CAN OF WORMS OPEN NOW KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WE ALL BELIEVE IN THE WORK OF THE FEW TRYING TO OPEN UP THE DOOR TO THE TRUE STORY OF MAN, IT'S ONE WE SHOULD ALL SUPPORT...........
MariaByoga (8 days ago)
I absolutely enjoyed this one! 💖 Thank you!! 🤗
Frank Engel (8 days ago)
Very good work we will foud the key noe day of all this answers i readed in 1976 all booke from Erich van Daenicken , and the peolpe said that is all stupid what he is telling us !!!! Now he is the Director for this thins in Suiza and i visited about 2200 place on our planet and stay the first time 1978 on OAK Island Canada New Chester , thes are graet things that will chage the story of al America. You now the the latitud amd longitud of the Pryramide from Giza is exatley the veolecety of the light ??? I now many ,many things . The Spinx for the Pyramyds was builded about 12000 years ago before the building of the Pyramids ,and it was repaced . i think ther were under us but we dont can see them we are using ownlu 10 % of the capatecy of our brain . And the moon and Mars , specely on mars are Pyramyds to. Best regards from Alicante Sain , and great work !!!!!!
Ghryst VanGhod (9 days ago)
well put together. could have had many more examples to show, but totally understandable given the short-form, 'overview' type of format
UnchartedX (8 days ago)
Oh yeah, I could have made that video 4 hours long. I was really shooting for a short overview of the debate and introduction to the subject matter. It's a complex and broad topic, lots of vectors to it.. I get into many of the topics raised in much more detail in my other content.

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