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Managing Sales - Joy of a Salesman

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You hopefully wont find all of these traits in a single sales person but if you manage sales you will surely recognize this discussion ! As an fyi, I have got the following comments directly from Cxx Execs Fantastic! Oh my god, this is amazingly funny and totally accurate. :) LOL Man this is dead on Hilarious! Incredibly funny ! That was too funny! Lovely! That was funny, I've had that talk myself a dozen times. "your pipeline is as active as the music career of Susan Boyle", right on target for a few guys I've managed
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Text Comments (7)
73cupcake (6 years ago)
jiv737 (6 years ago)
so accurate its scary!!!!!
ultrathizz (7 years ago)
RT381222 (7 years ago)
This is so close to the Truth it's frightening.
keldastar (7 years ago)
@Headshot426 That's exactly why it is funny
SPANKYHANDS (7 years ago)
love it! keep it up guys :)
Headshot426 (7 years ago)
Not funny. Just a stereotypical perspective from a shit manager.

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