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Business Ethics in Islam - Mufti Ismail Menk

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Business Ethics in Islam. The Prophet's (saw) general advice to all people was that, "What is lawful is clear and what is unlawful is clear, but between them are certain doubtful things which many people do not recognize. He who guards against the doubtful things keep his religion and his honor blameless, but he who falls into doubtful things falls into what is unlawful, just as a shepherd who pastures his flocks round a sanctuary will soon pasture them in it. Every king has a sanctuary, and God's sanctuary is the things he had declared unlawful." Before the Prophet invited his people towards Islam, it was his truthfulness and trustworthiness which had earned for our Prophet (saw) the glorious titles of "Sadiq" (truthful) and "Amin". Therefore, one must follow the teachings of the Prophet (saw) in regard to business and all other aspects of life; to become a good Businessman and hence, a better Muslim. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)
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obja traders (1 month ago)
Iam a HINDU i always have great respect on PROPHET and after seeing this video i feel very devoted THANK YOU SIR GOD IS GREAT
kris h (2 months ago)
Well said
U M (2 months ago)
HA P (7 months ago)
Allah yenawar alek ya Mufti Mink👍👍👍
ahmed rizwan (9 months ago)
wat about qnet is it halal plzz reply
Ahmed Shah (9 months ago)
Nasafi Ilam (11 months ago)
Yasmine Nazarine (1 year ago)
Thankyou mercy Bless honest Muslims
Sakshi Kushnoor (1 year ago)
Ma shaa ALLAH. How well explained...👍👍
جزائري Dz (1 year ago)
شكرا كم أحب هذا الشيخ
mohammed fardheem (1 year ago)
mlm marketing is haram or halal
SEDOW MEDIA (8 months ago)
mohammed fardheem Assalam Aleykum brother! MLM is only Haram if it goes against the laws of Islam. By that, we should consider the products in the direct sales, Interests and exaggerations (lies) from distributors to the customers. Therefore the Idea of MLM itself is not Haram in Islam Thank you..
mnavaz ahamed (1 year ago)
masha allah may allah give this sheik and us jannah in the hereafter...jazakallah khair for a beautiful message
Fatima Qasim (9 months ago)
mnavaz ahamed amen
Virtual Haramain (1 year ago)
Feed the poor and needy of Madinah and Makkab by using virtualharamain.com
Nasafi Ilam (2 years ago)
Khabir Abdul Khabir (2 years ago)
God bless hem
Fatima Qasim (9 months ago)
Khabir Abdul Khabir amen
tousif khan (2 years ago)
Masha Allah Ismail bro amazing and effective
Faisal Imam (3 years ago)
Aamna Fatima (3 years ago)
MashaAllah! Wasn't aware that earning from wrong/haram means have such deeper effects on our daily lives.... May Allah (SWT) grant us hidayah to always choose the correct path when having a choice...Amen
Reza Arman (3 years ago)
MASHALLAH thanks a lot
Hamad Sheikh (4 years ago)
One has to listen to this lecture with an open mind and thinking brain. It promotes honest dealings and charity. It invokes a deeper thinking around transactions, beyond just the buyer and seller. It does not promote capitalism or socialism, just a very high level of ethics and morals.
Carthaginian_Costigans (5 years ago)
I know very many Americans are Islamiphobic.  One client in a BUSINESS RELATION STATED THE FOLLOWING: "Christians believe all Muslims shall and will be killed" Read about his business, he does it through Media. http://www.tambamedia.com/ This guy is insane.  Muslims are faithful people and deserve to be treated well by the most high and most merciful Allah, Bismillahi. I suggest that targeting business that are Islamiphobic is a legal protest that Muslims shall undertake.  Identifying all Islamiphobic businesses and taking legal action against them is legal according to all laws of the universe and the USA that they operate it. I suggest that targeting businesses in a legal manner is well deserved for businesses which break human rights law. No Muslim shall be targeted.
masud rana (5 years ago)
thanks brother, May Allah help you
avneet12284 (5 years ago)
Why should an individual who has earned money through hard work give it away for someone who is unproductive? Each individual is responsible for his own life. Capitalism allows everyone,including the poor, to rise. Only those who are unambitious will remain poor. Then they deserve it. The mufti is preaching socialism - the system that has brought down countless nations (for e.g. USSR, the Eastern Bloc and China before it adopted elements of capitalism). Socialism is inconsistent with freedom.
Moeen Imtiaz (1 year ago)
avneet12284 why do you give taxes
Bruce Johnson (5 years ago)
Do you mean we wouldn't have economists or economies? You should listen more carefully to the video brother. Mufti Menk highlights several examples of just dealings between customers and businesses to generate wealth for the masses instead of a select few. I would consider Mufti's Model to be one of fair dealings between the customer and business where both strive to be happy with the results of the trade. I believe every economy, both advanced and developing follows that model.
avneet12284 (5 years ago)
naa....if business worked on blessings you won't have economists.....you would just have theocrats. Can you point to one economically advanced country that follows this model?
ABC S (21 days ago)
avneet12284 in the past yeah but this world is taken over by bankers so you can’t have system which he is talking about
abdl Fadl (5 years ago)
masha Allah for this nice piece
Queen B (5 years ago)
ikr i love this bayan mashallah and im only 10 haha!!
Fatima Qasim (9 months ago)
Queen B mashaAllah may Allah grant you more knowledge of Islam n bless u amen
mohammed imtiaz (6 years ago)
Masha Allah very nice speach.Let all muslims adopt this in total
Bil Malik (6 years ago)
Mashallah helpful tips.

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