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Most Incredible Archaeological Finds

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Scientists and archaeologists are making new, incredible discoveries all the time about the history of Earth’s civilizations. Here are some of the most important--and the most bizarre--findings. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 3. Lead Books Found in Jordan In 2008, 70 books--or codices--were uncovered in a remote cave in Jordan. The pages are crafted of lead and appear to be almost unreadable, bound together on rings. To an outside observer, they may not look like much, but this was a find that could change the way ancient Christianity is studied and maybe even how we perceive Jesus Christ himself. Through rigorous testing, all 70 books were determined to be genuine and date to the first century AD, making them 2,000 years old. The books reference the apostles John, Peter, and James as well as the earliest mentions of Jesus Christ--even including a portrait of him. The writings in the codices suggest that Jesus was not beginning a new religion; rather, he was continuing a thousand-year-old religion begun during the time of King David, a religion that worshipped a God who was both male and female. One of the book has seven seals, matching the description of a codex mentioned in the Book of Revelation. These are the earliest known Hebrew-Christian documents, which means they could provide valuable information for those practicing Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. 2. The Library of Ashurbanipal It is said that this was the library which inspired Alexander the Great to build the great library of Alexandria, all of which has been lost. This library, however, sometimes called “the first library” or “the oldest library” in the world, still exists and 30,000 tablets of literature, medical texts, and more have been recovered from its shelves. The library dates to the 7th century BC and is today located in northern Iraq, near Mosul. During its time, it would have been located in the ancient city of Nineveh, the capital of Assyria in Mesopotamia. Ashurbanipal was motivated to create the library because his childhood education allowed him to learn to read and write, as he was not originally expected to take the throne. During his reign, Mesopotamia expanded to include Egypt, Babylon, Persia and Syria. For this reason, the texts included in the library are of incredible significance to understanding the history of these places. Finally, among the tablets found in the library, is one that nearly everyone is familiar with: The Epic of Gilgamesh, which is considered one of the earliest great pieces of literature. 1. Gobekli Tepe (teep) The discovery of this temple in modern-day Turkey is an incredible archaeological find that could force scientists to rethink the timeline of human civilization as we know it. The temple has been carbon-dated to be around 11,000 years old, having been constructed around 9600 BC. Civilizations as we know them, with beginnings in Egypt and Mesopotamia, did not begin until around 3000 BC, about 5000 years ago. But this temple was clearly built with care and a ton of hard work, supposedly with the intention of making it a place of worship. The temple consists of two 10-foot pillars in its center, decorated with carvings of animals and more identifiable icons. Bones at the temple suggest there were once sacrifices here. The temple then goes outward in rings, with more pillars inside each ring. The building of this temple would have predated writing, pottery-making, metalworking, and according to previous estimates, organized worship. The mystery of the site continues as crude Neolithic tools were found, which were made of flint. But how were such tools used to carve pillars that weigh around 40-60 tons? And how did they move these pillars to the site of the temple? The questions continue, but one thing is certain: The discovery of this temple could lead to incredible answers about the evolution of society.
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Text Comments (1407)
oxo123 (6 days ago)
A cat/dog toy
Reykjavik Iceland (6 days ago)
What an annoying flat voice
the rampant hamster (7 days ago)
can't even be bothered to watch the rest of the video when the narrator mistakes a pentagon for a hexagon in the first example.
Enas al-ashram (8 days ago)
Thank you for the video. Regarding no. 3 "Lead books" it was actually proven to be Fake in the following years of its finding. The Department of antiquities of Jordan also had to do a prosecution for the local agencies who published news regarding that Without any checking from the Department or any experts of that matter.
Art Vandelay (6 days ago)
That's unfortunate, and sad that news agencies do no confer with officials prior. Was the entire book a forgery? Or only the writing within?
chazz Lucas (8 days ago)
Scientists don't know shit !
BigRex11 (8 days ago)
The dodecahedron thing was probably the equivalent of a lava lamp
Mikethedude22 (9 days ago)
Let’s be honest, if something is 1500 years “ahead of its time” just means we’re dumb idiots that took much longer to figure that stuff out.
Mikethedude22 (9 days ago)
Finally a narrator that doesn’t mess around!
Bernard Martinez (9 days ago)
DAVID M (8 days ago)
Were Joseph's plates made of gold?
(9 days ago)
The lead bound books have been tested multiple times and declared fake by Jordian government antiquities departments and multiple scholars/scientists.
Marshall Courtney (10 days ago)
Bible is true
Brendan Staff (10 days ago)
At 7:00 mins goes something like this about the sky disk. Old NASA: In the future we might be all dead and should send a message to alien life and the future. Old Nasa 2:Will they understand OLD Nasa3:An advanced race will easily decipher and understand all about where and who we are. Modern Nasa 1960s: Lets send a message to intelligent life it must exist Illegal archaeologist: Just metal detected a skydisk Illegal archaeologist 2: Noone has any idea what these crazy primitives are talking about they probably high.
bruce allen (10 days ago)
looks like the led books have been considered forged by Jordan's department of antiques
70mjc (6 days ago)
bruce allen lead***
Andy T (10 days ago)
Your narrator needs to check they’re fucking script. In the first item she claims, 12 sides made up of perfect hexagons. They’re fucking pentagons. Five sides you fucking morons. Not six. Get a clue and learn to count.
Elliot W (10 days ago)
Religion is such shit..
One MercilessMing (10 days ago)
Talltanic--Avail yourselves of a second grade math book. Dodecahedrons are made of five-sided figures. Five-sided figures are call PENTAGONS, not hexagons, which are six-sided. If you can't get THAT right, why should anyone pay attention to the rest of what you present? https://golem.ph.utexas.edu/category/2006/11/tales_of_the_dodecahedron.html
Mark Allen (11 days ago)
New news: The Voynic Manuscript has been decoded.
nizzla_eso (14 days ago)
dodecahedron or however its spelled looks like it was used for string or rope to do something that requires different positioning depending on the purpose of its use.
Camas (15 days ago)
Gobekli TEPE, not "TEEP". Learn the terms you narrate.
laserbeam 002 (16 days ago)
Just to let everyone know...the Jordan Codices, those iron books, have been proven fake by the DOA (department of antiquities) in Jordan.
Nadroj L (13 days ago)
How recent is that information? Cause it sounds like they proved it in 2018 by analyzing the corrosion.... https://www.ancient-origins.net/artifacts-ancient-writings/controversial-jordan-codices-earliest-written-account-jesus-confirmed-020640
MarbleSwan666 (16 days ago)
The antikythera thing is to track the moon for crops
Jaidyn in. (16 days ago)
Archaeologist : This item is religious! They're way to say that they have no clue.
Ron Hawk (13 days ago)
Their....the irony. Lol
MarbleSwan666 (16 days ago)
Jaidyn in. No while its true they can't know for sure, saying it was religious was an educated guess
Lucas Sorribes (16 days ago)
The Lead Books are forgeries, as everyone knows. https://paleojudaica.blogspot.com/2011_03_27_archive.html#7454369078247746754
I think those the decahedron You're probably used to shape sphere poles and arrows and bolts the varying sizes of them seemed to suggest something along this nature
Veronica Evans (11 days ago)
Saw a documentary a few months ago,a woman was using one to crochet.It sounds odd but it works and explains why there found so often. A ball of yarn fits inside and threads out through one of the holes.
Hebrew Chapter 11 (18 days ago)
1. 주사위
Sharana D Gowda (20 days ago)
People have forgotten to talk about India and it's history,, or something, else, ...the ' vimana shastra', book written around 2000 years ago, and it's found during 19 the century..., The book is about aeronautics...
Polar Bear (21 days ago)
ACTUALLY!! the voynich manuscript has been partly decipheredg its written in an old version of turkish theres a channel on here of a turkish professor and his family translating it. They basically said it was like a book of herbs plants when best to grow things etc!
Veena AR (23 days ago)
0.75x speed seems normal.
anythingg00394 (24 days ago)
those are pentagons
Francis Marcoux (24 days ago)
The lead book must be first book of the mormons
Kathy Mac (27 days ago)
Voinych....there is a paraniod schizophrenic homeless woman in my town who writes stuff thatakes no sense in notebooks and stickers them in trees and buries them.
Kathy Mac (27 days ago)
The Romans did have dice games. If these guys were doing archaeology on our middens and sites they'd think we hold religious ceremonies over China dolls. Silly archaeology!
Dean Povey-Garman (29 days ago)
Number 3 in considered a forgary but most scholars.
Dean Povey-Garman (29 days ago)
Hmm.. Tell me more about these lead books found in Jordan?
Dean Povey-Garman (29 days ago)
Hold your horses. They're fake.
Blink means Love (29 days ago)
I though the narrator was rapping...
Fuzznutt (1 month ago)
The thousands of Sumerian tablets, that have older writings than that of the bible, plus have the full versions of the accounts of the old testament, have have not been mentioned here for some reason!
Jessica Law (1 month ago)
1= this was a electrical light force that moves all around magnetically to shine light in all directions. It moved fast and it was bright.
King Bob (1 month ago)
Out kf date
Chandrakala Ramanan (1 month ago)
Too fast reading
SASANKA Jayasekara (1 month ago)
no 1 is nothing
Martin toutcourte (1 month ago)
Final flash (1 month ago)
in london a stone island badge was found dating back areoung 1million years ago its known to have belonged to the millwall dinosaur bad boys
Varsha Srivastva (1 month ago)
She is a headache while narrating.
Alycia Windingland (1 month ago)
Your voice reminds me of if Amelia Pond from Doctor Who had an American accent.
lady drac (1 month ago)
It's kind of a sad in every discoveries of an amateur treasure hunters were illegal while those in powers weren't. This world was created for everybody. Everything founded by individuals is a God's given gifts. Those finds are not for show but to remember the history that belongs to each creations of God. I really hated those evilish greedy people grabbing the credits due to others works and hardships. BTW, the woman who did the narration sounds like she was chasing by a lion.
string mann (1 month ago)
mountains of bronze and stars made of pearls
Reggie's Homework (1 month ago)
One of the plants in the Voynich Manuscript is believed to be a sundew.
Xxmarsii_DiiicexX (1 month ago)
Jehovah represents as male. Period
Dylan Thomas (1 month ago)
Are those not Pentagons?..ummm
Zsiraf Ablak (1 month ago)
Impossible listening for this female shit
There were no white people on the planet 11,000 years ago!🤷🏾‍♂️
Daniel Delgado-Cruz (1 month ago)
"Lead Books Found in Jordan" This is simply not true. This is misinformation and should not be publicly presented as fact. See to the link for more information to these faked "Lead Books". http://www.jordantimes.com/news/local/jordan-codices%E2%80%99-proven-fake-%E2%80%94-doa
Daron L. Musick (1 month ago)
Check out my Ooparts artifacts from America.
Arlette Rosa (1 month ago)
What a pain the advertising in between the important documentary...disrespecful..once is ok...but 4 times ..please ..
selahadams (1 month ago)
yes...i do understand the herbal book.....It is plan as day
Gregory Thompson (1 month ago)
lmfao....Gobekli teep......shameful lmao
Sam Lomaad (1 month ago)
Justadot (1 month ago)
what in the world?
Ramya Narendran (1 month ago)
0:42 that's not an Hexagon that's Pentagon
Taifoor Minhas (1 month ago)
Her voice isn't good
Narendra Thapa (1 month ago)
Speaking very fast we can't information what are you saying.
MrCavalier14 (1 month ago)
Dodecca hedras are candle holders
fuck you youtube (1 month ago)
The voynich manuscript is believed to be written in an old Turkish dialect. The manuscript itself is apparently a how-to book on farming and other things. The ppl whom unlocked this information have a clip up on YouTube too just search it.
Preeti Hamilton (1 month ago)
This great but not one Indian archeological finding is mentioned which includes vimana airplanes was first invented by Indians the battery first invented by Indian the land of Krishna was discovered but the Christians were baffled n made sure the project was abandon. Even though we know that Hindu religion has been on earth way way before Christianity. The nuclear weapons were used in the war of Mahabharata. The first person to measure the distance between sun n earth was Hanuma. The proofs r all over the country. The great bridge built between India n Shrilanka which is impossible in thousands days is a live proof. The burmuda triangle hidden mystery is the diamond that was used by Ravana n today scientists r baffled what's going in burmuda triangle the truth is written in ancient Hindu scriptures the diamond is barrier in burmuda triangle by Hanuma. Geeta the religious book mentioned that OM is the sound in the universe but not one westerner wanna admit it. Jesus the son of God had spend 20 yrs in India learned Sanskrit n his preachings were from Geeta, but no1 wanna accept the truth. Do u and the so call western people hate India so much that they don't wanna accept Hinduism n Hindus which was created way before Jesus. The only country where there are all diversity of people all religion is welcome by Hindus. Ur findings r totally wrong. Sorry to say this but if u talking abt ancient history India was way advanced with technology. There r number of galaxies in the universe is explained in Geeta in detail. I think u r raciest n u need to check ur know,edge not by ignoring it but accepting the truth.
Kevin Babineaux (1 month ago)
Yoy the racist sounding person ive ever head
Maryellen Gora (1 month ago)
I heard that Gobekli Tepi was filled wih concrete (this truly made me physically ill) frm one pf the terrorist groups (allegedly) what a waste to not be able to study and learn frm. Truly a great loss to mankind
Patricia Seigman (1 month ago)
The doedeca is a loom to make a glove
KC Chiefs (1 month ago)
#1, they forgot to mention that its ok only been unearthed about 10%. 90% of tepe is still underground and is 50x bigger than Stonehenge and 7000years older
scott gurney (2 months ago)
advertsing on you tube like elsewhere is getting out of control..Make me want to go back to books
prometheus660 (2 months ago)
scott gurney I agree. It's because they want you to subscribe to a premium service. That's getting out of hand, also. Every app and service wants monthly payments. And now individual YouTube channels want monthly donations on patreon.
Garuda Stambha (2 months ago)
If Hebrew or Jewish or islamic or crishtian god if both male and female......that means he is lord Shiva....or ardha nareshwar....which means half male and half female
Rudy Cota (2 months ago)
I discovered an ancient brick cell phone. Nobody cared
crazycutz (2 months ago)
The voinac manuscript has been broken. So this video is dated
wierdo090 (2 months ago)
Number 6 is wrong.... those soldiers were actually solders. Qin Shi Huang was so crazy and so fucking controlling, that he requested that when he died, his soldiers would be standing there and solidified.
yukio ichijo (2 months ago)
i think twice when i heard found in china....
Anthonygamer 9512 (2 months ago)
Lower speed sound better but weird
Andrea Pyne (2 months ago)
Male and female ? Lies
Anonymous Spartan (2 months ago)
*the Voynich Manuscript* If it can't deciphered, read, interpreted by no one, it must be from another dimension. Unless, it was a deliberate hoax by an intelligent ancient person
Max Shepherd (2 months ago)
12 equal sized hexagons? Since when did a hexagon have 5 sides. I think you meant pentagon
M Ozarks (2 months ago)
Its not pronounced TEEP! "Teh-pay"
Kranti gouripur (2 months ago)
In Buddha purana it stated about the the terracotta statues where the kings of that time built it that looks very real where Chinese and Indian used to wage war
Darren Henderson (2 months ago)
R. Ben Madison (2 months ago)
Five-sided shape is a pentagon not a hexagon.
C K (2 months ago)
Voynich manuscript - this guy actually found out what it really is. He deserves all the credit. It all makes sense. I know that a mystery is no fun when it's solved, but you really should see. He has a short explanation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17x7epchEQY. The women are from Uzbekistan and the language is written in Landa Kojki, which is a language that has only 14 experts around the world. I found this dude by luck, and it didn't have many views, but it's started to slowly gain views because I've tried to spread the word. People need to know! Here is a full explanation. This one is in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmvmSCd2Jg0 Hindi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLp8a-ydCdY&t=38s Urdu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bstr8HQHuMY
heartbreaka (2 months ago)
Voynich manuscript is reported to be decoded from ancient Turkish in 2018
Dinkle Fingus (2 months ago)
+Andrea Pyne i think it was medicinal and astrological if im remembering correctly. theres a documentary somewhere online, maybe even on youtube
Andrea Pyne (2 months ago)
Well what did they decode ?
Dinkle Fingus (2 months ago)
Exactly, solved by a father and son team.
Austin Sullivan (2 months ago)
Aaaand carbon dating is completely wrong.
Xoreign (2 months ago)
"denying science is easier than understanding it and its many complexities"
Daniel (2 months ago)
aaaaaand no it's not.
Austin Sullivan (2 months ago)
Dead sea scrolls were found by a boy retrieving a stray goat he believed had wandered into the cave.
Dave P (2 months ago)
12 pentagons you morons!
frank sigwart (2 months ago)
Basically we don't really know anything for certain.
Dewayne Florian (2 months ago)
OK I’ve had enough of this sounds like a literary documentary however the creaky voice is deafening
Crazy Canuck (2 months ago)
It makes me sick what must have been lost in the Library of Alexandria. They rumoured to have over a million scrolls. Things like the exact building techniques used on the pyramids could have been common knowledge or Mathematics could be 1,000 years ahead of where it is today. So many intriguing answers went up in flames when that library did.
globe255 (1 day ago)
Crazy Canuck It is no use crying over spilled milk, instead try to find solutions, try to better things.
First Last (5 days ago)
When Arabs conquered Egypt, the General sent a letter to the caliph, asking what to do with the books. The answer that was given said, everything we need to know is in the Quran, if the information in scrolls the same it is superfluous, if the information is different then it is dangerous, burn it. Not only they burned it but destroyed the foundation that till this day we don’t know the exact location.
Crazy Canuck (7 days ago)
People are getting too hung up on my example of the pyramids. Whether they housed the blueprints is irrelevant. I'm simply meaning there was likely many things in there that are mysteries to us today that would have been common knowledge if the library was not destroyed.
Nevio (7 days ago)
Crazy Canuck There's almost no chance there were blueprints for the pyramids. They were build thousands of years before the inception of the Library of Alexandria.
Cassandra Leeper (2 months ago)
This lady needs to take a breath and slow down when she talks
Ls Kidstv (2 months ago)
ZR1 LT5 Chris (2 months ago)
Due to some catastrophic event, major global impacts and the like somewhere along the line we’ve lost a technology we’ve yet to regain.
Austin Araujo (2 months ago)
The library of Alexandria wasn’t destroyed it’s under the Vatican
Maryellen Gora (1 month ago)
Yes, and a LOT of scrolls and books were destroyed by ancient popes if yhaey didnt agree with the dogma, paying the church to grant forgiveness, etc. Very Many got destroyed - and 99% we ourselves will never see the light of day in our lifetime. I wish there was a website to read ancient writings. If we can see art from even longer than that, we should be able to read 5he histories for ourselves!
Super 24K (2 months ago)
How retarded can one be
Brittany Dunn (2 months ago)
The concrete books look like something that blind people could just touch with their fingers and read
Sarah Strong (2 months ago)
I think those dodecahedrons were for medicinal purposes. For massaging people using the knobs.
Steven Salemi (2 months ago)
Why does this woman talk so fast? Too much espresso?
Meow DaLaChow (19 days ago)
Steven Salemi coked up
nasser darwish (2 months ago)
The Department of Antiquities (DoA) has announced that the lead codices allegedly found in a northern Jordan cave between 2005-2007 have been proven forged. The codices, comprised of more than 70 ring-bound books entirely made of lead, were reportedly found in a remote valley over a decade ago. The DoA Director General Monther Jamhawi said that the codices are a kind of “professional” forgery that was executed skillfully.
DAVID M (8 days ago)
+cuinn837 After the book of Abraham scandal, I would be desperate for evidence too.
cuinn837 (11 days ago)
Mormons were all excited about those lead codices. They thought it would provide evidence for Joseph Smith's "God plates--sealed book" claim.
Number 3:: Lead?? If only they had been gold. Then JosephsMyth might have a hope in hell
Mary C (2 months ago)
Spaggetti measurer 🤣😂😃😄😅 also known as the dodekahedron
JerseyDevil (2 months ago)
Could #10 candle holders ? Made to hold any shape

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