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Most Incredible Archaeological Finds

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Scientists and archaeologists are making new, incredible discoveries all the time about the history of Earth’s civilizations. Here are some of the most important--and the most bizarre--findings. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 3. Lead Books Found in Jordan In 2008, 70 books--or codices--were uncovered in a remote cave in Jordan. The pages are crafted of lead and appear to be almost unreadable, bound together on rings. To an outside observer, they may not look like much, but this was a find that could change the way ancient Christianity is studied and maybe even how we perceive Jesus Christ himself. Through rigorous testing, all 70 books were determined to be genuine and date to the first century AD, making them 2,000 years old. The books reference the apostles John, Peter, and James as well as the earliest mentions of Jesus Christ--even including a portrait of him. The writings in the codices suggest that Jesus was not beginning a new religion; rather, he was continuing a thousand-year-old religion begun during the time of King David, a religion that worshipped a God who was both male and female. One of the book has seven seals, matching the description of a codex mentioned in the Book of Revelation. These are the earliest known Hebrew-Christian documents, which means they could provide valuable information for those practicing Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. 2. The Library of Ashurbanipal It is said that this was the library which inspired Alexander the Great to build the great library of Alexandria, all of which has been lost. This library, however, sometimes called “the first library” or “the oldest library” in the world, still exists and 30,000 tablets of literature, medical texts, and more have been recovered from its shelves. The library dates to the 7th century BC and is today located in northern Iraq, near Mosul. During its time, it would have been located in the ancient city of Nineveh, the capital of Assyria in Mesopotamia. Ashurbanipal was motivated to create the library because his childhood education allowed him to learn to read and write, as he was not originally expected to take the throne. During his reign, Mesopotamia expanded to include Egypt, Babylon, Persia and Syria. For this reason, the texts included in the library are of incredible significance to understanding the history of these places. Finally, among the tablets found in the library, is one that nearly everyone is familiar with: The Epic of Gilgamesh, which is considered one of the earliest great pieces of literature. 1. Gobekli Tepe (teep) The discovery of this temple in modern-day Turkey is an incredible archaeological find that could force scientists to rethink the timeline of human civilization as we know it. The temple has been carbon-dated to be around 11,000 years old, having been constructed around 9600 BC. Civilizations as we know them, with beginnings in Egypt and Mesopotamia, did not begin until around 3000 BC, about 5000 years ago. But this temple was clearly built with care and a ton of hard work, supposedly with the intention of making it a place of worship. The temple consists of two 10-foot pillars in its center, decorated with carvings of animals and more identifiable icons. Bones at the temple suggest there were once sacrifices here. The temple then goes outward in rings, with more pillars inside each ring. The building of this temple would have predated writing, pottery-making, metalworking, and according to previous estimates, organized worship. The mystery of the site continues as crude Neolithic tools were found, which were made of flint. But how were such tools used to carve pillars that weigh around 40-60 tons? And how did they move these pillars to the site of the temple? The questions continue, but one thing is certain: The discovery of this temple could lead to incredible answers about the evolution of society.
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Text Comments (1255)
mary nicholson (19 hours ago)
Its not pronounced TEEP! "Teh-pay"
Kranti gouripur (2 days ago)
In Buddha purana it stated about the the terracotta statues where the kings of that time built it that looks very real where Chinese and Indian used to wage war
Darren Henderson (3 days ago)
R. Ben Madison (3 days ago)
Five-sided shape is a pentagon not a hexagon.
C K (3 days ago)
Voynich manuscript - this guy actually found out what it really is. He deserves all the credit. It all makes sense. I know that a mystery is no fun when it's solved, but you really should see. He has a short explanation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17x7epchEQY. The women are from Uzbekistan and the language is written in Landa Kojki, which is a language that has only 14 experts around the world. I found this dude by luck, and it didn't have many views, but it's started to slowly gain views because I've tried to spread the word. People need to know! Here is a full explanation. This one is in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmvmSCd2Jg0 Hindi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLp8a-ydCdY&t=38s Urdu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bstr8HQHuMY
heartbreaka (4 days ago)
Voynich manuscript is reported to be decoded from ancient Turkish in 2018
Dinkle Fingus (4 days ago)
Exactly, solved by a father and son team.
Austin Sullivan (4 days ago)
Aaaand carbon dating is completely wrong.
Daniel (2 days ago)
aaaaaand no it's not.
Austin Sullivan (4 days ago)
Dead sea scrolls were found by a boy retrieving a stray goat he believed had wandered into the cave.
Dave P (5 days ago)
12 pentagons you morons!
frank sigwart (5 days ago)
Basically we don't really know anything for certain.
Dewayne Florian (6 days ago)
OK I’ve had enough of this sounds like a literary documentary however the creaky voice is deafening
Crazy Canuck (6 days ago)
It makes me sick what must have been lost in the Library of Alexandria. They rumoured to have over a million scrolls. Things like the exact building techniques used on the pyramids could have been common knowledge or Mathematics could be 1,000 years ahead of where it is today. So many intriguing answers went up in flames when that library did.
R. Ben Madison (3 days ago)
Nobody has any idea what was really in the Library of Alexandria or if such a thing even existed. Nobody can agree over who supposedly destroyed it: Christians? Romans? Arabs? The only people who ever actually claimed that they destroyed it were the Arabs. The destruction of the Library of Alexandria is a useful part of self-serving Enlightenment-era mythology.
Cassandra Leeper (6 days ago)
This lady needs to take a breath and slow down when she talks
Ls Kidstv (4 days ago)
ZR1 LT5 Chris (8 days ago)
Due to some catastrophic event, major global impacts and the like somewhere along the line we’ve lost a technology we’ve yet to regain.
Austin Araujo (10 days ago)
The library of Alexandria wasn’t destroyed it’s under the Vatican
Brittany Dunn (10 days ago)
The concrete books look like something that blind people could just touch with their fingers and read
Sarah Strong (11 days ago)
I think those dodecahedrons were for medicinal purposes. For massaging people using the knobs.
Steven Salemi (11 days ago)
Why does this woman talk so fast? Too much espresso?
nasser darwish (13 days ago)
The Department of Antiquities (DoA) has announced that the lead codices allegedly found in a northern Jordan cave between 2005-2007 have been proven forged. The codices, comprised of more than 70 ring-bound books entirely made of lead, were reportedly found in a remote valley over a decade ago. The DoA Director General Monther Jamhawi said that the codices are a kind of “professional” forgery that was executed skillfully.
Number 3:: Lead?? If only they had been gold. Then JosephsMyth might have a hope in hell
Mary C (16 days ago)
Spaggetti measurer 🤣😂😃😄😅 also known as the dodekahedron
JerseyDevil (17 days ago)
Could #10 candle holders ? Made to hold any shape
euclon1 (19 days ago)
Reckon that bitch could've talked just a little bit faster? Goddamn.
Sonya Goughnour (20 days ago)
Talking too fast. Most of these discoveries have been covered for decades. Waste of time.
Generic Youtuber (20 days ago)
can you pronounce anything that isn't in common english? Why wouldn't you research that before making a video?
Generic Youtuber (20 days ago)
WTF why are these videos so bad? Those were pentagons not hexagons, within like 30 seconds you already made a major error, and its an easily spotted error. trash videos..
Michael B (24 days ago)
taking a breath is normal to human speech. not to do so is very difficult to listen to.
lammers (25 days ago)
Number 8 has five sided sides not hexagonal ones
Monsoon (25 days ago)
Cesare Borgia (September 13, 1475 – March 11, 1507) second son of Pope Alexander the 6th or Rome, was a Spanish-Italian homosexual cardinal who resigned his church office to became a military commander, powerful lord, and a leading figure in the politics of his era. Cesare's religious vocation was never strong, and he gained a reputation at the papal court for his womanizing, lavish clothing, and hunting parties. Cesare was a man of scientific rather than artistic interests, and he briefly employed Leonardo da Vinci as military architect and engineer. A little known fact about Cesare Borgia is that, according to the French writer Alexandre Dumas and others, his likeness was used as the model for the long blonde haired, blue eyed effeminate looking Christ, which Christians the world over have been bowing down to and worshiping for centuries. His handsome appearance influenced many images of Jesus Christ painted during and subsequent to his career. It was during the Renaissance period after contact was made with Africa, that the Dark Ages in Europe came to an end and paintings began to circulate portraying Mary (MaRiYaM) and Jesus (YaHuWShuWA) with white skin, blue eyes and long blond hair. Many of the later paintings of "Jesus Christ" were based on Cesare Borgia, which in turn have influenced the majority of the portraits of Christ created from that point on wards. History bears witness to the millions killed for NOT worshiping the false created image of the white Christ. Rome and Spain dispatched the likes of Christopher Columbus, Hernan Cortes, Ponce De Leon, Arnericus Vespucci among others with armies to kill, enslave and also indoctrinate Negros / Hebrews and native Indians into the CULT of CHRISTIANITY. When Altobello Melone painted his portrait of Christ around 1520, he drew inspiration from an earlier Cesare Borgia painting, but distorted the distinctions between the faces and ethnicity of the most holy figure with one of the most corrupt.
Steve Butler (11 days ago)
Jesus, get over it already. It's been millennia!
Reaper Main (1 month ago)
You all should start your own YouTube channel about archaeological findings since you’re all experts
DANNY PHANTOM (1 month ago)
We could be older than we think 🤔 Maybe just like the dinosaur were once whipped out civilizations were whipped as well 💁‍♂️
Michael Palmer (1 month ago)
Christ darling, breath in for Huck sake bitch ... Typical snowflake American in a hurry in a hurry
Ty Young (1 month ago)
Had to shut it off. I couldn’t take the annoying narrator anymore. My ears are bleeding
Jesse .P (1 month ago)
1st one, umm, big hole at bottom, put a huge candle in there, you now have a street light.
Klaus S (1 month ago)
Terrible narration - I cannot think that fast!
Trail of the Ark (1 month ago)
Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing. Heard about an expedition looking into fate of lost Ark (link text) trailoftheark.com
Shubham Wakode (1 month ago)
More of them is in india
d mar (1 month ago)
can you just shut up for 5 minutes?
Mandela Effect Comedy (1 month ago)
Da Vinci did the Voynich manuscript as a child. Written backwards right to left. I know because timetravel
Little King (1 month ago)
1st time hearing gobekli tepe
Little King (1 month ago)
1st time hearing gobekli tepe
10noah9 (1 month ago)
Stopped the vid at 1 min.. not worth any more of my time after this reaction.... #10: hexagrams? Pretty sure I count five and it's not a "gram" but a "gon"... pentagons..... very sloppy
Michael O'Brien (1 month ago)
The shapes within the "dodecahedrons" were not hexagons. They were pentagons.
Costas Patralis (1 month ago)
Imagine going on a relaxing holiday with the narrator........
John Howard (1 month ago)
Note to narrator: If you don't know how to pronounce a word...just google it! How can you justify being a narrator if you completely fucked up no less than 10 well known words in a 10 minute video. Stupid B!
Don Layton (1 month ago)
The Jordanian codices are generally considered to be fake. So the writings can say anything. If they're fake, the writings are irrelevant.
TM H (1 month ago)
#10 has been proven to be an object that gloves were fashioned using it as a loom as the cloth or yarn was wound around it.
Paradise Soon (1 month ago)
Please lady slow down .....your going to fast I have brain fog 🌫
reffoelcnu alouncelal (1 month ago)
At least it’s not a robot narrator . But please slow done . I
ANTIQUEFOTOS (1 month ago)
I think the ancients were more intelligent than we are. Call it de-evolution
Shiva Bairagi (1 month ago)
Rakhigarhi is 5000 years old
rushi kumar (1 month ago)
I don't understand why you're very much hurry baby
Jackson Mwanzau (2 months ago)
i am too slow to match with the narrator...
Norcadre Eleria (2 months ago)
The narrator is likely chasing by 9 dogs. Wtf reading too fast 💨
Lorena Andry (2 months ago)
The ad for ‘ Kissing Magic ‘ is cc. Thank
Lorena Andry (2 months ago)
I will mark dislike on every program tha is not closed captioned in English. This one is cc’d in Dutch. A lot of good that does for me! We need English. We can read!
Laura Miller (2 months ago)
This dodecahedron was for knitting gloves.
ಹಂಪಿ Hampi Super collections
Juan Carlos Villatoro (2 months ago)
Dodecahedros were anti-stress devices...
nefelovamon (2 months ago)
Something tells me that the narrator's favorite song is "Take my breath away". But no one ever did.
Duane Goodson (2 months ago)
They know what the Dodecehedra is this video got it wrong. It's a knitting tool for yarn to make gloves.
Larry Lang (2 months ago)
That cover picture, was that Pelosi's diary?
voodoo dolly (2 months ago)
Damn slow your roll and talk one beat slower so viewers can actually process the information given.
J C D (2 months ago)
number 10 is to stick papyrus inside the holes...it is like a shelf book.
Mallory woodkid (2 months ago)
Interesting video. But the lead books have allready turned out to be a fake!
Surf'n (2 months ago)
SO incredible...no one talks about them..but youtube lol
Lugician (2 months ago)
Must be nice to not have to reference sources... a short search showed that the lead codices were forgeries.
nrgate (2 months ago)
ugh It all means nothing. We are not to be anything more than a flake of dust. Otherwise there would be no death, war, or past civilizations. But do keep your "bibble" close, for when the next apocalypse comes, you will have a ready supply of shit tickets. You question the words of the mighty jimmy?
traida111 (2 months ago)
Maybe number 1 could be lights? I heard that back in the day they used crystals to create illumination. Something to do with the crystaline structure. I heard about them just never seen them so not really sure if thats them
John Bennion (2 months ago)
I understand that the Book Of Mormon had a similar design......
Arctic Gummibear (2 months ago)
get ready to learn nothing from this video
DivaPixie1 (2 months ago)
Dodecahedron was used for weaving
Dusty Grant (2 months ago)
Thanks i really enjoyed this!!!!!!!!
Nellie Price (2 months ago)
Old fashion jewelry!
John Doe (2 months ago)
The lead books of Jordan are fakes!
Rayzer (2 months ago)
Does she breathe during the narration??
T J (2 months ago)
#3 were PLATES. Metal plates.
Alex L-M (2 months ago)
The programme has two errors we actually have not traced the Voynich manuscript to Rudolph just hearsay given by its discoverer so amongst most scientists consider it a forgery.The Chinese soldiers at Shang Hua Dis’tomb were moulded not carved they were moulded and actually some soldiers were repeated the heads were separate from the body for ease of design and make.
Steven Debaets (2 months ago)
did she just say gobekli teep? haha idiot
Cedric Burton (2 months ago)
It sound like she was reading from a script and she was in a rush to get home and cook dinner. 😃🍜🍝
Jake Pettibone (2 months ago)
Un is worthless filthy clowns ,cowards,greedy scumbags. Keep the u n away from everything if you want to keep it!
CarbonTalon (2 months ago)
Voynich Code Revealed..... Supposedly, but seems legit... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6keMgLmFEk
Beelzebob the innocent (2 months ago)
Interesting mix of misinformation
Joel McCoy (2 months ago)
Those look to me like Heptagons on that dodecahydra.
Jon Osterman (2 months ago)
Recorded on a Friday afternoon right before closing time.
Willie Daniels (2 months ago)
The # 1 11,000 yr old find was NOT a religious site! It was a WHOLE TOWN ! Whenever archaeologists can't pinpoint a discovery's TRUE PURPOSE they always fall back onto "religious site!" as an explanation! And that site is supposedly OLDER THAN 11K yrs! And there is NO WAY that site was carved out using bronze age tools only! ET's were involved in the final precision layout and ventilation shafts and tunnels that were made!
Felix Vega (2 months ago)
TO📣 MY..... TOP 🔊 ( 1 ) is the....... 📌 ARK. THE MOST 📢 EPIC.
Honey Fungus (2 months ago)
Stop gabbling, slow down.
Jennifer Reinoehl (2 months ago)
Hmmm, self-proclaimed, self-taught "archaeologist" stumbles across a find that could rival the Dead Sea Scrolls. I know this is just YouTube click bait, but real students of antiquities believe they are fake https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-20492489 As does the Jordan government, which says the lead is old but the inscriptions are meaningless http://www.jordantimes.com/news/local/jordan-codices%E2%80%99-proven-fake-%E2%80%94-doa Sadly, if the forger used old lead, he probably destroyed a real relic to make his five minutes of fame. This channel shouldn't be praising his forged discovery as an important "find."
Jill Anderson (2 months ago)
The lead books found in Jordan are not genuine and testing shows them to be fakes. Might want to update your video.
George Eroes (3 months ago)
male voices are more pleasant
Drew Nielson (3 months ago)
From the Wikipedia “The Jordan Lead Codices, (or the Jordanian Codices), are a collection of codices allegedly found in a cave in Jordan and first publicized in March 2011. A number of scholars and a November 2012 regional BBC News investigation have pronounced them fakes. In December 2016, a radioactivity test performed at the University of Surrey's Ion Beam Centre confirmed the old age of the lead used, but not the inscriptions. As of 2017, both the Israeli antiquities authority and the Jordanian archaeological department regard them as forgeries.”
Brennen Nelson (3 months ago)
I want to know what the talltanic symbol represents. Looks like a portion of a scythe and hammer........
Dipole Drognehof (3 months ago)
Fred Smith (3 months ago)
I find it amusing  that  the DIFFERENCES between the dead sea scrolls text and later texts are skipped over. The fact there are differences proves the long held dictum that the more copies of a document are made over time the more errors creep in.  Thus we can theorise  since the dead sea scrolls are themselves copies they will also have errors.
William WAGENER (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEwEzbdPBzc Death of the HOMELESS in the "Big Easy"
Benjamin Seare (3 months ago)
The Dodecahedron might have been used to knit gloves. Look it up online, there are videos and tutorials on how it may have worked.
pohump (3 months ago)
Wait what? The dodecahedron was discovered to have been used for knitting.

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