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Best Documentary of the Housing Market Crash (of 2018?) | Inside the Meltdown | Behind the Big Short

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MELTDOWN - The Men Who Crashed The World - 2018 The first of a four-part investigation into a world of greed and recklessness that led to financial collapse. In the first episode of Meltdown, we hear about four men who brought down the global economy: a billionaire mortgage-seller who fooled millions; a high-rolling banker with a fatal weakness; a ferocious Wall Street predator; and the power behind the throne. The crash of September 2008 brought the largest bankruptcies in world history, pushing more than 30 million people into unemployment and bringing many countries to the edge of insolvency. Wall Street turned back the clock to 1929. But how did it all go so wrong? Lack of government regulation; easy lending in the US housing market meant anyone could qualify for a home loan with no government regulations in place. Also, London was competing with New York as the banking capital of the world. Gordon Brown, the British finance minister at the time, introduced 'light touch regulation' - giving bankers a free hand in the marketplace. All this, and with key players making the wrong financial decisions, saw the world's biggest financial collapse. Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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Coach B (8 hours ago)
These Wall Street guys were pathetic. Smartest best paid people in America. Begging Barclays for a bailout. Begging the Gov. for a bailout. Greedily filling their pockets. The bankers must have seen the crash coming
James anonymous (11 hours ago)
Mozilo is a fucking Dago Goat,,I hope he chokes on his fucking LOOT !
tomahawk1705b (1 day ago)
A little inaccurate depiction of the Bear Stearns collapse mid March was way to early the subprime crisis didn't really hit U.S. shores until September "I believe that sudden and massive losses and margin calls of more than $2.5 billion on tens of thousands of short COMEX gold and silver contracts were the specific triggers that killed Bear Stearns." -quote Theodore Butler of GoldSilverWorlds http://goldsilverworlds.com/category-technicals/gold-and-silver-shorts-were-the-real-demise-for-bear-stearns/
MR SUPERMAN 3BC1 (1 day ago)
Carlo Varga (2 days ago)
The pros always play the pump and dump model. Most suckers buy at the top, and sell at the bottom.
Carlo Varga (2 days ago)
The stock markets are all casinos. J.P. Morgan said "investing in the stock market is like taking a cold shower, once in, you want to get out". Stock markets are like musical chairs. As people start to cash out of a good stock by selling, the price will fall rapidly. The last to sell will not do well. Invest in yourself. School, certifications, etc., pay better than stocks will ever do as an investment.
Mystery Buyer (4 days ago)
I want nothing to do with real estate. I only want a lot of gold and silver. Very safe.
GateCrasher (5 days ago)
Humans are idiots driven by greed and material objects. Don't buy anything you cant pay for with cash 👍
se7ensnakes (6 days ago)
I know exactly how this happen. very few people know what I know
Vitor Takara (6 days ago)
oof they forgot that obama came after and blew another bubble that is going to crash under trump REALLY fucking hard the US is like a house of cards equilibrated by monei printing when the printing stops that is going to fall
Shark Geek (6 days ago)
October 19 bb
AJ Dileo (6 days ago)
I love how they blame the free market as if that is a thing...hahaha
Sloppy Turtle (7 days ago)
No, not another 42 minutes of suspense, drama, tear jerking music, and photo-shopped pictures designed to cause an internal dialogue of good vs. evil. Just explain what happened in a paragraph. It shouldn't take more than a minute or two. Skip the drama.
al moseley (7 days ago)
Is Egil Helgason , Clive Andersons fat ,ginger brother @15.43 mins
Bunne Rabb (7 days ago)
Jimmy Kane is a fucking psychopath.
Bunne Rabb (7 days ago)
I t ' s *A L L* o n l y s t a c k s o f I O U s. That's all money ever was. A promissary note that siad "you can exchange this for anything of actual value".
a64750 (7 days ago)
Mortgage Fraud, SEC, Investment Banks - Crashed The World
Devin Nerison (7 days ago)
You put Mad Max on this video? What a way to tank your ratings. I'm out of here/
ElectricDarkMatter007 (8 days ago)
The fed reserve is not a govt agency.. stop lying to people
professorrob (9 days ago)
And yet nobody went to jail smh a good episode for a lousy show smh
Michael Mallal (10 days ago)
Looks like the NYSE et al is crashing again. This may affect retirees dependent upon their superannuation invested in the stock markets.
Ray Brensike (10 days ago)
Why did the government keep dropping interest rates Why were mortgage interest rates so low? People saw others buying a home, and 6 years later, it doubles in value. They were building so fast, nobody could keep up. So why did they want to keep mortgages so low? What's wrong with 7%?
craig trenshaw (10 days ago)
and not one of these cunts has spent a day in prison.
lemmieatit (11 days ago)
Many people could’ve saved their homes from foreclosure had the Government simply issued an executive order to to lower the interest rate to a fixed rate of 2% for all homeowners
Paul Smith (11 days ago)
So the trading and the politicians are going to hell???????????
Angela Lewis (12 days ago)
We are told that 2019 is the start of the worst economic collapse in the history of this country and the world. People are still continuing to live above their means, instead of downsizing and paying off debt. We are now beginning to see the housing bubble starting, the stock market recently crashing, stores closing, layoffs ie Ford motors, etc., gas increasing, floods, hurricanes, floods, wildfires totaling billions, major goverment cuts , WAKE UP PEOPLE....WE WILL NOT BE SAVED BY THE GOVERMENT. THE NEW DEBT IS 21 TRILLION AND COUNTING, THIS COUNTRY OWES EVERYONE....
Cannon Ball (3 days ago)
Angela Lewis Time to sell some pussy hole a asshole.
loose screws (12 days ago)
I recall in 2007, I had a mortgage with Countrywide, one of their reps called and attempted, for over an hour and a half, to convince me to refinance, and borrow more on my home that had a 15 year mortgage and make change to a 30 year mortgage. I could not understand why at the time but now I am glad I refused to comply and my home has since been been paid off several years ago.
Jon Doe (13 days ago)
Dooms day 😂!!! Hey even a broken clock is right once a day.
Jeff Thompson (13 days ago)
I'm going to start a go fund me page so I can lobby a skankruptcy law.
Fred Palmer (14 days ago)
9:34 to 10:11... I'm done...used to be a musician, and had to check contracts real quick, that how I knew crooks were across from me; the middlemen should have gone to jail, and everyone who got swindled should have gotten a FREE home as reparations, care of the gov't , and those financial people should have been in handcuffs/paying for the free homes.
Jordan Roger (14 days ago)
God will shot down one day the Dubai.
Jefe Hoptosh (15 days ago)
"The City" is not a nickname. It stands for the City of London, part of the Empire of the City, along with the District of Columbia and the Vatican.
Jefe Hoptosh (15 days ago)
Greenspan is married to Andrea Mitchell who, on the morning of 911, went on tv and announced to the world, without a shred of evidence, that Bin Laden did it. We now know Israel did it and that Bin Laden had nothing to do with it.
Jefe Hoptosh (15 days ago)
Watch, "Princes of the Yen", by Richard Werner. The 2008 collapse was orchestrated.
S S A (15 days ago)
The next crash is going to be terrible but no one should provide any bailouts to the criminals again.
Clifford Watson (16 days ago)
I would question ANYTHING produced by Al-Jezeera. If they told me the sky was blue, I'd still look outside and check to make sure they were telling the truth.
James Unsworth (16 days ago)
The Stockmarkets of London and Wall Street are nothing more than casinos, allowing people to buy shares “ on market “ ie 10% down the stockbroker avdvances the other 90% , as long as the value of the shares increase, its “ Happy Days “ but when the bubble bursts as they all do, it triggers a panic, which develops in to a slump. The Rich are almost never affected. The public will always be taken in by “easy money “ it’s called GREED. I did a Fire Prevention Course in the Army,they gave an example of conditions for a fire to exist, Fuel, O2, Heat. Take any one away, and you don’t have a fire. In my opinion it’s the same with Banks, Greed, Confidence, and Fear. Once one is in the Assendent the Triangle collapses, when Northern Rock went tits up in 2008, we entered the Worlds biggest Resession, unlike 1929 no Banks were recapitalised only by prompt action by the the British Prime Minister, to massively inject Billions of pounds of tax payers money, the ATMS would have run dry the next day. The first run on a British Bank in 140 years. Under FDR after the 1929 crash, he regulated the hell out of the Banks, but now no regulation, leads to all the thieves , carpetbagging bastards in the world trying to make quick money, and it GREED always leads to disaster. We will be paying for 2008 for the next twenty years at least.
Gerard Vaughan (16 days ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if Lehmann Bros. Bank survived BECAUSE of "9/11" rather than despite the Event.
HEADS TAILS (18 days ago)
the grat depression aint ever happened yet
solarson53 (18 days ago)
I'd think we, as a nation and people, would be getting better and better, learning from our mistakes and refining our direction. But we are heading in the exact opposite direction, and not only fast but gaining speed exponentially. 'Exciting times are indeed coming our way.
911zhenxiang (18 days ago)
The purpose of this "documentary" is to blame some few crazy people in the financial system ... The reality: It's all controlled by the most powerful people and crashes are done BY PURPOSE to steal from the people.
Curtis Smith (18 days ago)
Lying Sack of Shit
Curtis Smith (18 days ago)
Thank Obama. Vote RED.
TheSlacky775 (18 days ago)
Unsophisticated buyers = IDIOTS
Patrick yes, we need more money,but they will print the money for themselves not for us. Greedy men.
J Phillips (19 days ago)
It really isn't over until everybody agrees to quit following the money trail to get our wealth back.
Ryan Shaeffer (19 days ago)
We wont need these corrupt bankers an banks, once 3rd & 4th lvl protocols are added on bitcoin, good bye
Ryan Shaeffer (3 days ago)
Cant get off the ground??? bitcoin sits at $6380.00 id say thats pretty good seeing gold sits at $1200 an ounce. You sound pretty ignorant!
Ryan Shaeffer (3 days ago)
Um have u been in the market long, bitcoin is down 68% and all the shitcoins are down 90%+ so ur statement is kind of idiotic, bitcoin is in a league of its own, i mean 115$ billion market cap > then all the shitcoins combined
Cannon Ball (3 days ago)
Ryan Shaeffer BITCOIN can't get off the ground mate
Ryan Shaeffer (19 days ago)
hence the birth of bitcoin
Pejman Behbahani (19 days ago)
so, when is the next meltdown? I want to buy some of those cheap towers.
ХОРОШО (19 days ago)
If Putin was a president of the US, he would never allow that to happen.
Raul Granados (20 days ago)
Simulation or emulation of the financial crisis with ultra computer or quantum computer scenarios I, II, II 95% probability level.Information elit secret
tbugher62 (20 days ago)
People never learn,thats why guys like these take advantage of them.
constitutionfst (20 days ago)
Not mentioned in this entire tirade was the governments forcing banks to loan to people, who the banks knew for certain, could not pay the loan back. Today, substitute college and auto loans for housing loans and you have the same exact formula for another perfectly avoidable market crash. Now observe what happened to all those foreclosed houses... that's right, the banks swooped in, gobbled them all up at fire sale prices and made a killing. Do you really think all of this just happened by chance?
bagariddum (20 days ago)
without a 'standard' in place (was gold) to govern the amount of a currency that can be in circulation, this will happen again...possibly for the final time. New 'standard' = Bitcoin, perhaps.
There is an adage that there is no fraud without an appraisal. I was an independent appraiser at that time and I lost a lot of business. I refused to appraise any properties at a predetermined value. I got even after the crash when I was asked to review questionable appraisals. The results got some of my competition who accepted the jobs I refused in prison.
houston00711 (22 days ago)
29:34 ..hand you a joint? ridiculous af.. now if he said he had a 8ball of columbian cocaine?? totally different story
D Sanchez (23 days ago)
2008 not 2018. Misleading heading fuck knuckle.
Richard Neal (23 days ago)
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Rodney Diamond (23 days ago)
x Riptide x (24 days ago)
Wonder how long it will be before American fucks up the economy of the planet for a third time.
Arthur Watts (24 days ago)
Wall St is actively aided and abetted by Washington, and if you think that has changed under Trump you're deluding yourself. He doesnt want to drain the Swamp - he wants to wade through it for the rest of his life.
Janet Granzow (24 days ago)
Hey! Come on! The Great Depression here I'm the US we're do to Europe's failure to pay loans incurred during WW1 and what the heck does smoking pot have anything to do with incompetence?
Riku Koivisto (24 days ago)
Jose M. Botelho Jr. (24 days ago)
Greed is a terrible thing. How much is enough. I found myself cringing alot during this documentary. I work in finance and put myself in my client's shoes. You have a fiduciary responsibility in this industry to assist and protect these good hardworking people. I am grateful to them because they enable me to earn and take care of my family. You are supposed to be your brother's keeper. Wish all these corrupt greedy pricks had followed suit. They give us honest proffesionals a bad name and not only is it wrong , it's unforgivable. Bastards.
Jesus Miguel Rodriguez (16 hours ago)
Saying "Shame "...all you stupid idiots lost all your money, pensions, 410k money and all you do and say is " shame on you "....you people can do stronger than that. These bankers and investment institutions are all natural born thieves and crooks who got away with murder. These people will sell their own mothers for a price.
Eli Villarreal (25 days ago)
Hello! I want to share this article that you might find eye opening: https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=E&issue=2018-09&pub=wp18&srcid=share
dave lee (26 days ago)
Gordon Brown and Tory Blair are absolute criminal scum, they sold out every worker in the UK. vermin, as all Tories are.
Maxwell Smart_086 (27 days ago)
FED = Fraud Experts of Domestic banking system. @4:44 the jude Alan Greenspan could have stopped it - he didn´t. Jewish Rothschild did a lot of insider trading to make a fortune. Jude George Soros destroyed the ECS (European Currency System) in 1992 - just to make money. One thing to remember. The FED is NOT government controlled (what it should be) - it´s a laughable "self-control" of about 16 private banks who are steering our money system - and it sucks. www.fedupusa.org for better days. AND never trust any bank - never!!!!!!!!!
ODIEkriss (28 days ago)
Guillotines are the best regulatory tools. Just ask the french.
Eric Tran (29 days ago)
Only american's are will collapse that why half american's are on drug's so the government started to legalise marijuarna to stop the epedimic of drugs spreading and I don't think the world will be affeccted because china's are rich as fuk and that's only the beginning andtheir population is so large it will save the world.
DannyMan DeBo (29 days ago)
Soooooo one sided!!! Yes, Maxine, your constituents are totally stupid (this is EXACTLY what this idiot is saying). It's everyone's fault but theirs for going into massive debt. But guess what? They had no skin in the game, stopped paying their mortgage and lived for 1-3 years in a home they simply trashed then walked away from. That is a FACT!!!
DannyMan DeBo (29 days ago)
The greedy sheep always playing victim. Where are these sheep after corrections? THAT is the time to buy. Small time investors and masses using their homes as ATMs were just as much to blame as "evil" Wall Street - pathetic losers always blaming everyone else ...
Erik Smith (1 month ago)
7:32 "These poor people who are in foreclosure." Why are people buying houses they know they can't afford? Regardless of the legalities, responsibility is a two-way street.
Erik Smith (1 month ago)
5::30 Remind me: What mistake did the Captain of the Titanic make?
Jim 762 (1 month ago)
These old, ugly, rich men ALL look evil. I wonder why ....... MAGA!
mondomacabro major (1 month ago)
2008 was the collapse this documentary is all about ...
Walter Paton (1 month ago)
Follow the money...
Michael Sinclair (1 month ago)
Money, Power, and P**sy make men do evil shit.
Octavius Apollodorus (1 month ago)
This video is a fucking scam. Maxine waters and her husband were, in part, responsible for the crash. Why the fuck are you talking to her? Stopped watching at 8:00.
Octavius Apollodorus (1 month ago)
Maxine Waters and her husband partly owned a bank that went bust as a result of this scam. She spent her time in Congress begging the Fed to bail the bank and save them. She is a lying whore when she complains about the crash. She was partly responsible for it.
irockuroll60 (1 month ago)
The financial crisis was not the banks fault entirely or even 50% in my opinion. America has a accountability problem. Example: A grown adults making $25k- $30k a year willfully going to a bank/lender and getting a mortgage for $200k or around $1,500 monthly. Basic math and common sense says they cannot afford that. It is not the banks fault that ppl are stupid and want a loan they can’t repay. Guess what? I would love to have $200k house and drive a $60k car but I know I can’t afford it. So, I suck it up and I buy a $125k house and drive a $20k car and realize it’s not the banks fault that A) I don’t make enough to buy what I want and B) If I go get a loan that I can’t pay back-it’s my own fault. Every adult in this country knows if you get a mortgage and you do not pay it-you will be foreclosed upon. That is not the banks fault. Sure, some bad lending went on. But if you only make $2,000 a month. How can you afford a $1,500 a month mortgage plus all other living expenses? Stupidity, unfortunately, is a human trait as well as the lack of responsibility.
irockuroll60 (1 month ago)
Maxine waters can suck a white you know what. The first thing she says is mortgages were given to 17 yr olds on fixed incomes that will not increase. My question would be why in the hell would a 17 yr old be on a fixed income? Most 17 yr olds grow and get better jobs. But the ppl she is speaking of live off the government. They need to realize it’s not ok to live off free handouts.
Cannon Ball (3 days ago)
irockuroll60 Hunkies just want the money man. Fuck how where why you get it I just want the money
Julia Pan (1 month ago)
I don’t understand the logo on the lower left
john echols (1 month ago)
Stopped washing this rubbish at 3:40.."the key to the meltdown was easy lending"...that worn out diatribe that didn't hold up then. Your video starts to talk about the real problem at 5:40 but unless your video points out the the true underlying problem that still plagues the entire housing market today then your video is public consumption junk. How come you don't talk about the securitization fraud?
Ari Riyadh (1 month ago)
So a load of idiots buying homes and another load of idiots approving the loans, well done dumbasses.
Jesus Miguel Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Crazy European immigration crisis is due to global economic collapse. Paper money is no good anymore in Europe and then the next collapse will happen to the United States of America very soon.
DannyMan DeBo (29 days ago)
Jesus Miguel Rodriguez nope. The more emerging economies have challenges it actually creates a "flight to quality" - or safety which buoys the US dollar ...
Sundaydish1 (1 month ago)
cui bono?
christos karagianis (1 month ago)
the one he talks about eating his hart those rotten people running this world unbelievable i
ABDUL KHAN (1 month ago)
Poor citizens got robbed by their banks and then Governments gave them more money to play.
AKB 241113 (1 month ago)
28:00 Typical French - cant speak any other language than her own, feels that she is the centre of the world, yet she got played by the US, just like everyone else ... you lost every war is history you engaged in, so go eat a frog and stay out of documentaries.
Medic83 (1 month ago)
"The key players are being held to account!" 😂😂😂😂😂
Lady Christian (1 month ago)
Global Communist = DEM Socialist & Communists = destroy Global economic = wealthy is more wealth = Poor is more Poor = such like China Communists labor s black money control all over the Worlds ~~ Why America & Canada suffering Housing price expensive s ?? Who brought & trouble maker Housing Market Crash ~~ all about ?? Who is control ~~ secret society ??
Lady Christian (1 month ago)
Maxine Waters ~~ JUST hahaha ~~~ Double standings & Double minds = America socialists & Communists against company & wealth = destroy America Free makets & Middle class s = nonsense ~~~ Truth is who is exactly enemy of American ??
Asad Sheikh (1 month ago)
This was a huge disaster that could have been avoided if so-called wars were not started and precious resources in trillion of dollars were not wasted. In the aftermath of full blown wars and while keeping the economy running and even keeping it artificially vibrant unprofessional and even unethical lending (sub-prime mortgage) was promoted thus creating a real estate bubble while making millions of people indebted and hoping to foreclose and sell their assets at higher prices while exporting the toxic liabilities around the world not realizing that this unethical lending could destroy all these institutions in the event of unprecedented default. Unfortunately the tremors not only shook few institutions but the economy of entire world. And worst part is that the down-fall still continues as political elite is not only unprepared but arrogant and irresponsible.
Travis Romig (1 month ago)
I keep waiting to hear about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, only a few mins left. Video done and nothing about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. WTF!!!!
Craig Rowland (1 month ago)
Bill Clinton got rid of Dodd Frank............started this whole thing,,,,,fn Clintons
MrAvailanetUSAcom (1 month ago)
Crazy Greed! 😲 Shared in http://mcdadscom.onlinesalespro.com/2008MeltDown for others. 🤤
Jack Meyer (1 month ago)
33:20 exactly
Jack Meyer (1 month ago)
6:35- blame the borrowers too. The APRs were disclosed, consumers didn't care.

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