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Panasonic kx-TES824 pbx Software Installation

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Panasonic KX-tes824 software and driver installation Download the software from below link http://safeertechie.com/2018/03/14/panasonic-kx-tes824-software-and-usb-driver-download/
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Bandit Banditov (26 days ago)
Всем привет, все понятно, сходу все вышло, сберег кучу времени, благодарю!!)
Fitsum Abebe (29 days ago)
If I wish to call you and please send us your contact number via email. We have a complex issue on configuring this system. My email is [email protected] Thank you for your support and cooperation.
hi, I can't download the software, can you please give me a new link for download, thanks!!
Safeer Techie (1 month ago)
If you have trouble to download the software please drop your email id here
hruthik 20 (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing the Video. I have Cloud server with FreePBX from www.datasoft.ws for just $38.visit https://datasoft.ws/freepbx.php
Michael Galicha (8 months ago)
hi brother it's me again.. my windows is win10 64bit you have driver for usb?
Safeer Techie (8 months ago)
Please dont angry on me.. there is no driver found for windows 10. I have used the windows 7 driver for windows 10. That worked for me.
Michael Galicha (8 months ago)
how is ok.. thanks again.. keep on teaching GOD bless
Safeer Techie (8 months ago)
+Michael Galicha did u tried the same on Windows 10?
Michael Galicha (8 months ago)
only for win7 and below. nothing for wins10
Safeer Techie (8 months ago)
+Michael Galicha how about the driver in link?

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