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How does money laundering work? - Delena D. Spann

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View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-does-money-laundering-work-delena-d-spann Money laundering is the term for any process that “cleans” illegally obtained funds of their “dirty” criminal origins, allowing them to be used within the legal economy. And the practice is about as old as money itself. But how does it actually work? Delena D. Spann describes the ins and outs of money laundering. Lesson by Delena D. Spann, animation by Juan M. Urbina.
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Barbara Hammer (1 day ago)
the scammer use money laundering oversea.. thank you for that money how it works..i don't want no part of it..And i don't want go to jail....
Fortnite v-bucks is the best way to launder money
WargodX 777 (3 days ago)
didnt watch the vid but just here to comment that wiki saves you minutes of watching a video and it’ll straight up give you the definition because people who type on wiki are more lazy to type extra stuff to make things longer
Reyes馬克喬爾 (4 days ago)
In Philippines two private institution already did the act and blame it to one official lady. By the way! I love the animation, kudos to your creativity, creator of this motions.
monty1300 (4 days ago)
Just keep all the money in real stuff
Ruben Figueroa (5 days ago)
Love these animated TED Talk videos!!!!
Potato Bag (5 days ago)
i like this video well done.
Daniel Herrera (5 days ago)
"This country was built on laundered money" -Scarface
SA (6 days ago)
Here from Ozark
2 D (8 days ago)
*Trump University*
Random Guy (9 days ago)
Interesting topic.. I want to be a professional criminal one day
9ine 6ix (9 days ago)
Or you can start a university
A Gonzales (10 days ago)
I watch one episode of ozarks and now this is on my recommended sumn ain't right here 🤔🤔
Johnny Saniel (10 days ago)
I had to check this out cuz I foresee TRUMP will be going to jail for money laundering! Soon! VERY SOON! =)
Retro917 (10 days ago)
I’ve found a couple of bills in my washed pants afterwards, am I going to jail? The federal reserve shouldn’t be any different regarding their practices. Besides the animation, I found it distracting and took away it’s purpose of what exactly means to have money laundered and why’s “illegal”. Then again, it wouldn’t matter to me to know what’s it like to have at least a made quarter million and where to put it at ..
chris Lambert (10 days ago)
The so-called buy to Let LandLords are being asked the question; How did you get your property ? Answer through getting a special but to let Mortgage ! Question; We know that Dummy (its on our DATA base) but how did you pay off these Buy to Let Mortgages ? Answer; with the Rental income ! Question; Oh no you did not, because you have not shown us this rental income on your yearly Tax returns ! Answer; Ive forgot Question; hand over all your Properties as back payment, right away
Tom Kelso (11 days ago)
Ask the pros Killery,Odumbazz,wild Bill,big Mike,Blosieme,Skremer,etc.
badlandskid (11 days ago)
The reason it is illegal is that the government doesn’t want competition.
Zypher Zolei (11 days ago)
Anyone else a criminal here?
Joseph Mora (12 days ago)
Me: i want to launder money now FBI: we want to know your location
Hummingbird Journey (12 days ago)
This is educational
Huawei fan (12 days ago)
Most criminals just sell their money for bitcoin and then sell the bitcoin for money
Frank Martinez (12 days ago)
Donald trump
Bling T300 (13 days ago)
Thanks for this tutorial. Much appreciated
Tiny Ford (13 days ago)
Which is better for laundering? A car-wash or Lazer tag arena?
Sheldon Cooper (14 days ago)
Warning, the government has seen this video too.
Original Wasta (14 days ago)
Step 1) Open laundry washer door Step 2) load monies into said washer Step 3) turn on money washer Step 4) watch money launder Idk how someone could not know that
Cody Geewin (14 days ago)
Greed is Americas downfall!! Manifest destiny is Greed!! There comes a point where you can only take so much and then theirs nothing more to take. So enjoy it while it lasts America!! NATIVE INDEPENDENCE!!!!
vhtriyok (15 days ago)
That 1.1K dislikes are all from the 1%. lol.
David Herman (16 days ago)
And the best title loan and cash advice stores. The mobs been getting arrested for it for decades but when the government's involved it s a legitimate business
Sacha Drousie (16 days ago)
Sooo, I still don't know how I should launder money... Some tips?
Denis Long (17 days ago)
The Irish police Force (no joke) did actually use a laundry to hide their cash.
odilas (17 days ago)
Cosimo Kramarawicz (17 days ago)
Ask Donald Trump.
johnny Gunn (18 days ago)
Money laundering is what the leading political govt does with tax dollars when it gives it away to other countries where it eventually disappears.
Hector Mzqt (18 days ago)
I'm dying of laughter that 2.2 million people are clueless about money laundering. 😂😂 People were prob. Wondering if they should use Tide or Cheers. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jose Relvas (18 days ago)
Lil Mohawk (20 days ago)
If you watching this like me, we’re now on a watch list.
João Mendonça (20 days ago)
Abdelice (20 days ago)
This whole money laundering thing seems very complicated
Abbudi Tashkandi (21 days ago)
thanks im gonna go buy a car wash now
Edmund Au (24 days ago)
Did i see trump at the end of the video?
Alec Urquhart (27 days ago)
That’s dope
icewallowcman (27 days ago)
cleaning money is easy
Randy Chen (29 days ago)
can someone teach me how to be a professional money launderer?
Damian Matras (1 month ago)
Money laundering is good, just, and healthy.
Kyle Butler (1 month ago)
3:45 - Pablo Escobar? :D
CR3ATUR3 (1 month ago)
So if i find say 0.5 million dollars, i could open up a store...and even without clients...i could make it look like it is just being very succesful as long as the numbers are realistic? Like i could launder more money with a factory than with a coffee shop?
Kenny (1 month ago)
Wow, this really feels like a Fallout 4 skill tutorial video
Wanna laundry your money? BETTER CALL SAUL !
Dead Zone (1 month ago)
You could just get involved in the "fine art" world and do what the wealthy elites of the world do. Laundering money between nations through art and antiques or beyond this even shell companies. For example. The Clinton's "non profit". You donate to your nonprofit and you write off the donation on your taxes and then control the money in the nonprofit.
LGsus (1 month ago)
Very well done editing right here ladies and germs! Impressive video!
Hariz's channel (1 month ago)
why i always think of fallout when watching this video
Denlim Wolf (1 month ago)
Trump is the red figure, @4:10.
KULE BANANA MAN (1 month ago)
:D I love the video
Earl Rogers (1 month ago)
Saul Goodman explains this pretty well too.
doktor space man (1 month ago)
Capone died of syphilis. Let this be lesson kids: Don't bootleg alcohol.
Maria Barnard (1 month ago)
Love the animation, narration and writing of this!
chris rich (1 month ago)
El Aquapimp (1 month ago)
I love this man's voice.
Ismael Bernal (2 months ago)
Nishant Sengar (2 months ago)
Thank you for making such an informational and fun video about money laundering
Charles Gates (2 months ago)
Senate300 (2 months ago)
Pity the video missed out how the diamond trade is also by organised criminals for money laundering purposes.
Sean Crockette (2 months ago)
This is a good video about how the Clinton foundation operates
Dylan Poski (2 months ago)
Was this video edited and made in the 1960s
Justice Warrior (2 months ago)
Thanks... Now everyone knows.. 😑
Samir Chavi (2 months ago)
Drug cartels example
Zealous Programmer (2 months ago)
I am from Haiti - After the earthquake The Clinton Family collected ~ 90% of the money donated to my country through their foundation, is it fair to call that Money Laundry?
Giannis Tzwtzos (2 months ago)
I'm tired on ted videos that not having greek subtitles..
J K (2 months ago)
Your voice bugs me 😡
David Dinu (2 months ago)
Hahaha we don't need that we Romanians invented it 😂😂
Stupid Storm (2 months ago)
More like trillions.
badboje (2 months ago)
Beautiful animation
Rehanga Gamage (2 months ago)
I love this animation style
Bujang Ganteng (2 months ago)
Oy vey!
Persik II (2 months ago)
Thank you for free consult.
Hypeziety (2 months ago)
Who here after The Ozark
Legend Vlogs (2 months ago)
Michline Al (2 months ago)
If you forget some cash in your pocket and you wash your clothe... that’s money laundry
Ozkara (2 months ago)
anybody else here because of Ozark?
I got jams (2 months ago)
Im not a native speaker and i literally thought this was a video about washing money in the washing machine
Earvin Bitoy (2 months ago)
Now I understand, Illuminati
Frank Castle (2 months ago)
The solution to the problem of "crime" is quite simple - get rid of "law." If nothing is "legal" or "illegal," then "crime" cannot exist by definition.
Frank Castle (29 days ago)
+Earla Weese Whether or not you believe I said it doesn't impact the truthfulness of the statement.
Earla Weese (29 days ago)
Frank Castle *My eyes rolled back so hard that I had to use speech-to-text because I can’t believe you just said that.*
Ho Chung Kwang (2 months ago)
& also Najib Tun Razak
Harrison (2 months ago)
i hope i dont get put on the fbi watch list for watching this
Mohsin Ali (2 months ago)
wat money laundering wa is my connnection u idiots....
DaxXx988 (2 months ago)
So why not state which modern organizations?
fcuking Sg Invain (2 months ago)
Mass Debater (2 months ago)
so your telling me the 50k I just put in the washing machine isn't going to come out clean?
Nay Aye (2 months ago)
2:37 its free real estate
B. G. (3 months ago)
Marty Byrde taught me how to launder money.
Pxndx Lunx (3 months ago)
I'll take 1 million to go please.
Rohan Kommuri (3 months ago)
4:14 is that Donald Trump?
Christopher Crepon (3 months ago)
It doesn't exist. Cash legally and lawfully belongs to it's holders by default regardless of how it was obtained.
YoungBlaze (3 months ago)
INH (3 months ago)
Swiss : Hold my beer
tudorjason (3 months ago)
I wonder why it took so long for money laundering to become a crime on its own.
podcast ofnosleep (3 months ago)
Whos here after seeing the Ozarks

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