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Usapang Forex Trading: Basic Overview

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Are you curious about forex trading? Fitz and Rienzie talks about some basic about the currency market, and how to know if it's for you. Open an eToro Virtual or Demo account here: http://bit.ly/openetoroaccount Money Insights & Advice is a video project of Wealth Arki, Inc. Visit their website at http://www.wealtharki.com. BUY OUR BOOK: http://www.wealtharki.com/books/
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Tick The Bike Second (16 hours ago)
It's like a double-edged sword. Fast and furious indeed.
Jerome Salgarino (20 hours ago)
Mga lodi may nag alok sa akin ng ganito.. Ung 20k ko daw gawin 40k. One month lng daw totoo ba yun??
Lea Calderon (1 day ago)
Hi. Po sir tanong lng po sana masagut nyo ang tanong ko yong forix miron bayon sa pilipinas at kong miron mn paano sumali? Ofw po ako thank you.
Wealth Arki (1 day ago)
Lea Calderon please do watch our video for that. Thanks!
Jo Drilon (2 days ago)
Wow sobrang informative. Thanks
uku 788 (8 days ago)
Ano username nyo sa etoro? Pacopy hehe
Wealth Arki (6 days ago)
please do email us [email protected] for this. thanks!
alex orsal (9 days ago)
ang forix trading dito sa pilipinas ginamit sa scam pero advice ko sa lahat na papasok sa forix kailangang may servesing bank at ang banko na ginamit nila yan ang managot pag ma scam ang invistor para safety ang transaction kailangang may servising bank sila dito sa pilipinas para iwas scam wala kang habol sa pera mo pag wala silang servising bank dito sa pilipinas yan ang dapat gawin para iwas scam safety pag may servising bank ang forix dito sa pilipinas
alex orsal (9 days ago)
sc ang forix sa pilipinas million nawala ko dyan modus yan scam ang forix sa pilipinas
Wealth Arki (9 days ago)
forex trading as it is is not really a scam, given the right choice of platform.
Lynne 24 (10 days ago)
Distracted ako sa late na buka ng bibig o nauuna Basta nahilo ako.lol
Ljay Mendoza (10 days ago)
Very informative! :) More of this, Sirs!
Rey Garde (11 days ago)
Wealth Arki (10 days ago)
you may check their websites for more information. thanks!
Mstr Tems (17 days ago)
i really want to enter forex trading, but I have read that FOREX TRADING IS ILLEGAL in the PHILIPPINES. you can search oct 10 2018 SEC Advisory on google. http://www.sec.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/2018Advisory_forex.pdf
crypto saver (22 days ago)
Thank u sir, naliwanagan nq sa forex. Madali lng b magwidraw sa etoro?
Reuel Tapia (1 month ago)
If interesado ka talaga matutunan yung forex, enroll with our Forex Academy. Talk to me on instagram @rltapia_,
Raphael Granado (1 month ago)
Warren Buffet style = Fundemental trading
ferdinand santos (1 month ago)
yes,thats true you can double your money within span of weeks or 1-2 month but you must know what you do and high risk
juharto ayob (1 month ago)
meron ba d2 sa manila sa forex
Jennifer Badiang (1 month ago)
Wow...matagal q n tlg gusto pasukin ang forex trading kaso wala po tlga idea .at least dis video helps me a lot....p
The Gago (1 month ago)
Almost 2 years din bago naging profitable maraming nasayang na pera pero worth it naman, ngayon nakapag simula ng makaipon at makapundar ng bahay. Kahit out of town ka kumikita parin Basta alam mo lang ang iyong gingawa. Try nyo kabayan sa Simula lang mahirap.
Ana bray (20 hours ago)
Try Tessline
MR. LEE TV OFFICIAL (2 days ago)
Paturo naman
Sunshine Caseres (14 days ago)
Paturo naman po sir
Jhoana Marie (20 days ago)
san ka po nag start?
MOVA Gaming (1 month ago)
Are you beginner in the Forex Market? Copy my trade now. Register here >>>https://www.liteforex.com/?uid=1495573608&cid=10956. Invest now for $50 min deposit plus 50% bonus.
janice oca (2 months ago)
Thank you po!😊 ang dami ko natutunan!😊👍👍👍
rap dn (2 months ago)
Magforex kaw ba yan?
Cutie Dela Cruz (2 months ago)
yes etoro have copy trading, ok po ba ang broker? profitable po ba... thanks po
Ahlvert Steven Abina (2 months ago)
advantage of forex is you can buy or sell. unlike stocks only buy is your option.. para sa mga gusto mag forex choose ECN/STP broker. para iwas manipulo ng market. you can chat me to know a broker who has a office in makati.. Proud Introduction Broker here..
Frank Henderson (2 months ago)
Martin Lopez and team Thanks for all the help I'm from England and i have enjoyed 2 weeks of win already 17 wins in total Join in today Contact him directly on What app +15187490462
Creitev (2 months ago)
Paano naman mag file ng tax dyan sir? ano ang mga recommendations niyo? Hoping for answer. Happy trading!
Alvin Pan (2 months ago)
tawa much sir... thanks sir ..... pse pray sell... forex pray faster
Coldshadow Hunter (2 months ago)
Kelangan talaga meron kang team sa forex trading, if you want to learn, its important to have discipline in each trading, wag maging greedy at pag-aralang mabuti, sharing of ideas, Joins us: Clink link https://www.hotforex.com/?refid=317715
QM TRADES (2 months ago)
i just created a videol with technicals for this month , check it out
Samuel Jr. Francisquete (2 months ago)
@Wealth Arki, my company po sa amin “JOGLE “, nagtitrade po daw cla sa forex Sir, and it can double you money in 45 days kapag magpay inn po sa kanila, is it possible po bah or is scam?..thank you po!..wait po aku sa sagut nyo!..thank you!.😎👍
Top Spin Trader (2 months ago)
Wag po kayo maniwala. Mga double your money scheme kadalasan scam.
Gonzalo Molina (2 months ago)
I was afraid to invest in forex but when I saw this http://bit.ly/2U2o3Pv my economy improved. Without a doubt the best investment I have made in my life.
Al Dig (3 months ago)
Simpleng paliwanag sa complex na topic..salamat guys.
Wealth Arki (2 months ago)
thanks! please do explore our other playlists as well for more videos.
Jay Gilber (3 months ago)
paano magforex at paano makukuha ang kita
Nick Gadz (3 months ago)
Soon mag open ako ng you tube channel about FX... Stocks for me is secondary to fx....
Al Dig (3 months ago)
Stocks maganda pagmalaki capital mo
Nick Gadz (3 months ago)
Forex against Stocks mas ok ang FX dahil Fx 24.hrs trading.... Sa 6 mos. Trading ko dumaan muna sa losses pero I found new strategy na losses free... Better kay sa Stocks due small capital but if you have tricks losses free ...
Al Dig (3 months ago)
Mas small but consistent daw sa forex
Agapito Hampaslupa (3 months ago)
From 50% down to 50% na rin ako.. Partida demo acct palang. Pano pag Live na. Sna my mga trusted tlga na mentors ng forex traders dto s pinas.
Beauty Pinay (23 days ago)
Kila francisco colayco po yata nagtuturo din cla ng forex trading.
Al Dig (3 months ago)
Hanapin mo si COP sa investagram app
Mr. Kaplan (3 months ago)
after watching this video , im eager to do the forex trading ... patulong naman po how to make an account ... thanks im here in australia.
Devon Ray Salang (17 days ago)
Sir paano po mag start po sir gusto q mag start
Mr. Kaplan (1 month ago)
+Cecilia Magnaye cge mam ... kindly pm mo ko ..
KyuFxTrader (1 month ago)
Kumsta trading journey mo sir ralp? Sana axi trader ang broker mo since its there in australia nka base and regulated by ausie govt.
Cecilia Magnaye (2 months ago)
boss may i refer ako sayong magaling na broker dto Pinas.
raf raf (3 months ago)
Sir interested po ako sa forex trade, meron din po ba dito tulad sa mutual fund na fund manager? Cia na po bahala mg trade.
Nick Gadz (3 months ago)
May own formula ako na loses free ... I can send my trading history for confirmation... FX broker in phil is legit. XM, FBS @ Hotforex...
Don Chico (3 months ago)
Sir pede po magpaturo kay sir? 09178336768
joshua joseph Paras (3 months ago)
Yung XM mga boss. ok ba sya?
Top Spin Trader (2 months ago)
IC Markets sir try mo din.
Rusell Gagaoin (3 months ago)
Try pepperstone sir
s0rp (3 months ago)
very informative at ndi nkaka boring 👍
abdula ali, jr (4 months ago)
sir saan po pwede makapagreport sa forex broker..
kaido beast (4 months ago)
for me Forex is not trading.. is it like betting on your choosen pair when your gonna buy or sell.. ✌✌
Forex Scalper (4 months ago)
Forex trading is buying and selling. BINARY OPTION is betting. In forex you can close your trade anytime.. you can also set stoploss unlike binary option once you select buy or sell you cannot stop it when you loose. You must learn how to trade to make money. watch my trading videos I have indicator that you can use on forex, binary option or crypto trading.
Wealth Arki (4 months ago)
thank you for your comment. for clarity, income from betting is like gaining income from options or rights--you gain income from the outcome and not necessarily on the price movement itself. when you do buy and sell assets--whether they be currencies, real estate, equities, commodities and forex, it is called trading. and we do subscribe to generally-accepted terminologies to minimize confusion for our viewers and subscribers. moreover, forex does not necessarily mean just one pair of currencies as you can do cross-trade among multiple currencies as well.
Rosser Sotto (4 months ago)
as far as i know there's no broker in pinas... matanong kolang po ano po ba ang foreign broker/s nyo? kasi ang problem po sa forex mahirap maghanap ng TRUSTED broker ...specially US based...thanks po!
Dave Treen (1 month ago)
I can recommend Hugosway or oanda, both good brokers
Top Spin Trader (2 months ago)
IC Markets po.. Australian based broker
Forex Scalper (4 months ago)
You can find good reviews of brokers from at forexpeace army. You must learn how to trade to make money. watch my trading videos I have indicator that you can use on forex, binary option or crypto trading.
InvestPRO Philippines (4 months ago)
better use an onshore broker po para mas meron tayong protection from the regulatory body ng Country nila. there are brokers naman na meron silang parang PDIC for extra protection sa clients.
Rosser Sotto (4 months ago)
dba po naglabas ang SEC memorandum na ang FX trading sa pinas eh ILLEGAL, winoworkout pa nila this year 2019, pero wala pang linaw
Tedz FX (4 months ago)
Madaming broker naman na di nag ooperate dito sa pinas, kaya wag kang kabahan sa #sec. Open an account with true ECN 👉 https://goo.gl/6rG2so >Spread from "0" PIPS >No Fees on Deposit & Withdrawal >Fast Withdrawal Service https://goo.gl/o8JG51
Ernesto Tapao (4 months ago)
Thank po the info
OFW stock market (5 months ago)
mga sir anong charting flatform gamit nyo sa forex? salamat.
OFW stock market (5 months ago)
+Wealth Arki sir sa tingin nyo sulit ba o resonable ba ang comission ng etoro for trading? or do you recommend a different broker? salamat
Wealth Arki (5 months ago)
OFW stock market we have dicussed it in our video. please do watch again if you have missed it. thanks!
Larry Paul (5 months ago)
Wow..Thank you!! Very informative! I've always wanted to trade in Forex but this one is a difficult topic but the way you discussed this one is just like a walk in the park! More topics and demo for Forex please and more power to the both of you! - Paolo
Wealth Arki (5 months ago)
Larry Paul thank you for your kind words. Please do share the learnings—and our videos, too!
positive outlook (6 months ago)
Mga Boss,nagtry ako sa E-Toro virtual lang muna, na enjoy ko talaga,ditto sa Saudi.Mag try Sana ako sa pinas,
Wealth Arki (3 months ago)
+raf raf yes, it is. if you think you can make more money consistently in forex trading, and you can trade to get to your target amount of money, then you can do it.
raf raf (3 months ago)
Sir un e-toro po ba apps din b cia for forex trade? Thanks
Wealth Arki (6 months ago)
You don't have to be in a specific location to use eToro. You can open a real account now even if you're in Saudi.
tok ling (6 months ago)
help saan puede mag-trade dyan sa forex ??????????????????
Bibo Tata (10 days ago)
+Ma. Theresa Junio tagalog na nga yung video subtitle pa..
Ma. Theresa Junio (6 months ago)
Wealth Arki mga sir, suggestion lang po. pakilagyan ng subtitle yung mga videos nyo. thanks! 😀
Wealth Arki (6 months ago)
tok ling we have mentioned some in the video. Thanks!
jackson martinez (6 months ago)
boss yung IQ OPTION ok rin po ba sya na for forex trading, ligit po ho ba ito?
jackson martinez (4 months ago)
+InvestPRO Philippines Boss maraming salamat po sa reply nyo..more power po...God Bless
InvestPRO Philippines (4 months ago)
magkaiba po kasi ang IQ Options trading ng Forex sa spot FOrex Trading kagaya ng binabanggit sa taas. pero kung kami po tatanungin nyo, wag nalang po kayo magtrade ng forex through IQ Options
Dumb Society (7 months ago)
Hello sir, Thank you sa napakasimple nyong paliwanag pero nakakatulong.
Wealth Arki (7 months ago)
thank you. please do browse our playlist for other interesting videos, as well. thanks!
zanjoe menudo (7 months ago)
Mga sir yung iq option ba legit ba sya para maging stock broker? Na apps.
zanjoe menudo (4 months ago)
+InvestPRO Philippines yung iq option pala binary option sya, iba pala sya sa forex.
InvestPRO Philippines (4 months ago)
magkaiba po sir ung being a Stock Broker at IQ options, different market sila
Paul Paul (7 months ago)
hahaha tama, I lose my 30$ in just 3hrs hihih nag try lang din
mann riv (7 months ago)
Hi Arki, tanong ko naman po, bakit po kahit mas mura ang bili sa isang stock compared sa current price, negative parin po ang portfolio? Salamat.
Wealth Arki (7 months ago)
you are most welcome
mann riv (7 months ago)
+Wealth Arki thank you, and more power.
Wealth Arki (7 months ago)
it may be the case that you have existing holdings that you have bought at a higher price and those holdings exceed the number of shares that you are buying now.
Think Positive (7 months ago)
Gawa pa po kayo ulit ng vedio about forex,...the best po ang topic na yan,...para sa mga taong gusto mag invest sa pera nila in short term....tnx po...☺☺☺
Rich Wilson (7 months ago)
Very interesting topic and content. Thank you.
Sir my app po b pra s trading ng forex
Lina Fumar (7 months ago)
Economic calendar for fundamental analysis: https://www.forexfactory.com/ Sa MT4 merong News doon na tab. Additional information, aside from pending entry you can execute buy and sell entry on the spot. Unlike stock, even if you don't have an existing buy entry on a certain currency pair you can also make a sell entry if you think the currency pair will be bearish or will go down. Just be aware that forex trading is highly risky than stock trading.
Lina Fumar (7 months ago)
Sa mga gustong magforex, sa FBS meron silang cent account na $1 (P50) lng pwede ka nang magtrade. Ito ang ginagamit ko para mag practice at e develop ang strategy kasi in real time ang update ng currency pair price (sa demo delayed at ang laki ng agwat). Dito rin matetest ang emotion mo kasi live siya (greed and fear). Pero if di mo pa alam ang magtrade ng forex open muna ng demo account at paglaruan ang platform nila. Use their MT4 or MT5 (meron din sila webbased platform) kasi maraming tools na pwede mong gamitin to analyze technically and fundamentally. They also have bonuses. A real money from FBS for you to trade. So pwedeng wala kang ilabas na pera if magaling ka. They just have terms and conditions bago mo ma withdraw ang kita mo. Totoong malaki ang kita dito. One week lang ung $1 naging $3 (3x) kaya lang I blow my account the following week because of greediness. Lesson learned din. Pagkaalam ko meron silang branch dito sa Pilipinas. Magresearch at magbasa yan ang ginagawa ko. Wala akong mentor. Di ko nga alam ang forex trading nakita ko lang sa review na malaki ang kitaan at highly liquid kaya pinag-aralan ko. If nasa labas ka o nasa trabaho gusto mo ma monitor trading mo, enter new trades or close current trades, download Metatrader4 app from app store. Free lang yan. If you've developed your strategy with 80% and above success, follow it holistically. Please share if maging successful ka at kumikita na by voluntarily paying your tax. I hope for your success mga kababayan. https://www.dolphintrader.com/20-pips-forex-scalping-strategy-linear-weighted-moving-average/
alex orsal (9 days ago)
lina fumar member ako sa forix trading at platinum acvt ko mga broker ko ito iron fx btrade xtrade at argus trading lahat yan naka base sa syprus lahat yan ginamit sa mga scamer sa forix trading dito sa pilipinas ang forix trading totoo yan kaso lang ginamit ang pangalan ng forix trading dito sa pilipinas sa mga scamer para ma iwasan ang scam kailangang may servising bank ang broker dito sa pilipinas pag walang servising bank ang broker dito sa pilipinas sure ako na scam yan kaya ingat ba!ala ko lang dahil biktima ako sa scamer sa forix trading
alex orsal (9 days ago)
ang forix trading tunay yan pero ginamit ang pangalan sa forix sa mga pilipino dito sa pilipinas sa malawakang scam lalo kaya para segurado pag pumasok sa forix kailangang may servicing bank ang broker dito sa pilipinas para sagot sa banko pag ma scam ang invistor at yang flat form nila al ko yan dyan papasok ang scam dahil system nila ang sundin mo kaya talo ka dahil ang program nayan kalokohan yan pag pasok sa pera mo pag hatian nayan sa mga sindikato atag laro kana sa flatform nila talo kana simple lang ang forix trading sa tunay na forix ganito lang yan buy and sell lang tataas baba ang currency kikita ang invistor sa totoong forix pero pag yang flat form nila ang sundin mo talo ka panlolokong flat form yan naka program nayan pag pasok sa pera mo pag hatian nayan sa mga manloloko sa forix trading kaya advice ko pag papasok kayo wag kayong pomasok pag walang servecing bang dito sa pilipinas ang broker paraaka iwas sa scam bikta ako dyan mga profisional naanloloko yang nan dito sa pilipinas tunay ang forix trading pero ingat at ginamit ang pangalang forix dito sa pilipinas saalawakang scam
Bheebsy Togle (9 days ago)
Hi how to apply po S FBS? Thank u
Thats My Boy (1 month ago)
May kamag anak akong nag forex.. pero sabk nia sakin pwede ako kumita.. Ang usapan 70percent.. Mapupunta sakin.. Bali ung pera nia at pera ko combine.. Then sya na bahala.. Pag kumita.. 70percent.. Ng pera ang tutubuin. Pag na trade nia.. Ok ba un na system.. Or paraan..?
Jennifer Badiang (1 month ago)
Paano po.interesado aq
captain sid (7 months ago)
thank u mga idol👊🏻👌🏻
Alucard Francesco (7 months ago)
Idol ko tlga kayo gusto ko din maging entrepreneurs tulad nyo,salamat.
Alucard Francesco (7 months ago)
Good day po,pano po ma automative ung iq option pra automatically n cya bumili at mag benta na ginagaya nya lng sa maganda mag trade
Alucard Francesco (7 months ago)
Ok thanks fitz and renz 😁
Wealth Arki (7 months ago)
You can ask your Introducing Broker or inquire with the platform on how to do this as they have differing procedures. Thanks!
jackson martinez (7 months ago)
Bossing thank you so much sa inf0rmation....next topic boss about naman sa cryptocurrency.
laro ni manoy (23 days ago)
+Jennifer Badiang saan yang cirfund mam?
Jennifer Badiang (1 month ago)
Bilis din kitaan..
Jennifer Badiang (1 month ago)
Meron aq sinalihan ngaun crytocurrency xa..60 days challenge ..45% monthly interest sa investment mo. Ung CIRFUND.org
Jay Olos (7 months ago)
Very informative. Thanks for sharing po
Susan Madison (7 months ago)
Are you interested in Forex, binary options Cryptocurrencies trading, invest with a trusted account manager and get a better return in just couple of days with GENUINE AND LICENSED COMPANY or have you lost in trying to trade,i can help you recover all your lost money,i can also help you manage your account with the minimum deposit of $500 USD assure you get $5000 weekly,and $76,000 monthly, to any broker of your choice and you make a profit of over $500,000 in just a short period of time, contact Monica Thomas via email [email protected]
Phebz Dublin (3 months ago)
Hello how to invest in forex...and how mich is the lowest investment? Thanks a lot for your reply
Jayson HisAirness (4 months ago)
Susan Madison sounds to good to be true..i guess definitely it is.
captain sid (7 months ago)
good to you see again mga idol..mga idol need lng po ng advice,i was planning po kc n magfor good n ng pinas after two years & i was thinking n qng anu po ung best n mging negosyo qng bbili aq ng ssakyan pr gwing tnds or negosyo like food cart..thank u & godbless to both of & more video👌🏻👊🏻
Dad Dada (4 months ago)
captain sid Watch. ARVIN ORUBIA sir. Masasagot po ang tanong mo lodi. Wag ka po papaloko sa mga food cart food cart franchisee na yan
Wealth Arki (7 months ago)
it depends on your location, your target market and your present skills among others things. on our end, just do research and feasibility study for your intended business and you will see from there what is best for you. Thanks!
Jefferson Imalay (7 months ago)
Thank you for this info nalaman ko na heheh
Hans Baculio (7 months ago)
Salamat sa info sir.
Maricris Grassi (7 months ago)
Are you familiar with TOGA? I think this company is based in Malaysia but they have agents here in the Phils. Forex broker daw sla.
InvestPRO Philippines (4 months ago)
TOGA po is using MLM type ng marketing. hindi po sila Forex broker, merong po sila feature na parang bibili ka ng Stocks ng company nila ang you'll earn through Stock Split ng Trading Software nila. then again puro sa recruiting nakabase ung magiging split or value ng magiging shares mo. Hope nakatulong po
Rosser Sotto (4 months ago)
ingatz ka specially malaysian based ...dami mafia jan malaysia
Rdolf Bernardino (7 months ago)
maraming salamat po sa inyong dalawa. about this basic forex trading matters!
Business Connectify (7 months ago)
Wow. Ito lang yung nakita kong magandang forex basic advise for philippine setting. Thanks a lot. What is your insight about REIT or commodities trading naman po?
Wealth Arki (4 months ago)
thank you. please do subscribe to our channel to know when they are up. thanks!
john ezekiel Odtohan (7 months ago)
Salamat po sa pagtugon sa request ko 😄😄😄😄😄
Wealth Arki (7 months ago)
john ezekiel Odtohan welcome! And thanks for your topic suggestion! just message us anytime if you want other topics as well. Please do share our videos, too
Gan 21 (7 months ago)
Thanks Sir for Sharing Pokus muna sa Ph Stocks Magmeet dn tyo Forex.
Akiko Camille Lavapie (7 months ago)
Ito ang hindi ko pa alam!!! Forex 😊

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