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Cyprus Homes From Hell

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Buyers of properties at Paradise Hills development in Marathounda village in Paphos are facing an uncertain future over the completion of the site and ownership of their homes, after a rescue plan was rejected by the Bank of Cyprus. More on this and other Cyprus news stories at http://www.news.cyprus-property-buyers.com/ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Clip taken from ITV 'Homes From Hell' broadcast Tuesday 19th July, 2011
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Text Comments (132)
Stoggy Returns (17 hours ago)
Why in Gods name would Britain's go to Cyprus? Come to America!!
Stoggy Returns (17 hours ago)
Property location. https://www.google.com/maps/search/Paradise+Hills+Marathounda+village+in+Paphos/@34.7903404,32.485746,295m/data=!3m1!1e3
Elgus 114 (1 day ago)
so....they've been screwed ....
tempgirl00711 (16 days ago)
GLAD I'VE SEEN VIDS LIKE THIS AND OTHERS, because I'll be sure to rent for a while before buying and to make solid connections with the locals. Who know the ins an outs of certain areas. this is wrong. very wrong.
Clara (24 days ago)
In this case the grass was not greener on the other side!
clarkewi (25 days ago)
Con artists.
James Jones (27 days ago)
What happened? what is the status in 2018?
RUCookoo Jackson (27 days ago)
there is safety when you use borrowed money such as a mortgage - you can walk away but when you pay cash you are in deep
RUCookoo Jackson (27 days ago)
this was all part of the 2008 bankers world SCAM
wowi93 (28 days ago)
Why would you give so much money to buy a house in the middle of nowhere? Because literally, it is in the middle of nowhere. They could buy property closer to Paphos city or in one more well-known villages so they could be sure that they are going to have facilities nearby. The population of Cyprus is not much, even in the most famous villages the number of citizens that are staying there in the winter time is maximum 300 sometimes 100 people, and most of them are old people, all the population are going back to the cities, and their turning back to the villages in easter time or in summer, for holidays. There are beautiful places, but if you choose to live there you have to know that you are going to be lonely.
Linda Muzychka (1 month ago)
The poor cats.
Richard Day (1 month ago)
Never give your money to a developer before you check his background . These people are in deep shit. They will all lose their homes.
Movie Jose (1 month ago)
Brits screwed brits over, these folks should of hired a local lawyer to make sure everything was proper before putting money into something they dont even own lol. I dont understand how dumb people are, put in 180K pounds into something you dont even legally own? Questions and lawyers should of been asked and hired before any money was transferred.
Proof Reader (1 month ago)
Why do not you rent the other villas to tourists and be in charge.
jimmy82372 (2 months ago)
So what ever happened to this couple?
Kristen555 (4 months ago)
Wonder why the bloke living in the poxy 2 BR flat doesn't just squat in a better house ? Its not like anyone's going to kick him out.
MrTrick66 (5 months ago)
Never buy a property anywhere in Cyprus because the quality of build is crap. I bought a new three bedroom villa with swimming pool in 2005 located in Polis from Aristo and within a year the house was falling apart with damp and defects. To cut a long story short we lived there for four and half years and in that time we had the defects repaired and cured the damp problem. We put it up for sale and sold it within a week. We have lived in Cyprus ever since but rented and would never buy here again and would never recommend anybody to buy property here.
andy gal (5 months ago)
Embrace investing in your homeland....#lessonlearnt
Liz Muk (7 months ago)
Unfortunately, this is reality for Cyprus, all over the island: http://cyprus-property-action-group.net/about-us/
sadi eninanc (8 months ago)
George Keating (8 months ago)
Stop slagging each other off, I had a place in ayiia thekla for 10 years, I found that most Cypriots are decent people, as for dodgy developers, there were plenty of brits involved , so it's best not to generalize, and questioning the integrity of the Cypriots you brits, and like wise you Cypriots,
fer ark (1 year ago)
Proper Hull accent that is..
Jonny1000 (1 year ago)
Never buy off plan abroad. Even in the UK I would be VERY wary about off plan. As for the view that bloke went on about...it looked like desert scrubland to me. Why would you want to live there?
Tobias Stern (1 year ago)
Turkis-Cyprus is very nice! I would like to buy an apartment.
S Luzardo (1 year ago)
A true story of how regular people just get lost in the shuffle... Something should be done by the govt for these people..We are talking about helping 3 people put their lives back together...Just 3 people, it do't cost that much for a govt..
Cathy Demosthenous (1 year ago)
If you English are gonna be racist drop down dead the English are horrible and rude keep your shity-remarks to yourselves !!!!
TheFelltimber (1 year ago)
this should not happen and is criminal.
krialaison 01 (1 month ago)
TheFelltimber so was the displacement of 200,000 Greek Cypriots in 1974
Madronaxyz (1 year ago)
Why don't they install solar?
giselle Sarabia (1 year ago)
e james (1 year ago)
Just remember that no matter how bad things get.............there'll always BE an england.
leslie barnes (1 year ago)
looks like another property scam!!
Bonitah Lhoidz (1 year ago)
cyrpiots are racism...its really nightmare living cyprus...really frustrating....why sell the property if its not good structure inside...the buyer of course check it before buying and they will not buy if they see wrong in it...
Da51lva (1 year ago)
Dear residents get yourselves some balls and start dismantling the complex yourselves and sell all the crap you can get you hands on! I would dismantle it myself every day a bit, Windows doors furniture or kitchen stuff rails and all you can resell. Good Luck
Joe Patroni (1 year ago)
Thats sad. Very sad,
krialaison 01 (1 month ago)
Joe Patroni so was the displacement of 200,000 Greek Cypriots in 1974
Draxindustries1 (1 year ago)
Stupid brits want to move to cyprus yet choose to live on a shitty complex like that, most likely hoping that other brits would follow making it yet another expat community instead of integrating with the cypriot people..
Orange Blossom (1 year ago)
Draxindustries1 Who says the Cypriot people *want* Brits integrated w/ them???
Andy Manning (1 year ago)
Agree with u... morons ..didnt they view the complex and check legal/paper? rhetorical question, no they never..saw a `bargain` and went for..now suffer the consequences you moaning f*cks..and they`ll expect the uk govt to help them with emergency housing upon their return to the country they foresaked...though luck, pricks..oh i`m bRITISH by the way
Tony SK Lai (1 year ago)
That is a sad story but the attractive price seems to reflect the risk of investment.
Madronaxyz (1 year ago)
Investment in an unregulated country. A good example of how Libertarian economics works.
starquant (2 years ago)
Buying an apartment "off plan", your gambling that they will all sell. In this case they didn't, the bank quit funding the project and those three investors lose their life savings. If you're going to do something like this, do some basic homework. Most time overseas investment is a terrible idea, unless you're in a position to absorb the loss.
not a Clue (2 years ago)
As a former chemist ( not pharmacist ) and other technologies - it was constructed for speed - at least some will have to be torn down . Never noticed any form of building inspector as there in UK I'm at other end of island ( Nissi beach , agia napa ) - when the objective is not money the cypriots are "quite nice" - but there is resentment to the brits 60 000 , 300 000 cypriots in uk 500 000 in aus , no idea how many in USA Be careful re money and of being treated as a money pot
starquant (2 years ago)
Most modern buildings are only built for a maximum of 10 years. Especially in countries like this. Think where the building material come from. China !.
Maria Torres (2 years ago)
Didn't they look at the "complex" first?! In Cyprus?!
starquant (2 years ago)
They purchased it "off the plan". So they weren't even constructed yet. It's a gamble you take because if you buy units/apartments this way you get them substantially cheaper. The gamble is, that if it doesn't happen, you lose everything. These guys took a gamble and lost. No point whinging about it now. To do it in your own country is a risky venture, to do it in another country is pure insanity.
Andrea Bormotova (2 years ago)
Ugly complex....the view looks like a dried up weed riddled paddock. Maybe its a clay retirement village, or prison.
Toula Panatsos (2 years ago)
SpiritBear12 (2 years ago)
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
SpiritBear12 (2 years ago)
+starquant The cat knows where it's at. LOL
starquant (2 years ago)
The cat has spoken ☺
James Berlo (2 years ago)
by now I'm sure somebody is going to buy that complex and the value will go up , I have seen this in the Caribbean, and a few years later work resumes.
Alan Jeff (2 years ago)
The travails of being an immigrant in a foreign land. Conned by unrepentant locals.
Dr Pein (2 years ago)
is there an update to this?
marshalllucky (14 days ago)
yes, its still shit sasquatch
Dusty OldBones (2 years ago)
A gorgeous aesthetic though.
RitaPersyn (2 years ago)
Still those so called " cowboys" active after so many years !
RitaPersyn (2 years ago)
I do remember this naming Cowboys , we used to live in the 80ies in front of the Pahos Beach Hotel . The office of the Constantinou brothers was (is) located there ,
Mario Savvides (2 years ago)
The said cowboys Name is martin and is a Brit, now living and developing in the states.
Ian Clark (2 years ago)
Very sad to see. People who have worked had their whole lives only to have their dream final years ruined!
Cayanna P (1 year ago)
It is sad that buying a home could be fraught with that kind of risk. It's not like their playing roulette. It's not wrong to want to save money either. If they are torn down in favor of a better built complex, those investors should be part owners of new complex. They should not lose everything.
Andy Manning (1 year ago)
Most people work hard all their lives ,but this was pure greed seeing a bargain, gambled, lost the bet- so though! bet you fee sorry for people that gamble and loss?
Ian Clark (2 years ago)
hoopenhanger (2 years ago)
No problem finding parking.
Dragon Slayer (3 years ago)
I would be very careful about what you British say and do in foreign lands because it will come back and bite you on that fat ass of yours.Bunch of whingeing pommy bastards.Nothing is ever enough for them.It is a royal complex these whingeing poms have.They all think that they are like Prince Phillip and The Queen and expect people to wipe their asses for them,that is how fat and lazy you Brits are.Fuck right off if you don't like it.Isn;t that what you tell foreigners in your country.What a bunch of dickheads.Fuck off ok.Fuck off.
MrMark2007 (1 year ago)
Just remember who built Australia ! now go take your head for a shit !
stella david (2 years ago)
+Dragon Slayer well did you enjoy that...shame on you..no there are some brits who have worked their butts off and then find they are screwed by the fat cats land owners..i feel for these people..every nationality have lazy buggers..and I guess from your wording..you are an aussie..am sure there are some lazy ausies who complain too...i.m out in oz now..!!!
Scott Sound (2 years ago)
You're a smart one.
Gentjan Dida (3 years ago)
Enjoy it haha
Claire T (3 years ago)
join us who are taking the corrupt sellers and developers to court https://youtu.be/QLtSN0aMQBo
sabteka (1 year ago)
Claire T the
grenade29 (3 years ago)
cypriots are just horrible people yuck
petey3965 (11 months ago)
+grenade29 I was in Paphos in july and you couldn't be more wrong. The people are friendly and couldn't be more approachable. You on the other hand are a spastic.
MrMark2007 (1 year ago)
That's rich coming from you !
Andria CY (2 years ago)
I'm not a horrible person! And you are a racist!
Dragon Slayer (2 years ago)
+grenade29 You sound like you are two years old you fucking idiot.
Helen Laz (2 years ago)
+grenade29 Don't generalise. You are wrong.
dogsitter68 (3 years ago)
buy a generac generator
dogsitter68 (3 years ago)
well its quiet .......
dogsitter68 (3 years ago)
what the hell
AGUK PTR6 (3 years ago)
such a pitty.
Melanie Willard (3 years ago)
Has anyone read "the Fountainhead".? This looks exactly like the description of the beautiful apartment complex the main character built. Very striking, the similarities, in a lot of ways. Wow.
CharalambosC (4 years ago)
Bank seeks bankruptcy for Paradise Hills developer A bankruptcy order has been issued against a Brit believed to be a director of MDB Properties Limited, the company that constructed the unfinished Paradise Hills development in Marathounda. By: Alex Cardno Published: Thursday 6th June 2013 • Filed Under THE BANK of Cyprus has petitioned the bankruptcy of a UK citizen alleged to have fled Cyprus after a failed property development which left UK expatriates occupying an unfinished villa complex. The bankruptcy order was issued against Martin Dean Bissenden in Canterbury Crown Court on Tuesday (4 June). It follows a statutory demand for a £2.4m debt made on Bissenden by the bank in October last year. Bissenden, of 11 Dence Park, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 6BG, is listed in the UK as a director of a firm called MDB Properties Limited, which was dissolved in 2009. A firm of the same name went bust in Cyprus during the development of a villa complex in Paphos called Paradise Hills, leaving families which purchased properties there without a proper electricity connection. ITV’s Homes from Hell subsequently visited the complex to report on the plight of the residents, who were also unable to take full ownership of the homes they had paid for as the title deeds could not be released for an unfinished development. Subsequent reports also suggested the Bank of Cyprus rejected a rescue plan put forward by One World, the Cyprus-based administrators of MDB Properties, to save the complex in October 2011. The local media suggested the managing director of the developer had fled the island after the firm went into administration. Meanwhile, a blog post purporting to be from Lance Hames, one of the Paradise Hills residents, claimed a Martin Bissenden from Herne Bay in Kent had disappeared after running up significant debts with the Bank of Cyprus before the property developer went into administration. Bissenden has no contact details but Credit Today contacted the Canterbury Crown Court and the Official Receiver’s office, neither of whom could divulge information on the case. Credit Today was also unable to make contact on the press office number supplied by the Bank of Cyprus. Read more at: http://www.news.cyprus-property-buyers.com/2013/06/06/bank-seeks-bankruptcy-for-paradise-hills-developer/id=0014989 Copyright © Cyprus Property News
Mario Savvides (2 years ago)
He is now developing in the USA or was last time i heard.
almit24 (4 years ago)
@tiny-fay kins. You are the donkey I'm afraid. You are an uneducated racist. I have lived in the UK for over 5 years, and I experienced first-hand what sleazebags some brits are. Not all, but some. Like in Cyprus there are some sleazebags but not all cypriots are as you describe. As usual, a pleb like you could do no better than to take your frustration out on a country who is very welcoming to people. Stupid, stupid woman.
Kenneth Ceasar (4 years ago)
I'd live there
XALI GALI (4 years ago)
cold people fit better to cold enviroment 
EdobeautyNcoralBeads (4 years ago)
Wow...See the grass always look greener on the side, until you get there. This was a different kind of 419 scam, they know they could not complete this project, look @ the shoddy work they did.  This is a expensive lesson.  Cheers!!!
PorscheGOD (4 years ago)
Type in search : Cyprus Holiday Homes from Hell . You will find another video like this one about abandoned projects in Cyprus. Please people read descriptions before commenting. I live in Limassol in a very nice property builted by an award winning Cypriot Developer surrounded by british residents and i have to say that they are really nice people and they treat my family with love and iam a Cypriot. But this video and the other iam talking about is about a british fraud. In those cases the developers were british and they also did other frauds in kuwait Uk etc.. Thats a very bad video and title because it makes people think that the problem is Cyprus and Cypriots which is not. SCAMMERS are everywhere UK Cyprus USA Italy Germany etc ... its part of our nature but that doesnt make a whole country bad. I can assure you that 99% of Cypriots are honest business men not professional but honest. But 85% of them are also professional which is a big number compared to other countries.And yes Cyprus is one of the most amazing places that someone can buy a property and leave here but if a buyer makes a bad choise of property is there problem not the country's.When you buy something with your hard earned money you have to be more cautious. I have seen some comments in this video from some british people and from there comments you can understand that those are the "Malakas" or douchbags as you call them and their brain is smaller than a peanut.
Movie Jose (1 month ago)
Brits screwed brits over, these folks should of hired a local lawyer to make sure everything was proper before putting money into something they dont even own lol.
Movie Jose (1 month ago)
Place is lovely, great views, quiet with no neighbors, they have lots of places for guests to stay in. They should pool resources between the three and buy the whole complex, refurbish it slowly and sell or do rentals instead of sitting on their buts and complaining about a lovely place.
andrew spyrou (8 months ago)
PorscheGOD 99 percent of Cypriots are honest business men? Ha, ha, ha ha!! You're being sarcastic, right?
stella david (2 years ago)
+polis1mbit interesting points made..i know it was written 2 years ago..but we can not generilise about any nationality and really some brits abroad have been so very unlucky...heart breaking....good and bad in all nationalites.I am planning on living back in greek Cyprus,i worked there many years ago in a polyclinic in aya napa...I would have stayed but in the 90s you needed a visa to stay and work....so hope to be lucky now.
Andreas A (5 years ago)
I talked about corruption because the comment i replied to talked about it. You should press the ''show comment'' on the ''in reply to'' and it should be easy for you to understand the reason behind it. As regards statistics i didn't even talk about statistics. And i don't need to see statistics. All i said is that the UK has enough problems on its own so there is no need for you to criticize other countries before solving your own problems. Simple as that.
LOUIS11233333 (5 years ago)
So why did you talk about corruption before (and get your statistics wrong) if you're not here to talk about corruption? Seriously mate, you need to get into the real world and then you'd understand how wrong you are.
Andreas A (5 years ago)
I suppose i hit a nerve there. Well, i don't really care and i'm not here to discuss about the UK and its levels of corruption. That being said, i'm sure you got the point from the previous comment i have made.
LOUIS11233333 (5 years ago)
Retard. Look up corruption on a chart (can be found on wikipedia) then tell me the UK is corrupt -_-.
Andreas A (5 years ago)
Now as regards corruption... do you read your newspapers? All i see is corruption in Britain all over, from abuses to rapes and murders. Go away and try solve THAT first.
Andreas A (5 years ago)
If you expect Cypriots to thank the British you are delusional. Maybe you should be reminded of the hundreds of Cypriots who were killed by them and tortured, included 18 y/o who were hanged. It's you that needs to get your facts right as you seem to be way too ignorant. Do you even know what preceded before Cyprus needing a bailout? You surely don't. When it comes to your place i bet you won't be so arrogant as reading your newspapers i see where your economy goes too.
EL Fugitivo (5 years ago)
contact me +for for 7 four 2 four 1three four 6 three 7 i will come with ten peoples and fixit in few weeks
Tiny-Faye kins (5 years ago)
Like I've said before Cyprus had no electricity until the British started moving to the country and they would still be doing 1mph on their donkeys. Ive met millionaire businessmen who all claim cyprus would struggle big time without the British visiting and living there. Well its slowing down coz thousands and thousands of brits are leaving coz they are sick of the sleazy place and the corruption. Cyprus has had a bailout this week so go read the papers and get your facts straight first
Andreas A (5 years ago)
Help from the British? go learn some real history first. And as a Cypriot who never cheated in his life i don't accept your filthy comments. Go solve your own issues rather than trying to solve other people's ''issues''.
dislexic landlord (5 years ago)
I looked at property as an investment in spain and cyrus and found that the cost of property was more expencive than i could buy in uk and rent no brainer for me really i did think of buying a place to live in too but came to the conclusion it was better to rent myself and invest in uk ive noticed that for some reason folks leave there brains at the airport the sun and the sea and the drink clouds there judgement I really feel for the brits overseas in this sort of postion a dream a nightmare
aggis demetriou (5 years ago)
Why buy a property thats unfinished? never buy off plan!!
supersesqui (5 years ago)
lol........exactly! I don't need to live there to see what they are like. The Island needs an enema !
Tiny-Faye kins (5 years ago)
Hang on a minute!! most of the English living in Cyprus are retired! why should they work in Cyprus?
Tiny-Faye kins (5 years ago)
Are you bloody nuts! They wouldn't be where they are without the help of British people going there with their hard earned money. I have lived there and so many Cypriots from car dealers to developers to police and lawyers are all cheating, scamming, thieving, greedy and corrupt MALAGAS! and its a SHIT HOLE
Nicoletta Fourikis (3 months ago)
Tiny-Faye kins & what ks Britain with its shitty weather raining all year long a paradise??? The sun never shines in Britain! Never buy off a plan! Stupid descion!
Paul Lambis (5 years ago)
The truth to this development is that a British ex-pat developed it. He had no building permit nor licence. There was no Greek Cypriot developer involved, and it's unfortunate that one man's inexperience creates a bad stigma for all the other credible developers on the island.
Ellin Tsantidis (5 years ago)
you have a point indeed with retired brits and with young cypriots So what motivation there should be so that young cypriots stop being lazy and start working.What do you think???
supersesqui (5 years ago)
Most Brits are retired so dont need to work. Young Cypriots wont work ...so bars use east europeans. Cypriots we speak to who have run businesses abroad think Cyprus is going down the can due to the attitudes of the Cypriots...NOT the British ex Pats or tourists. The busiest place in coral area is Neo's .....because they cater for brits and provide good food at sensible prices and service with a SMILE....and is owned by a Cypriot.
Saharra Quasar (5 years ago)
I can't stop laughing. You Brits are so selfish. So you thought you move into someone else's territory and have what you want. The laws are different and they are not for you. You are not a Cypriot. The laws will protect their own kind. You deserve what you get.
joshjazant3 (5 years ago)
A British developer FACT. A very sad case indeed. What about the 200,000 displaced Greek Cypriots from their homes and lands. Brits again in partnership with the Devil Turks.
MetalAteMySoul (5 years ago)
You are right on most of what you are saying, but you have to admit that during the last 5 years things have been going to shit in Cyprus.
Draxindustries1 (6 years ago)
Exactly this! Some people really are mugs! Buy off plan like this and you really dont know what youre in for. Do research and buy established property only...
tom smith (6 years ago)
@90Blessed not lol and the developer fled the country years ago when it all failed and there is nothing we can do cos they dont care
tom smith (6 years ago)
This was my parents dream all those years ago and the whole thing went tits up so we have the half house right next to the pool full of shit and steel rods
TELE6220 (2 months ago)
Who shit in the pool?
CyGrGuy (6 years ago)
Well you continue stereotyping Greeks as much as you want. The Turks probably treat you better since they know Britain helped devise the division in the first place (I'm not going to go into the full story though). Britain didn't even help us, you just sat back from a safe distance and watched the island get invaded. But you people always say the same shit, that we would be living like farmers or whatever, but you never remember that we were forced to live that way by the British, hence EOKA.
krialaison 01 (1 month ago)
CyGrGuy that’s exactly right the British sat back and didn’t even help during the invasion. Cyprus would be a paradise if the English and Turkey never set foot here.
krialaison 01 (1 month ago)
guy templar bullshit the killing of Tc is all fake there is no proof, it was made up by denktash to give turkey reason to invade.. the scum of earth now rotting in hell
guy templar (1 month ago)
TheTrollhater (6 years ago)
I found many of the "Turks" as you wish to call them more open honest and humble than many of the Greeks I met..That is not to say I do not know many good Greeks..But I was on the island in 1974 and saw what was going on.... .Religion is no grounds to pursue or kill anyone..Maybe we should have left Cyprus to the "Turks" in 1878..then you would still be living in hovels..as many were when I was first on the island..
Stelios Alexandrou (6 years ago)
I can understand the frustration over these issues..some people have been fooled..But Cyprus as a nation cannot be blamed. Cypriots have more ethos and values, especially family values, the british cannot dream of.. we have been through hell and look at where we are now.. Cyprus is hospitable and friendly.. corruption is everywhere.. Your politicians are sending your boys to die for nothing..just for petrol dollars.... and they supposedly die for their country..who are they trying to fool?
Pauline2889 (6 years ago)
oh boohoo ... perhaps next time you should have researched your potential property more thoroughly before investing your life savings in a foreign country. Furthermore, these are hard times for everyone, its not like the development company screwed them over on purpose. Unfortunately, things like this happen all over the world. it is unfair to place the blame on the nation as a whole and try to provoke an emotional response from viewers with sappy songs and life stories.
CyGrGuy (6 years ago)
This isn't a gift, it's property. As a Brit you will have a hard time. Maybe you should get rid of your military from Cyprus and stop helping the Turks, then we'll treat you equally.
rovaniemi lahtinen (4 months ago)
Greeks and Cypriots are cheats and naive British are cheated by these criminals on every step.
Paul Lambis (6 years ago)
the truth here is that the development was not built by a cypriot greek developer, but by a british developer who has now filed for bankruptcy.
joshjazant3 (6 years ago)
TheTrollhater (6 years ago)
I lived on the Island 7 long years.. All I can say is " do not trust a greek bearing gifts " I have never seen such open corruptness in what was supposed to be a civilized country
Andreas A (6 years ago)
Why don't you sue the Paradise Hills then? That is not Cyprus' homes problem but Paradise Hills' problem lol?!
Andreas A (6 years ago)
@glennvera You don't need to blame a whole nation for that. I bet your country has lots of drawbacks as well just like any other country. After all, Cypriots have been through hell in order to be there and have worked their asses off to achieve the developement of their island.
Andreas A (6 years ago)
@glennvera I can see lots of bitterness here. What is your story? Bcoz i am a Cypriot and i have neither mercedes nor bmw. My car is an opel (vauxhall for the english) corsa. And trust me... most of those who have these cars might even owe money to the banks. They are just stupid enough to think that if u have a good car makes u someone.
Andreas A (6 years ago)
@megamoan1 It's not about Greek thieves. Thieves are everywhere on every place on earth. Problem is with negligent and easy-to-mock buyers.
glenn blevins (6 years ago)
The cypriot people have become very very greedy and it will all come back to haunt them in the near future, unfortunately a lot of people have been conned by them or have fallen foul of the corrupt method of the way they sell property. You cypriots all drive mercs and BMWs, i hope you havent got rid of all your donkeys, you may need them soon.
NumbF1ng3rsZ (6 years ago)
visit paradise hill's paphos and don's listen to this crap..

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