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Puli - Top 10 Interesting Facts

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TOP 10 interesting facts about Puli, an agile and obedient dog breed. SUBSCRIBE NOW: https://goo.gl/bTqgiS Custom dog paintings - http://www.rocadog.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rocadogcom Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rocadog/ SHORT BREED DESCRIPTION: The puli is an ancient Hungarian breed with an Asiatic origin. Pulik are thought to be descendants of the Tibetan terrier. The Tibetan was brought to Hungary before A.D. 900 by nomadic tribes. The name "puli" means both "drover" and "destroyer." The Puli is a sturdy herding breed, a superb athlete with quick reflexes. He can turn on a dime and clear a six-foot fence from a standstill. Some Pulis are playful with other dogs, while other Pulis are dominant, bossy, and territorial. His high prey drive will send him in rollicking pursuit of small creatures that run. The Puli is able to change directions instantly, and is often quick, agile, and even acrobatic. Their weatherproof coat consists of a soft, wooly, dense undercoat and a wavy or curly outer coat. This coat will form round or flattened cords, but it may also be brushed out. These days, he is primarily a family companion or show dog, although some still have plenty of herding instinct and will use it if given the opportunity. TOP 10 Puli facts TIMESTAMPS: 0:11 Herding history 0:45 Coat 1:08 Appearance 1:46 Puli temperament 2:15 Color 2:41 Pulik 2:56 Around others 3:20 Agility expert 3:45 Grooming 4:08 Health #puli #hungarianpuli Thank you for watching the video. If you liked it, you can watch more videos just like this on Rocadog channel, or we can recommend you other channels we like. For example Dogumentary TV or Animal Planet.
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Rocadog (6 months ago)
Who else just love Puli? ♥
dharshi krishna (5 months ago)
prontsc (4 months ago)
I love mine! As the Hungaries say, "They aren't dogs, They are Puliks!!
Rocadog (4 months ago)
I bet you love it!
Witchvortex (6 months ago)
Great video, but I would like to disagree, with the Health part. Just as any dog, who comes from a breeder, Pulis get health issues too. For a perfect appearance these lovely dogs pay with their health too. Try to rescue a Puli, rather than buying one from a breeder.
Rocadog (6 months ago)
I definitely agree with you on the rescueing! I would always prefer adopting over buying a dog
beautiful and loving
Rocadog (6 months ago)
SaraVilla 25 (1 year ago)
I have a puli
K S (4 months ago)
+Laura Barber Is your dog a male or female? The males smells, or you need to castrate him :( The healthy Puli has a good typical smell. When your dogs live inside the house, then you need to feed them with good food Royal Canin etc, not just a common dog food! The good food is colorless, I mean it has only one color. The colored foods are extremely smelly (I also have a Ragdoll, inside the house and when I bought for her some colored food, brrr... she smelled like a drain pipe. Canned meat is the worst food for any animal (or buy it only premium), like we also hate canned meat don't we? If your dogs live outside, and you have normal sized garden, then you can feed them sometimes with cooked chicken back or something !WITHOUT TUBULAR BONES!, or some cooked cattle marrowbone. They love the cooked rice as well, and you can feed them weekly a spoon of honey for their hair care. (not a joke!) But which goes in, it comes out somewhere, and sometimes - because puli has long corded coats, and sometimes they get stomach cramps - the muck get stuck... so you need to maintain their back, this is a 4 handed job, so you need another person to help you. And at last, the Puli is an outside dog, hundreds of years they lived outside the herd along with the shepherd, they don't need bathing (1-2 per year), do not cut their coats, because the cords maintain their body temperature even at hot summer! If you have some more question, I reply it ASAP. Sorry for my bad English.
A D B (5 months ago)
+Dasledogg you can rescue one from hunghery association . there are a lot of puli dogs looking for adoption there. on facebook thwre is the group that help to adopt them
A D B (5 months ago)
+Laura Barber they dont smell , maybe your dog has some health problem? consult a vet
Rocadog (6 months ago)
Good for you!
Laura Barber (10 months ago)
Károly Csaba Soós do you have any suggestions on what to do so they don't smell like potty? thanks for any suggestions!

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