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Are You Learning English? These Songs May Help

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I'm Alex Villarreal with the VOA Special English Education Report, from http://voaspecialenglish.com | http://facebook.com/voalearningenglish Songs teach language. Consider a song like "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega. An American teaching English overseas once told us that students love that song.Recently we asked people on the Special English Facebook page to suggest other songs that English learners might like. Noemi Nito wrote: I'm one of those English students who love "Tom's Diner." I started learning English with "Lemon Tree" by Fool's Garden. Another favorite is "Truly Madly Deeply" by Savage Garden. Another person, Asi Tambunan, suggested the song "God Only Knows" by Orianthi. Gyongyi Jako wrote that ABBA's songs from Sweden are perfect for class work. Other good songs for learning English are songs by the Beatles and John Lennon, as well as Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World." Paul Cifuentes says Bob Marley's songs are amazing for teaching. Another teacher, Joseph Deka, says songs by Johnny Cash have always worked in his classroom. He says his students can hear the words, plus the songs often have stories. He also likes "We Will Rock You" by Queen and "Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston. He says young children love "C Is for Cookie" by Cookie Monster from the TV show "Sesame Street." Nina John Smith suggested these songs: "It's My Life" and "We Weren't Born to Follow" by Bon Jovi. Also "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica.Aurelio Lourenco Costa Gusmao says he began to like English after his teacher played the Westlife song "I Have a Dream." He wrote: That was eight years ago. I was in the seventh grade. And from that day on, my dream of improving my English skills became attached in my mind. Teachers can use this song to convey the message to their students that they should have their own dream for the future. Aurelio's story was no surprise to another commenter, Katie Kivenko. She especially likes songs by Michael Jackson and Queen. She wrote: When you listen to your favorite songs, you feel emotionally high and it moves you to action.For VOA Special English, I'm Alex Villarreal. Do you have any favorite songs for learning English? You can share other music suggestions for English learners at our website, voaspecialenglish.com or on Facebook at VOA Learning English. We are also on Twitter and iTunes. (Adapted from a radio program broadcast 06Jan2011)
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Text Comments (92)
Aisha Dar (8 months ago)
I want to learn English plzz help...
Eise AJ (8 months ago)
I love Michael Bublé 's song! It really deluxe!
Cao dang nghe Longthanh (11 months ago)
I want to study English, but I have not much time. I trying listen to you
geovanny ventura (11 months ago)
I strongly agree with using songs for learning a foreign language, because from them you can learn new words from the context, and besides you can learn about the native of the target language.
Soliman TV (1 year ago)
RIN KUNTHEHA (4 years ago)
I love learning by all of them, and 2year ago my teacher played "Imagine " and "We are the word" by Jonh Lennon at my English class also. that really really good English learner.
Phanna Phai (4 years ago)
In my English class, Solid British hat band.
Kevin Steve (4 years ago)
i want you to teach me English
worlverine pina (4 years ago)
the best way to learn english is if you are in touch with pretty much every day. and also the most younger you are the fasted you gonna learn.
Carlos karr (4 years ago)
English has been my passion since I was 16,but even that I can speak and read well I"m still learning and now. I'm teching my older daughter, but some times she doesn"t care,we sang together. Dust in the wind,wind of change,all out of love, etc...
Carlos karr (4 years ago)
English has been my passion since I was 16,but even that I can speak and read well I"m still learning and now. I'm teching my older daughter, but some times she doesn"t care,we sang together.
trang lethu (4 years ago)
for me, learning english by songs is through taylor swift's songs
Duyen Tran Anh (4 years ago)
But to people who come from other countries, they wish they could speak and listen to English as native people.
Văn Hải Bùi (4 years ago)
I like "I look to you: of Withney Houston
I'm a teacher and we often listen to songs with my students, they always enjoy it! So I've been just looking for some new songs to play:)
Thu Hằng Nông Thị (4 years ago)
OMG nothing else matter by metallica :)))
katherine Arana (5 years ago)
I like "God only knows" by Orianthi, is a good song. This song was dedicated to Michael Jackson, I think.
gabrielw wanderley (5 years ago)
lamine lamino (5 years ago)
lucy cruz (5 years ago)
My favorite song is "Set fire to the rain" of Adele....it's great!!!
Maria Nguyen (5 years ago)
I like this song too :)
Maria Nguyen (5 years ago)
I like this song. :)
Ariel Aguero (5 years ago)
For me one of the best singers to practice my English is Bryan Adams, If you can recognize the most used words, so you will be able to grasp his songs, he sings pretty clear. Try it. =)
psycofloyd (5 years ago)
It is my dream TO study English. I dont want to be mean. I am trying to help you.
Boonsong Jantapon (5 years ago)
it is my dream for study english.
Rafael CR (5 years ago)
I think Jonh Mayer's songs are great and Bruno Mars too.
Rafael CR (5 years ago)
I think Jonh Mayer's songs are great and Bruno Mars.
Josep Melgar (5 years ago)
My Favorite song in english is, i don't wanna miss a thing by aerosmith is amazing
Hi from Athens!!!When i was young and student i learned by Beatles's songs and i continue this way right now. It's very funny learning a language by the songs.Cheers.
MIA nails (5 years ago)
Great voice :)
Mauro Ciocchetti (5 years ago)
I dont have a favourite songs but i think they could to help!
Gala. 9696 (5 years ago)
that is american or british english?
Singgih Arjuno (5 years ago)
I like it :-)
sweet december (5 years ago)
It can improve our English skills.
trinh dung (5 years ago)
sony sandeep (5 years ago)
Dawoud Sager (5 years ago)
Thu Vo (5 years ago)
that's great
TheOnce4ever (5 years ago)
i start learned english with UPTOWN GIRL a song by westlife band ,in Malaysia for the very first time i used to write the words every time i sing it and i will check it better there is any wrong spelling using the dictionary
VDSvideochannel (5 years ago)
Thanks, it's helpful lesson.
Huyen Hoang (5 years ago)
"Don't Cry Johny" is possibly a good choice.
hà ngân (5 years ago)
I had been started with Good bye song
Kien Dotrung (5 years ago)
English is marvellous for me
Jianguo Guo (5 years ago)
My favorite English song is "My heart will go on".
Sombat Souphakhot (5 years ago)
I love to practice my English skill. Thank for sharing .
Nhung Lê (5 years ago)
thanks very much
I like Love to be love by you.
Nick Shpak (5 years ago)
I could propose to learn English listening to Uriah Heep's songs.
YouTuberSon (5 years ago)
i will follow your tips..
radio1ban (5 years ago)
Thank you! These are good information.
inter face (5 years ago)
thank you
Hau Nguyen (5 years ago)
Fly without wings!!!
Tatyana Andrienko (5 years ago)
The articulation is the most important thing for 'russian ear'. Thanks for the list of songs. I'll try to listen to Leonard Cohen.
geliba alice (5 years ago)
yes lemon tree is the best song to learn and also luky dube songs like ' i am prisoner, is not easy and remenber me''
Lucy Cevallos (5 years ago)
"Complicated" by Avril Lavigne is an amazing song to learn present progressive. My students enjoy it!!!
april8329 (5 years ago)
where was I when I first started to learn English, I should have been in his class. her face sells
Lam Tran (5 years ago)
Alex is so cute, I love you Alex. From Vietnam. :))
FatimahPeru (5 years ago)
I have learned to speak english with Phil Collins's songs
TheCapon82 (5 years ago)
I love MJ!
I perfect my english thank's to Leonnard Cohen. This singer articulates very well and the songs and musics are wonderful
Every boby..... Make love with VOA learning EL now @@
duyen tran (5 years ago)
i like listening special english. beause its very wonderful
Quân Nguyễn (5 years ago)
What makes me love English is by listening to your voice
Jorge Andrade (6 years ago)
Believe it or not. Here in Mexico a lot of people got hooked into English after listening to Britney. What made me love English was Bon Jovi
VIL VietnamShipper (6 years ago)
Wow That is the great way to learn English
AdrianBSpears (6 years ago)
The two first albums by Britney Spears (...Baby One More Time and Oops!... I Did It Again)
helmusico (6 years ago)
IMAGEN by John Lennon.
Tucker (6 years ago)
BoB Marley xD
Janilson Pereira (6 years ago)
Good! I've learned a lot from this video, her English is clear and any person can understand her perfectly! I like it very much.
Mie R (6 years ago)
ABBA? Bob Marley? The Beatles? Sean Kingston? o.O Nothing wrong with any of these but they all stand out as having unusual accents if you're trying to learn American English (that's shown in this vid). I would have thought songs contain accents as "neutral" as possible would be best for learning English. Although I guess it depends what level you're at - sooner or later you may want to start learning how to understand light accents. :P
Bich Ha (6 years ago)
i love alex
SuperGregor7 (6 years ago)
I have started English , when I have heard the song called: Englishman in New York by Sting
RocioNicte (6 years ago)
OHHH!! Well.. "Tom´s Diner" is not a easy song for me.. I don´t know why people recomended this one. Well, if anybody would to like explain me the this song´s meaning... Thanks.
Huy Le (6 years ago)
@MrLadi965 i am from vietnam, i like to learn english, and i lịke this program. are you from usa ?....
Tan Newton (6 years ago)
a very good song to learn French is "Voulez-Vous coucher avec moi ce soir" from the movie Moulin Rouge by Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil Kim and .. (I've forgotten the fourth woman's name). However, you should see a doctor, after you sing it to a French female.
MmeCherie (6 years ago)
@GoingBackToTheRoots7 I suggest you to check out some of the songs from "Wise Guys". They do accapella musik and their songs are funny as well! :) i.e. Wise Guys - Jetzt ist Sommer
José Ignacio Naranjo (6 years ago)
tjis video is excellent, really valuable.
samanthaksa (6 years ago)
@GoingBackToTheRoots7 Same here. I think I was entranced by how slowly she was speaking lol
Hannah Dudley (6 years ago)
English is my native language. And yet, I am still learning rules. I am so impressed by how you guys learn it so quick. Shows how stupid we Americans are.
ladi Skenderi (6 years ago)
My favourite song is "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra. I love it!
ANGYTA Channel (6 years ago)
My favourite songs for to learn english are: One of Us from Joan Osborne, Lady in red, Girl I´m gonna miss you, party in USA for Miley Cirus, I still believe from Brenda K Starr, I get weak from Belinda Carlisle and other much
Mohammad Hussain (6 years ago)
hi dear this is hussain I really like your especial english programes and it is so beneficial for me because i want to improve my english and exactly this is the videos which wanted and searched those. thank you be seccessful
taifhamid1 (6 years ago)
not really they are just putting their favorite songs some of the songs that really helped me are BACKSTREETBOYS'S music WEST LIFE's music and these kind of songs they are super cool and they talk very slow on their music for example on the song incomplete he says I TRIEEEEEED TO GO ON LIKE I NEVER KNEW YOU he said it very slow
29Branka (7 years ago)
@GoingBackToTheRoots7 Try Lorelay - Lorelei in german...
TieuSuongTNM (7 years ago)
it's my life is the best of them
cipher0 (7 years ago)
Starin' Up A Posse by Anthrax
nyxB (7 years ago)
is there a fast forward button anywhere?
Rajeev Rana (7 years ago)
no doubt it is good,but what about new learner
joepoy1 (7 years ago)
True,the songs of the mentioned artists can teach us to learn to speak the english language.But it started only then when I had once heard or listened about the effects of music in the VOA`s program so many years passed .
Alex Klimenko (7 years ago)
I like "Tom's Diner" too.

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