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Email for Your Tradie Business | Tradie Marketing

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Recent Facebook Live - 2017 02 14 It's Steph. It's Tuesday, Tradie Tuesday. Just going live, just starting a Facebook. I'm just first going to check is this tool working, so let's first check that out. Oh yeah, we are live, awesome. I am just trailing the awesome mimoLive right now, which makes going live on Facebook super easy for people like you and me. I'll give it a couple of seconds so this posts out, and starts creating some noise as you should, because it often takes people a little bit to connect to a Facebook Live stream. So we'll give it a couple of minutes, or a couple of seconds I should say. Otherwise, we'll just get straight onto my cool question for today. So what do we got here? Okay awesome, so why am I doing this? Because it's so easy to talk to you guys like this, and to just get my message across to all the Tradies everywhere. You don't have to come and see me in my office, or email me, or whatever. You can just come straight into the live TV program that this basically is. So my question that I'm answering today, that has come up over the last week is: do you need to have an email address for your Tradie business? I had a guy ask me, "Hey Steph, I'm still running under an Optus, a Jamie Lee Electrical at OptusNet." I've changed his name, due to the purposes of being live. But yeah so, [email protected] and that's what he's running his business under. We had a really awesome conversation that I thought I would share on Facebook Live. Basically, if you're running your business, and you're using an at Optus or at BigPond, or at Gmail, just any of those regular free, email servers, they're awesome for personal use. But as a business owner, you really should have your own domain. You really should have your own email server set up. It's nothing crazy technical. You could serious go to Google and grab a $5 inbox account, and bam, you've got email. But the biggest thing is, it makes you look bigger than what you are. Let's give you a couple of tips. Right? So first things first, you need [email protected] So you actually got to own the domain name. If it's a .com.au domain name, then you need to have a trading name that is relative the domain name. Otherwise, the Australian Board of Domains might reject your purchase of the domain. So the domain name has got to match your business name, your ABN. Next thing you need is some sort of email server. So you can grab them at Netregistry, you can go to Google, gosh, or an IT services provider, whatever you want to choose. But what you want to do, is you want to have [email protected] But then what also you want to do is set up a second inbox for [email protected] or [email protected], because what that allows you to do, is that when you then go into invoicing mode and you start invoicing all your clients, well that's actually coming out of the accounts email address, which looks super professional, and makes you actually look bigger than your current state, which might be a one man job, a one man band. So the [email protected] email is one of the best things that a bookkeeper ever told me to do, so I basically tell everyone to do this now. The big question from Jamie was, "Do you have to have a website set up, in order to have an email address with your business name on it?" No you don't. You don't have to have a website, in order to send emails with your domain name. You can basically just have the ... As long as you've got the domain, as long as you purchased that domain and that's yours, then you can create an email setup with that. Then you can start rolling out, put your real, new business address on your business cards, and start emailing clients, and being professional, and put it on your truck, and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, that's Tradie Tuesday for today, and all about email. A professional, you can't be running under a BigPond. You're basically advertising BigPond's business. You want to be advertising your own business, and sweet little setup with that [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] because it does sort of give your company an increase in size, or it's a perception of size for your business. So I hope that Tradie tip was good for you, and I'll catch you again when I stream again.
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