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America's For-Profit Criminal Justice is Crushing the Poor

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A recent push by Senator Bernie Sanders to eliminate cash bail highlights how systemic monetizing of law enforcement continues to enrich cops, courts, and prosecutors Visit https://therealnews.com for more stories and help support our work by donating at https://therealnews.com/donate.
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Jess P (4 months ago)
Police & prison guards & all fields related should be limited to amount if time allowed to work in that type of career... Just so don't stressed and think they are above the law...
Jess P (4 months ago)
has everyone forgotten about the "kids for cash" scandal in Pa. ? judges getting kickbacks for kids they sentenced to places they owned and ruined children's lives!! my brother is still in prison 23 yrs later all from a $0.25 milk at school....
Green Energy (4 months ago)
No More War
Martin Price (4 months ago)
All by design. All part of the plan. Divide and conquer....
Peter HoloHOAX (4 months ago)
Once again of the Jewish lobbyist have bribed our officials and politicians into passing laws that privatized our incarceration facilities from local jails to maximum security prisons and that’s why they’re all over crowded because they Jew gets paid per head they don’t care about humanitarian decisions pack them in like sardines hey it’s all in the name of money you know the only object the Jew worships and did you know the golden cow is the only symbol they worship nothing biblical only money is worshipped. Truth hurts truth triggers the Jews to call non racist people “antisemitism” because once the Jews are backed into their lies they start freaking out because that tactic has worked for them for decades
Rouzer Thomas (5 months ago)
Great panel interview!
shoti66 (5 months ago)
So bail bonds funnel money to politicians to influence decision making. So corruption then. Ok. Got it.
Sabrina Jacobs (5 months ago)
Such an important discussion. Exceptional job, Taya!
D' Essay (5 months ago)
Most bank robberies fail and the robbers end up in jail. Very few get away with it. Given those odds you might as well rob the bail bond industry and do some damage to the system of corruption that will incarcerate you anyway!
Owned Inc (5 months ago)
Ties. As long as there are ties, there is no democracy.
Patricia M (5 months ago)
NO to pay for play Kavanaugh. Trump's bud? That's all you need to know.
Michael Zimmermann (5 months ago)
I think it’s great. I love watch stupid Amerikans being stripped of their rights and freedoms.
Patricia M (5 months ago)
Many of we the public are like abused family members who cannot admit or actually see the abuse that is happening to them. Our monied "government" is so locked on a major program to methodically rape us for big corporate interests. The tax paying worker? stfu
Learned Hand (5 months ago)
Due process no longer exists in the States, especially for the poor. BTW, when was the US ever actually the land of the free?
al (5 months ago)
But doesnt bail help people get out? If there was no bail cops could just lock you up you would have no choice
shoti66 (5 months ago)
al maybe watch the video before commenting.
tomitstube (5 months ago)
america is a third world country. the whole criminal system is on the take, there is no such thing as "justice" in this country.
Patricia M (5 months ago)
Pay for play Kavanaugh has to be blocked.
Luther Dean (5 months ago)
police are the scariest robbers
C J Titan (5 months ago)
But capitalism is so wonderful.
C J Titan (5 months ago)
Hard to tell from your post.
shoti66 (5 months ago)
C J Titan I knew it was sarcasm.
C J Titan (5 months ago)
shoti66 That post was sarcasm. I get sometimes it's hard to tell in the comments. And I agree, structural violence is horrible symptom of capitalism.
shoti66 (5 months ago)
C J Titan yeh! Till you're the one being subjected to its brutality.
Sandy (5 months ago)
What happened to presumption of innocence? No bail! No incarceration before trial! Put an ankle bracelet on those who appear to be a flight risk or suspected of violent crimes. If money was spent on education & afterschool centers, we would have fewer criminals esp juvenile offenders
Surud Patel (5 months ago)
Scammed Americans living in a hell hole ruled by DEVILS of Profit & Greed.
Ryan S (5 months ago)
I would a RNN reporter to be at one of the presidential debates in 2020...
Nate L (5 months ago)
The fox guarding the hen house.
humboldthammer (5 months ago)
It's called the F.A.N. -- the plan to Financially Annihilate the Nothings (after the failure of assimilation). It's been around for a long time -- you should have heard about it. END entitlements -- volunteer FEMA Camps become the Safety Net for those who will die on the streets without government support. For the rest, there's Work as a Tax Exempt Worker, who pays no taxes at all. But neither do TEWs deserve representation. Some say the FAN is on a collision course with the #TEW Movement.
Mikey DaMoe (5 months ago)
Policing used to be called Irish welfare! What happened!
Mikey DaMoe (5 months ago)
Man look all! Even criminal lawyers! Are in on it! There dog shit! 💩💩💩💩💩💩🚽🚽🚽💩💩🚽🚽👮👮👮👮👮👎👎👎👎👎👎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👎👎👎👎🚽💩🚽💩🚽💩💩🚽👎👎👎👎👮👮👮👮👎👎
I Know Its Crazy BUT (5 months ago)
The NY Israel first, Jews need to join the American military & not IDF.
Charles Kesner (5 months ago)
US Criminal Justice system is the only Rail Road that runs well. Based on the three "R's". Retribution, retaliation and revenge. If you are good at all three you will get re-elected. Now there if a fourth "R". Revenues. UGH
terriej123 (5 months ago)
Excellent discussion.
Mike Turco (5 months ago)
I give up on America, bulging jails, Police State run amok, and never ending corruption. War criminals lie us into the Iraq War, Bankers destroy the economy than get bailed out with taxpayer money,and who goes to jail? The police with civil asset forfeiture bring the term, Highway Robbery to an art form. It is incredible that they get a piece of the action when they grab billions from the common man. The drug war is a social abomination, a racist scam that destroys the lives of millions. A social disgrace, organized vampires sucking the blood from our communities.
Jupiter Cyclops (5 months ago)
Haha. If u say so. My math is ok. Used to be great, but fading. Like a fool, I borrowed $ just before the 2008 crash.. If no one got hurt , it would be a blessing if it all blew up. Peace I have from time to time, prosperity I have never known. Looking forward to the return of Jesus. I would love to see the look on these gov official's faces.
humboldthammer (5 months ago)
Just like it's always been. How's your Math? Borrow $XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX + blow it all up = ? a) Peace and Prosperity b) Crash and Burn c) Jesus Returns d) all of the above
Jupiter Cyclops (5 months ago)
+humboldthammer the dogs killed the goat.
Jupiter Cyclops (5 months ago)
+humboldthammer I see. We had hogs. Hogs,chickens, and a goat. AMD dogs
humboldthammer (5 months ago)
Female Sheep are ewes. Baaaa'd? It's EweToo(b). Boy sheep are called rams, but I really make no sexual distinction. But ewe and me = we.
Stephen Kuehn (5 months ago)
America's for-profit everything and anything is by definition designed to exploit the poor.
A L X (5 months ago)
©™ ALX 💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍ America has more people imprisoned than any Nation in the history of the world except the Soviets under Stalin.
Like the health insurance companies. A real no value added drain on our economy.
Fresno Bob (5 months ago)
So, when are we going to take the next step?
D' Essay (5 months ago)
I second Fresno Bob's the motion.
History Analyst (5 months ago)
All the police do is convict innocent poor people who can't afford a good lawyer of dummy charges and then get upset when the people start having enough of them. They are too corrupt, lazy, and incompetent to catch the real criminals.
James Redic (5 months ago)
I totally agree
Nate L (5 months ago)
Sandy They arrest every color people on bogus charges.
History Analyst (5 months ago)
They give out false accusations and evidence that leads to the convictions of innocent people.
Sandy (5 months ago)
History Analyst - the cops do not convict anyone! but they do arrest minorities on bogus charges
Nate L (5 months ago)
History Analyst Thier checks are signed by them.
Terry Robinson (5 months ago)
Dear God listening to this is like watching a monkey trying to build a car. I got an idea...how about sponsor a down bro...round uo all ur frineds and start sponsoring people arrested. Put up ur car..house or whatever and then there would be no bail bondsmen. Let them stay at ur house house if you wish and hold their little hand as the poor little things go through this bad..bad system that has victimized them.
shoti66 (5 months ago)
Terry Robinson you're a completely broken person.
Terry Robinson (5 months ago)
M street...jail is jail..there is nothing special about it. I can live there but I wonder if you can live in a world without them? The truth that nobody will tell you is that prisons protect the criminal...that without them these people would be dead or suffer much more from the punishment that would be placed on them if prisons did not exist.
Terry Robinson (5 months ago)
Winger...Been to jail several times...believe it or not what these people are advocating will not help but rather harm people that wind up entangled in some stuff. It is not perfect and yes there are vultures but going after bail and bail bondsmen is one of the better parts of our system. Ask any locked up person if they are glad for the opportunity to get bail. If you think this will relieve the locked up population to rid it from the system then you are sadly mistaken. What will happen is they will just keep everyone locked down and for everything until they are tired or plead out.
Terry Robinson Your lucky you cannot relate to what he is talking about. I saw an older black woman that had a min wage part time job that didn't pay her basic bills be thrown in jail for not paying her parking tickets. Poverty really messes with you.
M Street (5 months ago)
Terry Robinson Hey, "genius." Why don't you go turn yourself in and see how that goes since you seem to think "the law," the courts and the police are here to protect you? You Commit Three Felonies a Day https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748704471504574438900830760842 Just remind them how "good, righteous and 'law abidin'" you are as they lock you up. I'm 'sure' that will convince them to let you go, right?
Nate L (5 months ago)
Private prisons plus war on drugs= big bucks Not to mention the slavery jobs in jail are for cents an hour. That devalues the prevailing wage.
William R Hall (5 months ago)
They are modern day concentration camps!
Monkey Man (5 months ago)
Poor and Rich Americans are both a menace... an overhead and burden carried by the working class.
Sandy (5 months ago)
Monkey Man - no, "working class" is used to refer to blue collar who work / labor for wages, white collar & rich are not included nor are those who are unemployable for various reasons.
Monkey Man (5 months ago)
Leticia Cortez you don’t even know us...
Leticia Cortez (5 months ago)
The rich are, the poor are a a escape goat by people like you.
Monkey Man (5 months ago)
Thank you for elaborating. That is why I included the rich in the mix... middle class tax payers perhaps is more accurate than working class...
Derek Morris (5 months ago)
You can be working class and be poor, and you can be working class and be rich but I suspect that the working class poor are a bigger group. The difference in the benefits that the rich receive compared to the benefits of the middle class or the poor are enormous. In other words: Welfare for the poor costs VERY little compared to welfare for the rich.
Nate L (5 months ago)
4 billion is how much they reported probably closer to 10.
Steven Yourke (5 months ago)
Corporate - Police state USA. It’s very profitable to pick people up. Bail bondsmen, cops and politicians are a very powerful criminal conspiracy. And yes, cops do sell drugs on the street and shakedown the dealers and others. The worst criminals are cops.
Louis Anthes (5 months ago)
"Overly generous" police benefits. Many police officers earn overtime. Limit police overtime, to encourage them to focus on the quality of their service than the quantity of their service. Also, Repeal the Second Amendment and limit access to guns for civilians AND police.
humboldthammer (5 months ago)
Just Let the Beasts in the streets join in the angry fray --- then bring in the drones with the F-U Spray, Fentanyl Eulogy Concentration K. Just before that, the police run away, heh-heh <{-:( 0 ):-}> made in China
M Street (5 months ago)
Louis Anthes Who the hell are you going to trust to take away guns? The police? Are you that brain dead/mind controlled?
Michelle Maher (5 months ago)
The Judicial System is a joke!
Get Real (5 months ago)
What's new they don't care about us.
Paddy Maguire (5 months ago)
http://www.prisonpolicy.org US prison statistics. The "good news" isn't really good. Thank you Real News.

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