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How Islamic Economics Works!

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Islamic economics is explained under 5 minutes, it can be applied in the 21th century if we use it in the way its mentioned in the video! let the world know about it! share it! For More Great Content: Instagram: https://goo.gl/vzBDdg Facebook: https://goo.gl/DZmAeM Twitter: https://goo.gl/6gvG4T -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Stop Procrastinating" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIPAzrm4vXI -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (137)
How it works? Here is a simple answer https://youtu.be/MTdV06UUp8s
Ibrahim Goob (6 months ago)
Ok so you are saying that inflation can only increase when there is interest? So have you ever heard of demand pull inflation. When the demand of something exceeds supply so producers have to drive up prices so people who can actually afford it can consume it? I dont think you did. How can giving 2.5% in zakat increase production when it is a government policy to increase demand and not supply. Your supply and demand graph is incorrect as the demand will increase higher than supply not at the same rate.
Anon Ilyas (6 months ago)
We need islamic economics worldwide
Prasodjo Muhammad (6 months ago)
Assalamu'alaikum, great channel
Hikayat Merong (6 months ago)
Brother are you still there?
Omar Farique (7 months ago)
Brother are you a Muslim?
Özer Tayiz (7 months ago)
As it is described here, it is a very free market, sound money system. End the central banking, fractional reserve, fiat currency system, and almost all problems in the world will disappear.
Besufekad Mulu (7 months ago)
This video was interesting. But what about Jizya? how does that work? Please I'm honestly asking so real answers only. No pointless islamophobic comments or the other way around. Thank you for your honest answers. God Bless/Allah Baraka!
mr. JaMaLi (8 months ago)
Fuzel Multani (8 months ago)
Are you Muslim ? Which country ?
Tony Stark (9 months ago)
the sound is really bad quality
hpopov (9 months ago)
Islamic banks are essentially investment funds, that do equity investment. Nothing new here.
hpopov (9 months ago)
Zakat is exactly the same as inflation. Inflation is a stealth tax that essentially funds government deficits. And governments run deficits because they give wellfare.
hpopov (9 months ago)
You need gold or bitcoin to avoid inflation. But then you have deflation.
Mike Anderson 2002 (9 months ago)
No to Islamic economics !!! We want Debt, interest and completely unregulated capitalism !!!!!!
CatoTheElder * (6 months ago)
Qwetery There are no "Islamist" countries anymore, only secular ones. They fail when you drop bombs on them ;)
Qwetery (9 months ago)
Muslim : votes for Islamism Country fails Muslim: moves to a western country
Setul Sheth (11 months ago)
this system is somewhat good but it doesnot force poor people to work hard and get rich
Proactive Thinker, salaam.
Mino Jaeron (11 months ago)
yes this theories is good..but the implement is bad..didnt all islamic country should know this???...
Rover Lenza (11 months ago)
Junaid Zahoor (6 months ago)
N. Faza (10 months ago)
Rover Lenza Allahuakbar !
Debtanu Chakraborty (1 year ago)
Inflation and Interest are "created" by banks? Entire Chicago school just blew their brains out. That saving is not encouraged and this leads to wider consumption of goods shifting the aggregate demand curve to the right will cause inflation. And since everybody is busy 'not' saving, how will Capital be accumulated for new businesses to increase the aggregate supply remains unexplained. There are many loopholes here and there but thanks for taking the time out to explain Islamic theology and its shadow on economics beautifully.
Juan C. Tagaytay (1 year ago)
Fun fact: muslims are lied on by mohammed and their leaders. Islam is a plague of all religion. Just imagine the flying donkey and their 72 virgins, then you know that mohammed is a joke. And that the written material of a joke, which is the quran, is nothing more also but a collection of jokes.
Hakim L' algerino (6 months ago)
Juan C. Tagaytay hahhahahhahahha nice joke, stupid.
N. Faza (10 months ago)
Juan C. Tagaytay never heard of flying donkeys before. Only talking cows.
Juan C. Tagaytay (1 year ago)
Islamic economy is an illusion. No productivity yet no taxes? Get rid of quran and mohammed and the people of islam would be better off.
Izzat Yazin (9 months ago)
you sure gayboy? my country is flourish because of it. a poor boy like you should open your eyes. your country is not the only one exist on the earth
🅵🆄🅼🅸🅾 (10 months ago)
Juan C. Tagaytay No, we need to get rid of Hispanics like you.
ADEL RAAD (11 months ago)
Juan C. Tagaytay you need to sleep for ever lol
Menahid Draginovic (1 year ago)
This system is great system. It dont make rich people poor but make poor people better in life. The Tax system is bad it takes all from the poor but the rich manage to find a way to pay smaller tax then others.
Khalid Nezami (1 year ago)
I don't know what to say but your videos are great. I don't know why I said that but maybe because you show us and world what Islamic economy really is. So hopefully you stay healthy in mental & physical.
karam daabul (1 year ago)
dont ask for subscription in the middle of the video u peace of Indian
Robert Mitchell (1 year ago)
when gold is the currency inflation isn't a threat and this money in the hands of a few and is slow to circulate and create seed capital for entrepreneurs Saudi Arabia sitting on the largest oil reserves 30 million people versus Taiwan no natural resources 30 million and vastly wealthier reason Taiwanese are a more intellectually and high skill society chip making and other technological industries Saudi kids memorizing ancient book of talking snake magic fruit splitting red sea angels in caves in Mecca etc
Izzat Yazin (9 months ago)
saudi arabia is one of the oil producers in the world. be careful because you might not know if your oil comes from them. by the way SHELL oil company (US origin) is in my country and my government can chase them out anytime they want
Robert Mitchell (1 year ago)
Islam starts off with believers and disbelievers immediately marginalize society western taxes are base on the incomebpeople below certain income exempted interest is the rent you pay for the lender giving up his use of the money the Islamic issue is close mindedness when the didbievers stood up and fought the Islamic invading armies back there ended the Islamic wealth
mohammed alotaibi (1 year ago)
finally someone explains real islam. thanks from saudi arabia..
Robert Mitchell (1 year ago)
mohammed alotaibi ok so why is Saudi Arabia sitting on all that oil still have a regressive primitive society women being executed for being witches 21st century? why India and China with population burden and limited resources producing more intellectual capital than the entire Islamic world why very few Islamic countries hold patent rights why does India and China have space agency rivaling us in the west why is Bangalore India a rival to our silicon valley why is Chinese Ali Baba a rival to our e bay ? where is the Islamic contributions personally I see Islamic world as a burden on mankind you society failed miserably to produced highly skilled work force
Blood Fire Drake (1 year ago)
Seems to be quite useless in a service economy
saber dz (1 year ago)
woooooooow , this economy will solve whole the world problems if it is implemented
grrr 。 (1 year ago)
The sunni and shia thing is rather complicated even as people are trying to simplify it. Both sides have different teachings, not all of course, but some significants one. Example; in shia people are allowed to have a limited contract marriage, where you can pay someone to become your wife, while sunni doesn't allow that.
Robert Mitchell (1 year ago)
saber dz well when we see it work in Islamic nations we would consider it btw you Muslims ever patched up that Sunni v Shia schisim ?
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
D A (1 year ago)
The 2.5% was set by the scholars a long time ago and is not mentioned in the Quran.
prashant Mandal (8 months ago)
TheGamingAlong And Zakir naik Says So??? 😂
TheGamingAlong (9 months ago)
Juan C. Tagaytay Some of the quran fact is proven by science.
Ali glimmer (11 months ago)
What about Zakat of the fifth,wasn't that mentioned in the Hadith, too? When I saw the percentage,I baffled,it is not true.in Islam,In the end of every Islamic year,every working Muslim must relinquish of 20%of their savings to the state bank or any distributing unit approved by Islam,such as mosques,in fact.
Juan C. Tagaytay (11 months ago)
Of course it is nonsense. I am commenting on a nonsense religion. Islam is nonsense. Where in the world do you see people smile at islam? Only muslims smile because they are part of the joke. Even here on youtube you know islam is not relevant. Check on the views islamic teachings generate. Lucky to see one that generated 4million views. Most who watch them are ignorant muslims. Can't you see that islam and in the quran the sun sets in a muddy pool? Your allah sure is not the same allah Moses worshiped. The allah in the quran is a joke made up only by mohammed the illiterate.
TheGamingAlong (11 months ago)
Juan C. Tagaytay, your comment is nonsense just like your name.
mada bedul (1 year ago)
can anybody explain what is inflation
desu ne (1 year ago)
Inflation is when the value of money becomes weaker, so everything gets more expensive. It can happen when your country has nothing of value to sell to other countries, so imported goods and services become expensive. It can also happen if the government prints too much money, because it dilutes the value of each coin.
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
mada bedul (1 year ago)
Ismonoff how can i contact you?
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
next coming today explaining that, wait for it
euldji Mohamed amine (1 year ago)
great job
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
+euldji Mohamed amine Thanks 😃
az (1 year ago)
loved it. from malaysia.
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
Reid Thomas (1 year ago)
Thanks for this informative video.
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
+Reid Thomas Most welcome
Gery Goj (1 year ago)
islam is solution against rothschild banker
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
Its not easy to answer that question because: 1 - rothschilds were a great power once upon a time but not day and thats normal. Successful people come and go. So, today's banking system is pretty much designed by USA and mostly serves the interest of United States and the people who know how it works and are taking advantage out of it. (good for them) 2 - secondly, Islam is a religion and not banking system with clear instruction to apply in every age and every century. But practices that are taught by Islam do promote Equality and Fairness and can help to make the financial system serve the need of the population not the small minority.
Gigsro Uiy (1 year ago)
it's basically socialism, the people work and the government takes money from the maker to give to the takers through taxation...NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO IS FREE MARKET...if it were it would be free to participate without forced conscation of labor...,nothing free about coercion, intimidation, agrees ion and threat of violence..
rocking jump (1 year ago)
We have zakat tax which is charity 2.5%of your wealth as y see islam provides u more opurtunities to become rich
rocking jump (1 year ago)
Gigsro Uiy the goverment doesnt tax u by income
Park Lane (1 year ago)
True Islamic Economy can only be established when funding is provided under Mudarabah and Musharakah contracts. www.almudarabah.com provides a comprehensive research (in Arabic Language but with limited articles in English Language) which analyze in details the Mudarabah contract, and its application in our modern times. The research shows Al Mudarabah contract can be safely used today, as it has a built in, adequate safe guards and conditions to equally protect the interest of the two partners and to ensure a satisfactory outcome of the business transaction. It also provides the means to accuratly measure the value of each party’s contribution and accordingly their fair share of the profit.
Shadab Fariduddin (1 year ago)
very good. keep it up.
Khaled Kilani (1 year ago)
Income tax is collected on the income of the year while Zakat is collected on the cash that is one year old in one's possession and did not spend it, i.e. extra money.
I couldn't agree more
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
thats a good point
Nef 132 (2 years ago)
What a bunch of garbage. This system has many flaws, like any other. One needs not to look further than the failures of past economic systems to see why this is wrong.
topa soka (7 months ago)
it worked fine during the ummyad and abbasi caliphates for more than 1000 years
Proactive Thinker (2 years ago)
+Julian Giedroyć thats awesome!
Nef 132 (2 years ago)
Ismonoff even though I disagree, I'd watch it
Proactive Thinker (2 years ago)
this is just a short description of it and it comes from a person who is not specialized in that sphere, so yes, if you want really to include everything, then you might need hours of videos for that. thanks for the feedback man!
yasir 7 (2 years ago)
solution to almost all problems
Muhammad Abdullah (2 years ago)
i m actually a Pakistani and i will spread your page as far as i could. In sha Allah
Proactive Thinker (2 years ago)
+Muhammad Abdullah Jazakumullahu khairan brother, I really appreciate that
Muhammad Abdullah (2 years ago)
Bang on May Allah SWT increase your ranks in AKHIRA as well as in the DUNYA
Proactive Thinker (2 years ago)
+Muhammad Abdullah Ameen
Islamic Economic system focuses on well being of people whereas Capatilistic system is to generate more and more revenues disregard to its impact on general public
Dr Adnan Albordaini (2 years ago)
very nice
Dr Adnan Albordaini (2 years ago)
its ok
Proactive Thinker (2 years ago)
thanks brother
Imperator (2 years ago)
So it's a nationalized banking system rather than a a privatized banking system?
Di ah (2 years ago)
I really like your video, it really helping me in understanding the islamic economic. Thank you very much.
Proactive Thinker (2 years ago)
You are most welcome
Mehdi el karami (2 years ago)
Well said bro, keep going
Proactive Thinker (2 years ago)
thanks bro, really appreciate it!
A.B. Anand (2 years ago)
ali khan (2 years ago)
but without it is not possible to have a country's infrastructure, As far as i know tax was introduce by Hazarat Umer (R.A), so tax will be a guarantee for your business so i consider tax to be investment in my own as govt provide regulations , please correct if i am wrong , i am planning to do a thesis on Islamic economy
I can see your point. However, there is another perspective concerning this issue. Tax can be seen as a monetary instrument in the sense that it affects aggregat demand. The more tax government imposed the less buying power people have.
huzaifah zaharudin (2 years ago)
why USA rothchild control our monitary system? i want to use gold dinar
BestOfTheBest (2 years ago)
+ISMONOFF TV no it won't it can be done in a few weeks it all depends on the people
huzaifah zaharudin (2 years ago)
Proactive Thinker (2 years ago)
+huzaifah zaharudin It took them many decades to take control of the system, and it will require decades it take it from them.
TheDirOrg (3 years ago)
Islamic Economics by Shaykh Shoaib Mohammed - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_CQ6bfCjlY
Hussein Jimale (3 years ago)
Great and very helpful video, thanks sir
Proactive Thinker (3 years ago)
+Hussein Jimale Glad to hear that it was helpful. By the way, subscribe to our channel, we are working on other videos and will upload this monday. Thanks
GetRight249 (3 years ago)
Asalaamu alaikum brother great video. Can you recommend any books, online courses, lectures, etc on Islamic economics? I am an undergraduate economics student in the United States and am eager to learn the differences between Islamic economics and the economics which I am learning in school. Thank you
GetRight249 (3 years ago)
+ISMONOFF TV I am a convert so I am currently learning Arabic. If you could send me a list of books I could have for future reference I would appreciate it. Thanks brother. Looking forward to more content from your channel.
Proactive Thinker (3 years ago)
+GetRight249 waalaikum sallam...thanks for the compliment... I am not really sure about english books in Islamic Economics but I can suggest you in Arabic language if you understand arabic.
Knari (3 years ago)
I liked the video but I just wonder how can a Country be sustained with just 2.5% of taxes (Zakat). Modern countries (except the US) have  free universal healthcare, free schools and so on. Would it be impossible if there are no other taxes? :S
Tamimur Islam Tuhin (9 months ago)
zakat= 2.5% of WEALTH . where income tax= 10 or 30 % of INCOME . as a rich person( who is going to pay zakat) has a lot of wealth ( and wealth is always more than income), I believe that zakat will provide more money than income tax
K A (3 years ago)
It can be the amount is huge when you work out how much money goes through the system it's trillions in a global system and that's only the zakat
Proactive Thinker (3 years ago)
+Quran For U waalaikum sallam .. thank bro, really appreciate your words. sorry we did not upload any video for quite sometime. in sha ALLAH our next video will be coming next month and we will keep uploading after that. thanks..:)
Quran For U (3 years ago)
+ISMONOFF TV Salam Alakum   This is an AMAZING video I learnt so much I feel I can tell anyone about this beautiful and easy alternative of economics and this video cleared up a lot of thing but I wanted to ask when will the next video come out? Jazakullahu khair
Proactive Thinker (3 years ago)
+Abdullah Al-Kanari .....wa iyyak... not really sure about English books...but if you read in arabic....i can suggest some.... by the way akhi....if have any ideas please suggest....as we will have new videos coming...so we always appreciate new ideas.... thanks..
SAK 1991 (3 years ago)
How would societies raise enormous capital to finance investments in infrastructure, such as drilling rigs seaching for potroleum or for agriculture, without the lending of interest-bearing loans from international markets?  Even for islamic societies, everything cant be financed by equity, this challenge faces many islamic countries who desperately need economic growth. Simply saying interest is forbidden doesnt solve the deepd issue, in fact its immature. Also how could central banks stabilize economies or give stimuli with their monetary policies without controlling the supply of money and interest rates? Islamic countries arent immune to business cycles. 
b king (10 months ago)
Yes because the current system we have3 is so much better. The poor get poorer and rich, richer great buddy.
Proactive Thinker (3 years ago)
The mudharaba transaction would be the solution here (check my video - Islamic Banks vs Commercial Banks.) Of course it will not be as fast as just borrowing money but at least it will not cause any financial crisis. W are borrowing money to develop the economy and every 5-10 years, we stuck for another few years in a financial crisis.
SAK 1991 (3 years ago)
Cool accent.
Proactive Thinker (3 years ago)
Kid Dynamite (4 years ago)
brother i would like to know why dont countries nowadays use this system of economics? thanks
iCity Kedai Makan (5 months ago)
the prob with communism , they claimed all resources belong to goverment but actually only president was controlled the resoeuces
Ibrahim Goob (6 months ago)
Kid Dynamite because it doesnt work
Another Pvper (6 months ago)
wicky baba sounds like an ideal that every school teaches but never achieves
Qwetery (9 months ago)
Same reason for communism. It doesn't work.
wicky baba (1 year ago)
Kid dynamite The actual thing is that mostly rich people controls the government and this monitory fund makes rich more rich and poor more poor and this is the actual nature of human to control every thing and thats why they donot like islamic economics because islamic economic system makes rich and poor equal after some time .

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