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History of Islamic Banking and Finance | AIMS Lecture

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Lecture: History of Islamic banking and finance http://www.aims.education/study-online/history-of-islamic-banking/ Modern Islamic economics is based on this historical Islamic banking system and on these early Islamic teachings, but has also been strongly shaped by the colonization of Islamic lands, struggles for independence, and the need to respond to assertions of the superiority of Western knowledge.
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Atta Baig (3 months ago)
Please upload the lectures of "Islamic Finance Expert" ..........
AIMS Education - UK (1 month ago)
For details on Certified Islamic Finance Expert (CIFE) programs and see some sample lectures, please visit http://www.aims.education/islamic-finance-certification-courses/
Atta Baig (3 months ago)
Are you offering undergraduate programs such as BS Islamic Banking & Finance
Atta Baig (3 months ago)
Does your online course free of cost? i am asking about "Islamic Finance Expert"
AIMS Education - UK (3 months ago)
No, we offer paid programs. But you may attend some lectures for free by visiting here http://www.aims.education/study-online/islamic-banking-and-finance-notes/

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