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Introduction to Islamic Banking

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Do you want to know how Islamic banking works? Learn about Islamic banking and it’s concepts by enrolling in comprehensive online Islamic banking course at https://goo.gl/1zBEap . Get experience of highly flexible online courses at Brentwood Open Learning College at your own schedules with no fixed study timings. http://www.bolc.co.uk Today Islamic banking has expanded to become a distinctive and fast growing sector of the international banking and capital markets. The key feature, or principle, that distinguishes Islamic banks from any other kind of bank is the rejection of interest-based financial transactions. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, many Western, Middle Eastern and Asian financial institutions recognise Islamic banking as an important new opportunity for growth and have adopted Islamic practices to serve this expanding market. Rejection of interest by Islam poses the question of what replaces the interest rate mechanism in an Islamic framework. Here PLS comes in, substituting profit-and-loss-sharing for interest as a method of resource allocation. Although a large number of different contracts feature in Islamic financing, certain types of transaction are central: • Trustee finance (mudaraba) • Equity participation (musharaka) • Mark-up methods Four key roles are performed in a financial system. It provides financial intermediation services, channelling funds from ultimate savers to ultimate borrowers. The system provides a wide range of other financial services not immediately related to financial intermediation. It creates a broad array of assets and liabilities, each of which have different characteristics. Central role of any financial system is the creation of incentives for an efficient allocation of resources within an economy. Apart from share capital, Islamic banks attract funds by issuing or selling the following instruments: • investment or PLS (profit-and-loss sharing) accounts • savings accounts • transaction accounts, or current accounts • quardhasan accounts • Borrowings Brentwood open learning college is one of the UK’s open learning colleges focused on delivering interactive and appealing distance learning courses. We offer accredited distance learning courses to students around the world at their ease. Brentwood open learning college holds an extensive experience in providing online learning programs. There are no time limits to follow in our online learning system. Brentwood open learning college is proud to offer two invaluable courses in Islamic banking. Diploma in Islamic banking level 4 delivers the deep knowledge about the theories and methods used in Islamic banking. This valuable course consists 14 units: Introduction to Islamic Banking & Finance, History of Islamic Banking and Finance, The Philosophy of Islamic Finance, The Islamic Banking Model, The Islamic Economic System, Islamic Law of contract & Business Transactions, Islamic Finance – Products and Procedures, Murabaha and Musawamah, Salam and Istisna‘a’, Ijarah – Leasing, Takaful, Loan & Debt in Islamic Banking, Islamic Business Ethics, Globalization of Islamic Banking. Diploma in Islamic banking level 4 is an advanced level course, which enables students to learn about the key mechanism of Islamic banking. Certificate in Islamic banking level 3 is designed to deliver the understanding of key topics of Islamic banking to students. Certificate in Islamic banking level 3 is suitable for newcomers and professionals who want to know about Islamic baking from its fundamentals. Certificate in Islamic banking level 3 comprises seven valuable units; Introduction to Islamic Banking, The Basics of Islamic Banking & Finance, Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking: The Difference, Islamic Law of Contract, Islamic Financial Products, Takaful, Islamic Business Ethics. Students learn about the difference in Islamic banking and its methodologies with respect to other banking systems. Facebook : https://facebook.com/bolconline Twitter : https://twitter.com/bolcuk Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+BrentwoodOpenLearningCollege
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Al Mudarabah (1 month ago)
Al Mudarabah Contract Practical Application https://youtu.be/0-oUChIYyCM

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