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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: How to Remove Forgot Password or Fingerprint

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Learn how you can remove the forgot password or fingerprint on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: http://bit.ly/10Glst1 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/ZKP4nU FOLLOW US ON G+: http://bit.ly/WfMmZN http://www.itjungles.com Visit Android Forum for Discussions: http://www.androidsnap.com
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Text Comments (189)
Gaming Rabbit (25 days ago)
this video is about to how to factory reset S6 not about how to remove password or fingerprint!!
Mimi X2 (1 month ago)
You’re a life saver
Ankur nagar (2 months ago)
thank's bro
Wllslwlwlmw Korkis (3 months ago)
Wllslwlwlmw Korkis (3 months ago)
Haris Arshad (4 months ago)
You are the best !!!!
Hùng Nguyễn Minh (4 months ago)
Thank you so much
More ToYou (5 months ago)
The OG (5 months ago)
Thanks for the help
Natalie Martin (5 months ago)
Even trying to turn off my phone I just end up back at the password screen
That one friend _ (6 months ago)
For the ones worrying about your current data..I think you can do Backup data so when you do this you can "load" your data?
Wajid Ali (7 months ago)
It's fake
you are lyer suckerssss bith asss you ass whole fuck
Rajeshwar Kanhere (10 months ago)
Best method
Shang Sin Ann (11 months ago)
Can anyone pls help me to unlock my samsung accout? It is link with my gmail. I had reset the password still cant access my samsung account. It says ID or password is invalid. Pls help. Thanks.
How to do that on a black Galaxy s6 edge
koldunke (1 year ago)
NASPRO ENGINEERING (11 months ago)
Mana same goes to me..i even cant switch off my phone
R.700 (1 year ago)
Warning these steps will remove all file
Renn Gohol (1 year ago)
I will delete all my data??
Jessica Ngend (1 year ago)
Hi, please i bypass lockscreen pin on my phone galaxy s6 edge and i delete data. How can i recover deleting data?
Sophia # (1 year ago)
thaaankk youu!!!!!...omg!!...
kassa mengistu (1 year ago)
Thank you very much. It works for my device I hadn't idea what I have to do!!!
masrawyy link (1 year ago)
what if i click restart and it now refuse to log of??? pleeeeeez
Chrristopher Whitlock (1 year ago)
Sufyan Sheikh (1 year ago)
phatsas (1 year ago)
damn cheers my nigga just picked up a s6 edge in school n now got a new phone
Tone Sand Falkenhaug (1 year ago)
colbyybrxck (1 year ago)
It worked, but my phone is stuck on the T-Moblie screen, help?
Arnold Christian (1 year ago)
Thanks man
draken dark (1 year ago)
ça efface seulement les mdp.cette manipulation ou ttes les.donnees du téléphone ?
luqman abdi hussein (1 year ago)
thanks it has really helped me
xMode (1 year ago)
i want to unlock my phone without remove anything how???
Ek tha Farooq (1 year ago)
tell me how to unlock network the Samsung note edge without paypal my watsapp number 8142311900
Ek tha Farooq you stupid!!!! suckerss
offical_reece :D (1 year ago)
you actually saved my life
offical_reece :D (1 year ago)
your a g
Chris Martinez (1 year ago)
swati sohani (1 year ago)
how did the remov backup password
korgap tai gao ren (1 year ago)
Jose Portillo (1 year ago)
thank you
Audrey Gladwin (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for the help, I was ready to take the damn phone back to shop!
DomiN Tv (1 year ago)
MHD (1 year ago)
Thank u so much . you the best I appreciate
hamyuzat lubis (1 year ago)
JOHN MORENO (1 year ago)
my nigga
Tanya Reyes (2 years ago)
worked very well. thank you
nazif noori (2 years ago)
Thanks heaps man. worked well :)
Sarah Cnn (2 years ago)
Somil Keshani (2 years ago)
if we have injury in finger we can also use back up password
Rabih Habib (2 years ago)
it wont work on my it just keeps the the samsung logo
Rabih Habib (2 years ago)
it wont work on my it just keeps the the samsung logo
abdirahman jeylani (2 years ago)
It's very helpful teachnique I appreciate
Victoria Lopez (2 years ago)
Will it still work if u have the pattern lock instead . Bc if not , what do u do ?? HELP!!
RNK JENA (2 years ago)
If u do it as shown it will work positively
Victoria Lopez (2 years ago)
It won't work smh ..
RNK JENA (2 years ago)
Victoria Lopez (2 years ago)
Will it still work if u have the pattern lock instead . Bc if not , what do u do ?? HELP!!
queenkaykaybae (2 years ago)
thx really helped me
Wan Aryuwat (2 years ago)
thx u so much :D
QUIT CHANNEL (2 years ago)
not to be a hater (because i liked this video), but how can you forget your finger print
Haris Arshad (4 months ago)
If your finger in injured.It will not work
Brian G (5 months ago)
Antoine Langlois its not that serious calm down who r u trying to impress
Sirod Ziouki 2 (8 months ago)
QUIT CHANNEL some times your finger doesent work
Retro Bit Baby RBB (1 year ago)
Antoine Langlois actually learn yours because they should have put and or have listed it first. Otherwise it looks as if forgot is for both nouns, i.e. ”...to style blonde short or medium hair." Blonde is describing both hair lengths becaus of poor placement.
Antoine Langlois (1 year ago)
The title said how to remove forgot password or fingerprint. Not how to remove forgot password or forgot fingerprint. Learn your grammar
Nathan Mathewson (2 years ago)
yes thank you I did this wiith my 7 edge an it may have saved my life
Yasamin Hamdam (2 years ago)
great help mate thanks
thank you brother for your help! worked
Only 1 min
No fastely
Dizzack 09 (2 years ago)
Does it take a while to reset?
-AƜAƊ ALƧӇMMƦἷ (2 years ago)
thank you
سیامک افاق. (2 years ago)
رمزو فارسی بگین بابا
Idrees Ahmed (2 years ago)
Ok that's great, but keep in mind if do this factory rest ALL YOUR IMPORTANT STUFF WILL BE DELETED !!! like your contacts, documents, Videos, Music..etc. Basically your phone will be like the day you got it >_<
tabita gill (2 years ago)
it doesn't work on my sumsung 6 edge
Is there any other way to unlock my screen without erase data for galaxy note edge.
Abhishek Sharma (2 years ago)
Abhishek Sharma (2 years ago)
+Navi Australia just do this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2225695
Kathrina Reeve (2 years ago)
what about the private mode ??
Alexandria King (2 years ago)
I just had to do the same thing. I hope this helps! *Go to your apps manager located in settings. * swipe left until you're at "all" apps. *go down to fingerprint scanner. *clear cache and date. (I cleared all under the forced stop. a pop-up will appear and say something about "... may delete all content" click ok. *exit and go back to security and fingerprint. *re-register your fingerprint and change your backup password. *go to your private mode and it should work.... You're welcome!!
ALI KOLIBALI (2 years ago)
thnx a loooooooot :)
A M (2 years ago)
ooo thank you veeerryyyy mutch
Hanna Abreha (2 years ago)
dosen't this delet all ur data on ur phone
Malek Ras (2 years ago)
doesnt this delete all data.. on ur phone
Jonah Galfo (2 years ago)
it will
K'Cee Freeman (2 years ago)
My Samsung Galaxy s6 does not prompt me to use google password, it keeps saying retry in 60min. How do I fix that when I I'm locked out of my phone?
Chris (2 years ago)
South West of England. Any good for you?
K'Cee Freeman (2 years ago)
I don't know where you are located but I have a guy who can help you out.
Chris (2 years ago)
+K&#39;Cee Freeman I have the exact same problem... anyone got a solution to this? Only get 10 attempts a day this way.
Omar Uriostegui (2 years ago)
Thank you soo much , works for any Samsung , worked for my 7 edge
Rameen Hubaib (2 years ago)
helloo...plz can u tell me in detail i reset my s6 and now forget my google account how i strat my phone now
N 1989 (2 years ago)
You guys don't need to reset it. It can be unlocked if you connect it to computer and have live chad with samsung. They send you a link and you have to log in with samsung account. When samsung verify your info. It gets unlock. Sorry i don't have link available
Jose Escobedo (2 years ago)
It didn't work for me It says failed to mount Please help
Saida Turtubekova (2 years ago)
Thanks so much
knight riders (2 years ago)
hey am not able to check my imei number with by typing the code*#06*#
CFDiabloX (2 years ago)
Guys I spent around 15 hours trying to unlock my samsung galaxy s6, and found a solution. You're welcome. You need google acc+dont need a connection turned on already for this to work (worst case scenario). It didnt recongnize my fingerprints, and my backup password didnt work. I couldnt sign in to my google account since my wifi and mobile data was turned off before the device locked. This is the solution i found AFTER 15 hours of this madness, you need to be quick: 1) enter wrong backup password 5 times 2) wait 30 secounds countdown 3) enter wrong backup password 5 times 4) wait 30 secounds countdown 5) select sign in with google account 6) enter google account credentials (DONT SIGN IN YET) 7) hold 'wake up button' (home button) 8) press emergency mode and go thru with aggreeing to all it asks you to 9) press TURN ON, and after that press 'sign in' with your google account (where step 6 left off) If you were quick enough, you will enter emergency mode and you will pass the lock screen, now quit the emergency mode the same way and change your backup password, and write it down this time so this doesnt happen again. You are wellcome.
Juhyeok Jang (2 years ago)
+CFDiabloX i used whole day but it doesn't work..
KevStar123 (2 years ago)
this helped a lot thx
Liam Kuchta (2 years ago)
I have a serious fucking problem, I fucked up the fingerprint scanner got locked out, forgot backup password, and cant log into g-mail because i have wifi turned off and i cant turn it on unless im in the phone. wtf do i do so that i dont lose everything?
Giovanna Bueller (1 year ago)
what did you do ? i have the exact same problem now
KevStar123 (2 years ago)
KevStar123 (2 years ago)
Thank u soooooooooooooooooooo much ur the best
reeciejenkins (2 years ago)
thanks! that was mad helpful
martin 4 life (2 years ago)
tnx man but now everuthing is delited on s6 edge
Jill Jo Anne Klei Kera (2 years ago)
Binny Mdhr (2 years ago)
Hi I forgot my back up pin for private mode ..whereas i save my finger print password bt i was doing it wrong fingers .....can u help me out to reset it without deleting any files in my phone
Darlene Heyward (2 years ago)
it did not work for my edge 6....it was still asking for a password which is what I forgot....
Chaudhry Waseem (2 years ago)
HELP!.. Ive forgotten my password for "Private mode" on the Samsung S6 Edge ....what can i do??
Fabiana Desjardins (2 years ago)
Will this work for any samsung
Camilla Ryborg (4 days ago)
no. its different for all phones
www.UnlockScreen.com (2 years ago)
+Fabiana Desjardins *New method Checkout the link in my name :)*
www.UnlockScreen.com (2 years ago)
+Fabiana Desjardins *New method Checkout the link in my name :)*
Jonathan Rowe (2 years ago)
I dont even get those options does anyone know what or seen a bug arm64 and/or know how to delete or disable because its causing glitches and takes away my settings options
Rahul Raju (2 years ago)
i fuckin wana unlock my phone par not delete anything how to do that :!?????
Zafar Sani (1 year ago)
Thank you so much
habib tyoub (2 years ago)
ty so much You really help me Thank You bro .
ImpurestFire (2 years ago)
Go to Samsung find my mobile site and there is an option to unlock the phone. That is of course assuming that you had a Samsung account on the device and remote controls turned on before hand.
David Perez (2 years ago)
Thank you Verry much for the video.
Michal P (2 years ago)
does this delete every thing on the phone
darcsystems (2 years ago)
he literally answers that question 30 seconds into the video.
Escamilla 89 (2 years ago)
+Michal P Yes it does.
Dania Adnan (2 years ago)
The software update takes so long doesn't goooo help
avier satorre (2 years ago)
salamat po :)
Gaming Saim (2 years ago)
Thank you so much. I just helped out my friend.
The Pheark12gaming (2 years ago)
thanks bro needed that
Raul Perales (2 years ago)
ive tryed it but it just turns on and off i dont see the android icon
KL Cassidy (2 years ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH. My fingerprint scanner stopped working and my backup password did not even register. So I found n followed this video.
Sarae Evangelista (2 years ago)
ok Im on my sisters tablet on samsung so on mine I gt this app called fingerprint lock and now I cant unlock my tablet right now im sad that I cant unlock stupid app I canf get rid of it and well well (starts getting upset) ; {
Hüseyin Haci (2 years ago)
Lucy Jap (2 years ago)
Yeah thanks for making it public..so i know for certain that my stolen s6 edge will find its new user easily. i've tried to lock it remotely with Android Device Manager but it said it's offline.. so i think most probably it has been factory reset using this simple method.
ibox107 (2 years ago)
you can update your  phone this way too?

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