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Introduction to Islamic Investment Fund: Lesson 1

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A brief background of Islamic Funds is introduced and its functioning is explained.
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Text Comments (13)
Cinda Schuster (4 months ago)
OMG! Really FTF???
Muhammed shafi (4 months ago)
jazakallah khair
Victoria Films (4 months ago)
since you ve put no work or effort in it are you allowed to that profit?
Afreen (1 month ago)
Victoria Films it s thanks to your money that the business take off/is managed so you receive your share of the business’ profits.
temp user (10 months ago)
Was anyone else bothered about how he underlined the title @ 00:19?
Sinan Acil (1 year ago)
Is Bitconnect halal?
lathiya mohammed (11 months ago)
Sinan Acil no brother not halal...
william pitman (1 year ago)
no damn way this one sucks
Aamenah Tauqeer (1 year ago)
Very useful presentation Thank you sir
Bilal Ashraf (1 year ago)
please stay in Quran & suna
md soheil (2 years ago)
assalmualikum do u offer any classes? I am interested to attend classes
shamso Ali Yabarow (2 years ago)
Thanks very useful presentation.
Syed Zaheer (3 years ago)
Mashallah  very good way for halal returns. and investments

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