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Jewish Women Targetted by Ultra Orthodox Culture

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Report into a strict ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Israel, and the way women are perceived by men and expected to behave in that society.
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shawnmaharis (2 days ago)
Arabs don’t even let woman walk outside alone
shawnmaharis (2 days ago)
Ever see RT do a documentary on How Arabs treat women
Shiva Bhakti Sagar (18 days ago)
All the men seem either to be fat fucks or skinny and sickly. They all wear glasses. They don't seem to be healthy or hygenic. They treat women like dirt, which makes me wonder why they have so many damn women with them. If every orthodox woman got up, took the kids and left these bastards would die off in a matter of months. I am so sick of these characters. They need to be taken down several damn pegs. I read several translated copies of what they teach and are taught in regards to not only women but also anyone who is considered "Goy". This world doesn't need these guys. we have enough trouble.
Martin Coté (21 days ago)
Hasidic jews are as crazy as Muslim fundamentalists, they try to out-nut each other while Christians are being slaughtered...
Joe Scott (26 days ago)
Geez Can't These BROAD'S Just Leave Well - Enough Alone Already ?
All these american jewish woman sitting on stolen land . Did you bother about right of the palestinian the land owners?
Claudio Saltara (1 month ago)
Jewish women pass on the Jewishness to the offsprings. She can marry a moslem, a Catholic a Buddhist and her son is Jewish. Jewish men can marry into any religion and their sons are not Jewish. The women have the power as to who is Jewish and should exercise it. Let the men go to work and bring the lamb home.
Swash Bucklin (1 month ago)
Lol Eskimos in Arabia hating everyone.
Marina Proger (1 month ago)
How are these people different from isis? Ideologically? Religion is poison.
Celia Jarvis (1 month ago)
These people are not better than radical Muslims, who practice an Abrahamic religion. This also goes for Christians. Chauvinistic religions. Women are so brainwashed.
Daniel Smith (1 month ago)
I guess none of you have not learned none thing what the nazis did . I won’t go to Israel. You treat your women like trash . Good bye . Don’t go lsrael . .
?????? 1 ballsimie (2 months ago)
These people are terrorists
Tecumseh Unfaced (2 months ago)
Don't they realize that those Torahs and the words they love to mumble so much are idols?
mimi maliar (2 months ago)
This is leftist bullshit piece. Equality doesn't associate with dressing like a slut or wearing pants! So they ask women to dress modestly when walking there. But people go there just to provoke! And that woman clown at the end wearing man's kipah. You idiot, why do you need to pray among men? It is good for women to have separate place without disruption. And God will hear you. Feminists are ruining women!
Wahyu Suryaningpraja (2 months ago)
If you're a Jew and believe in science, please answer my questions based on history, linguistics and genetics :D Why in history do tribes in afro asianic region claim themselves to be descendants of Abraham, Ishmael or ishaq? And why do ancient Europeans tribes not recognize Abraham and his family at all? Why do linguists classify hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic languages as afro asianic languages similar to Amharic/Ethiopian language, not European languages? Why do geneticists classify Ashkenazi Jews as Europeans, not middle easterners?
Avi Satlow (2 months ago)
Yes, the Jewish Orthodox religion is extremely sexist, but those women have a right to not participate if they choose not to.
Yoo Jastle (2 months ago)
When you refuse to accept reality and admit that god is a myth, you have these problems. Religion...all religion....is the enemy of society and must be controlled, then eradicated.
Minda Kahn (2 months ago)
Fundamentalism is fundamentalism in this case history is repeating itself in the most ironic of ways. I don’t see any difference in throwing stones and spitting with breaking glass. And, these are the same group of people who didn’t believe in a Jewish State, now they want to own it.
me me (2 months ago)
I bet all these people speaking out against modesty laws in Judaism favor raping women as well. I say a pox on all you rapists.
True Grit (3 months ago)
Orthodox Jews are not try that different than Muslims in the way the women are treated.
Banism24 (1 month ago)
ever heard about inquisition?
alexandra nyc (3 months ago)
its ironic in that this happens in muslim neighborhoods in europe also. the non muslim women are harassed if they walk thru muslim areas in european clothes.
johnlocke445 (3 months ago)
Thank God I live in America. A country that allows people to be as religious as they want without forcing their beliefs upon non believers. These Hasidic Jews are just as bad as the Muslims. It's kind of ironic, but both the Muslims and Hasidic Jews deserve each other.
Veronica Ashby (3 months ago)
Praise the wonderful. LOVE THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR SOUL MIND LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF this is a religious spirit They know not what they do amen
me me (2 months ago)
Veronica Ashby, who is one's "neighbor"? (btw... the word "neighbor" is a terrible translation of the Hebrew "rayah". The Hebrew word for neighbor is "shuhchain") Hint... the term rayah is actually a restrictive word in the sense that it is limited to somebody who acts as a rayah.
the way I see it (3 months ago)
This explain why there will never be peace in the middle east both Arabs and Jewish have extreme form of religion.
me me (2 months ago)
hailu roth, when the Messiah comes there will be peace because the entire world will have a consensus of understanding that the Jewish religion is the correct religion.  The entire world will realize that God is with the Jewish people and thus they will encourage Jews to follow their religion.  None of what you see today will occur because all people will believe the same things the Jewish people believe.
Ronald Moskovitz (3 months ago)
The Orhtodox are the Jewish version pof Radical Islam. They are nutz
me me (2 months ago)
Ronald Moskovitz, and the non Orthodox are what? The version of Jews who act like Goyim?
P Lucas (3 months ago)
Religion and religious people are so silly.
Cherryl Dunham (3 months ago)
All religions are made out of lies and books written out of horse shit. It's 2018. Religions should be sent back to the old era. The time changes but the stupidy of humans countinue to believe in something written 3000 years ago by hands of a human who wanted to control people. To much reading of this kind of lies can brain wash you.
me me (2 months ago)
Cherryl Dunham, your assertions are noted as your assertions. However failure to back up your assertions are noted as making you appear foolish.
Uros Opacic (3 months ago)
GOD bless ORTODOX JEWS from SERBIA death to nazi nato lobist luberal feminists
J Hatzi (3 months ago)
Last time I checked, America doesn't allow outside law. Come after my wife or daughter. I'll level your fucking Church. PERIOD.
Ellen Pert (3 months ago)
Oh those muslims, they disgust me
Greg Martin (3 months ago)
Embarrassed to be a Jew after watching this. Shame on these fanatics!
Larry Hagman (4 months ago)
This is worse than sharia!
me me (2 months ago)
Really? How so?
First Last (4 months ago)
The normal Jews need to fight the ultra orthodox because if they do not their country will become a Jewish version of Iran. There is nothing holy about treating women as property, when men tell women how to behave they are being treated as property. It is time to take all power away from the ultra orthodox Jews.
First Last (4 months ago)
@a - It is controlled by religion, that is all that anyone needs to know. Any country that always religion a say in its laws is a joke, and not worth living in.
a (4 months ago)
First Last You know nothing about Iran.
myphonyaccount (4 months ago)
religion is obsolete
me me (2 months ago)
myphonyaccount, this coming from a phony?  Makes perfect sense.
Hans Siegel (4 months ago)
Hashem says RT news is bullshit.
mark mt (4 months ago)
No you have no respect in Arab countries if u don't wear their garb u get beheaded dumb bitch
a (4 months ago)
We need America to bomb these guy's and give the women freedom.
jimmyfly (2 months ago)
me me -“but in fact this is not so” Yes, it is. You believe a bible and a bible is just a popular book of fiction.
me me (2 months ago)
jimmyfly, you stated I "believe a book of fairytales."  But in fact this is not so. You determined it is fairy tales (something I never stated) and then argue that I believe the fairy tales. If that is not a straw man, what is?  As far as why I need to figure out the Bible is fiction is concerned, why do I need to figure that out? Because you have determined it is? Don't you see the fallacy within your argument?
jimmyfly (2 months ago)
me me - it’s not a straw man argument. You really need to figure out the bible is a work of fiction.
me me (2 months ago)
jimmyfly, that's a straw man argument. You really have to do better.
jimmyfly (2 months ago)
me me - it was more intelligent than saying you believe a book of fairytales.
mikel carrow (4 months ago)
Wow. So they did learn something from the Nazis. Dress a certain way. Don't walk on the sidewalk. Spit on you. Harass you when possible. Men in black like uniforms making own rules. Hmm.. sounds Familiar
me me (1 month ago)
mikel carrow it is noted that you are the one who is using abusive language. First you tell me to shut up. Now you call me an idiot. What gives you the right to do this? I was not trying to be funny. I was actually being straightforward. & I not only read the comments I literally wrote, I even posted a QUOTE of the comment I made which you were actually addressing. The following are YOUR words... "Then you say in the very next text that she is responsible for her actions by what walking down a street with a coat on?". Now tell me where I said this. You are simply making up stories & then you have the nerve to tell me to shut up and to call me an idiot?
mikel carrow (1 month ago)
me me now you're trying to be funny. Read the comments you litterly wrote. Stop trying to be smart and pretend you don't know what you wrote. Just stop. I just realized I have wasted actual time talking to an idiot like you. Go away.
me me (1 month ago)
mikel carrow Yes, I say a Jewish woman should not serve in the military. & I never said she is responsible for walking down the street with a coat on. I have no idea why you even said this. I said "The harassment is coming from the woman seeking to impose her will on the residents of the Orthodox community who specifically live in locations that are not subject to her immodest dress." I have absolutely no idea what in the world you're talking about when you say "If you believe then all saved have the right to walk in his kingdom." What in the world does all saved have the right to walk in his kingdom mean? You are talking strange things.
mikel carrow (1 month ago)
me me please just shut up you are just beyond words. First you say it's an abomination for woman to serve in the military to protect cowards like you who won't serve. Then you say in the very next text that she is responsible for her actions by what walking down a street with a coat on? You are why people don't believe in the almighty because now you are saying hes the one "god" who has the right to judge which litterly shuts down your backward argument to begin with. You are pitiful. You are a very confused person. If you believe then all saved have the right to walk in his kingdom. You are all over the place dude. Just pitiful...lol
me me (1 month ago)
Daniel Paulson Becker, actually the land of Israel (as well as every other land in the world) sidewalk or not, belongs to God. HE dictates what a person can wear in HIS house.
Vayishlach (4 months ago)
No source 4 this in Halacha foolish losers
me me (2 months ago)
Vayishlach, no source for Tznius in halacha?
Pandorasbox hope (4 months ago)
Vermin .
Pandorasbox hope (2 months ago)
me me I am not a human , I am a proud Goyim ...you know I'm just a Shiksa but slave to no one .
me me (2 months ago)
I guess it depends which humans one is speaking of.
Pandorasbox hope (2 months ago)
me me Good answer , rats are more intelligent than humans .
me me (2 months ago)
You shouldn't put yourself down in that fashion.
Vlad s (4 months ago)
Μαλακα αυτοί είναι χειρότεροι και από τους παλαιοημερολογίτες, σαν ισλάμ.
Robert Gardea (4 months ago)
—⊙⊙``÷☆The backfire hitting the jewish zionist back to where it should be . Cover up bitches.
Dave Stevenson (4 months ago)
As an atheist I see this no different than extremely hardline Muslims... most of the wars are do the religion... its vile. Men in power use stories and lies to brainwashing the ignorant. Scientology the new religion of today is no different. ..I guess the next 1000 Years they'll be another one for Trump. Overweight backwash Hillbillies painted Orange burning money on the 28th day of the month in homage..Not to mention having plastic surgery on their child brides.. sounds stupid but that's what I think of the religions of today that were created thousands of years ago.. all these rituals and dress codes and in the end is just about power and controling the stupid....
ein 3248 (4 months ago)
Nazis. Taliban Muslims. Hate is hate
Anton Martin (4 months ago)
Religion are ancient rules, they appear unfairly but proven through history as correct, judaism is always right for me
me me (2 months ago)
Ateo forever, or something happened but not in the way you are describing it. Considering the flood, I would not be surprised if people not understanding what occurred then could potentially misconstrue the flood and interpret it as an asteroid.  The flood did devastation that goes way beyond what people normally understand flooding to do. It actually changed many things about our planet including the physical shape of the globe of the earth.
Ateo forever (2 months ago)
me me So, if the earth is 5778 y.o. the asteroid that hit the earth, and wiped out 90% of life on the planet , never happened ??
Ateo forever (2 months ago)
me me And God made himself, out of nothing ??
me me (2 months ago)
Ateo forever, making something by itself is not natural though. Thus ther ehas to be a creator to bring the natural into existence. & you did not explain why it is natural for a tree to produce a particular fruit. You are correct that I believe the earth to be 5,778 years old. (not 6,000)  As far as your reasonings as far as what religious people try to comprehend, I agree that sometimes things are difficult to understand. But one doesn't disregard the logic of a concept just because things within that concept are difficult to comprehend. If scientists did that they would never discover anything.  However when you bring examples of Mary and jesus, you're barking up the wrong tree. Keep in mind I am talking about God, not Mary and not jesus. God is alone. There is no other. Judaism's religious concepts are nothing like that of Christianity. Ours actually makes sense. In fact the whole concept of Judaism is one in which God asks us that our mind can fathom the logic of it. We do not have to twist and squirm in order for us to understand (on a basic level) how God functions in our universe. Like I said, you are looking at these concepts through a Christian lens and so you reject what God is about. If I were looking at things through a Christian lens I too would reject the concept of God.
Ateo forever (2 months ago)
me me Here we differ....for you it's God...for me, it's a natural event...big bang and expansion of the universe ever since, i guess you believe that earth is 6.000 y.o...and the mixed messages in the bible that even full time religious people, struggle to comprehend. Like...the virgin Mary mother of god ( catholic )..God and Jesus are one..so, she was there before God, she made the universe ?? those words are in a prayer in italian ( Ave Maria, Madre di Dio )...confusing ??
rangarirai kunedzimwe (5 months ago)
Even after 2000yrs nothing has changed about the pharisees..
Wahyu Suryaningpraja (2 months ago)
me me so which one are you?
Wahyu Suryaningpraja (2 months ago)
me me you are just like rabbi gutman locks. He made video, title: do Ashkenazi Jews really Jews?. He explained it genetically. I asked him Why do geneticists classify Ashkenazi Jews as Europeans, not middle easterners? And ask him to test his DNA ... you know what? Now he disabled the comments Simple question but scary to face the reality But thank God there are still people who claimed to be Jews, tested their DNA, and the results show they're crossbred I think it's enough evidences to say there are people who are Jewish by religion, but not Jews by ethnicity
Wahyu Suryaningpraja (2 months ago)
me me if you believe in science, please answer my questions based on history, linguistics and genetics :D hahah Why in history do tribes in afro asianic region claim themselves to be descendants of Abraham, Ishmael or ishaq? And why do ancient Europeans tribes not recognize Abraham and his family at all? Why do linguists classify hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic languages as afro asianic languages similar to Amharic/Ethiopian language, not European languages? Why do geneticists classify Ashkenazi Jews as Europeans, not middle easterners?
me me (2 months ago)
Wahyu Suryaningpraja, you don't believe in science. You believe in kooks who don't know what science is.
me me (2 months ago)
Wahyu Suryaningpraja, I truly don't understand what you are doing here. You appear to have a mental bloc. I say this because your responses are utterly irrelevant.  Why not start telling me what you had for supper last night? It will be just as relevant and perhaps more interesting.  May I suggest that you deal with what I said instead of being of a one track mind. You are either obtuse or you really have serious issues that should be taken care of by a professional mental health person. I don't say this to offend. (though I do have a feeling you're being obtuse)  Your whole premise is faulty from the outset & thus harping on the premise is not going to get you anywhere. My point was that DNA tests don't accurately tell the story. So your response is to tell me that DNA testing failed to prove Jewish ancestry? Don't you see how utterly ridiculous that response is?
Richard Messina (5 months ago)
Use mace. That'll stop the troublemakers...........👺
me me (2 months ago)
They can also use mace. :-)
Eden Bentzion (5 months ago)
These ultradoxy Jews never change,they keep doing shite for more then two thousand years,and in the end of the story,the whole people pay for the price caused by them...they claim and blame the Muslims for all the shite in Middle East,but these ultradoxy are worse then the terrorist,at least the terrorist cause damage to Jews,how about the ultradoxy Jews who cause damage to their own people.fuck this stupid ultradoxy Jews,go to hell and let the normal people live their life alone in peace,fucking garbage.
Rustam p (6 months ago)
bloody clown
Ursula. M (7 months ago)
Pretty much like the rules from the fanatics of Taliban on women. Lol.
m. mouskovitz (3 months ago)
Ursula. M exactly
a (4 months ago)
The Taliban created by America.
Ursula. M (5 months ago)
E W ... From your type of language I can tell you are one of those cok bags yourself.
Flexgado24 (7 months ago)
They are too strict on the laws of the Talmud they don't go really by the Torah more of men made laws and there not perfect either they failed God multiple times as mentioned in the Bible and they lost the Second temple due to there rebellion. The ultra Orthodox Jews and strict Jews needs look at themselves because if you break a law or sin your are not perfect to God and trust me no one is perfect in keeping the laws. Jews need to humble themselves and be nice to all non-Jews
Richard Messina (4 months ago)
Flexgado24 are you insane?
carforumwanker (8 months ago)
Ultra orthodox kids are fucked at birth, bad eyes, deformed spines. facial distortion etc .They look sick and slightly mental . The mothers tend to be ugly overweight cunts
Beth g (8 months ago)
Awful that is disgusting and I’m jewish
E W (5 months ago)
anything Jewish is disgusting to a degenerate. Get some peanut butter and fish sauce for that cat of yours.
Rahim EL-MullA (8 months ago)
Beth g Lies after lies
Caroline Stephen (9 months ago)
I think this is awful those women who were born into the Ultra-Orthdox religion , we must pray for them and that all women in Israel have the same equal rights. Hashem is still in charge for these women.
barney bear (3 months ago)
Save your babbling and just shoot the feckers and when your finished that job turn the guns on the rest of the zionist then peace will rein again!
jimmyfly (4 months ago)
Caroline Stephen -“we must pray for them...” Why pray? Why not do something that can actually make a change?
alicesbeloved (1 year ago)
Despicable. Spiritual terrorism...and may God (God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob) deal with those that teach children to hate.
James K (3 months ago)
alicesbeloved the abrahamic god is an evil god made up my misogynistic men who also condoned rape, kidnapping and genocide. The fairytale god will do nothing. It is up to humans to fight for freedom from religion.
Kathleen Tate (4 months ago)
alicesbeloved He will deal with them.
G gandomkar (2 years ago)
همیشه مگه امکان پخش وحود نداره خیلی بده
Baron Kek von Kek (4 months ago)
G gandomkar Mohammed bin Salman says otherwise.

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