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UPDATED - Display Image Based on Excel Formula

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UPDATED - In this tutorial I used Excel 2016 from Office 2016 to change an picture in Excel based on the result of a formula.
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Andrew Dahle (29 days ago)
What if instead of toggling between pictures, I need many rows of pictures. I am making a photo directory and want to store all the data and photos on one sheet and then use vlookup to grab the data in the order I want on a dashboard sheet. How would I do this? Ideally, the end result is I want to add a new person and picture on the data sheet and then it automatically populates the data and picture on the dashboard sheet so I can print a photo directory.
bit KULIT (1 month ago)
Its not working. I cant put the formula =pictures It says error
XantheFIN (1 month ago)
Thank you soo much!
Lena C (3 months ago)
What an amazing trick! Love this.
Mrkientube (5 months ago)
Nice feature. I'll give it a try - thanks for sharing.
Mrkientube (5 months ago)
I followed your steps on your video and it worked great - thanks again.
Agus Santoso (8 months ago)
nice sir....i try and its done... very simple...
Surapat Chomrat (10 months ago)
It's work, I use name of result display image as "Pictures" all work perfectly
Xaine's World (10 months ago)
You left a reply to folks saying they are getting the Reference isn't valid error to come to this updated, I followed it and i'm still getting that error, the only difference i have done is named it symbol1 instead of pictures, any ideas?
Xaine's World (10 months ago)
I found out what the issue was after a few hours; I did not use the INDIRECT, I used an INDEX and MATCH function to reference the specific image (reference below) this is the reference string used in the define name box, i did a new name for each dynamic image then linked the image in the usual click image then ="the name i've defined". I did still get the error sometimes though, and I found what specifically was causing it in that occasion. It would only accept the result to match in a cell i had direct input the data to match with, mine was hexadecimal so it was matching with 16 images based on the cell below contained 0-F, and the input cells would work changing the image dependant on 0-F unless it was the result of a function. It would not work when i would have the input cells as the result of a function or ="cell name", it turned out it was a sort of formatting issue, by making the input cells (ones to be matched to the image references) specific I got it to work, so I used this instead of just equals cell =IFERROR(VALUE(C9),C9) where C9 is the data to change the image, this made the formatting correct when it was a number and standard when a letter and did not result in an invalid refence error and dynamically changed the image. Here's the reference formula =INDEX(*IMGRANGE*,MATCH(*INPUT*,*MATCHRANGE*,0)) The **IMGRANGE** should be replaced with the range of images, lol, so either all in one row or all in one column The **MATCHRANGE** should be replaced with the letters or words or numbers whatever that will be used to match the images. The **INPUT** is the cell that will contain the letters numbers or words that will decide what image is being shown via the MATCH Hope that helps, it's super hard to explain this stuff without a visual aid so sorry if it's confusing, im new to excel
OneSunnyDay (10 months ago)
still getting this problem too. Not really an update to the problems people are getting...

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